Friday, May 8, 2009

Running Cadence for your next Tea Party

Vets will fondly recall the “running cadences” we used in boot came, and in many units.

For you civilians, in the military we often ran in formation. The idea is that team work is everything, and the team needs to get there together.

So we’d form up in a column of four ranks, with a leader running by our side, giving commands for direction, and often calling out a running cadence to motivate us, and help the klutzes (who you looking at?) stay in step.

These would be two rhymed lines, with four stressed syllables in each line, where everyone’s left foot would hit together. In between, there would be one to three unstressed syllables for the right foot to hit on. How good they were depended on the inventiveness of the leader, but some standards were handed down through generations of warriors.

After the leader called the first line, the platoon would repeat it, and so on. Here’s an example, with the stressed syllables in caps.

Leader: CIN-dy, CIN-dy, CIN-dy, LOU!
Platoon: Cindy, Cindy, Cindy, Lou!
Leader: I LOVE my RIF-le MORE than YOU!
Platoon: I love my rifle more than you!

Some other old favorites:

I know a gal lives over the hill,
She won’t but her sister will.

I don’t know, but I been told
Eskimo women are mighty cold.

If I should die on the Russian front,
Tell my mama, but don’t be blunt.

Vets are already commenting, “That’s not the WAY I remember them!” Yes, I sanitized these for civilian ears.

My thought was that at your next Tax Protest Tea Party, you should have some vets, wearing camouflage to excite Janet Napolitano and Homeland Security, running the perimeter in formation and chanting appropriate political cadences.

Here are a few suggestions:

I don’t know, but I been told,
US Congress is bought and sold.

He’s called B.O. & it makes me think,
Maybe that’s why his policies stink!

The government’s gonna run health care.
If you get sick, you haven’t a prayer.

With lawyers running Capital Hill,
Of new lawsuits we’ll get our fill.

If I should die on a foreign front,
We ain’t at war, so it’s just a stunt.

Our President had a lot to say,
Apologized for the U.S.A.

Our President met an Arab prince,
And bowed so low it made me wince.

Those foreign folks who hate us so,
Of course they all just love B.O.

Obama makes our country weak,
Just the result Osama seeks.

Democrats are now the boss,
Won’t be the first war Congress lost.

Spend & borrow, run up the debt,
Our grandchildren will pay it yet.

Obama will cure our ills,
Borrow money to pay the bills.

Taxed to death ‘til we can’t sleep,
The liberal party you can keep.

You want to take my guns away?
Come and get them is what I say.

Democrats now run the land,
Taxing everything they can.

I love God and my country,
Better keep an eye on me!

I am bitter, that’s not fun,
Clinging to God and to my gun.

My country is looking strange,
Thanks for all the Hope and Change.

I’ll take care of my own health,
I don’t wanna spread the wealth.

Okay, I know you can do better. Please post your political running cadences in the comments section. Submissions that are X-rated, racist or from folks whose hobby is taking over other people’s blogs will not be posted. (Get a life.)


  1. I hope someone has a teabag party in my area. I want to bring my friends and point and laugh at the people.

  2. B.O. panders to the Left;
    Thank God for the IDF.

  3. Who on earth is this B.O.?
    Sure as heck that I don't know.

    All he does is tax, tax, tax
    I say he can Kiss my A**.

    (Hope that's not too profane!)

  4. Some blown lines, there.

    Won’t be the first war THAT Congress lost.
    Taxing everything () they can.
    Better keep AN eye on me!

    Our President had a lot to say,
    Odinga, Chavez, Castro too;
    I'd tap them all, how 'bout you?

  5. Obama demands all our laud,
    But "Oh No," not to a Fraud

  6. OOOHRAH Devil Dog!

  7. OOHRAH from a Marine wife.
    Thanks I saw your tired comm today. GREAT!!!