Friday, April 3, 2009


This was sent to me by a friend and fellow Marine vet. I post it with his permission. ~Bob

I love it. Boston College students invite Bill Ayers, proud anti-American and hotshot socialist professor that he is, to speak at the college. The family of the police officer that was killed by one of Bill's fun group of communist-loving domestic terrorists reacts, and many family members (in the hundreds) of Boston police officers announce their intention to exercise free speech and come to the lecture in protest. The college reconsiders this, decides it's smarter to show respect for the local community and the family of the murdered officer, and cancels the public presentation. It is rescheduled as a private affair for interested college faculty and students only.

While this is still a bit of an affront to all those who know Ayers to be a "social activist" who despises this country while luxuriating in the benefits of living here, it's not a totally unreasonable resolution of the situation. That the students want to hear him is a sad thing as far as many of us are concerned, but it is a free country.

But here's the good part-Ayers is incensed!

The Boston Globe quotes him as saying, "It's kind of a shameful thing to the administration because one can certainly understand why in Saudi Arabia or Serbia or China why speakers would be canceled for a variety of reasons," he said. "But in the US, in a democracy, that doesn't make sense."

He then compared the reactions of BC administrators to giving in to a mob mentality, saying "Let's say the mob gathers outside the gate at BC and demands that they teach astrology, or creationism, or that the world is flat," said Ayers. "Should they then give in to the mob and teach those things? Absolutely not. So why should they do that with this?"

The fact that he is still coming to speak to those who want to hear him (and getting paid to do it) seems to escape him entirely. That the school has a perfect right to choose who will come to speak there as a guest or paid lecturer, and can make that decision based on whatever criteria they like, escapes him. That no Black college (or probably any other) will be inviting David Duke or an American Nazi to speak there will never register with him. Where was Ayers when William Shockley tried to speak at Yale years ago about his theories on race and was shouted down and driven from the podium, or more recently when a Moslem woman who was trying to describe the downside of fundamentalist Islam for women was also shouted down and driven from a college stage?

Apparently those incidents did not arouse his ire or move him to protest the outright silencing of those speakers. That must be due to his omniscient understanding of what is rightful speech and what speech cannot be tolerated.

In the very few parts of the gospels where Christ is condemnatory of anyone, it is the hypocrites that he rails at. Bill Ayers could show those Scribes and Pharisees a thing or two about hypocrisy.



  1. The mainstream media wouldn’t do it. So we are trying to get important messages to the American people. This post is a suggested read at,

  2. Well done, Boston College. I myself was a life-long leftie until about five minutes ago when I realized I really want to keep a roof over my head. I am a mature student at a college in Los Angeles where the teachers are lovely, caring people who unfortunately have addled their brains in academia. I think of the campus as "The Sandbox". I won't go into the damage that has been done to me there in the name of love, in the name of political correctness. I've got nothing much out of this college except thousands of dollars worth of debt & I am a person who has never paid a credit card bill because she has never run up a credit card debt.

    Let me give you one small example of the chaos on that campus, the most diverse campus in the country: When we are on the elevator and the door opens to let us off, the people waiting outside the door rush at us to get in -- as if they can occupy the space we already occupy. They don't work out that they cannot get on an elevator until we get off.

    So this is the level.

    Anybody out there got a job for me? I am intelligent, reliable, responsible, punctual, don't steal, can work on my own initiative.