Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm traveling

Will be away on business until Sunday, not checking or sending e-mail and not posting. Enjoy the quiet.


  1. Thank you for your blog and for loving America! You may have already posted this, but every American should see what our enemies are saying ...

  2. Thank you for speaking the truth and defending Ameirca as a soldier and patriot.


  3. I have just received a copy of your e-mail, "I'm Tired!" I could not expressed myself better. I will be forwarding it on to all my family and friends. Ever thought of running for office??? I am the mother of two Marines. My oldest son is a GySgt and about to go to Afghanistan in a few weeks.... my youngest left the Corp after serving 5 years, three as a Marine Security Guard overseas and was a Ssgt when he left. Now he is in school, going to Harvard in the fall. I am so proud of them..The Marines have given them so much, pride in themselves and in our country. So when things happen as you mentioned in your mail,I think of them and want to say to others, where is your self-respect and your pride in our great nation. Thank you for letting me vent.God Bless!

  4. Hope your trip went well
    I loved your "I'm tired" post
    I am a 58 yo white nurse who grew up in Maine and moved to Chicago at age 27. What a culture shock that was..... minorities, public welfare extraordinaire, etc. Coming into the city, I was a "virgin" as far as ethnic groups go and how the city operates (or not. Was I ever in for an education.
    I am also tired of everything that you mentioned. I have always worked at something, put myself thru school til I finally received a Masters 5 years ago, helped my sons thru school, and never needed a handout (perhaps only thru luck). Point being, handouts were meant for those upon whom bad circumstances fell. Not for generations of free living. And immigration..... they (whomever thinks they deserve the rights of citizens without earning the right) are illegal and should be treated as such. Anyway, could go on and on but I would be preaching to the choir. This country is headed for a very bad outcome and the fat cats in our government (local, state, and national) have put us on that track. Though I don't believe in God (but don't care that others do)...heaven help us!!
    MaidenME in Chicago

  5. Robert,
    You are not old at 63. Old is 83, maybe.
    We liked your essay that is circulating around on email, but if you are well-regarded up in Mass you need a higher profile.
    Great record, don't stop now.
    JAG, 71