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Barack Obama Separated Kids From Parents at the Border Too

Barack Obama Separated Kids From Parents at the Border Too


Mozambique 'jihadists behead' villagers







University of Memphis helps families of fallen service members

University of Memphis helps families of fallen service members
Excerpt: The University of Memphis now offers free tuition to the families of fallen or disabled service members. Right on the heels of Memorial Day, the University of Memphis has provided some positive news. As a veteran, I understand how difficult the military life is not only for the member, but their family. The military is an inherently dangerous profession and the loss of a military family member can come in an instant. This can cause financial difficulties, especially when surviving family members want to attend college.

Joy Reid

Joy Reid Promoted Alex Jones’ 9/11 Conspiracy Documentary on Her Old Blog


The first hot weekend brings violent mobs to Chicago streets as media turn a blind eye



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White Privilege


Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman’s Lawyer Demands CNN Retract Story Accusing Actor of Sexual Harassment
Read the story and get the details of what a woman claimed was sexual harassment by Morgan Freeman. This is so far out that it should get into record books for blatant idiocy, and they really should sue this woman for malicious damage. Yeah, it's great and long, long over due that Harvey Weinstein and other victimizers are getting their uppance and that kind of behavior is now well known to be utterly unacceptable. But when the search for nasty men gets into levels like this, it's time to dial back the fervor. --Del


Surprise: Watchdog Group Discovers Secret Iranian Missile Site Hidden in Remote Desert Location
Gee, it seems that the Iranians aren't exactly all the way into the spirit of the deal on nukes and missiles to deliver them. Who could ever have thought such a thing could happen? I mean, how could they possibly betray the trust we put in them? (Alternatively, how could anyone be dense enough to trust them for anything?) --Del


Itinerants and pawns.An unwanted population trying to survive an unstoppable conflagration, Syrians face forced relocation and deadly dangers
SYRIA: We received new eyewitness reports that Turkish forces who carried out a spring offensive in Afrin, a border enclave inside Syria, forced tens of thousands of Christians and Yazidis to flee, while their homes and other areas have been taken over by members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which includes ex-ISIS militants. This is the latest example of “fighting terrorists” used as a cover for ethnic and religious cleansing. Earlier I reported on the casualties from FSA fighting with Turkish forces in Afrin. The latest report says 3,000 Christians have fled except for two families with sick and wounded who are in hiding. More than 35,000 Yazidis throughout the region have fled. All have had homes looted. One Christian woman reportedly was killed by FSA members.
Below is a photo of a child killed, caught in crossfire between militants. And the Church of the Good Shepherd in Afrin, also below, was burned and graffitied with names of militant groups that now claim it. Globe Trot by Mindy Belz.

The World Corruption Games.

The World Corruption Games. By JIM GERAGHTY


This link takes you to a great article about all the alternatives, most at lower cost than Netflix, and some that are free! I'll be exploring them myself. Pass this on to others who might want to bail out of Netflix. -Del

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Random Thoughts for June

Random Thoughts for June, 2018.
By Robert A. Hall
Feel free to post or forward.

It was a short spring. We went from coat to light jacket to shirt sleeve in about ten days.

I don’t know if my problems are being caused by the Illuminati, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, or the Knights Templar. But surely they can’t be my fault!

Defeat follows leaders who say, “Don’t worry about that. It can’t be done,” only to find the opposition has done it. 

Many people seem to need someone or some circumstance to blame for their misfortunes. And they will find that person/circumstance regardless of any connection to reality.

Few things are as annoying as finding a neat new way to do something and discovering everybody else already knows it.

When someone dies, people say, “Heaven gained a new angel.” I’m religious, but I have trouble seeing myself as an angel.

If you don’t want to consider facts that are contrary to your world view, just label the source as far right or far left and forget it.

Every nation seems to need a minority to oppress and revile. In Muslim countries it is Jews, Christians, and Sunni or Shia Muslims (and other sects), depending who is in the minority. In much of Asia it is the “Overseas Chinese.” In Africa, the people of the other tribe. In the US it has been blacks, Indians, Asians, and Hispanics. Currently it is straight, Christian white males who believe in the family, the work ethic, limited government, free enterprise, free markets and the constitution including free speech and the right to protect your family. (And dead Confederates, though that isn’t as satisfying as they are dead and there aren’t enough monuments and graveyards to go around.) We just have to wait. It will eventually be another group. I’m hoping for university professors and “journalists.”

A weatherman who said something non-PC on the air would be fired immediately. But I’ve never heard of one being fired for making a wrong weather report.

I saw a young woman with “wild and reckless” on her tee shirt. That these are now considered character traits to brag about says some about our society.

I’m thinking of opening the “Amish liquor store and bar.” Think that would get any blowback? Polygamy Porter is still going strong in Utah I believe.

“It is useless for the sheep to pass resolutions in favor of vegetarianism if the wolf remains of a of a different opinion.” –William Inge.

If it doesn’t smell bad, it doesn’t matter what the sell-by date says.

I suppose it’s good they banned napalm. Now more of the enemy will survive to kill America’s sons and daughters. But it won’t be the kids of the elites demanding it be banned; those folks never serve. Not Trump, not Obama, Not Clinton. Or their kids.

If the world wasn’t full of disorganized procrastinators, I wouldn’t have made such a good living.

Be thankful for thrift stores like Goodwill. Otherwise I’d be running around naked, and nobody wants to see that!

The price of people feeling good about themselves is always paid by others. They wouldn’t pay it. When I was a state senator in the 1970s, I blocked divestment of the Commonwealth’s pension funds from companies doing business with South Africa. Not because I had any brief for South Africa or apartheid, but because of the cost to taxpayers. It passed after I left. My floor leader called me to tell me I was right. The Commonwealth took something like a $20m hit (a lot in 1983), but the taxpayers never knew who to blame as it was spread around.

You say “fat shaming” is bad? I do it every day! I get on the scale and it says 170. I say, “You fat, undisciplined pig, it should be under 160.”

When we moved to Madison, WI the city was populated by dozens of fiberglass cows, all painted by local “artists.” Some were nice, but many were hideous. Now we have about 80 fiberglass Bucky Badgers, the UW mascot, spread around town, all painted by local artists…

If kids get a cookie, or a different meal or a toy every time they want one, they will grow up to be entitled jerks, who get petulant and nasty anytime the world doesn’t give them what they want. And the parents will wonder why they turned out that way.

Funny how Michele Obama was off limits to media criticism and mockery but Melania Trump is fair game almost every day.

One of the pernicious effects of gargantuan government and limitless budgets that few talk about is that it leaves Washington afloat in easy money, thus government corrupts almost everyone who touches it.

Today is Edna Frankel day. We celebrate because she is the only person ever to have read the terms and conditions on a website before clicking yes.

We all suffer from the pernicious effect of ego and ambition on government, the military and civilian organizations.

Because something sounds profound doesn't suggest that it means anything.

Young people talk about sex, cars and things from pop culture. Old people talk about their health.

I have to use eye drops because I have high pressure in my eyes. I don’t know if this is from the drugs I’m on for my lung transplant. Or just one of those gifts God gives you to make old age interesting.

I said, “God, I think I’m getting senile.” God said, “Getting?”

My friend Marty taught me never to disparage a compliment. Someone says, “Good job,” and you say, “Well, I got lucky.” It disparages the person giving the compliment as well. The proper response to a compliment is, “Thank you.”

It’s easier for many people just to accept a religious or political belief as true than to do any critical thinking.

Saw a tee shirt at the VA: “I’m emotionally constipated. I haven’t given a shit in years.”

I wonder if Canadians would feel differently about Israel if the US was lobbing rockets across the border every day. Or sending in suicide squads to murder Canadians.

I read that Iran is threatening to expose western officials who took bribes to support the Iran nuke deal. I double-dog dare them. Bring it on.

The media feeds off school shooting, because they increase sales and ad revenues. And the wall to wall coverage encourage more shootings, so the cycle continues. The worst school disaster in US history was the “Bath Massacre” in 1927 Michigan. Thirty-eight kids and six adults were killed. 58 others were injured. By bombs, not guns. But we didn’t have TV, the Internet and 24-hour news.

Back when I lived in NJ, my step-daughter was over. I was chastising her, probably over not finishing college or having a FT job. She said, “Bob, I’m only 26. What were you doing at 26?” I replied, “I had served four years in the Marines including Vietnam, earned AA & BA degrees and been elected to the Massachusetts Senate.” End of conversation.

I wonder if the Asian-Americans who poured hate on Keziah Daum, who is not Chinese, for wearing a cheongsam to her prom, eat with chopsticks every meal or have they “culturally-appropriated” forks and knives from those with European heritage?

Isn’t a black cast performing “Hamilton” cultural appropriation from Europeans?

“There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.” ― George Orwell.

If you believe, “Different strokes for different folks,” maybe you shouldn’t try out for a rowing team.

"The idea of conquest was central to the Sultanate, intricately interwoven with its holder's position as leader of the Muslim world. ... Only spectacular conquests could legitimize a sultan." Roger Crowley, Empires of the Sea.

Man is the only animal that picks up after itself. Well, some of them do.

Both the right and the left have facts that are allowed, and facts that are not allowed.

Civilization has been described as “a thin crust over a volcano.” Progressives are determined to peel away that crust in the name of “social justice.” They, too, will be engulfed by the eruption.

“Most people with low self-esteem have earned it.” -George Carlin

The constitution and those who defend it is all that is keeping our people from a Stalinist hell imposed by the Progressive nomenklatura. All for our own good, of course.

Just because a banana has bad spots doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the good parts. Just because your life has bad spots doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the good parts.

Get the collection! My “Random Thoughts” from 2008 through July, 2013 are collected in this book: The Old Jarhead's Journal: Random Thoughts on Life, Liberty, and Leadership by Robert A. Hall
The Old Jarhead’s Journal is a collection of Random Thoughts on politics and life and Conservative Political Essays, mostly published on the author’s blog, including the essay “I’m Tired” which went viral on the Internet in 2009, “The Hall Platform,” “This I Believe,” and “Why I’m a Republican.” While they will be of interest to conservative thinkers, they are collected here in book form as a service to readers who wish to give a copy to favorite liberals and watch their heads explode. All royalties are donated to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.


Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at) Hall’s eleven books are listed here: His blog of political news and conservative comment is He currently works part-time as a writer-editor in the My Life, My Story program as the Madison VA hospital, interviewing vets and writing up their life histories.

Walls for me, but not for thee

COMMENTARY: On Democrats, walls and voter ID
Excerpt: Liberal Democrats are hypocrites. Guess who lives inside the protected walls of Anthem Country Club? Harry Reid. You know, your former U.S. senator. The former chief water carrier for President Barack Obama, who spent his entire Senate career fighting viciously against a wall. Harry argued walls were terrible and unnecessary. Harry could have retired anywhere in Vegas — or anywhere in America, for that matter. But he chose to live behind the walls … and gates … and armed guards of Anthem Country Club. Harry is my neighbor. Welcome to the neighborhood.

Muslims molest 12-year-old girl while on way to pray

Baghsewania tense after molestation bid on 12 yr old girl
Excerpt: According to in-charge of Bagsewania police, S-I Rajkumar Dangi, both the arrested accused were identified as Mohammad Nihal and Mohammad Rashid, of Jatkhedi in Misrod area.On Friday afternoon they were going to a mosque to offer namaz when they spotted a minor girl in Baghmugaliya area. The victim was going to her grandmother’s place alone. Finding her alone, they started molesting her and also made lewd remarks. When she tried to avoid them, the duo tried to strip her and snatched her dupatta after which the terrified girl raised an alarm. Hearing her screams, a 14-year-old boy Shubham tried to save her from the clutches of the accused. His intervention irked the duo, who thrashed him badly.

Another school shooting

Teacher hailed as hero of Noblesville shooting, thanks the students
The left will now want to ban basketballs. ~Bob

Rules for a Happy Life

The Rules for a Long and Happy Life
Robert A. Hall

The most important ingredient of a long, happy and successful life is self-discipline.

You also need to develop resilience and tenacity. Without these three things, your life will likely be poor, short, and unhappy. I received them in Marine Corps Boot Camp, Parris Island, in 1964. If you lack the fortitude or foresight to serve in the military, you need to get them someplace else.

Discipline yourself to maintain a normal weight. Obesity is the second largest cause of premature death.

Discipline yourself to get regular exercise. You’ll feel better and live longer.

The most valuable thing you can own is a good reputation.

Take responsibility for your actions.

Stop whining, complaining and criticizing. No one will want to be around you.

Stop blaming others. The person who is responsible for over 90% of your problems you see in the mirror every morning.

Always give more than expected. Always do more than your share.

If you once tell a major lie, no one will fully trust you again. If you regularly tell lies, no one will believe you even when you tell the truth. The same thing if you steal.

Don’t use recreational drugs. And use alcohol in moderation or not at all. Addiction always leads to poverty, broken families, ruined lives and often to an early grave.

Don’t smoke or use tobacco. On average smokers die ten years before non-smokers. It is the largest cause of premature death.

Get enough sleep. Most people need eight to nine hours. But don’t waste the whole day in bed.

Be slow to take offense, and never on little things, especially those involving taste.

Be slow to anger and quick to forgive.

Everyone has bad days, but don’t inflict them on others. Greet everyone you meet with a cheery hello. Even if they don’t return the greeting, you’ll feel better.

Don’t walk around studying your smart phone (or at mealtimes if you are with other people). You’ll miss communicating with the real people you meet, you’ll miss seeing the world around you, and you might become a statistic—pedestrian deaths have tripled, due mostly to inattention.

Be very careful in choosing the person you marry. It can bring you many years of happiness or many years of misery.

Get your hands dirty. Many worthwhile things—Fixing a car, gardening, cleaning a weapon, baking—require it.

Do the disagreeable tasks first. Procrastinators suffer twice. Once in the agony of anticipating the task, and again when they are forced to do it.

Here’s your all-purpose job description or school, for work and for life. “Whatever needs to be done.”

Be the most reliable person you know. Under-promise and over-perform.

Be kind. It makes the world a better place and makes you happier.

Be punctual. If you’re not 15 minutes early, you’re late. People who are chronically late are saying, “My time is valuable, yours is not.”

Banish “It’s not my job” and “We’ve always done it that way” from your lips.

If you behave in a meretricious manner do not complain if people treat you as a meretricious person.

Every day, life presents us with choices between what we should do and what we want to do. Do the “Should Dos” first 90% of the time. People who always do what they want first have sad, poor and unhappy lives.

Don’t always live in the “Now.” You may not believe it, but tomorrow always comes.

Plan for the future. Yes, people, circumstances and plans change, but at least you will have thought about it.

People change as much between 18 and 28 as they do between eight and 18. But few 18-year-olds realize this. Which leads them to make bad decisions.

Doing things for others is more rewarding than doing things for yourself.

Happy people always care about something larger than themselves. It might be family, job, church, community, country or the US Marines. Often it is several things.

Pick up after yourself daily. You will live in cleaner, neater surroundings and if you leave it for later, it will become an overwhelming job.

If you were born in the United States, or in fact in any of the capitalist democracies in the west, you won the lottery. The free market system has given the mass of people here by far the highest standard of living in history and in the world today. Of course, many people don’t take advantage of it. But if you want something besides capitalism, throw away all those consumer goods—smart phones, computers, cars and so on—that were inventions and produced under capitalism, and move to a country where socialism has given people a good life.

Be slow to borrow and quick to repay.

Be slow to lend. You will find there are people who will convince themselves that they deserved the money and will become sullen and hostile if asked to pay it back. You expect gratitude and you get attitude.

Be slow to take offense. Those people who are “perpetually offended” are a trial to everyone around them and are usually deeply unhappy.

If a couple is having problems, having a baby will not make those problems vanish and bring them closer together. Usually it will make them worse.

Large tattoos and face piercings do not make a person more attractive.

I can’t tell you what to believe, but according to many studies, people who believe in God are happier, because it gives their life meaning.

Studies also show that people in small towns are happier than people in cities.

Everything needs maintenance, cars, homes, people. Maintenance is time consuming and costly. But if you don’t do it, it will be more time consuming and costly in the future. Tomorrow always comes.

Ranting and raving rarely changes the person’s behavior or the situation for the better.

Make your bed every day. It instills discipline and you’ll feel better about your surroundings.

“Thank you” and “Please” are not old fashioned, out of date, or constructs of the patriarchy. They are the essential grease that reduces friction and makes civilization work.

Learn to say, “I’m sorry. It was my fault.”

If you punish people for giving you their honest opinions, you will be surrounded by “yes-men” and will have no warning of approaching disasters.

“Needs” and “Wants” are not the same things.

Read at least two books a month (I read three to five). Reading well and widely is highly correlated with success.

You are not entitled to anything paid for by money other people earned working. Be grateful for anything you get.

Respect must be earned. It cannot be given.

Some people are poor because of circumstances, like illness or accident. But in America most people are poor because they made bad decisions. There are four rules if you don’t want to be poor: 1. Don’t marry until you have the education or training for a career. 2. Don’t have babies before you are married, in a stable, financially-secure relationship. 3. Get a job, even a bad one, and work full-time until you get a better one. 4. Don’t get addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Every time you get in a car, you are at risk of dying. But if you follow four rules, you can reduce your chance of being killed in an accident by about 90%. 1. Always wear your seat belt. 2. Don’t speed. 3. Don’t drive if you’re are impaired by alcohol, drugs or fatigue. 4. Don’t drive distracted by a phone or other device. (And don’t ride with a driver who violates these rules.) One or more of these factors are involved in almost every fatal crash.

That’s it. Having a happy life is really simple, but it’s hard to discipline yourself to follow these rules. Look at the many unhappy people you know and see if you think they did.


Robert A. Hall served as a Marine in Vietnam, for fire terms in the Massachusetts Senate, and for 31 years as an association executive. He holds a BA in government, and MEd in history, and has 12 books in print on Amazon. He retired in 2013 due to pulmonary fibrosis for a lung transplant. He now works part-time at the Madison VA hospital, interviewing veterans and writing up their life stories for their records and their families.

Listen to These Kids

Kids who should be heard: The End of Prayer Shaming
As opposed to the bigmouth kid from Florida who's making a career now out of being a holier-than-anyone activist and holdind "die-ins" at grocery stores. The kids in this video are really admirable. That must be a remarkable school. --Del

Memorial Day

Gas Prices

Sunday, May 27, 2018


The amazing thing is that this article got published at all. I’ll be interested in tracking the reaction it gets, though I suspect the initial response will be to try to ignore it. Though I suggest Prof. Kuran secure himself a Kevlar vest anyway. --WT

Identity Politics

Identity Politics Threatens the American Experiment
Increasingly we sort each other into groups, making sweeping assumptions based on binary labels.

The Black Card

The Black Card

It’s Time to Impeach the President

It’s Time to Impeach the President
Excerpt: However, it’s not President Trump I’m talking about. It’s time to impeach former President Barack Obama. And of course, prosecute him too. Many are starting to come to this conclusion. Tom Fitton, the legal genius behind Judicial Watch (the number one government watchdog in America), has come to the same conclusion. Fitton said this week that amidst a climate of impeachment fervor, the actual evidence points to Obama’s actions warranting impeachment far more than Trump. Fitton reports that ordering surveillance and sending spies into the Trump presidential campaign are all grounds for post-Presidency impeachment and more importantly, prosecution. None other than greatly respected former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer said this week, “I guarantee the answer is yes” as to whether Obama knew the FBI had planted spies into the Trump campaign. He says no FBI Director would dare infiltrate a presidential campaign without the direct approval and authorization of the sitting president.


The War on women: Raped Sudanese teen challenges death sentence


Excerpt: Even more disturbingly, Ms. Riaz would later follow up her activism by posting and sharing a neo-Nazi meme that shared an ‘inspirational’ quote from Adolf Hitler whom she glowingly referred to as ‘the ruler.’


Screens at Iran airport said hacked with anti-regime messages

Angel Flight

Angel Flight

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Book Recommendation: Discrimination and Disparities by Thomas Sowell

Book Recommendation: Discrimination and Disparities by Thomas Sowell 
Another must-read book from Thomas Sowell. This short (126 page) volume should be required reading to run for office, any office, and for government policy makers. Alas, those who need it most probably won’t read it. And, as Sowell points out, humans have a great ability to ignore facts to preserve their preferred visions. Sowell grew up in a poor black family in NC, was supporting himself by the age of 17, and worked his way to a PhD in economics. Thus, he is unafraid to research and write about racial issues that would get a white academics drummed off campus and is unafraid to discuss uncomfortable facts. He has dozens of books in print. His “Basic Economics” is used as a text book around the world, having been translated into several languages. In this book, he destroys both the hard left’s view that disparities in outcomes are always caused by discrimination and the alt-right’s view that they are caused by a lack of capability in minority populations. He reports, for example, that the same black students who are failing in regular public schools are excelling in many charter schools. His discussion of the “income gap” between the top 20% and the lowest 20% is particularly interesting. The media acts as if people stayed in the same quintile all their lives. He reports that 95% of the people who were at one time in the bottom group rise out of it, while a great many people are in the top 20% only a few years. I started out in the bottom, making $38 a week when I was elected to the Massachusetts Senate, and $12k there the first year. For the last ten years of my 31-year career as an association executive, I was in the top 20%. But when I retired due to pulmonary fibrosis to have a lung transplant, we fell out of it. I now make $24,000 a year working PT. If you read only one book this year, this should be it.

Trump makes it easier to fire poor-performing federal workers

Trump makes it easier to fire poor-performing federal workers

New FBI Data on Active Shooters Shows the Importance of Armed Citizens

New FBI Data on Active Shooters Shows the Importance of Armed Citizens
Excerpt: As I wrote right after the Santa Fe school massacre, the best explanation for the rise in active shooters is the least comforting. That explanation comes from Malcolm Gladwell in a seminal 2015 essay for the New Yorker. In essence, we are in the midst of a slow-motion “riot” of mass shootings, with each shooting lowering the threshold for the next. Any sophisticated approach to a problem involves discussing potential solutions both left of boom (before the shooting) and right of boom (after the shooting starts). Gun control is a classic left-of-boom approach, designed to prevent attacks before they can happen. Even Gladwell is skeptical of its effectiveness. While he’s said that gun control “has its place,” he also says, “Let’s not kid ourselves that if we passed the strictest gun control in the world that we would end this particular kind of behavior.” In fact, as the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler found in a now-famous fact check, no recent mass shooting would have been prevented by any of the conventional gun restrictions progressives often propose. ... How do shootings end? The most common ways are exactly what you’d expect: The shooters kill themselves or flee, or the police exchange gunfire with the shooter and/or apprehend him. But a surprising amount of the time, citizens stop the killer, and an increasing percentage of those citizens are armed. From 2000 to 2013, only five times did an armed citizen (who was not a police officer) exchange fire with the shooter. Three times the citizen killed the shooter, once the shooter committed suicide, and once the shooter was wounded. Fast forward to 2016–2017. In that time period, six armed citizens confronted active shooters. They stopped the shooting four times (in one case, the shooter fled to a different site and continued shooting, and in the other the armed citizen was wounded before he could stop the shooting). The lesson? Armed citizens can make a difference, and as more Americans obtain carry permits, more Americans will be on-scene and able to react. Moreover, what’s missing from the data is any indication that armed citizens make the crisis worse. The stereotype of carry-permit holders spraying panicked gunfire is simply wrong.

For your eyes only: A short history of Democrat-spy collusion

For your eyes only: A short history of Democrat-spy collusion

Friday, May 25, 2018

Is Meghan’s wedding our ‘Obama moment’? Let’s hope not

Is Meghan’s wedding our ‘Obama moment’? Let’s hope not

South China Sea

Why is the South China Sea contentious?


Is there a gap in understanding between gun rights supporters and gun control supporters? by Guy Smith

Another Gun Control Debate

Would You Ever Agree to Be a Teenager Again? By Jim Geraghty
Excerpt: We’re going to do this again, huh? Another debate about gun control after a mass shooting? We still have to debate gun control, even after the shooter built functioning bombs? After he used weapons that no federal official, including Dianne Feinstein, wants to prohibit? I notice that school shooters rarely have lived lives of terrible abuse and deprivation, the sort of experiences that make you think, “oh, good heavens, well, no wonder that person finally snapped.” When their tales are told, the portraits of their life reveal mundane problems — loneliness, bullying, social isolation and alienation; an attraction to a girl that isn’t reciprocated. Those are all deeply unpleasant experiences, but they’re also extremely common among teenagers. Raise your hand if you were never bullied. Raise your hand if you never felt like an outsider or a loser. Raise your hand if you’ve never been rejected or turned down by someone you liked. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Amazon selling Jihad

MPs demand police investigation after Amazon is found selling jihadi recruitment material and bomb-making manual on next day delivery

Muslim vs Muslim

Historic Ahmadi mosque demolished by mob in Pakistan
Excerpt: A mob in Pakistan tore down a historic mosque belonging to the country's Ahmadi community on Thursday, in the latest act of violence against the minority Muslim sect. The attack took place in the eastern Pakistani city of Sialkot, with videos showing Sunni extremists tearing down the place of worship. No worshippers are believed to have been in the mosque at the time of the attack.