Saturday, May 9, 2009

Obama wins, black kids lose

Obama's kids get to go to a private school, and get a great education. But when it comes to poor black kids, Obama will sacrifice them for the support of teachers' union votes. you'd almost think the Democrats had a vested interest in keeping most minorities uneducated, poor and dependent on the government....

Arne Duncan's Choice
'What works' for some kids, but not for others.

Washington, D.C.'s school voucher program for low-income kids isn't dead yet. But the Obama Administration seems awfully eager to expedite its demise.

About 1,700 kids currently receive $7,500 vouchers to attend private schools under the Opportunity Scholarship Program, and 99% of them are black or Hispanic. The program is a huge hit with parents -- there are four applicants for every available scholarship -- and the latest Department of Education evaluation showed significant academic gains.

Nevertheless, Congress voted in March to phase out the program after the 2009-10 school year unless it is reauthorized by Congress and the D.C. City Council. The Senate is scheduled to hold hearings on the program this month, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has promised proponents floor time to make their case. So why is Education Secretary Arne Duncan proceeding as if the program's demise is a fait accompli?

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  1. Education is the investment of our future. FOR ALL OF US! We have to rewrite our educational policies now! This school year is nearly over, and I'm probably dreaming to think it could be reworked in time for the fall. Let the teachers have a say in policy, not just the Government advisors. Create a national minimum standard. Other countries have them. If the student isn't going to end up going to college, provide some type of basic vocational education in the last year or two of the high school level. Students leaving high school with our more than a high school diploma these days, have nothing much to look forward to, than how to eek out a living on minimum wage. Also teach work ethics. I am a manager at the company I work for, and the younger employees I have to deal with have terrible work ethics, and lack most common courtesy when dealing with the customers. For some, as soon as the job gets to hard, they walk. They are more concerned about when they get off the clock, than doing the job.
    So much has changed in our schools since I was there. And not all for the good. Standards haven't kept up with our changing world and technology. Teachers here certainly don't get the respect they deserve or get in other countries.
    Instead of spending the money to give children vouchers to go to better schools, why not use those funds to make our existing schools better and more equal, at minimum, to the school systems in free world we now hear that are better than what we used to be? The school systems in Europe, Japan, the UK, have higher expectations and standards than we do. The students are often REQUIRED to learn at least 2 other languages besides thier own native language. So in America, we should be learning how to read, write, spell and speak PROPER English. Next, since their population is growing here, learn a functional level of Spanish ( I live in south central Texas where spanish and "Tex-Mex is common), then maybe a little Latin, the base for many of our modern languages, and then an elective language like French, German, etc. Physical education should be another priority, to include exercise, proper diet ( have you seen the number of overweight students these days? Shocking!), Get rid of soda machines and junk food in our schools. There is talk on health care reform, and as yet not much action beyond the debate on how to make it happen
    Let's start in our schools. The kids are at least a captive audience to be taught the known basics on human health and fitness to include how we feed our bodies. Prevention is the best and most cost effective medicine we have so far. There should be little if any debate on that!
    Up the requirements and standards of the student ciriculum. Pay the teachers better. Most have at least a Masters degree, equal to what CEO's of corporations or lawyers have , and look at how much they can make, win or lose for their employers. I have seen for myself how discipline in our schools has become a joke. When I was in school, I could NEVER have gotten away with half of the things we hear about these days, as being almost commonplace.
    I have a 2 year old grand daughter and I am genuinely concerned for her future education and for the futre of our nations educatio as a whole.