Saturday, May 9, 2009

Celebrate Cinco De Quattro!

Obama says in his White House, they are celebrating Cinco de Mayo (Mexico’s Fifth of May holiday) a day early—call it “Cinco De Quattro.” (Fifth of Fourth!).

The media never let Dan Quayle forget he misspelled “potato” as “potatoe”—from a card the school gave him spelling it that way.

BO can campaign in 57 states, refer to the non-existent “Austrian” language, give the PM of the UK DVDs he can’t play on the British system, and anything else, and the media still says he’s a genius.


  1. There's a reason why our Independence Day holiday is not celebrated on the nearest Monday.

  2. The fact that this nonsense is the BEST shit you have to throw at president Obama shows just how weak your position is.

    Incidentally, multi-region DVD players are common in the UK (Amazon sells them, for example), and it's easy to get the codes to make most DVD players region free (legally).

    Keep the spitballs coming.

  3. Actually, I wasn't throwing this at BO, but the writer wasn't sharp enough to get the point. I was throwing it at the media, who played every little error of Bush, Quayle, and other Republicans as proving how dumb they were, repeating them endlessly (just as they made the athletic Ford look clumsy for every stumble, of the type we all make), while passing over similar mistakes by BO & other liberals.

    As to DVDs, having been to Britain some 20 times, the problem isn’t actually the players, it’s that the TVs receive and display the signals differently. Maybe Mr. Brown was able to get an American TV to display the thoughtful gift. And he could make the point there is an Austrian language—it’s called “German.’ A guy named Hitler was from there. And so on, making excuses for errors that, in a different administration, would be used to prove the President dumb. ~Bob

  4. "The media never let Dan Quayle forget he misspelled “potato” as “potatoe”—from a card the school gave him spelling it that way."

    Here's what we know for sure:

    Dan Quayle doesn't know how to spell "potato." We know this because if you know how to spell "potato," you don't tell a kid to get up, go to the chalkboard and *incorrectly* spell a word (at a spelling bee) after he just spelled it correctly. And you don't do this with cameras rolling. And I don't care if you have a card in your hand that has it spelled wrong.

    If you know how to spell it, you know it's wrong.

    But the really interesting part is the hypocrisy. Oh how I love republican hypocrisy in the morning!

    Rather than take "personal responsibility" for the vice president not knowing how to spell potato, marine Bob BLAMES SOMEONE ELSE! It's not Quayle's fault. Oh no. Someone else made him do it.


    To Dan Quayle's credit, he acknowledges that his career never recovered from this blunder (which wasn't his fault of course).

  5. As I understand it, the school gave Quayle a card with the word spelled “potatoe." He showed it to the teachers standing next to him, and they shrugged, so he read it the way they gave it to him. The reporters on there went and looked it up before they reported it, because they were not completely sure either. And his career was destroyed by the media harping on this little mistake, as the person who posted above notes. (Probably the Canadian piano tuner, now in disguise.)

    On the other hand, no one gave BO a card saying there were 57 states, or a card saying there was an Austrian language, or a card stating that translators in Iraq could work in Afghanistan (where they speak a different language), or a card with the flub over the Cinco de Mayo holiday. And the reporters build up his career. Why isn’t he being destroyed as Quayle was, for mistakes at least as stupid? If Quayle deserved to have his career destroyed because he didn’t correct the teachers over the spelling of potato, then these mistakes should also be career destroying for BO. The point here is not that everyone doesn’t make little mistakes in speech, especially when off a teleprompter. The point is that the media now manipulates public opinion to destroy some folks as stupid and build up others as brilliant. The agenda is no longer to report the news evenly, it’s to tilt the process their way. Which may explain the financial condition of the Boston Globe and the New York Times. How long until BO bails them out with tax dollars, preserving and exerting better control over the press that supports his agenda? If he can fire the president of GM, why not the editor of a newspaper that gets federal dollars, and doesn’t report things the correct way? ~Bob

  6. First of all, with every thing else that is happening.. why isn't the nation paying attention! Cinco de Mayo for one isn't Mexican independance day, that would be September 16th.

    Second the last time I checked this is the United States of America, not Mexico or a suburb of Mexico, why is our president setting aside the first, second, third, or fourth to celebrate a Mexican holliday in the first place?

    Why not celebrate Italian, Irish, German, Swiss, Austrailian, Austrian, French, Spanish (Spain), and other European, and Asian Holidays? Those who came seeking to become a part of our Nation and worked, built, and learned our language, laws, and culture to become a part of "E Pluribus Unum".

    Our fore fathers understood the danger of allowing large numbers of immigrants, from one culture to migarate, without checks and balances. The intent was to prevent any one culture from migrating unchecked and there by take over the nation with the popular vote!

    Is the President's party so blind not to be aware of what is happening in all of Europe? Due to unchecked imigration by the year 2030 all of Europe will be an Islamic Nation. Where will the tolerance be then?

    Gunner USMC

  7. Let's hold anti-illegal-immigration rallys next year on May 5th. Do you think the politicians would pay attention?

    USMC Vet.