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Tax Protesters!

N. Dakota wants hired protesters to pay state income taxes: Pipeline agitators profit via hazy Paths


Trump names Judge Gorsuch as Supreme Court choice
Liberals will be shcoked. They expected Eric Holder. ~Bob


20 “vetted” Muslim refugees who turned to jihad terrorism after being allowed into the U.S.



Saudis Attacked

Monday, January 30, 2017

Gays for Islam

Chicago Storm

CHICAGO - The city of Chicago is steadily recovering from an overnight snowstorm that delayed hundreds of shootings on Saturday night and will likely continue to push numerous homicides across the city drastically behind schedule, public authorities announced.
"As we speak, maintenance crews are working diligently to restore public transportation, de-ice roads, and clear back alleyways so that Chicagoans can quickly resume shootings again," Department of Streets and Sanitation spokesman Dave Michelson said of the heavy blizzard, which caused numerous homicide cancellations last night at peak murder times.
"Unfortunately, we're backed up by about 35 deadly shootings at the moment, but we hope to restore regular death tolls as soon as possible.
We apologize to anyone forced to postpone shootings and other killings today and assure concerned murderers that they will be able to resume slayings by early Monday afternoon." At press time, authorities reported that murders were up and running in many parts of the city, with four teenagers already gunned down on Chicago's South Side.


Democrats today  are a bunch of Hypocrites - Protests are being organized & funded by the left, & foreign influence: CAIR, Soros, Muslim Brotherhood, etc. Just listen to Bill Clinton's Speech on Immigration in 1995:


Tammy Baldwin appears to have broken Senate video rule
Excerpt: In her haste to make political hay, U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin appears to have violated a 30-year-old Senate ethics rule. Baldwin used video from a Senate committee confirmation hearing earlier this month on Tom Price, President Donald Trump’s nominee for Health and Human Services secretary.

Blocking Refugees

AUTHOR: BIDEN HELPED 'SEAL FATE' OF VIETNAMESE. 'Ride the Thunder' writer cites vote to cut off support
Excerpt: Vice-President Joe Biden was one of the members of the U.S. Senate to seal the fate of the South Vietnamese by voting to cut off U.S. support for those battling the communists from the north, according to the author of a new book. Richard Botkin, author of “Ride the Thunder,” toured battlefields in Vietnam and chronicled accounts of the Vietnamese military organization called TQLC, whose members, with their American advisers, “fought, bled, endured and triumphed against communism.” (Our former VP was involved way back when with the betrayal of South Viet Nam. That's a legacy of shame that cannot be washed away. But below is a link to a current article about how certain people, including Biden, opposed strongly the acceptanae of refugees from Viet Nam. They helped North Viet Nam to win the war and then didn't want to take in those fleeing the terrible result. A black mark against all their names. --Del)

Opposing Refugees

FLASHBACK: Democrats Tried To Block Thousands Of Vietnam War Refugees, Including Orphans
Excerpt: Despite today’s outrage over President Donald Trump’s refugee executive order, many liberals in 1975 were part of a chorus of big name Democrats who refused to accept any Vietnamese refugees when millions were trying to escape South Vietnam as it fell to the communists. They even opposed orphans. The group, led by California’s Gov. Jerry Brown, included such liberal luminaries as Delaware’s Democratic Sen. Joe Biden, former presidential “peace candidate” George McGovern, and New York Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman.

Religion of Peace

Canada: Gunmen screaming “Allahu akbar” open fire in mosque, murdering multiple people


There Were Too Many Unforced Errors Over the Weekend. Slow Down the Trump Train. By Erick Erickson
Excerpt: Then there is the immigration ban. I support it. It is not anti-Muslim. It targets a half-dozen countries previous administrations have listed as being suspect for immigration, but it exempted persecuted religious minorities. It makes a lot of sense. It was also rushed. It confounded American corporations as to its extent. It did not provide exemptions for American collaborators in those affected countries. The Administration did not adequately brief and educate the Executive Branch on its implications, so immigration officers were left confused. Objectively, the Administration did not draft a clear, easily understood executive order. The Justice Department, State Department, Defense Department, and Homeland Security Department did not review it in advance of its release or give any input into its drafting.


The Assassination of a Revered Muslim Lawyer Stuns and Saddens Myanmar


Smoking Out Islamists via Extreme Vetting
Well done article on how to try to vet incoming immigrants. Would it stop everyone who is really a dedicated jihadist? No, the super dedicated ones will prepare and lie like the most beautiful rug you have ever seen. But it will detect most of the people who are really fundamentalist Islamists, whose mindsets are such that they are not about to assimilate into a westernized, liberal culture. Simply put, anyone who believes that Sharia Law should be ascendant in this country really doesn't belong here. It is quite possible to be a religious Muslim and accept the idea of living peacefully among others and respecting the laws of this land, and such people are not our enemy. But those for whom fundamentalist Islam is their highest value need to live in countries where that is the system already, not try to bring it here. Doing things this way will take more trained people, more resources, more money, more time. But it's the right answer. --Del

How not to be poor

Avoiding Poverty
It’s true that there are many happy people who are poor, and many unhappy people who are well-off or even rich. But as the joke goes, “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can keep you comfortable and amused while you wait for happiness to come along!”
And grinding poverty, where you cannot pay the bills, or provide the necessities of life for your family, never mind the little amenities that make things pleasant, presents a hard circumstance to be joyful in.
It’s also true that many people in this world are poor through no fault of their own. Perhaps they were born into a third-world country where corruption and the lack of respect for property rights means that the development of affluence for most people is impossible. No one invests in starting a business that gives jobs to people if the government is likely to steal the business from you.
Even in our country and the other wealthy democracies, people can be born into situations where the culture, crime and lack of good educational opportunities make climbing out of poverty very hard. And, of course, “poor” is a changing concept. Many of the “poor” in America have air conditioning, cars and more TVs than the middle class did in 1950. I make a good salary, but compared to Bill Gates, or a Hollywood Star or successful professional athlete, I’m “poor.” So it can be relative.
Some people become poor because they have a disability or disease that prevents them from becoming successful, or they had a father or mother—perhaps both—die when they were young, making it hard for them to get an education.
But it’s also true that many people in our country are poor because they made bad choices. I didn’t make up the following rules; I’ve read variations of them over the years. But if you look at the statistics, there are four ways to avoid poverty:
1. Don’t have babies until you are married, your relationship is stable, and you both have good jobs.
2. Get an education, preferably a college education, or at least an education in some marketable skill.
3. Get a full-time job, work at it, and always work full time (that’s a 40-hour week) when you can.
4. Manage debt carefully; avoid it when you can.
Absent some terrible event, like a tragic disease, people who follow these four rules may not be rich, but they are seldom poor. Unfortunately, following these rules requires maturity, discipline and good decision making when you are a teen or in your twenties—just when these things are in short supply!
Let’s look at these four rules in more detail.
1. Don’t have babies until you are married, your relationship is stable, and you both have good jobs.
No factor is more closely aligned with poverty in America than being a single mother. The vast majority of the children in poverty have no father in the house. Sometimes they are fortunate enough to have grandparents who can help the grandkids have something like a normal childhood. But even then, the grandparents get old, and need to save money for their retirement.
Faced with the costs and time commitment of rearing a child, the young father who promised to love and care for you forever when enthusiastically helping you make the baby, often walks away. Trying to support yourself and a baby—or babies—with no help and a limited education is difficult. Yes, the government will take money from the people who earned it (taxes) and give it to the single mothers who didn’t earn it, punishing those who made good choices and encouraging more young women to make bad choices. But it’s not a lot of money, it doesn’t provide much of a life-style for the kids, and as I write, government is fast running out of money.
Yes, sometimes young women marry men without character, who desert them, putting them in the same circumstances. At least they tried to give their kids a decent life.
The numbers are staggering, especially for minorities in our cities. About 70% of black kids are now born to unmarried mothers. Hispanics and whites are gaining on them. Poverty is more about a culture that leads to bad choices, and government programs that encourage bad choices, than any other factor. In 1950, about 78% of American households were married couples. Now it is down to 48%. Until and unless we can change this culture, we cannot hope to reduce poverty.
The kids grow up without a father in the house, which hurts their development. They also tend to emulate the mother, and have children of their own without being married, passing poverty from generation to generation like a hereditary disease. Single mothers can find lots of dates, but finding a man with a good job who wants to marry them and take on someone else’s kids is much harder.
It is my belief that having a baby without being married puts the child at risk. Don’t do it to your kids.
2. Get an education, preferably a college education, or at least an education in some marketable skill. The last time I checked, the average lifetime earnings was over a million dollars higher for those with college educations as for those with just a high school diploma. Those folks who don’t graduate from high school are in very bad shape, and it’s getting worse. And even in the recent recession, the unemployment rate was much lower for those with a college degree than for those without one.
And when you go get that education, look at how many jobs there are and income levels of people with degrees like the one you want. There is a bitter joke among parents, that goes, “If your kid is majoring in something that ends in ‘studies,’ don’t turn her bedroom into a den. She’s coming home after college, because she won’t be able to support herself.”
There are a lot of popular subjects to study that are fads. Academics—whose own income is protected by tenure—are happy to teach these subjects, and the colleges are happy to take the money the students borrowed to go there. The future employability of their students seems to be no concern of theirs. When you are ready for college, do some research on what fields have the best job opportunities. As I write, social work, education and architecture are among the worst, but this may change. If there are five people with social work or education degrees for every job opening, four of them are going to be unemployed, or working at something else.
It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. Postpone having babies not only until after marriage, but until after you get your education. One of the saddest and most common stories is the young couple who are in love. They get married—or just live together—and decide that he will go to school while she works long hours at bad jobs to support them. Once he gets his degree and establishes a professional career, his waitress wife with two babies no longer seems a suitable partner. He divorces her—if they bothered to get married in the first place—and leave her in poverty, with some child support if she is lucky. He has a good job, a new wife who is well employed, and a nice house and car. The ex-wife and kids live in a crummy apartment. Getting an education and getting out of poverty is now ten times as hard.
None of the tens of thousands of women to whom this has happened would have believed it if you had told them on their wedding day. “He’s not like that,” they’d have said. “We’re in love.” If he really loves you, he’ll wait until you get your degree. If he doesn’t wait—you dodged a bullet.
3. Get a full-time job, work at it, and always work full time (that’s at least a 40-hour week) when you can. Many teens get in the habit of working a part time job here for a few months, another there for the summer, and living off their parents. Unfortunately, some never break the habit and carry it with them into their twenties and thirties. Unless they inherit money or win the lottery, they are always poor.
Working full time, no matter how bad the job, gives you a work record, references and job skills that you can take with you to the next job. It brings in more money than working part time, and usually has benefits, which is an important, though often over-looked part of your income. It makes you more attractive to future employers. And it lets you build up a network of contacts who will help you get better jobs down the road.
And don’t hop around from job to job. I’ve been the hiring manager in my office for 38 years, so I’ve looked at a lot of resumes. When I see one where the applicant had five jobs in seven years, nine months here, sixteen months there, and so on, that resume goes into the “do not bother calling” pile.
4. Manage debt carefully; avoid it when you can. Debt is very tempting. It think it’s unconscionable that credit card companies push credit cards on college kids. They are too inexperienced to understand that a few thousand dollars of debt, to buy that nice stereo or new beach clothes, can take twenty years to pay off at minimum monthly payments and cost ten thousand dollars in interest payments.
I didn’t have a credit card when I was in college. I paid cash or did without. That may not be practical in today’s world, but I recommend it. If you have to have a credit card, make sure you don’t use it for more than you can pay off every month. Interest payments on credit cards are high. They help the bankers have nice life styles, but do nothing for you but make you poor.
Many kids run up debt so high they just default. That is, they don’t pay. That sticks the banks with the lost money, but they get it back by charging higher rates to those who do pay to make it up. So when someone defaults on a credit card, they are really stealing money from everyone else who has a credit card, and who pays the bills.
Bad use of credit, such as defaulting on payments, or even being late on payments, also gives you a bad credit rating.
Having a good credit rating helps you avoid poverty, for several reasons. First, it helps you borrow money when you do need it, for something big, like a house or a car. Your Grandmother and I have a credit rating over 800, which is very good. It means we can be trusted to lend money to, because we always pay our bills on time—or often in advance. So when we wanted to buy our condo in the Chicago area in 2009, in the midst of the credit crunch, we were able to borrow the money.
As I said earlier, having a bad credit rating also hurts your chances of getting a good job. Employers check them to see if employees are trustworthy. People who are behind on their bills or over their heads in debt are not the people you want in your organization, especially handling money, because they are more likely to get desperate and steal from you.
So being poor often means people misuse credit, get bad credit ratings, can’t get better jobs—and get even poorer.
Just because someone will lend you money doesn’t mean you should borrow it. A lot of people bought the biggest house they could get a mortgage on, paying only the minimum every month. Then when the housing market collapsed in 2007, they ended up owing more than their houses were worth. The saying is, their mortgages were “under water.” They were drowning in debt.
My dad was a school teacher, who worked two jobs to support the family. All the college support he could provide was a roof over my head, and food—if I was there at meal time. Yet I came out of college with my degree and no debt. I had the GI bill, which folks said made me “lucky.” But I didn’t notice any of them behind me at the Marine recruiter trying to get “lucky” by going to Vietnam with me. I went to state schools, which were cheaper (then), and have been well enough employed since to pay it all back and more to the states I’ve lived in through my taxes. And I worked 20 to 36 hours per week in college, which carrying a full load—or more—of credits and a good GPA. Debt is a killer.
One of the reasons your Grandma and I aren’t poor, is that we always settled for smaller houses and cheaper cars than we could afford, and we paid more than the minimum payments, so we’d get ahead. We also don’t charge more on our credit cards than we can pay every month, so we don’t have interest payments making us poor.
As I write this, we owe only one debt, $98,000 on the condo we bought two years ago for $160,000. We put $16,000 down and paid off more over three years. With that kind of payments, we could have had a much larger and nicer condo, paying twice the mortgage, but we would have put ourselves at risk of being poor if something went wrong.
Following these four rules takes discipline and maturity, but they will help you avoid being poor. You must be willing to settle for less than you want, less than you can get right now, for having a more comfortable lifestyle in the future.

Excerpt From:

Advice for my Granddaughter: For When I’m Gone
Advice for Boys: From an Old Marine by Robert A. Hall
All royalties go to charity.


Black Fathers Matter


Sunday, January 29, 2017


More Snowflakes: Colleges Expanding Definition of 'Disabled Student'
Many years ago I was taking a class in Anatomy and Physiology at a local college, and there were some political demonstrations going on. Students in the class told the professor they would have to miss two classes and the material covered in them in order to take part in the demonstrations. She said she understood, and that they would not be responsible in the final exam for the material covered in those two classes. I stood up and asked her if she accepted the idea that awarding a student a mark was her professional testimony that the student had demonstrated that level of mastery of the course material. She looked a little uncomfortable and said that was generally true. At which point I asked how she could exempt anyone from portions of the exam that everyone else took and thus not demonstrate their mastery of that part of the course material, and yet still award a grade that would be interpreted by the world as a full and fair rating of the student's learning all the material. She got very uncomfortable and said something about a "special case" and that was it. But that is what a mark is supposed to be, the teacher's professional testimony as to the student's demostrated mastery of the course material, with the same opportunity to learn for all, barring really extreme cases. Expanding disability considerations so widely means that they will be exploited by some, and still give others marks they actually do not rate. Does anyone want to be a passenger on the plane where the pilot really didn't meet all the requirements for showing full skill in landings? This is how things really deteriorate in a society, when not only does the high school diploma not necessarily mean much, but maybe not the college degree or even postgrad degrees as well. --Del

GOP Health Plan


DALLAS - January 18, 2017 - Most Republican plans to replace Obamacare envision spending all their health insurance subsidy dollars in the individual market, just like Obamacare does. But a new plan takes a radically different approach. Noting that the individual market in many states is "dysfunctional' and may end up in a "death spiral," the sponsors ask, "Why throw good money after bad?"

The plan instead proposes allowing people a tax credit for enrolling in group insurance through an employer - where the premiums are often lower and the benefits better.

Legislation to do just that has been introduced in the House of Representatives by Pete Sessions (R-TX), Chairman of the House Rules Committee, and in the Senate by Bill Cassidy (R-LA). In an article posted today at the Health Affairs Blog<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001JfKopt5YhC5VwmuaRIw8UkUX8og1LwLXcu_tj6IUimFJfXA2BAkuyd2XGjwUQ1N1qUu5gFKbkyfU4yGP4Su2b62fKtMKz8-hQuBzXumYAUt87UFO7VbIIqRCEYS7z4PE38MWOhZlBi5gOuJkGReAjBm4PRKs7EcT4A2JI6AlpPY=&c=DyeWZ3biZcEK6J467jTuFnTE1mb8Q-hNiREngTCKRHYfd1O3AaLU_A==&ch=UW5z5tXyToGPfG-V22mYv8iX8TZ_QE9PmjvaDary-7pzvt50uVwchA==>, Sessions and Cassidy along with John Goodman (the health economist who helped create the plan) make these points:

 *   Almost 30 million people are currently uninsured and that number is unlikely to change very much under Obamacare or under other Republican replacement plans.
 *   About 85% of the uninsured live in a household with at least one worker and three fourths live in a household with at least one full-time worker.
 *   More than half of the uninsured live below 200% of the poverty level and the main reason why the uninsured say they are uninsured is because of "cost."
 *   Yet neither Obamacare nor other Republican plans offer any substantial assistance to people who potentially could become insured through their employers.
The proposal would create a universal tax credit for health insurance and the same credit would apply in the individual and group markets. The authors say it would be generous enough "to allow the average person access to a plan that is similar to well-managed, privately administered Medicaid."

Employers would have the option to continue under the current tax system (purchasing insurance with pre-tax dollars) or the tax credit system. They would also be able to help their employees obtain insurance in the individual market or in the group market.

The proposal would also do something else no other proposal does. If there remain any uninsured, some portion of unclaimed tax credits would be sent to safety net institutions in the communities where the uninsured live in case they cannot pay their medical bills from their own resources. People would have access to health care, even if they lack health insurance.

The authors say that with a tax credit independent of income electronic enrollment would be easy, using off-the-shelf technology. States could use existing systems to automatically enroll people - making them insured unless they choose to opt out.

The authors also say that they believe that the goal of universal coverage can be achieved with money already in the system. "We don't need any new taxes or any new spending," they write.

About the Goodman Institute
Led by Dr. John C. Goodman, the Goodman Institute for Public Policy Research (GIPPR) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy research organization that promotes private alternatives to government regulation and control, solving problems by relying on the strength of the competitive, entrepreneurial private sector. Topics include reforms in health care, taxes, and entitlements. Visit www.goodmaninstitute.org.

Media Contact:
J. Waylon & Associates LLC
Waylon Tate | waylon@jwaylon.com<mailto:waylon@jwaylon.com>
Kourtney Hamilton | kourtney@jwaylon.com<mailto:kourtney@jwaylon.com>

ISIS Child Soldiers

This is real killings of bound prisoners by ISIS child soldiers. VERY BRUTAL SCENES! President Trump has it right by stopping immigrants from terrorist oriented Middle East countries. ISIS, al-Qaida, and other like minded extremist organizations must be eliminated from this world. --GBH In its latest video, ISIS places bound prisoners in an abandoned building and then lets loose child soldiers to hunt and kill them. Clarion Project condemns ISIS and its action with every fiber in our collective body but believes the truth must be told about the evil that is ISIS. That is why we decided to publish this video.

The soldier's Load. II & III

The Soldier's Load: Two more excellent articles by Tom Kratman

Tom Kratman is a retired US Army LtCol, an occasional contributor to my blog, and an outstand author of military science fiction, including the A Desert Called Peace series. http://www.amazon.com/Desert-Called-Peace-Carrera-Book-ebook/dp/B00B5HJOFY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426715332&sr=8-1&keywords=Peace+Kratman I expect that in 20 years they will move his novel Caliphate to the history section. ~Bob

Illegal Voters

Illegal Aliens Really Do Vote – a Lot. By William Campenni
Excerpt: While wandering around the festivities, I noticed a table with three nice ladies in front of a "Register To Vote" sign. Curious about its presence at a festival where the bulk of the crowd was either illegal alien day laborers or legal non-citizens, I went over to inquire. Before I spoke, one of those nice ladies asked me if I was registered to vote. Wanting to see where this would go, I said no, and asked how to sign up. A voter registration form was thrust in my hands. The very first item on these forms, in Virginia and the rest of America, was "I am a citizen of the United States of America," with YES and NO blocks to check. "Don't I need to show you some proof of citizenship?" I asked. She replied "no." I asked her how she could verify that I wasn’t lying. Sensing she might be on a slippery slope, she called over a supervisor from the Registrar's Office and told the woman of my concern. The official told me they never checked citizenship status because I would be penalized if I lied. Really? So I asked her how she would verify my truthfulness, or those of the dozens of new voters being registered that day. Defensively, she replied that they checked all registrations for accuracy at the Registrar's Office when they were turned in. I called the Registrar Monday, and asked if they do indeed verify citizenship status. I was told that they didn't unless someone made a specific complaint against an individual applicant. (The data indicate that voter fraud is a real thing. How much it changes elections is still hard to determine, although we know in some close elections it can make a critical difference. But the bottom line is that the right to vote is sacred to citizens and forbidden to others, and that is how it should and must be treated. Verification of citizenship needs to be done rigorously, and that certainly is not the case now. And gee, is one Party more likely to benefit from illegal voters than the other? Maybe that explains the fierce defensiveness of open registration and no verification. --Del)

Flag Burning

A FedEx driver named Matt Uhrin has received support from the company after preventing a small group of protesters from burning an American flag. 


Prof with hookers

Islamic Terrorist Recruiter Hired By George Washington U. Has Been Busted For HOOKERS AND BLOW

Honor killing

Honor killing in Trinidad: Teen Muslima murdered for being seen with non-Muslim man

Killing al Qaeda

One U.S. service member was killed and three wounded in a raid against a group of senior Al Qaeda leaders in central Yemen.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Protest not riots

The Soldier's Load

Older Column, Worth Reading: "The Soldier’s Load and the Immobility of a Nation." By Tom Kratman
Tom Kratman is a retired US Army LtCol, an occasional contributor to my blog, and an outstand author of military science fiction, including the "A Desert Called Peace series." http://www.amazon.com/Desert-Called-Peace-Carrera-Book-ebook/dp/B00B5HJOFY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426715332&sr=8-1&keywords=Peace+Kratman I expect that in 20 years they will move his novel "Caliphate" to the history section. ~Bob

Congresswoman Mia Love

Congresswoman Mia Love's Speech at the March For Life

Honor Killing

UK: Sharia court hands down sentence approving of honor killing


UK: Muslim taxi driver refuses to carry a guide dog because it is against Islam


Can Trump Make Priority Status Happen for Christian Refugees?

Friday, January 27, 2017

Good Mollie Hemingway Piece

4 Recent Examples Show Why No One Trusts Media Coverage Of Trump. By Mollie Hemingway

Fake Experts

Fake Experts. By Jonah Goldberg, The Goldberg File
Much of the Post’s “reporting” hinged on a lengthy, catty quote from a member of the Union of Concern Scientists. As I noted, the Union of Concerned Scientists has always been a political operation. It’s a classic example of an outfit that liberal journalists invest with non-partisan authority so they can pass off partisan views as “science” or some other objective expertise.
In 1985, the editors of National Review wrote: "The Union of Concerned Scientists, except for the publicity it commands, can be dismissed. It has been a scandal for years — a letterhead with a few distinguished names acting as shills for a membership of left-wing laymen (anyone can be a Concerned Scientist, just by paying the membership fee)." Countless activists-in-experts-clothing organizations run on some variant of this model, from the Women’s Sports Foundation to the National Resources Defense Council. Reporters routinely call experts they already agree with knowing that their “takes” will line up with what the reporter believes. Sometimes this is lazy or deadline-driven hackery. But more often, it’s not. And that shouldn’t surprise us. Smart liberal reporters are probably inclined to think that smart liberal experts are right when they say things the smart liberal reporters already agree with. For these and similar reasons, liberal ideas and interpretations of the facts sail through while inconvenient facts and conservative interpretations send up ideological red flags. Think of editors like security guards at a military base. They tend to wave through the people they know and the folks with right ID badges. But when a stranger shows up, or if someone lacks the right credential, then the guards feel like they have to do their job. This is the basic modus operandi for places like Vox, which seek to explain not the facts or the news, but why liberals are right about the facts and the news.

Executive Orders

Excerpt: As far as I can see, De Rosa’s contentions here are a) that conservatives deemed many of Obama’s executive orders to be illegal, b) that they have thus far been fine with Trump’s, and c) that they are therefore guilty of hypocrisy. But to arrive at this conclusion one has to be completely ignorant of the rationale on which many of Obama’s orders were critiqued. Outside of a few voices within the fever swamps, the conservative charge against the last president was not that executive orders were illegal per se, but that Obama used executive orders to wield power that he had not been accorded (i.e. ultra vires); to change the meaning of laws that had been passed by Congress (appropriation of legislative power); or to assert authority that the federal government does not enjoy. Or, put another way, the argument against Obama revolved around the substance of some of his orders, not around the orders themselves.

You will be made to pay...

Milwaukee County supervisor’s resolution asks taxpayers to pay for illegals legal defense fund


The page views from Russia have dropped off, but those from France are almost as high as from the US. I don't know why, but I thank my French readers. Please comment if you wish. ~Bob

Alternative Facts

A president can do great damage pushing "alternative facts." For example, the president might state as a fact that, "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan," while pushing a bill that makes thousands of plans illegal. Or he might state as a fact, "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor when every one knows if you loser your plan, you often have to change doctors." Or he might state as a fact, "your premiums will go down" when pushing a plan that covers many more people and requires extended coverage for things like birth control, knowing that all these things will cost more. not less. Or he might state as a fact," Benghazi was caused by a video," when he knew from the get go it was a terrorist attack." Or he might state as a fact, "I ended the war in Iraq," when he knew ISIS was gearing up to enlarge and spread the war. yes, alternative facts can be a problem. If the media isn't coving for you.


The fabulous wealth of the ‘Oxfam 8.’ By Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe


Sweden: Two Afghan Muslim migrants revealed as those who streamed 3-hour rape on Facebook

Don't be Islamophobic

Germany: Muslim migrant killed “infidel” landlady, scrawled Qur’an verses on wall
Excerpt: Remember: if you think this is reprehensible, you’re a racist, bigoted “Islamophobe.”

Sanctuary Cities

Trump's Right: Law-Breaking 'Sanctuary Cities' Must Obey The Law
Deciding that you, as mayor, chief of police, governor, or whatever, have the authority to defy federal law is generally a bad and dangerous idea. Only in the most extreme case, where some clearly horrible injustice is to be visited upon total innocents, can this ever even be considered. Immigration laws that say people who have crossed our borders illegally must be found and processed by the federal agencies responsible for them are totally reasonable. It doesn't matter if it's someone who's overstayed a student visa, or who was brought here illegally as a child, or who came across just to work and send money home, or someone who is a vicious criminal who'd rather face US jails than South American ones. If they are here illegally the system has to handle them, and if there's something too harsh in that system, the answer is to start a campaign in Congress to fix it. But the law is the law, and if you break it, you need to be prepared for penalties to come your way. Cities with such policies need to have all federal aid cut off, every penny of it. Yes, that's harsh and will cause hardship to lots of people, many of whom have little to nothing to do with setting the city's policy. But the blame for that has to go to the ones who did adopt the policy, and either they figure out that serving their citizens means backing off on defying federal law, or they get to answer for all the hardship that their citizens will be facing. They might try to make the government the Bad Guy, and of course that will play well with some, but that lack of all federal funding is going to cause so much pain to so many that reality will have the final impact. Meanwhile, the federal budget is that much better off with less money going out. --Del. Slavery is illegal, but I suppose the left would have no problems if you established a "sanctuary city" for slave holders. ~Bob

Sanctuary Cities

First 'sanctuary city' caves to Trump demands

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trump's Crowd?

CNN’s report was proven false by their own reporting.  CNN released a gigapixel of President Trump’s Inauguration and the areas they show as empty in their article from their January 21st report were filled to the brim in their more recent picture which was taken at the time of Trump’s speech during the Inauguration ceremony.