Monday, April 20, 2009

Interesting Report on Antarctic Sea Ice,27574,25348657-401,00.html


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    Interesting Report on Antarctic Sea Ice,27574,25348657-401,00.html


    The science showing the warming of the Antarctic is solid. You can see documentation of the temperature increase in this chart:

    Sometimes slightly warmer means more moisture which means more precipitation which can add ice. It's a little complicated.

    You might read this article on the topic. It's from a science site put together by climatologists and it only just deals with the science, not the politics.

    This article addresses this issue while at the same time explaining why this subject has confused so many people (especially in the media).

    They have a whole category of articles specifically on this issue:


    "Not one single, solitary scientific professional or honorific science organization has dissented from the consensus opinion on climate change. Not one. And it’s been examined in minute detail by the NAS, AGU and a veritable alphabet soup of scientists and science organizations."

    Maybe they're all wrong. Someone who wants to show they are all wrong will need to provide good evidence. If you educate yourself on this Antarctic issue you will see that it doesn't fall in that category.

  2. Don't you know? They're calling it "climate change" now. That way whether you get flooding or drought, cold or hot, disasters or calm weather, it can all be explained. Brilliant, isn't it?

  3. Sir, I read your comments on "I am Tired"!
    I am an immigrant from Germany 50 years ago, a year after my arrival here in the states I was drafted, I also served in Viet Nam and numerous other places.
    I am in total agreement with you; the democrat's here are the same as the socialist in Europe. They juggle the laws and the money under pretense that never existed or make them up and in reality they eventually came true.

    The Tee Party must go on.

    Your; Army Sergeant Major in Arms.

  4. I just read "I'm Tired" and I want to thank you for putting words to my exact feelings. Semper Fi. I wish there were an answer to all of our collective worries about our future and our countries future but I am not sure there is/are any.
    Keep writting
    Lee -- E-5 3ed Marines Viet Nam 67-71