Sunday, May 17, 2009

This health care 'reform' will kill thousands

From A British Oncologist:


  1. Interesting that the article compares a cancer outcome of a socialized medical system in the UK, with one that is even more socialized in Sweden, and decides the outcomes are better in the latter in an article opposed to socialized medicine adoption of any kind in the US.

    - Mike Cobler, San Antonio, TX

  2. Right now our health care mess kills tens of thousands. So this will be an improvement.

  3. "Interestingly, Ontario recently went through the expense of making everyone get picture ID"s to stem the problem of Americans coming across the border and borrowing health care cards. A few years ago, there were more health care cards in existence in New Brunswick than there were legal residents of the province. It turns out that folks from Maine were going to Canada for care with fake health care cards."

  4. Of course, there are scumbags in the US who would go to Canada to steal free health care, because it costs them nothing. The Canadian taxpayers paid for it. Doesn't mean it's great, but it's free.

    If folks coming across the border to get free care they didn't pay for is the yardstick, we are way ahead of the world--look at our southern border. ~Bob