Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Tale of Two Islands

Different Economic Policies, different results. We were Barbados, we are now becoming Jamaica.

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  1. National Conservative and Christian Congress Needed
    May, 2009

    It is obvious to me and to others that our country needs help.
    It is also obvious that there is more than one group trying to help this happen. But sadly, these groups are not working together. They do not share information, resources or personnel, and instead operate like a rag-tag army under 1,000 commanders.
    There is a definite need for a national level meeting of concerned groups like yours to partner with – to choose direction and work together.
    Imagine the power that might emanate from such a meeting! No more duplication of effort! No more wasted resources! And a truly scared enemy wondering what happened!

    We need this, and NOW. Without concerted action, and someone taking the initiative to put it together, Ben Franklin’s words will surely be true. We MUST hang together.

    I would do it myself if I could. YOU can make it happen!

    Harrisburg, NC