Monday, May 11, 2009

You have to laugh

I was visiting the People's Republic of Madison (WI) this weekend. Sunday I parked next to an SUV with a homemade, anti-Bush bumper sticker, which played off the pun between "end of an era" and "end of an error."

It read: "1-20-09. The End of an Eror." (Sic).


BTW, I'm changing computers, stretched at work, and traveling Thursday-Sunday this coming week, so the offerings may be slim. ("Slimmer" my liberal readers will say. It's a wonder they keep reading and posting comments.)


  1. " ... and the beginning of a hand-basket's journey."

    As to the insensitive-prick liberals who keep reading and posting comments, it could be they are not as insensitive as one may be led to believe.

  2. Right. Check out Ouch Jarhead. He may have a point.

  3. The "eror" spelling is intentional. Various stickers and magnets have been available with this saying and this spelling.