Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Kind of Guy I Am

I’m a strong, black coffee kind of guy, not a latte guy. I am picky about freshness, though. If the pot is more than a week old, I’ll dump it and make a new pot. Usually.

I’m a single malt Scotch whisky and dark ale kind of guy, not a wine guy. But I do enjoy a fine, dry red from a freshly opened box.

I’m a flea market kind of guy, not a mall guy.

I’m a drive-in-the-country, road trip kind of guy.

I’m a Goodwill, yard sale kind of guy. I had several nice $12 suits before the current economic downturn drove the mall shoppers there.

I’m a locally-owned, four-calendar café kind of guy, not a chain restaurant guy.

I’m a folk music kind of guy, not a hard rock guy. I didn’t like loud music even when I was young.

I’m a mega e-mail kind of guy, not a Twitter guy. But if you want to send a tweet to a twit about your last toot, be my guest.

I’m a beauty-is-on-the-inside kind of guy. Probably because I’m hoping there is some beauty inside me, as there sure isn’t much on the outside.

I’m a jeans and flannel shirt kind of guy, not a tux guy. But I do own three tuxes, of different sizes, as I occasional need one for business, which I’ve invested about $60 in. (See the “Goodwill” entry.) I am a kilt kind of guy. The kilt was magic when I was single.

I’m a girl-next-door kind of guy, not a super-model, movie star guy. Cute trumps beautiful, freckles are sexier than make-up. I’m not a tattoo, piercings or implants guy at all. Ugg.

I’m a bargain hunter kind of guy. Bragging about how much you paid for something is bragging about how you got took, in my book.

I’m a football kind of guy, definitely not a basketball guy. I’m not much of a pro-sports guy.

I’m a Jeep kind of guy, not a luxury sedan guy.

I’m a keep-the-place-neat, make-the-bed-everyday kind of guy. Someday, I know, my Marine DI will knock on the door, and if my bed isn’t made, I’ll be doing bends and thrusts until the Bush twins have both been president twice.

I’m a fiscally-conservative kind of guy. As I write, I don’t owe a penny to anyone in the world, unless you count what the government says I owe to help pay for other folks’ mortgages that they couldn’t afford. When I was a state senator, I regularly voted against amendments increasing the state budget more often than any other senator. Which made me few friends and did a fat lot of good.

I’m a pay-the-bills kind of guy. I’ve bounced a check once in my life—when the bank credited my deposit to the wrong account.

I’m the kind of guy who pays close attention if I borrow money or a book or a tool, but not much attention if someone borrows from me. That’s their job. And if I lend money to a friend in trouble, I forget about it. Then if it comes back, I’m pleasantly surprised, but not annoyed if it doesn’t.

I’m a five card stud, Jacks or better draw poker kind of guy, not a Texas Hold ‘em guy. Just another deterioration of the culture.

I’m a “regular folks” kind of guy, not a celebrity kind of guy.

I’m a change-the-toilet-paper-roll, take-out-the-trash kind of guy.

I’m a faithful husband kind of guy. But that may because no one has asked. I’ll probably never know.

I’m the kind of guy who thinks there are too many lawyers in the world and not enough bartenders. Maybe a government-funded, cross-training program would save us all money, and help the economy and general happiness level of the country.

I’m a soup kind of guy, not a steak guy.

I’m a romantic, sentimental kind of guy. Most Marines are. And I’m definitely a Marine kind of guy, more a field Marine than a spit & polish barracks Marine guy.

I’m the kind of guy who would likely vote to acquit a cop who shot a heroin dealer dead, or a Navy captain who accidently dropped a pirate over the side, or a father who killed a guy who molested his little girl. I’m a two-chairs-no waiting kind of guy. I know that makes me a Neanderthal. I don’t care.

I’m not a litigious kind of guy. In 63 years, I’ve never sued anyone and never been sued. Knock wood that some marauding band of lawyers doesn’t see this and take it as an invitation. Knock hard.

I’m a dandelions and wildflowers kind of guy, not a highbred, hothouse rose or lily guy.

I’m not a big city kind of guy. I love small towns.

I’m a canoe kind of guy, not a powerboat guy. I’d like to be a sailing kind of guy, but haven’t been that good at it, due I guess to lack of time to develop decent skills.

I’m a book and newspaper kind of guy, not a TV or movie guy.

I’m a meat-eater kind of guy, not a grass-eater, though I prefer chicken and seafood. And haggis of course.

I’m a skeptical kind of guy, not an everyone-says-so-thus-it-must-be-right kind of guy. I hadn’t yet bought into all the scientists predicting global cooling back in the 1970s before the switched to predicting global warming.

I’m not a proselytizing kind of guy. The idea that the All Powerful Creator of the Universe needs me to convince other folks how to worship Her strikes me as ludicrous, if not blasphemous. I’m a traditional church kind of guy.

I’m a chess kind of guy (in which I lettered in college--really), not a video game guy. But I’m also a highly competitive kind of guy, so I don’t play games much anymore, as they are not relaxing when you are trying hard to crush the opposition.

I’m an optimist by temperament, pessimist by policy kind of guy.

I’m a get involved, do my part kind of guy. I’m a political kind of guy.

I’m a can’t-keep-my-mouth-shut-for-my-own-good kind of guy.

I’m a sonnet, rhymed-and-metered-poetry kind of guy, not a free verse guy. No current poets compare to Kipling, Frost, Burns, Dickenson, Amy Lowell, Liz Browning and Alan Seegar in my book.

I’m a Normal Rockwell and Charles Waterhouse kind of guy, not a Picasso and Dali guy.

I’m a balance-the-budget, pay-as-you-go kind of guy. Yeah, I know that doesn’t get anyone elected to public office if they really mean it.

I’m a hill country kind of guy, not a flatland guy.

I’m the kind of guy who thinks Edinburgh is the best vacation city in the world, and Las Vegas the worst. I’m not a casino kind of guy.

I’m the kind of guy who worries more about justice for the victim than ever-more justice in the form of endless legal proceedings for the criminal kind of guy.

I’m a pretty, natural countryside kind of guy, not a fancy resort, Disneyworld guy.

I’m a short hair kind of guy. (That DI thing again.). I’m definitely not an earring guy.

I’m a bulldog kind of guy, not a poodle, frou-frou dog guy. But I am a cat guy.

I’m a proud kind of guy. I admire the Amish for the strength of their beliefs, but I wouldn’t be a good one.

I’m an impatient kind of guy. I wouldn’t be a good sniper, either. I’d wait maybe ten minutes, then I’d get some Marines together and go kick the door in.

I’m a make-a-list, get-it-done, cross-it-off kind of guy.

I’m a learn-something-from-everyone kind of guy, not a haughty guy.

I’m a flamboyant, center of attention kind of guy, not a shy guy. (It’s that politician thing.)

I’m a tie-it-yourself bowtie kind of guy, not a clip-on guy.

I have a couple of pairs I bought at consignment shops for fun, but I’m not really a cowboy boots kind of guy. And I’m more of an old utility cover or ball cap kind of guy, that a cowboy hat guy.

I’m a B&B kind of guy, not a fancy hotel guy.

I’m a hard to offend kind of guy.

I’m a better-to-laugh-than-to-cry kind of guy. I’m an always-ready-with-a-joke kind of guy.

I’m a strong opinions kind of guy, but not a fanatic kind of guy.

I’m a teamwork kind of guy, not a loaner guy.

I’m the kind of guy who thinks if you aren’t making mistakes, you aren’t doing enough.

I’m the kind of guy who believes that you can’t be happy unless you are servicing something larger than yourself. I’ve been happy as a Marine serving my country, as a senator serving my commonwealth, as a non-profit executive serving the causes of the organizations I’ve managed and as a husband and grandfather serving my family. (Massachusetts is a commonwealth, not a state—there are three others, PA, VA & KY.) The me-first, self-centered folks are almost always unhappy.

I’m a history-is-important kind of guy.

I’m a Celtic kind of guy, slightly by ancestry, a lot of temperament and inclination.

I’m a hate-to-go-to-bed-at-night, hate-to-get-up-in-the-morning kind of guy.

I’m the kind of guy who’s a sucker for little girls and kittens. I used to be a sucker for big girls as well, but I got old and married.

I’m the kind of guy who can get teary over soldiers who died for freedom hundreds of years ago.

And I’m the kind of guy who thinks most people don’t really care what kind of guy I am. But I could be wrong—you read this far.


  1. I'm a guy who thinks he would get along just fine with you. We agree on about 95% of those points, and the others don't matter. I'm a former kilt-wearing, bagpipe-playing kind of guy, both by heredity AND temperament. I'll lay down covering fire while you Marines charge the door, too.

    Thank you for this glimpse & opportunity to get to know you just a little better.

  2. I don't drink so I can't say what I would drink if I did other than a wonderful Pepsi anytime my wife lets me have one.

    I love flee markets and got one of the best pair of shoes I ever owned from a thrift store and wore them until my wife decided they were more than worn out and expoxy and super glue can only go so far.

    I love supporting locally owned restraunts and bussiness more than multi national stores or chain restraunts.

    I am a classic rock kind of guy and listen to some country every now and then. But it seems like alot of country today is more like R&B or soft rock than the stuff Charlie Daniels made.

    I love wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

    I should live a little cleaner than I do. If my DI knocked on my door. I would be smoked for the rest of the week for the sink full of dishes that should be done. I should field day more than once every two weeks.

    I am fundamentally opposed to those people who don't know how to balance their check book and are demanding that I help bail them out. This is BS. There is a simple strategy that works for staying out of debt and works for an individual and works for a government. Its this, "Don't buy CRAP you can't afford." If you don't have the money to buy it, save and buy it when you do.

    I wanted to be a lawyer once and then decided I like my morality and values to much to compromise them.

    I had to laugh reading about Marines being sentamental. As a Marine I can't tell you how many gory war moives I watched with my buddies but when I got out I watched romantic comdies.

    I have never like cities or even living in places where I can throw a rock and hit my neighbors house. I was raised in the rural west and had a graduation class of 2. Big cities are a wasteland where people can't understand what it means to look into the distance and only see the horizon.

    I spend two years proselyiting and knocking on peoples doors 7 days a week 365 days a year. But if someone was intrested or said go away I didn't stick my foot in their door, I just went on to the next one.

    I like mountains better than flatland or hills. Or even better the red rock sand stone of southern Utah.

    I love having my hair short. I like a hair cut once a week. It is a DI thing. I don't want to totaly be a nasty civillian even if I am not as lean or as mean as I was as a Marine.

    One of the best stories I ever read was an adress give by an adimral at the Naval Academy. He compared each of the services to dogs. Marines came in two types. Rottwielers and Dobermans. He said because Marines all have short hair but some Marines are skinny and mean and some are big and mean.

    I love history. That would be my major but it would be more worthless as a major than my political science major is. Both are pretty worthless in the real world to get a job but they both have alot to do with what is happening and what will happen. I believe history will repeat itself and comes in cycles and if we learn from the past we will be better prepared when it happens again.

    And since I only care about what kind of guy you are a little and then really only because I agree with alot of it thats why I posted this.

  3. Bob

    Your friends here in Texas respectfully request that you give Texas hold-em another chance. It's a great strategy game and much for fun than asking for three cards every time

  4. You are clearly also a very humorous kind of guy. Wish you were back east and we could share half a box of red wine; I know I could learn quite a lot from you.

  5. Bob
    I read your "I'm tired" comments on a forwarded email.You have hit the nail on the head with such force and clarity as to drive it beyond home shattering the hammer in the process.I shall forward it to everyone I know.I am 64 years old and likewise pity the world my children will have to live in.I cannot believe the level of political corruption and lack of the most basic moral and ethical values of our public officials on both sides of the isle.It is becoming clear to me that no matter how much I protest ,my voice falls on deaf ears. Thank you for your service.At least I know that I am not alone in my belief system.God bless you sir and God help our beloved country.

  6. I think if you can't fit a square peg in a round hole then you need to find another hole...AIRBORNE!!

  7. When I was a state senator, I regularly voted against amendments increasing the state budget more often than any other senator. Which made me few friends and did a fat lot of good.It did a helluva lot of good, sir. You can look yourself in the mirror each morning knowing you didn't contribute to the fiscal mess. There are many who cannot do this.

    Overall, you sound like a great guy, sir. Thanks for another great post.

  8. I'm not a guy, but a woman - a woman who both enjoys, and takes comfort from your posts.
    And I, too, am 63 - and grateful (yes, I just read your I Am Tired post).
    I read your words and think not everyone is asleep at the wheel; I am not the only person reading, writing, searching for some degree of understanding - or is it that I do understand but just want someone to verbalize it better than I'm capable of doing?
    My husband and I have worked hard for many years, are still working. We are educated, well-paid professionals, have provided jobs for a number of people, raised our children, looked forward to our retirement. We will, however, have to work until we drop.
    Laziness and ennui, insurances, taxes, licenses, policies and required procedure put us out of business (the laziness and ennui, I might add, were not anything ever attributed to us - but that is what, ultimately, closed our doors. Can't fight city hall? Well, you certainly can't fight laziness and ennui either. It's like a cancer - a cancer that has spread and infected our society. Get one person in your employ with this particular cancer and he/she will infect others. Why work when you can live off the government, the cancer asks; I've figured out how to 'play the game', the cancer bleats - I'll walk you through...
    So now my husband and I work for a large corporation - and consider ourselves lucky that the buck no longer stops with us (something that would be difficult since we spent everything we had trying to preserve jobs that were not appreciated, trying to rescue a company being devoured from within).
    Work ethic? Yes, we still have that - and good thing because we're going to have to work until we drop.
    Yeah, I'm tired, too. Yeah, I'm grateful to be 63, and yeah, I worry about my granddaughter.
    But I'm not beaten yet. Not everyone is asleep at the wheel; I've just read your blog...