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Random Thoughts for December, 2013

Random Thoughts for December, 2013
Robert A. Hall

Get the collection! My “Random Thoughts” from 2008 through July, 2013 are now collected in this book: The Old Jarhead's Journal: Random Thoughts on Life, Liberty, and Leadership by Robert A. Hall
The Old Jarhead’s Journal is a collection of Random Thoughts on politics and life and Conservative Political Essays, mostly published on the author’s blog, including the essay “I’m Tired” which went viral on the Internet in 2009, “The Hall Platform,” “This I Believe,” and “Why I’m a Republican.” While they will be of interest to conservative thinkers, they are collected here in book form as a service to readers who wish to give a copy to a favorite liberal and watch his or her head explode. All royalties are donated to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.

The people who are most afraid of dying are those who never learned how to live.

If Obama says, "If you like your religion, you can keep it," we're in big trouble. Okay, bigger trouble.

I think the GOP will win big in 2014 and 2016--but I think it's too late to matter. No one would dare do what needs to be done to prevent the collapse.

Twenty years from now, there may be an entity in North America called "The United States," but I don't think my grandfather would recognize it as America.

If something is not economically viable, it cannot be made so by pouring tax dollars on it.

Some people are born to rise above their circumstances, others are born to be cesspool divers no matter what you do for them.

Hear that sound? It's Jackbooted Progressives coming to coerce you to do what they have decided is in your best interests. Might be, might not--but you can be sure their policies provide for their best interests.

Since 1932, with every Democrat administration, the percentage of people employed by the government grows massively. Under Republicans, it stays flat or grows a little, never retreats. So, eventually, 100% of people will be employed by the government or on government assistance. Except the collapse will happen first.

Liberals are happy to pass legislation that helps thousands and hurts millions of people, as long as the thousands know why they were helped and the millions can't figure out what caused their suffering.

Maybe the Redskins should move from DC to another city, if the politicians there don't like them. Say, how about renaming them "The Washington Code Talkers" after the Native Americans who serve Corps and country so well in WWII?

When I was younger, I wanted to be a "spokesperson." Turned out I couldn't always lie with a straight face.

The good thing about Bill de Blasio's election as mayor of New York is that by the time he
Detroits NYC, there will be 50 Detroits and no money for a bailout.

Progressives don't trust you to decide what is best for you, but they always trust themselves to decide for you.

When the TSA guy at the airport says he's going to pat you down, you can say, "Go right ahead, sweetie!"

Notice the people who love Obamacare the most are all exempt from it?

There is no single "Tea Party." There are many groups calling themselves Tea Party and many different opinions in those groups.

The Virginia governor results are yet another example of why we need built-in runoffs, with people voting "one" for their first choice, "two" for second, etc. Person with the lowest total is eliminated until you get to someone with 50% support.

I've developed a computer model that tell what groups will do. Lets see. It predicts that progressives will continue to pursue policies that make them feel good and ignore the disastrous unintended results for real people, until after the collapse. Yup, it works better than the climate model programs. Or

Democrats think people are too stupid to make decisions for themselves. They get that from looking at their base.

Liberals are always eager to prove the free market doesn't work by regulating it out of existence.

I think I'm an oxygen addict. I need more all the time and suffer withdrawal symptoms if I don't get it. And my wife is an enabler, carting around extra tanks for me.

Scratch a liberal and if you don't find a Star of David, you are likely to find an anti-Semite.

For Progressives, the "marketplace of ideas" is a sheltered workshop.

Prediction: No one running for President will ever again put "community organizer" on his resume.

From my friend Pastor Alison: "Progressives will like any scientific theory which gives them an excuse to extend control over of another area of life." And: "In our age, when most of our social pathologies are due to absent or abusive fathers, it is counter productive to censor or banish the heavenly one."

Fracking for natural gas lowers energy, food and other commodity costs for the poor and working class. It produces jobs. It lessons our energy dependence and the number of dollars we must send to Muslim states to support terrorism, oppression of women and the murder of gays. By making natural gas cheaper, it reduces carbon output. Of course Progressives hate it.

Throughout history, and in much of the third world today, what is called "government" is power elites organized to loot the masses to benefit the rulers, their families and their tribes, maintaining power through murder and terror. Folks wanting to overthrow those "governments" only want to put themselves in charge of the looting. Colonialism may have been bad, but you would not have wanted to live under any of the governments the colonialists deposed. Looting through government goes on in the civilized West, of course, but we fight it as it is against our culture, not the foundation of it. Because the West created societies based on the rule of law, property rights, enforcement of contracts, the value and rights of individuals and fighting corruption, hundreds of millions have lived prosperous lives in relative freedom and safety. But we have lost the will to defend our culture against the barbarians at home and abroad. In thirty years, America and Europe will look like Africa and the Middle East, with thug-ocracies in charge, and murder, poverty and oppression grinding the masses. This is the Progressive Legacy your children will inherit. The left will celebrate "multiculturalism" until our culture is destroyed and other, uglier cultures are oppressing the people. Then they will find out what a real War on Women looks like.

Any day the media will claim that if Obama was white the Obamacare website would work, the failure is due to racism.

We lost the War on Poverty and the War on Drugs, so credit Obama for winning his War on Prosperity.

Now that Obama has repeatedly demonstrated that a president has the power to change a law passed by Congress, I hope the next GOP president is taking notes.

Obama is trying to fix Obamacare. I don't think Obama could fix a horse race if there were only one horse.

Notice how the media and Democrats cried that it's "undemocratic" for 41 senators out of 100 to be able to block bills under the filibuster rule. But they never cry it is "undemocratic" for one senator--Harry Reid--to prevent the other 99 from voting on dozens of House-passed bills. I think we need an amendment saying that if either the House or Senate passes a bill, the other body must vote on it by roll call.

Muslims and their anti-free-speech liberal allies want to make blasphemy illegal to stop criticism of Islam, the Qur'an and Mohammad. But all religions are blasphemy to other religions, so it would outlaw every expression of religious belief. Muslims think that saying God had a son is blasphemy.

The mushy-headed leftists (is that redundant?) who think that people can be remade into herbivores are going to make us lunch for the evil carnivores in the human race.

Saw a great tee shirt at the V.A.: "Teamwork is a lot of people doing what I say."

It gets old hearing people who don't pay taxes accuse those of us who do of "not paying our fair share."

By the time you read this, Obama will have pivoted to the economy again. Round and Round he Pivots, and where he stops he leaves a Divot.

Of course, every day Obama pivots to a different scapegoat to blame for his disasters.

If Obamacare gets any worse, Obama will pivot to Benghazi.

If the Republicans came out in favor of apple pie, the media would call it racist.

Always go house hunting on a cloudy day--everything looks good in sunlight.

It's not the least of the tragedies of Barack Obama that the first black president has chosen to solidify and increase racial divisions, rather than heal them. Rather than downplay race, and take an even handed approach in cases like Pigford, Trayvon Martin, the 'beer summit" and the DOJ dropping of the Black Panther voter intimidation case, Obama and his allies have played the race card for short term political advantage at every turn. By setting the bar that any criticism of Obama's policies is based on race, while the most vicious attacks on black conservative, even using racial slurs, are "fair game," they have created more white racism than has existed since the Jim Crow era. By encouraging the sense of victimization in the black community, while ignoring black on black violence, they have greatly exacerbated the problems of blacks. Dr. Thomas Sowell reports that the national shame of lynching saw 119 blacks lynched in the decade of the 1930s, about the three month total of blacks murdered by fellow blacks in Chicago today. Blacks make up 13% of the population, but have 40% of the abortions and commit 53% of the murders--about 85% of them murders of other blacks. Trayvon Martin is played over and over, but no leadership is shown on this genocide of blacks by blacks and liberals. Poor blacks who want to send their kids to good schools with vouchers are denied that right by a black president in hock to the unions, who sends his kids to private schools. To aid the unions, the minimum wage is raised, increasing black unemployment and denying poor, unskilled blacks entry level jobs where they could learn some job skills. And upscale liberals in their gated communities feel all warm and fuzzy about their good intentions. The heart despairs.

I expect we will soon see a DC street person with a cardboard sign reading, "Will appear in an Obama photo op if you give me health insurance."

Truman: The Buck Stops Here. Obama: Well, the buck would stop here if anyone had told me about all this.

Given that our pastor, though a wonderful person, is a liberal Democrat, we were surprised when this turned up in the Second Reading recently: 2 Thessalonians 3:6-13 " For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat. For we hear that some among you walk in idleness, not busy at work, but busybodies. Now such persons we command and encourage in the Lord Jesus Christ to do their work quietly and to earn their own living."

New country song: "Your lyin' heart, Has made us weep, We lost the plans, You said we'd keep. They won't come back, Obamacare's through, Your lyin' heart, Has told on you."

I believe there are racists who voted against Obama because he's black. But I believe there are four times as many racists, black and white, who voted for him because he's black.

Obama to Syria. "If you like your murderous dictator, you can keep your murderous dictator, if he gives up gassing you. Period."

I will give up my healthcare insurance when they pry my cold...wait. Is that a death panel? Is that Nancy Pelosi with the gavel?

You should never ask a web designer if your website needs an upgrade for the same reason you never ask a barber if you need a haircut.

Obama with Obamacare is like a desperate pilot in a stricken plane, clawing for altitude as more systems fail. We told him this was going to happen, but he knew everything...

Conservatives talking about impeaching Obama have forgotten how the bungled impeachment of Bill Clinton restored him to popularity and saved his presidency. Until you have about 20 Democrat senators calling for impeachment, it's a waste of time and energy that distracts from the issues.

Suggested movie title: Obamacare the Sequel--Arithmetic strikes back!

Have to confess, it's all my fault. They told me if I voted for Romney, millions would lose their health insurance, but did I listen? No....

I'm glad I wasn't at the Thanksgiving Dinner table where some folks still love Obama and followed his orders to talk about how wonderful Obamacare is and others lost their health insurance to Obamacare.

Ut oh. I just heard that after the Iftar Dinner at the White House, President Obama promised, "If you like your head, you can keep your head. Period.

Nothing destroys politicians or celebrities like giving in to the tendency to think they are so special that the rules don't apply to them.

How to separate the gullible from the intelligent: The intelligent knew Obama was a liar on November 5, 2012.

I'm waiting for Sandra Fluke to try to buy insurance through Obamacare.

Can we think that George Zimmerman is a jerk whose stupidity led to the incident with Trayvon Martin without thinking he was a murderer?

A watched pot never boils, but go out of the room to get something...

Obama says the GOP is vested in the failure of the healthcare law. Since every GOP congressman voted against it, and every one has voted to repeal it something like 40 times, this is new how? If you think a law will destroy our healthcare system and economy, why wouldn't you want it to fail? But it seems to be failing from his incompetence with no help from them.

Maybe all the Obamacare health insurance cancelations are just Barack's version of "the knockout game."

Saw a published statistic that said in NYC in the first six months of 2013, 73.9% of the victims of shootings were black, and only 55.8% of those stopped and frisked under that "racist" policy were black. If true, now that the stop and frisk policy is cancelled, look for lots of black folks to pay with their lives so white politicians and judges can feel good about being PC. The Price of Progressivism.

ID theft hackers may fix so people will give it their personal info for them to steal.

People are concerned about the number of American, British and other westerners fighting and dying alongside al Qaeda in Syria. I think we should give anyone who wants to do so a free airline ticket.

People who are easy to offend spend a lot of time being offended. I guess they enjoy it.

How about this 2016 GOP ticket? Ted Cruz or Mario Rubio for President, Sen. Tim Scott for VP. We'd see who was racist then.

Hate crimes are bad. But if you want to beat the crap out of someone you don't hate, that's apparently not a big deal.

I just sent in the tax exemption paperwork to the IRS for my new non-partisan community organizing group, "Destroy Liberalism." What are my odds of approval?

Will someone point me to the section of Obamacare that says the president may amend it anytime, at will?

Obama: “If you’ve got a majority of folks who believe in something, then it should be able to pass." Ah, does that include the majority of Americans who want to repeal Obamacare, build the Keystone Pipeline, seal the borders and restrict late term abortions?

The entire US population may get the Darwin Award this year for reelecting Barack Obama.

I once had a staff member in Madison, WI tell me she was working for a non-profit because she had vowed she "would never work for The Man." "I have bad news," I said. "Everyone works for The Man. Even The Man."

Scariest words in the English Language (updated): I'm from the government and I'm here to regulate things better for you.

Democrats made much of the 50th anniversary of JFK's death. Considering he cut taxes, supported a strong military, opposed communism, tried to keep the debt down and got us more involved in Vietnam, it's a surprise they still love him. Must be the obsessive womanizing they like--Clinton was a real come down, taste-wise. But with Obama's numbers falling, and Democrats loving Clinton and JFK, look for BO to have an affair.

50 years from now, will people remember where they were when they heard Obamacare died?

Kwanzaa: The knockout game meets Santa Claus.

Obama: "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam." How about if you just quote from the Qur'an and Hadith?

If you said that too much sun causes skin cancers, liberals would claim you want the sun to go out.

The only difference between Lee Harvey Oswald and Bill Ayers is that Oswald had a gun, nerve and marksmanship training. They had the same view of America.

In order to make things more transparent, Obamacare now has a new website address: Healthcare.crap.

Once again, I wasn't named Conservative of the Year. They are all a bunch of RINOs.

When I first ran for the senate in 1972, a reporter described me as looking like a "young James Cagney." I never got eve with the dirty rat...

My three step program for dealing with The Knockout Game. 1. Pull legal concealed carry handgun. 2. Point it center of mass at the thug assaulting you. 3. Pull trigger three times. Check if he still looks dangerous. Repeat step three if needed.

Now that Obama has used the excuse that the cancelled insurance plans under Obamacare were "substandard," expect him to defend abortion by saying the aborted were "substandard babies."

Once they get the ACA working, you know some liberal is dreaming about the Affordable Food Act, the Affordable Clothing Act, the Affordable Housing Act, the Affordable Justice Act...

As part of the deal with Iran, instead of "Death to America," they now have to chant, "Lingering, terrible illness to America."

You can usually tell the leftists on Twitter. That their only adjective usually begins with F indicates low cognitive functioning.

I find the hardest thing about retirement is training my wife to live on a retirement income. The second hardest thing is training myself to do so.

I often hear conservatives say, "No more RINOs! (Republicans in Name Only.) But in many blue states, you often have a choice between a RINO, who, though supporting things you oppose, will vote Republican to organize the Senate, thus putting Conservatives in charge of the committees and the flow of business, or a hard left Democrat, who will vote Democrat to organize and put liberals in charge of the committees and vote for everything you hate. If we had elected 6 more senate GOP RINOs instead of Democrats in 2010/2012, things would be a lot better.

Profanity is the poetry of the feeble minded.

Anyone who says "failure is not an option" has never had responsibility for a serious, tough project. Anything done poorly, and even many things done right can fail.

Both Israel and Saudi Arabia oppose the nuke deal with Iran. Oh, sure, like they'd know more about the Middle East than a community organizer from Chicago.

The next excuse will be that expecting Obama to be competent is racist.

Those who say "Violence never settles anything" can find out differently by getting crosswise with Marines.

New ad: "In just 15 minutes, you could lose 15% of your population to Iranian terror nukes."

At one year and 11 pounds, our Teddy Bear pup can already talk. He says, "Would you please get my ball out from under this piece of furniture?" "Might I have a taste of what you are eating?" "Would you like to talk me for a walk?" And, "Can we please play fetch?" Of course, he doesn't use English, but his high-pitched yelps and yips, pawing and occasional low growl make his communications perfectly clear.

This is the time of year when my wife buys stuff for herself--most recently a paid of boots from Lands End--and says, "This can be one of my Christmas Presents." I think I'll wrap up the empty boxes.

Under Obamacare, Obama said you could keep your plan. Republicans said you couldn't. Obama said you could keep your doctor. Republicans said you couldn't. Obama said it would lower your insurance costs. Republicans said it would increase them. Obama said it would lower the deficit. Republicans said it would increase it. And so on. So who turned out to be telling the truth?

The only excuse Obama hasn't used yet is that Bo ate the website.

Go ahead and try again to sign up for Obamacare on the website. "And may the odds be always in your favor."

I heard Iran said, "If you like New York, you can keep New York."

Only in America could a politician call the opposition "the party of the rich" at a $35,000 per plate fund raiser.

My wife said that Black Friday shopping took planning. I said that every year I plan very carefully to be no where near a store on that day.

Those crazy Tea Party folks, saying Obamacare was going to be a disaster.

Yes, these "Random Thoughts" column I usually send every month was partly inspired by Dr. Sowell's "Random Thoughts" columns. [Also by Dunk's Almanac and the Notebooks of Lazarus Long.] Yes, all three are better than mine, I say objectively, not modestly. Truth is, I have no false modesty and damn little real modesty.


Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at) All Hall’s eleven books are listed here:

Friday, November 29, 2013

News for the Weekend

Hope your Thanksgiving was great. We had our dinner on Friday, due to family schedules. I baked a blueberry pie (cheated and used no-sugar-added filling from a farm stand, but made crust from scratch), cornbread from scratch and made my New England maple cranberry relish. ~Bob tech team scrambling to create workaround for site before deadline
Excerpt: Days before the Obama administration’s self-imposed Nov. 30 deadline for fixing, its technology team is scrambling to build a new part of the Web site as a workaround that would enable more people to buy health insurance without relying directly on the site. The new mechanism, EZ App, would permit people who are eligible for financial help from the government to enroll for coverage without calculating an exact subsidy amount, which has been a major stumbling block, according to government and insurance industry officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to be frank. (Band-aids for the Obamacare website--how appropriate. ~Bob.)

Good Column: The Obama Who Stole Thanksgiving. By Daniel Greenfield 
Excerpt: Progressives have already tried to ruin Thanksgiving by condemning it as a genocidal holiday commemorating European colonialism or by giving snippy little speeches about consumerism. But they didn’t have a way to actually get into living rooms to ruin the holiday until now. Not content that the price of a whole frozen turkey went up 37% under his economic policies, Obama decided to completely ruin Thanksgiving dinner by turning it into an angry debate about ObamaCare.

Obamacare’s Health Insurance Tax Targets Consumers and Small Businesses. By David R. Burton
Excerpt: Obamacare imposes a new tax on health insurance premiums, starting in 2014, that will increase individual and small group health insurance premiums by an additional 2–3 percent. This will have an adverse impact on consumers and reduce employment but have little impact on large employers and their employees, because large firms usually self-insure. The tax is hidden from consumers, and it should be repealed. (I guess I haven't been paying attention but I did not realize that the new Affordable Care TAX Act imposes new taxes on the premium that small businesses and individuals will pay starting in 2014. --MG)

Obama’s New Imperial Decree. By Matthew Vadum 
Excerpt: For purely partisan reasons, the Obama administration cynically unveiled extra-legal plans on the eve of Thanksgiving to unilaterally delay the launch of a website for small businesses to select plans through federal health care insurance exchanges. It’s just the latest sleazy political move by the Community-Organizer-in-Chief to salvage his party’s fading electoral prospects by delaying at least some of the approaching tens of millions of health insurance policy cancellations until after the national vote next November.

Why is President Obama trying to politicize the holidays?. By Byron York 
Excerpt: But the first floor of the Stasi Museum is not about spying. Instead, it is devoted to the propaganda that East German bureaucrats used to foster socialist consciousness in an unwilling public. (This practice of trying to insert politics into holiday celebrations is totally abhorrent, and that would apply exactly the same way if the GOP were trying any such awful propaganda practice. It is just one more demonstration of the mindset of the White House and those who surround Mr. Obama. You would think and hope that even Liberals would look at this and be repulsed. --Del)

Obama’s Orwellian Thanksgiving
Excerpt: President Barack Obama and outgoing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg have both tried to nudge their way into America’s Thanksgiving (or Thanksgivukkah) dinners, with talking points about Obamacare and gun control, respectively. Not only is introducing contentious political issues into a family holiday a recipe for unhappiness, but it also reflects the disturbing Orwellian ambitions of Obama’s big-government liberalism.

Tweet from @DLoesch:
Er, I’m told by kin that one of my Democrat family members “totally trashed” Obamacare over turkey.

Wal-Mart Black Friday fight for TV 2013
Why I haven't been in a store on Black Friday in years. ~Bob

Excerpt: It was never just a health care “fix”: A series of precise, brilliant, secretive, and illegal decisions by Obamacare authors led to the creation of 50 unbeatable election tools — and to nothing else. As you read, try to identify a rational explanation besides malevolence. (This is Part One of a two-part article.)

Today while you’re bludgeoning someone into letting go of the last PlayStation 4 don’t forget to tell them how great #Obamacare is.

Worth Reading: Thanks - Givings Courtesy of Marines. By Andy Weddington
Excerpt: Describing the life-changing experience of being a Marine escapes mere words. The "givings" - lessons - learned courtesy of Marines abound. This Thanksgiving early morning, while still horizontal and mulling over the day ahead, some of those "givings" came to mind and so a thought to note and post as comment.

America's coastal royalty. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: The densely populated coastal corridors from Boston toWashington and from San Diego to Berkeley are where most of America's big decisions are made.
They remind us of two quite different Americas: one country along these coasts and everything else in between. 

Good Column: Manufacturing Intolerance. By Daniel Greenfield 
Excerpt: Morales’ hoax is a blip in the larger pattern of faked hate crimes. Bigotry is the witch hunt of the modern Salem and progressive witch hunters are just as careless about facts and evidence. Now as then, the goal is to stamp out an attitude and a cultural threat, rather than to enforce the law, and that leads inevitably to the entire tawdry parade of hysterical denunciations and moral panic.

Excerpt: The Islamic Front, a newly formed coalition of Syrian Islamist groups that cooperate with al Qaeda and is estimated at 45,000 fighters, released its charter on its official Twitter account on Nov. 26. Although the formation of the Islamic Front has been hailed as a blow to al Qaeda, the new group embraces jihad and calls for the establishment of an Islamic state and the imposition of sharia law, both of which are goals of al Qaeda. The Islamic Front's charter welcomes the "Muhajireen," or foreign fighters, as "our brothers who supported us in jihad."

Is another Republican wave building?
Excerpt: President Obama’s poll numbers are at record lows. The health care law that serves as the cornerstone of his domestic policy legacy is even more unpopular. And there are few chances to change the conversation among a skeptical public that isn’t happy with Washington.
Sound familiar? It should: The national political climate today is starting to resemble 2010, when Republicans won control of the House of Representatives by riding a wave of voter anger. (2010 voters hate Obamacare, GOP wins. 2012, voters decide that, despite Obamacare, they trust Obama, GOP loses. 2014. Voters like Obamacare even less, see they were lied to. ~Bob)

Obama Sends Thanksgiving Letter to Grateful Nation

Emboldening Iran. By Arnold Ahlert 
Excerpt: The key sticking point? The White House fact sheet claims “Iran has committed to halt progress on its enrichment capacity” with bullet points laying out the details. On the other hand, the Iranian fact sheet indicates that their nation can “fully enjoy its right to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes under the relevant articles of the NPT in conformity with its obligations therein.”

Putin outflanks his foes at home, Obama abroad
Excerpt: President Vladimir Putin is giving proof to the proverb, “Nothing succeeds like success.” Since facing massive protests last winter, he has stifled nearly all domestic dissent and implemented widely criticized anti-gay laws as Russia prepares to host the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. He has put the brakes on Ukraine signing a free-trade and political association deal with the European Union, and persuaded Syria to allow international inspections of its chemical weapons.

The Knockout Game --- NYT/NPR Say No Big Deal. By Larry Elder
Excerpt: The "knockout game" — and the media underreporting of it — combines the breakdown of the family with the media's condescending determination to serve as a public relations bureau for blacks. The "game" is a dare in which a young man — all the perps appear to be male people of color, mostly blacks — tries to literally knock out an innocent bystander with one blow. Both National Public Radio and The New York Times say these reports of the "knockout game" being widespread are overblown and do not represent a trend. Really? (Before you scream "racist," Elders is black. Nothing is more damaging to the back community than the progressives coddling back thugs. The knockout game is directed at non-blacks, but most victims of black thugs are black. Blacks make up 1% of the population, but commit 53% of the murders--and about 85% of the victims are blacks. ~Bob)

New York chef suffers broken jaw, nose in likely 'knockout game' attack in Philadelphia
Excerpt: “Ate dinner with friends and on my way back to hostel got pizza as I walked down the alley I was hit from behind. Nothing was stolen from me which leads me to believe this was that ‘game.’ I hope I'm the last person this happens to,” the befuddled chef said.
Police told him they believe he was attacked by a group of six to eight men, ranging in age from 16 to 21.

Hijab: School principal, teachers beaten to a pulp in Osun
Excerpt: There was confusion in the ancient town of Ejigbo in Osun State, on Monday, as the principal and some teachers of Baptist High School were beaten to a state of coma. The incident, which occurred around 8.00 a.m, heightened tension in the town as many were apprehensive that the crisis might snowball into a clash between Christians and Muslims in the town.

Didn't get the "Islam is a religion of peace" memo. ~Bob

Excerpt: When it comes to the question of America’s alleged Islamophobia, there is a consensus in the American media: American Muslims have been under siege since the 9/11 attacks. ... But with the annual release of the FBI’s hate crime numbers, statistical proof is once again available for those who are interested in the real answer as to which groups are subjected to the most attacks. This year’s numbers, like those of every other previous year since they began compiling such statistics, are clear: Jews remain the No. 1 target of hate crimes in America and no other group comes even close.

Excerpt: The Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department proposed new rules that they said would prohibit such groups from using "candidate-related political activity" like running advertisements, registering voters or distributing campaign literature as activities that qualify them to be tax-exempt "social welfare" organizations. "This proposed guidance is a first critical step toward creating clear-cut definitions of political activity by tax-exempt social welfare organizations," said Mark Mazur, the Treasury's assistant secretary for tax policy. (DOJ (ha!) and Holder stonewalling; there will be no investigation; no one can recall anything…x80. “Getting it right”? Yeah, like they did in 2012. Anybody believe their desire to be “fair”? They have executive privilege and contempt of law and order. --Barb)

The Front ManPresident Obama is the nominal leader for permanent bureaucracy. 
Excerpt: At times, he has advanced this project abetted by congressional Democrats, as with the health-care law’s investiture of extraordinary powers in the executive bureaucracy, but he also has advanced it without legislative assistance — and, more troubling still, in plain violation of the law. President Obama and his admirers choose to call this “pragmatism,” but what it is is a mild expression of totalitarianism, under which the interests of the country are conflated with those of the president’s administration and his party. Barack Obama is the first president of the democracy that John Adams warned us about.

The man democrats fear the most is already under attack by Obama
Excerpt: I wrote here that Obama is a sociopath. I wrote here that you’d be an idiot to believe anything Obama says. …There is nothing a man who lies about his mother’s life and death won’t lie about. 

Obama suspends the Constitution
Excerpt: The Obama administration proposed a crackdown on the widespread use of tax-exempt organizations for political campaigning, seeking to reduce the influential role that the secretive groups have played in recent elections….So let’s stop fooling ourselves and realize what Obamacare really is- it is a vehicle to create a totalitarian government that knows everything about you and will put an end to all opposition to progressives….He is telling us to our faces that he is going to do in 2014 and 2016 what he did for the 2012 election- shut down the opposition.

IRS Chief Counsel Testifies Before House On Tea Party Targeting Scandal, Answers “I Don’t Recall” A Staggering 80 Times
The latest official called to testify before committee investigators is an important one: IRS chief counsel William Wilkins. Wilkins is one of just two political appointees at the IRS, a generous donor to Democratic candidates and causes, and once represented Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ. Evidence of his involvement in the targeting would spell trouble for the White House and bring renewed focus to a scandal that has largely receded from public consciousness. (Pure and utter contempt. --Barb)

Obama Ensures Our Status As The Laughingstock Of The World Endures
Excerpt: Obama supported fanatical islam when they took over Libya and Egypt. He had our country run from Iraq without ensuring the victories we achieved there would be maintained. He made a deal with the devil and turned his back on Israel

Op-Ed: Why Are America and The West Funding Sharia Law?
Excerpt: President Hamid Karzai’s government is considering bringing back stoning for adultery—and imposing 100 lashes (which is a death sentence) for unmarried people who have had sexual relations. Thus, Afghan men can marry female children, keep male children as sex-toys, maintain four wives, and visit prostitutes from dawn to dawn. But it is a capital crime if an Afghan man dishonors another Afghan man by having relations with his female “property;” and, if he has raped the poor wife, she is also to be stoned.

Obama Calls Saudi King Amid Tense Relations: Saudi King receives a phone call from U.S. President Barack Obama, Iran deal likely discussed.
Excerpt: Saudi Arabia initially said that the interim deal on Iran's nuclear program could be a step towards a comprehensive solution – and hoped it could lead to the removal of weapons of mass destruction from the Middle East. Later, however, a senior advisor to the Saudi royal family said that his country was deceived by its American ally in the agreements and will pursue an independent foreign policy in response. The advisor, Nawaf Obaid, told a think tank meeting in London "we were lied to, things were hidden from us. 

Presidential Poll: Reagan Best, Obama Worst In Last 100 Years
Excerpt: Rankings released by YouGov/Economist show that Ronald Reagan is viewed as the greatest president of the last 100 years, while Obama is viewed as the "biggest failure."… Results showed that Reagan bested Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) and John F. Kennedy (JFK) in a tight race for the top spot….When it came to ranking presidents viewed to be a "failure," Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon fared better than Obama. (JFK wouldn't be up there if he had not been shot. ~Bob)

Kuwaiti Newspaper: Obama Negotiating With Hezbollah Terrorists
Excerpt: The Obama administration has entered secret talks with the Hezbollah terrorist group, mediated by Great Britain, according to a report in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai, as relayed by the Jerusalem Post Wednesday. …. Thirty years ago, Hezbollah bombed a U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, killing 241. …The organization is also dedicated to Israel's destruction.

Funniest Video About Israel You Will Ever See…Give The Middle East To The Jews

Say Merry Christmas - Vocal Carrie Rinderer and the American Christian Life United (ACLU) choir...

'Half-Ton Killer' Transformed: Mayra Rosales Discusses Life After Murder Acquittal. By David Moye [Essential news from Kate.]
Excerpt: In the last 24 months, Mayra Rosales has had two heavy loads lifted from her. In Jan. 2012, she was acquitted of the 2008 murder of her nephew, Eliseo, which she allegedly did when she accidentally rolled over and crushed him under her 1,028-pound frame. Next, she decided to lose as much of the weight as possible.

George Carlin on Language
Old, reliably left wing, adult language, but worth revisiting. I agree with most of it. Too bad he didn't hear about Obama's "Overseas Contingency Operations," or Carter's "Incomplete Success." ~Bob

Revolutionary War Quiz
Ten for ten. I had the Bunker Hill question right, but I'd argue it. ~Bob

Kanye: Obama Failing Because 'He Ain't Got Those Connections' Like Jews. By Ben Shapiro
Excerpt: This week, rapper Kanye West told a local radio show that President Obama was having trouble succeeding because he didn’t have “connections” like those of “Jewish people.” 

Excerpt: On Tuesday of this week approximately 150 Mexican Nationals breeched the U.S. border near San Diego in what Immigration officials fear was a "feeler" or "prong" attack in preparation for a much larger invasion force being planned in the near future. When Border Patrol agents tried to stop the mob the agents were pelted with rocks and water bottles. Agents tried using pepper spray on the mob but were unsuccessful. Eventually, border patrol troops arrived in sufficient force to stop the invaders and drive them back into Mexico.

Washington Post: Repeal presidential term limits
Excerpt: As President Obama faces a small revolt within his own party, a Washington Post op-ed is calling for the United States to end presidential term limits and allow him to run again in 2016. “Barack Obama should be allowed to stand for re election just as citizens should be allowed to vote for — or against — him,” writes New York University Jonathan Zimmerman professor of history and education. “Anything less diminishes our leaders and ourselves.” (Oh, like the state legislatures will pass this. ~Bob)

Excerpt: Another biography of President Barack Obama is making waves. This one is entitled “Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope.” The author, Nikki Grimes, paints the 44th president as nothing short of a messianic figure.

The price of presidential weakness. By Wesley Pruden
Excerpt: But of course it isn't, and Mr. Obama is challenged now at every turn by friend and foe of the United States who need to see on what meat the man feeds, and of what stuff his promises and assurances are made. The mullahs in Tehran, who can't believe how easy it was to roll the president and his counterparts in Geneva, had no sooner signed the agreement to preserve the Iranian pursuit of the bomb at a bargain price than the mullahs began dreaming up new demands. If the mullahs could roll him once, they could roll him twice.

The News in Zingers. By Argus Hamilton
Excerpt: Iran greeted its nuclear negotiator like a hero when he flew home from Geneva last weekend. It's chilling. It's not clear what we got out of the deal, but Obama bounded off his plane at L.A. Tuesday waving a deed to the Brooklyn Bridge dated six month from now.

Mike Tyson: Knockout Perpetrators ‘Evil’
excerpt: Wednesday on “Piers Morgan Live,” former World Heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson, called perpetrators of the street game “knockout” evil people. The game being played in cities across the nation has the objective of punching an unsuspecting person and rendering the victim unconscious. The victims have been predominantly white and Asian, while the perpetrators have been overwhelmingly black. (It tells you something when Tyson speaks out for morality, and Obama and Holder are silent. ~Bob)

NYT, NPR: Reports On Knockout Game ‘Overblown,’ ‘No Big Deal’
Excerpt: Writing in Real Clear Politics, Larry Elder says the New York Times (NYT) and National Public Radio (NPR) are ignoring the black-on-white crime taking place in the "Knockout Game"—that the NYT and NPR view reports on the game as "overblown" and "no big deal." …As Breitbart News reported on November 21, the "Knockout Game" is a game in which teens walk up to an innocent bystander on a sidewalk or in an alley and try to knock him or her out with one sucker punch. It has been going on in New Jersey and New York City for some time and has now spread to ChicagoWashington, DC, and Philadelphia, among other cities. 

And So It Begins: New York Sending Out Gun Confiscation Notices. By Robert Farago 
You are NOT paranoid, if they are really out to get you! Picking on any firearm with a greater than 5 ammo capacity takes out every tube fed .22 ever made. That sure as hell makes people safer. Who the hell thinks up this utter nonsense? --Del

Netanyahu vows to banish ‘darkness’ of Iran nuclear program
Excerpt: Riffing on Hanukkah holiday, prime minister says Israel will be a ‘light unto the nations’ in dealing with Tehran should diplomacy fail

Nigeria sharia police smash 240,000 bottles of beer
Excerpt: Police enforcing Islamic law in Nigeria's city of Kano publicly destroyed some 240,000 bottles of beer on Wednesday, the latest move in a wider crackdown on behaviour deemed "immoral" in the area.

An Outbreak of Lawlessness: Reid and Obama have their way with the rules. 
Excerpt: If we could make constitutional changes by majority vote, there would be no Constitution. …Barack Obama may be remembered for something similar. His violation of the proper limits of executive power has become breathtaking. 

Excerpt: Yet even with the small turnout, there was a theme amongst Obama’s protesters/supporters (supportesters?): They didn’t want him to change his political agenda — instead, they demanded that he assume dictatorial powers so that he could finally implement the radical plans with which they already agree. The message of the day was: Stop dilly-dallying around, Mr. President: Ignore the Constitution and just make The Revolution happen, as you promised!

Navajo Code Talker Says Redskins Name Not Derogatory
Excerpt: A leader of the Navajo Code Talkers who appeared at a Washington Redskins home football game said Wednesday the team name is a symbol of loyalty and courage — not a slur as asserted by critics who want it changed. Roy Hawthorne, 87, of Lupton, Ariz., was one of four Code Talkers honored for their service in World War II during the Monday night game against the San Francisco 49ers. (Dumb Indian doesn't know white liberals know what is best for him. ~Bob)

Keep Calm and Return Fire
I want tee shirts that say, "Keep Calm and Call a Fire mission," and "Keep Calm and Call an Air Strike." ~Bob

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

News of a lot of turkeys for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving (and Happy Hanukah to those celebrating it). Despite everything, including much of the news below, we still have much to be thankful for and should have grateful hearts.

Blog Down? If you get this notice, it means Google has logged me out of G-mail and, in what I'm sure they call another improvement, blocked access to my blog until I get on the computer and log back in. And, BTW G-mail's new compose window and hard-to-read CAPTCHA still suck. Sorry. ~Bob

Comments on "My Thanksgiving Prayer." ~Bob

  • What a beautifully written prayer. God bless this exceptional country.
  • Beautiful, brother.
  • Very nice prayer.......Thanks.
  • Excellent! I sent it on to my SIL, a Lutheran minister.
  • Beautifully written....thank you for sending.
  • POSTED...Well voiced.
  • Thanks Bob - Excellent!
  • Well said! 
  • Beautifully stated prayer, Bob.
  • Beautiful. (From a pastor)
  • Amen.
  • Amen and amen. 

Guest Post: I Was Hacked Again
Good warning for computer users. ~Bob

Important: Administration announces new delay in online enrollment for small businesses
Excerpt: In another delay for the health care law and another sign of problems with its central website, the Obama administration announced a day before the Thanksgiving holiday that it would push off online enrollment for small businesses by another year. The Department of Health and Human Services said Wednesday that it will delay the launch of the online SHOP Marketplace -- which is meant for small businesses -- until November 2014. Critics said the move would create more "onerous" paperwork for job creators. (Until after the election. For "settled law," he sure changes it a lot. ~Bob)

Obamacare & the hidden message
Excerpt: This is a really fascinating video. Watch a congressman question one of the implementers of Obamacare. Anyone who values their privacy should watch this video. The government is hiding this from the citizens while requiring them to sign up for ObamaCare. The woman being questioned here is the woman who owns the company that got the multi-HUNDRED million dollar contract from the Obama administration to design the computer system for signing up for "Obamacare." Her company has a record of past failures in setting up large computer systems. Her company has again failed terribly in setting up the Obamacare system. She is a close friend of Michelle Obama, and was Michelle's classmate at Princeton

Blue State Blues. ~Bob

Democrats eagerly seeking signs of success with health-care law
Excerpt: The political battle over the future of the national health-care law is about to become a media faceoff between Republican accounts of mishap and failure vs. Democratic stories that hint at eventual success. In a pre-Thanksgiving messaging memo, Democratic senators are being urged to use the holiday break to find success stories and “aggressively publicize them so that people can see the law is delivering on its promise.”

Least Sympathetic Obamacare Victims…Ever. By Daniel J. Mitchell 
Excerpt: Yet even though I am brimming with empathy for the victims of Obamacare, there is one group that is suffering and I can say without hesitation or reservation that the people affected don’t tug on my heart strings or engender feelings of sympathy.

The Number: 157,000,000 from The Patriot Post
According to the Federal Register listing of Obama administration rules and regulations -- posted on 17 June 2010 -- the number of small employer insurance policies subject to O'Care cancellation is 76%. The number of large employer policies subject to O'Care cancellation is 55%. The grand total of employer-provided insurance cancellations due to ObamaCare is now estimated to be 157 million policies. No wonder the Demos changed the Senate rules so they could stack the DC Circuit Court with their own ideological regulatory gate keepers. The chances of Demos retaining the Senate in 2014 continue to narrow.

Give back my health care policy. By Sharon B. Ingerson
Excerpt: I am a 41-year-old woman with three children (one with moderate-severe autism and mental retardation). ... The new Obamacare plans are worse in every regard. They are not better and I do not save $2,500, as President Obama promised so many times. Here is the closest plan to mine: $3,250 deductible (worse), $6,500 family deductible (worse), and the premium is an outrageous $674 per month (far worse). 

True, this: The Bad-Faith Presidency. By Rich Lowry
Excerpt: At the end of the day, the root of President Obama’s mendacity on Obamacare was simple: He didn’t dare tell people how the law would work. He couldn’t tell people how the law would work. Forthrightness was the enemy. It served no useful purpose and could only bring peril, and potentially defeat. It had to be banished. Instead of candor, Obama made the sale on the basis of dubious blandishments and outright deceptions.

‘Non-partisan’ group paid $1 million to produce positive Obamacare stories. By Joe Schoffstall 
Excerpt: With the roll out of Obamacare being as disastrous as possible for the Obama administration, one group was given a $1 million grant to help lead a rebranding effort with hopes of salvaging the law in the eyes of the American people.

Obamacare's Healthcare for the Holidays Website
Somehow they managed to meet the deadline for getting that website to work. A healthy society does not feature a leader who sends messages to his followers, asking them to make a pledge to have a conversation with their families about his agenda at Thanksgiving. This is cult-like. -- Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt

As In Every Year Past, Obama's Elder Minions Urge Lesser Minions to Fight With Their Families At Thanksgiving Dinners
Excerpt: It truly is insidious, I think, this devotion to cause such that one would seriously -- earnestly! -- urge others to fight with family in order to advance a political goal. It's not just about the casual denigration of the family in favor of the Real Family, which is of course like-minded socialists in the Progressive Cult. It is that, but it's not just that. (If you like your friendly Thanksgiving dinner conversation, you can keep it. Period. ~Bob)

Good Column: 9 things conservatives need to know about ObamaCare (going forward). By Matt K. Lewis
Excerpt: There are many important facets to understand about ObamaCare going forward, but here are 9 important things conservatives probably need to understand:
1. Health Care has always been a Democratic issue because they had the great sob stories. But for the first time, we are beginning to see sob stories about people who’ve been screwed by government.

Another ObamaCare Anecdote With Cancer Loses Coverage
Excerpt: Fishericks is battling kidney cancer, and while one of the benefits of ObamaCare was supposed to be that people with pre-existing conditions could not be denied insurance, those who already had it are losing it. As with Fishericks, the policies they liked and helped to keep them alive have been decreed "substandard" and must be replaced with compliant and more expensive policies the Obama administration considers "better."

A Plea to Avoid Crush of Users at Health Site
Excerpt: White House officials, fearful that the federal health care website may again be overwhelmed this weekend, have urged their allies to hold back enrollment efforts so the insurance marketplace does not collapse under a crush of new users. At the same time, administration officials said Tuesday that they had decided not to inaugurate a big health care marketing campaign planned for December out of concern that it might drive too many people to the still-fragile

Tweets from (joke site) HealthCare.Gov ‏@HealthDotGov
An important part of planning tomorrow's signups is to call the 800 number to make an appointment to use the web site. But remember to use the other web site to make an appointment to call the 800 number, because we only have one line. Also, because we also built that 800-appointment site, there's another 800 number to call to make an appointment to use it.

Well, I finally had the 'talk' with my 10 year-old daughter the other night. Yes, I told her the truth about this 'President' and Obamacare.

ObamaCare's Looming Land Mine. By Lewis Dovland
Excerpt: Those who wrote the PPACA legislation were much more brilliant than most conservatives have given them credit for. They have hidden a landmine in the way it all works that will ensure an eventual takeover of the entire health care industry by the government.

Obama pardons "Popcorn" the turkey. The real turkey #ObamaCare is going to be stuffed down our throats.

Obamacare Centralized Medical Database Nightmare Just Happened to My Daughter
Excerpt: With this system in place, you can kiss your HIPPA privacy goodbye.
Last week, we heard from our youngest daughter that she was receiving doctor’s bills from a doctor she’s never seen. Some of the bills were from visits earlier this year and because they have not been paid, her credit score has been dinged.

The Spectacular Collapse of Obamacare’s Holiday Propaganda Blitz. By Noah Rothman
Excerpt: The Affordable Care Act’s Hindenburg-like debut has been characterized a series of spectacular failures, the latest being an attempt by PresidentBarack Obama’s political arm, Organizing for America, to furnish their followers with effective pro-ACA talking points. This army of true believers was instructed to bombard their unsuspecting kin with counterpoints to deflect the unceasing stream of bad ACA news screaming at them from the television set.

Leno: Pres Obama's approval rating is his lowest ever, 37%. It's so low that the turkey he's pardoning tomorrow said, "No pictures!"

Slavery radically destroys traditional societies and breaks down family units; conservatism seeks to [conserve] society and family.

Replace "racism" with "communism" and I defy you to tell the difference between MSNBC and a 1958 John Birch Society newsletter.
Excerpt: And who was that mysterious young man heckling him from the crowd? Presumably, in one of those crazy time travel mix-em-ups, it was Barack Obama from June of 2012.

Excerpt: The searches are conducted without warrants — unless the targeted individuals refuse to cooperate, in which case the raiders will “seek a warrant and lock down the house until they get results.” California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a bill that will use a $24 million surplus from firearms purchase fees to hire 36 new jackboots for the squad.

U.S. flies two warplanes over East China Sea, ignoring new Chinese air defense zone
Excerpt: The Pentagon announced Tuesday that it had defied Beijing by flying two warplanes over the East China Sea on a training exercise, ignoring a recent edict from China that it be informed in advance of any such flights in the region.

CIA turned some Guantanamo Bay prisoners into double agents against al-Qaeda
Excerpt: In the early years after Sept. 11, 2001, the CIA turned some Guantanamo Bay prisoners into double agents, sending them home to help the United States kill terrorists, current and former U.S. officials said. The CIA promised the prisoners freedom, safety for their families and millions of dollars from the agency’s secret accounts. It was a gamble. Officials knew there was a chance that some prisoners might quickly spurn their deal and kill Americans.

U.S. to Be Top Oil Producer by 2015 on Shale, IEA Says
Excerpt: The U.S. will surpass Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world’s top oil producer by 2015, and be close to energy self-sufficiency in the next two decades, amid booming output from shale formations, the IEA said. Crude prices will advance to $128 a barrel by 2035 with a 16 percent increase in consumption supporting the development of so-called tight oil in the U.S. and a tripling in output from Brazil, the International Energy Agency said today in its annual World Energy Outlook. 

Global effects of unorthodox monetary policies. By Desmond Lachman 
Excerpt: In the aftermath of the Great Recession, major central banks have scrambled to support economic recovery and to avoid deflation through highly accommodative and unorthodox monetary policy stances. Although relatively successful in the short term, these policies have given rise to incipient asset- and credit-market bubbles and to spillover effects on the emerging-market economies, which could threaten the longer-run world economic outlook. Going forward, these central banks need to be very much more mindful than they have been to date of the longer-term unintended consequences of their policy actions. 

Excerpt: If you find it perplexing that a liberal Democrat would take that position, you are probably too young to remember that for most of the 20th century the Democratic Party was the party of war. The Republican Party was the party of peace. In fact, a not inconsiderable faction of the Republican Party was downright isolationist. Our anti-communist, Cold War foreign policy was almost completely shaped by Democrats

Why Johnny can't write, and why employers are mad
Excerpt: Can you tell a pronoun from a participle; use commas correctly in long sentences; describe the difference between its and it's? If not, you have plenty of company in the world of job seekers. Despite stubbornly high unemployment, many employers complain that they can't find qualified candidates for the jobs they do have.

Excerpt: Egypt’s tough new anti-protest law got its first major test Tuesday when dozens of demonstrators gathered in the capital to protest harsh police tactics -- and were met with drenching water-cannon blasts.

Md. woman admits stealing millions from D.C. nonprofit
Excerpt: An administrative assistant admitted Monday to stealing more than $5 million from the Association of American Medical Colleges in one of the largest embezzlement schemes from a Washington area nonprofit organization.

Ministry: 500 Turks join Qaeda fighters in Syria
Excerpt: Hundreds of Turks have crossed the border into Syria to fight with al-Qaeda linked jihadists against the Damascus regime, according to a Turkish interior ministry report.

Iraq violence: Shootings and bombings leave 33 dead
Excerpt: In Baghdad, the bodies of 18 people who had been executed were found in Shia and Sunni districts, including three men and two women from the same family.

Worth Reading: Environmentalism Is the New Racism. By Daniel Greenfield 
Excerpt: The left knows that idealism is a puny force compared to the power of profit. It may employ the slogans of idealism, recruiting college students to wave signs, dress up as polar bears and cry Armageddon; but it uses the appeal of cold hard cash to invest as many people as it can into its cause. Wealth redistribution gave the left a firm grip on power in America.

Unmanned Navy Stealth Plane
Cool. ~Bob

In The Capital Of Crete, Churches Vandalized And Icons Burned
Excerpt: Cases of vandalism in churches of Heraklion and graffiti in Arabic left by criminals, which have become more frequent, are causing the authorities and the Archdiocese of Crete serious concern, reports, citing the Greek agency Romphea.

Picturing the perpetually offended crowd, at the WH, with torches, if Bush said this - Obama: I Can Spot Immigrants ‘Just Looking at Faces’

Great Column: The Thanksgiving guide to making conservative arguments liberals can understand. By Timothy P. Carney 
Excerpt: Your Baby Boomer aunts are unshakable in their faith in Hillary Clinton. Your nephew Trevor won't stop spouting vapid Democratic talking points in favor of Obamacare. When Thanksgiving talk turns political, do you feel like you and your liberal relatives can't communicate?

Yemen to Finally Ban Child Marriage?
Excerpt: With no minimum age of marriage in Yemen, while Hiba and others are out of danger for the moment, without any legal sanctions to support them, these girls remain at serious risk. (According the Hadith, considered almost as sacred as the Qur'an, the Prophet (PBUH) married his youngest wife when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was nine. He is considered the perfect example of conduct for Muslims, thus the wide spread prevalence of child marriage in Islam and its defense in many mainstream schools of Islamic teaching. ~Bob)

Hudak will resign seat to end recall threat, hold Democrats’ Senate majority
Excerpt: State Sen. Evie Hudak has decided to resign rather than risk facing a recall election that, should she lose, would flip control of the senate to Republicans, FOX31 Denver was first to report Wednesday. Later Wednesday morning, Hudak made her resignation letter public. (Run away! Run away! This is the Senator who said "You don't need a gun to prevent rape." ~Bob)

Alec Baldwin Blasts Bashir, MSNBC's Double Standards. By Tony Lee
Excerpt: On Tuesday, hours after he was reportedly fired from MSNBC for an off-set anti-gay rant, Alec Baldwin lashed out at the network for terminating him while not disciplining Martin Bashir, who suggested on air that someone should defecate and urinate in former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's mouth. (That's because vicious Homophobia is not PC, but vicious misogynist attacks on Palin are fine. I think both should have been fired. ~Bob)

Bearing Witness: Survivor Describes Nigerian Islamist Terror. By Andrew E. Harrod
Excerpt: "Are you ready to die as a Christian?" asked Habila Adamu's AK-47-armed assailants from Nigeria's Boko Haram (BH) Islamist terrorist organization. During a recent visit to Washington, D.C., Adamu recounted surviving a massacre of Christians, in an effort to focus American attention on the bloody turmoil BH poses for Nigeria. ... "I am ready," Adamu responded when asked about dying. An AK-47 round then entered Adamu's face by the nose and exited his head.

Sound Familiar?
Mussolini, "for the fascist, everything is in the state, and no human or spiritual thing exists, or has any sort of value, outside the state."

Obama's tortured history with sanctions against Iran
Excerpt: On Nov. 23, when President Obama addressed the nation to tout the deal his administration struck with Iran over its nuclear program, he credited bipartisan sanctions passed by Congress for making such progress possible. ... In December 2009, as Congress moved on Iran sanctions, Obama's State Department sent a letter to John Kerry (then chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee) expressing concern that pending legislation “might weaken rather than strengthen international unity and support for our efforts” to pressure Iran.

Iran president: We won, enrichment will never stop
Excerpt: Iran boasted on Tuesday that it has created a major crack in the international sanctions against its nuclear program, claiming it has achieved its goal of acceptance of its nuclear development.

Black unemployment FELL from 19.5% to 11.4% under Reagan.

Group of 15 ‘religious extremists’ arrested in Moscow, explosives, weapons seized
Excerpt: Moscow police have arrested 15 members of Takfir Wal-Hijra, an extremist organization. The cell had a stash of weapons and explosives, which was seized in the police raid.

Happy Thanksgiving: City Orders Bar To Remove Sign Saluting America's Veterans
Excerpt: A bar in Huntington Beach, California has been given two days to remove a sign (or face a fine) that some residents of the city find offensive. The sign’s message? “Thank a veteran for your freedom.”

Amazon Goes Postal. By Stella Paul
Excerpt: The bride was gorgeous; the groom was old and arthritic, and everyone agreed they were an odd match. When Amazon married the United States Postal Service for its new Sunday package delivery service, who got the better deal? Most people probably would pick USPS, the quasi-government agency operating with all the fiscal sanity of Obamacare. Prevented by Congress from implementing cost-cutting measures, USPS has lost a staggering $45 billion since 2007, and already has defaulted three times on its obligations. Its business model is kaput; first-class mail volume decreased by 30 percent over seven years, and the future looks even more bleak.

Good Column: Is It Too Soon To Say "I Told You So"? By Ann Coulter
Excerpt: In Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's very first year in office, the murder rate fell 20 percent. The Times acknowledged the dramatic drop in crime with an article titled, "New York City Crime Falls But Just Why Is a Mystery." By Giuliani's last year in office, there were only 714 murders in the entire city, a drop of 64 percent from Dinkins' personal best. By continuing Giuliani's aggressive crime policies, Mayor Michael Bloomberg got the murder rate for 2012 down to 419 in a city of 8 million people. 

Obama says his policies are built on ‘kindness.’ By Neil Munro
Excerpt: One day after a new poll showed that only a minority of Americans trust President Barack Obama, the president told an audience that his policies are based on kindness. “Kindness covers all of my political beliefs,” Obama told his audience of wealthy investors, high-tech donors, journalists and fellow Democrats Tuesday, only two months after he slashed at GOP legislators, calling them arsonists, nuclear blackmailers, economic wreckers, hostage-takers, obsessives and irresponsible extremists. (Ah, semantics. Hitler was “kind” to all those Jews he ordered in the ovens and gas showers to relieve their misery. DHS and Soc Sec buying all that ammo, CDC all those syringes, DHS making sure each community has an armored surplus half-track/tank for “emergency law enforcement” and spraying all that stuff in the air daily is “kind” to the peons and sheeple. What plans he makes and webs he weaves to be “kind.” Anyone else believe this spiel for LaLaLand of Hollywood progressives/Marxists? Really kind that you don’t have a job, can’t find one and if you had one, you may lose it because of Obamacare. Really kind that old people are just extra garbage to be sent to a group home for elimination; get their estates and get rid of them soon; higher profit margin. Some nursing homes have been doing this for years. Suffering with cancer or a rare genetic disorder? Isn’t it more kind to eliminate your misery and just not renew your insurance (can’t say “cancel it”) or disenfranchise the facility providing your care if top quality in favor of cheaper, poorer care providers? Welcome to “what’s in it.” Crimes against the people….how kind of Reid, Pelosi, Holder, Democrats and their ilk. You are seeing the transformation to a Marxist state, a command economy, where an oligarch or dictator rules always at the expense of the many whose lives and properties and freedoms are forfeit. Whimper and enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving for all the bountiful blessings bequeathed to the sheeple out of “kindness.” --Barb. tell the people suffering from cancer who lost insurance how kind he is. ~Bob)

Excerpt: However, the agency isn’t just working on limiting emissions from coal plants. The EPA is also working on a rule that would expand the definition of “waters of the U.S.” under the Clean Water Act to include water on private property….“If the draft rule is approved, it would allow the EPA to regulate virtually every body of water in the United States, including private and public lakes, ponds and streams.” (Why don’t they just stop spraying aluminum and boron from the white, unmarked jets all over the country? Would improve the water and ocean purity, the air quality, decrease healthcare costs and emergency room visits, and leave the world a bit as God intended, versus coercing with their progressive agendas? Think of the amount we could reduce his deficit…Barb)

Author chronicling ‘knockout’ game: ‘The most recent attacks are just more of the same’
Excerpt: As the brutal “knockout” game sweeps across the U.S., one author isn’t surprised by the attacks or the media reaction.Colin Flaherty, author of the book “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How The Media Ignore It,” began chronicling the new wave of violence nearly a year ago — revealing disturbing racial motivations behind the attacks and a pattern of media denial. (Points that many in media—including talk media—are not making: It is race hatred crime. It is NOT a game. It is black against white, Jew, Asian….Not against their own kind. It is sanctioned by the Department of Injustice and many communities who are ignoring it and not naming it for the sadistic premeditated assault that it is. They should be careful, for what is put out in the Universe will return unto them… sometimes magnified… just seems to be a Law of Energy. --Barb)

NSA spying reaches its dirtiest levels yet
Excerpt: The latest Snowden-leaked document about NSA surveillance brings to light what the agency watches after dark — porn habits. …“Wherever you are, the NSA’s databases store information about your political views, your medical history, your intimate relationships and your activities online,” American Civil Liberties Union Deputy Legal Director Jameel Jaffer said. ”The NSA says this personal information won’t be abused, but these documents show that the NSA probably defines ‘abuse’ very narrowly.”

Excerpt: Egyptian security forces operating in the North Sinai town of Sheikh Zuweid killed Mohammed Hussein Muhareb (also known as Abu Mounir), his son, and a third Islamist militant this morning. Abu Mounir, 62, was wanted in connection with a number of recent attacks in the Sinai, including the Aug. 19 execution of more than 20 Egyptian policemen, according to press reports.

VIDEO (1:11): Changing the Narrative: Some fresh faces including James O'Keefe (ACORN Videos): "I get the government to respond to us...I can get scalps."
Excerpt: We have videos of leadership, we have videos of Enroll America, we have videos of a group called Battleground Texas. And we’re going to roll them out one by one. Each time we do, there’ll be a reaction, and the media will be forced to cover it. And that’s pretty much what I do. 

Excerpt: Yesterday’s heckler at Obama’s pro-amnesty speech in San Francisco was Ju Hong, an approved guest of the White House and an illegal alien from South Korea who recently graduated from UC Berkeley. People who still say illegal aliens “live in the shadows” obviously don’t know this guy: He’s on Twitter and LinkedIn, was a member of student government, has lobbied for taxpayer subsidies for illegal-alien students, and has been the subject of so much fawning news coverage he has his own topic page at the Cal student paper.

Bill Ayers: I wrote "Dreams for my father"
Excerpt: Ayers, a 1969 co-founder of the self-described communist revolutionary group Weather Underground, is now promoting his new book, "Public Enemy," and his publisher is using suggestions that Ayers wrote the president's book in its publicity material, reports Investor's Business Daily.

Girlie Stuff from Kate: Nigella Lawson: No One Envies the Domestic Goddess Now. By Allison Pearson.
Excerpt: She was 41 years old and she had already lost her mother and younger sister to cancer at 48 and 32 respectively, and now her husband [to cancer] at 47. If Nigella did turn to painkillers or drugs at this point, all one can say is that she had an awful lot of pain to kill.