Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Chicago Corruption Brought to Light

And so it goes here in Blagobamaville, the Capital of, in the Democrats memorable phrase, “A Culture of Corruption.” Stroger is a Daley man. In fact, so is our new Mayor our here in Des Plaines, a union organizer who got 43% of the votes in a 5-way race, with an army of machine campaign workers provided by Daley, who wants to control the suburbs and the unions to increase his power.

The Illinois pols can hardly wait until the 2016 Olympics, when they will hopefully have billions of dollars in Olympic money to dip into and spread around to their supporters and relatives. I hope the IOC is stupid enough to put the games in the hands of the Chicago machine. It will be the biggest and most entertaining scandal in Olympic history. ~Bob

Stroger fires cousin over hiring scandal

Cook County chief hired ex-busboy with criminal past

By Hal Dardick, Azam Ahmed and Jeremy Gorner Tribune reporters
April 18, 2009

Cook County Board President Todd Stroger's decision last fall to hire a steakhouse busboy with a criminal record mushroomed into a political scandal Friday, with Stroger facing calls for his resignation and ousting his cousin from her top county finance job over her role in the controversy.,0,1322712.story

Stroger knocked to ropes

Scandals are taking a toll as campaign season looms

By Rick Pearson and Robert Becker Tribune reporters

April 19, 2009

His political career already rocked by an unpopular sales-tax increase, Cook County Board President Todd Stroger provided more self-inflicted damage as a saga plays out over his hiring and firing of a patronage worker with a sordid criminal history.

Stroger tried to get in front of the fallout for employing busboy-turned-basketball-chum Tony Cole by dumping his own cousin from a top county post Friday. But the latest scandal could become a major problem ahead of next year's election, because it fits into the narrative that a sizable stable of critics like to tell the public: Stroger is an inept heir of a wasteful county government overloaded with lazy political hacks.,0,2876851.story

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