Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Records of the Holocaust

When President Obama sits down "without preconditions" with the guys in Iran who wants to murder every Jew in Israel, and denies the Holocaust, it would only be polite to give him a gift to cement the friendship. I suggest an iPod with this clip about the German records of the Holocaust. Shows survivers of the death camps reading their records as children. Very powerful.

Of course, according to the left, "War is not the Answer." So we should have left Hitler alone. He wasn't going to invade us. Not right away.

(Sorry it starts with a short commercial.)


  1. President Obama scares me chitless. I think he's clueless. He believes the most important worry for middle-class families is whether or not we can send our children to college. Duh-uh. No one I know can even entertain that thought when they don't have a job. How about feeding our kids dressing them, and keeping a roof over their head, Barak? I cringed when he addressed his European audience and talked about Americans as though we are lower class citizens with no heart. We've been dismissive and derisive? How, when we are always the first one on the scene to offer aid or take in strays? Rather than give 900 Mil to the Palestinians to help obliterate Israel (which is what Hamas will do with that money), and sending 1.5 mil to Pakistan for the next five years...or and let's not forget helping Mexico with $$$ for the drug about giving the money to Americans to help stimulate the economy. It would have worked a lot better than his bailout plans. I guess he figures that $25 per week increase in unemployment is going to work miracles...but I just can't decide how to spend it. Happy Meals for the family or, just go hog wild and buy a six month supply of chewing gum. :)

  2. I just watched the video. I couldn't keep the tears from coming. What all those millions of people suffered is just gut-wrenching. How can anyone say, "It didn't happen. The holocaust is a myth."? I remember, even now, watching The Nuremburg Trials when I was in 7th grade (1970-71). For weeks afterward I had horrible nightmares; skeletal humans floating around, faces coming in and out of my view, mass graves, and open ovens with remains of human beings in the openings.

    I am so glad that these archives are open and available, or becoming available to people so that we can all, in some small way, experience the grossness of this awful act against humanity.

    Let's not forget, too, that Joseph Stalin murdered even more of his own people than did Hitler. Genocide continues in many countries in Africa today. Satan is pulling out all of the stops bringing ruin and heartache to people of all nations. We can't lose heart or hope and give into it. We can't just stand by wringing our hands, saying, "I wish I could do something." We must speak out, we must remember and get others to remember, we must help any way that we can to spread goodness, love, mercy, service, kindness, truth, and justice. If we can't do that in Africa, we CAN do it in our own neighborhoods by caring about and caring for each other. We can make a difference by talking with and sharing with others the knowledge that we have. We can be better people today than we were yesterday. We can have faith in God, hope in His plan, humility in prayer, and gratitude in our hearts for His blessings.

  3. HALL: "...according to the left, "War is not the Answer."

    I wonder if those who visit the Vietnam Memorial Wall ever come away with the impression that "War is the answer."

    I certainly hope not.

    I wonder if the million killed or the five million orphaned by Bush's illegal and immoral smashing of Iraq would consider "war the answer."

    I doubt it.

    Sometimes, many times, war is indeed "not the answer."


  4. How did Sonny Bobo end up ruling Iran?

  5. The Holocaust should never be used, by anyone or any group to further a political agenda.......