Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Coming World

This may be a good argument for allowing more immigration from Mexico.

Many of the numbers are in Mark Steyn's readable, interesting but scary book, America Alone.

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  1. I saw that video the other day, and have heard the same numbers before from other sources. I thought that same thing about allowing more immigration from Mexico and other Latin American countries. The fact is that immigration is the only way the US is staying ahead of the trend of other countries who will not have enough people in the coming years to support their aging populations. The challenge is to get the new immigrants to assimilate as Americans, as did the immigrants of earlier generations. That is the whole reason that our "experiment" as a melting pot worked so well. The key is MELTING POT, not separate pots. The current administration's embrace of multi-culturalism and an ever larger welfare state does not bode well for a successful assimilation of new immigrants. And that is bad news for all of us who dream of a vibrant, thriving, and united America.