Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Music for Conservatives


Til the last shot's fired (Wounded Warrior Project)

Where have you gone, Mr. Jefferson

Two Trillion Bucks

Freedom Never Cries

Jazz for Conservatives


  1. I have just been catching up on your posts. I wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading the interesting links you share with us as well as your own writing. Keep up the great work. Your message important to all of us.
    Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.

  2. "Two Trillion Bucks"

    Interesting how this is about the amount (a tremendous amount), the Pentagon has lost. They can't even account for it.

    The idea that the democrats are the ones racking up debt is just an often repeated yet blatant lie. The record clearly shows, for anyone intellectually curious enough to actually look it up, that historically they have been *far more* fiscally responsible. It's not even close.

    Over the last 75 years, Republican administrations have had an average annual deficit of $83.4 billion. The average for Democratic presidents is one fourth of that, only $20 billion.
    --George Mason’s University, History News Network, http://hnn.us/articles/8301.html

    I am a registered independent, not a democrat, but I don't mind pointing out (because it's true) that the democrats have also had a FAR BETTER record in the following categories:

    Job creation

    Stock Market performance

    Poverty reduction

    GDP growth

    Reduction of federal spending

    Lower inflation

    Lower unemployment

    Higher incomes

    You know, all the big categories that make a country successful and a pleasant place to live.

    The above is all carefully detailed with each claim fully referenced, here: