Friday, May 15, 2009

Some Conservative Blogs

I’m traveling again, and while I’ve left a few things to post, here are some other Conservative Blogs you may want to check out, in no particular order. (Yes, a couple are focused on the threat to the west from the Islamists, not really conservative except that the left is determined to try appeasement again, it having worked so well in 1938.)

Before the fuzzy-heads chime in, no, posting these links does not mean I agree with everything on these blogs. For a start, I haven’t read everything on these blogs! With my work schedule, keeping up with a couple hundred e-mails a day, and saving the waitresses at the local Hooters from unemployment & poverty, I'm not sure I've read everything on my blog. Which is why I delete posts from idiots without reading them--keeps them busy writing instead of using their time to hurt the country in other ways & I don't get annoyed.

Please feel free to post other conservative blog links you like in the comments. Feel free to send socialist/statist ones as well. I'll just delete, but I like to waste your time.


  1. Hi: I am a 78 yr. old widow. I have worked hard all my life like you--sometimes three jobs to get by. My husband did the same when he was alive. I long for some of the days of "Howdy Doody" and TV programs like "The Carol Burnett" show--no "F" words! I can't believe how far down into the political and moral gutter we have come. I support every "sane thinking" conservative we have toay, and I am a fanatic at how I vote. P.S.-I do not watch a crumb of "The
    View" like most of the ladies around me where they get their wild and insane Obamaite philosophies. Keep on keeping on. You are admired. Marti

  2. Well, since I see mine has been omitted, I'll take the opportunity to post it myself ;) The Constitutional Alamo,

  3. Isn't it peace in our time. And then in the late 70's with a cardigan.

  4. It's interesting I was watching the movie G.I. Jane and lo and behold what do I see. They water boarded G.I. Jane. Right there on t.v.. She was tortured.

  5. I have been reading your blog for a little while now and generally like what you have to say.
    I can identify with your "saving the Hooters girls from poverty" line.

    Thanks for your efforts.

    May I suggest the daily posts of the Mises Institute?

  6. Would you, please, let us know what you did accomplish in the 5 terms as a politician in MA. That was the time to act and you had a chance. Your blogs do not appear to reflect action, only a critique of this and that whih is most of the time stated by others you quote but not read or agree with. Thank you./zoran