Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea Party Videos



And here a CNN "Journalist" (it is to laugh) argues with the protesters (in Chicago, I think, home of such centrist Democrats as Blagojevich, Daley, Rezko, etc.), and calls them right wing extreamists.

If you'd like to complain to the FCC about this illegal coprorate contribution by CNN to the Democrat Party, here's the form:

RI Tea Party Pictures:

The Chicago Trib's John Kass on Tea Parties,0,7670103.column

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  1. A friend sent me your "I'm Tired" comments in a response to an e-mail I put out about my experience at the White Plains, NY tea party. All I can say is "Ditto" and I only just turned 50. I know you don't want to run for office again (who blames you) but what about putting your skills to good use by starting a third party? I really think its time to throw the Dem's and Republicans out of office and into the history books.
    Marilynne Martin,
    Rockville Centre, NY.
    p.s. - the e-mail I sent friends and family on my tax tea party day experience is below

    Hi all,
    Just a note to let you know I did my part yesterday and attended the White Plains, NY tax day tea party with my friend Barbara.

    I don’t know if it helped, but the media coverage of it made me angry.

    Most of the people who were there (the crowd was about 250, a little disappointing, but it was at 12 noon) were not there to protest taxes, per se. It was the concern over the massive spending going on and what it will mean for the future (a bankrupt USA and a significantly devalued dollar). No one there appeared to me to be “anti-racial” or “anti-Obama”, but they were definitely concerned about the erosion of our liberties. Most blamed both parties. Most were first time protesters like me and Barbara.

    I left feeling inspired and not alone. Two memorable speakers were as follows:

    First, a woman who said she was first generation American. Her parents emigrated from Puerto Rico and she talked about how important it was for them to learn English. How she spoke Spanish in the home, but always English in school, and how disgusted she was with the “dual language” philosophy of the current school system. Another speaker was an immigrant from Dominican Republic. He worked hard doing dishes and put himself through school without any government assistance.

    Than I got home and found out I was astro-turf (Nancy Pelosi’s words)! Also I watched the network news at 6pm and there was absolutely no coverage of tea parties and at 11pm they gave it 15 seconds. Channel 12 news didn’t cover it at all. And the Journal (local newspaper for Westchester) covered it with an article but it didn’t capture the essence and certainly didn’t refer to the two I mentioned above.

    I believe in a progressive tax system. However, living in a high cost area like Long Island, forgive me when I say that $200K is not rich. I would consider that upper middle class. Especially when you do not have the government pension and health care benefits that these Congressman have. How much do you have to save before retirement in order to get the retiree benefits that they have? During my high income level working years, I always paid about 28-32% of my Gross Income to federal taxes. Joe Biden just released his tax returns and his effective rate is 17%, and he gets full healthcare and a large pension when he retires.

    I am now paying $1500/month on private insurance for healthcare because of many factors some of which is that the government plans (medicare and Medicaid) do not pay 100% of customary charges to doctors and hospitals (so I am subsidizing them) as well as a government that has taken a position that if doctors and hospitals are not 100% perfect, they get sued. Have you heard any mention of tort reform in Obama’s health care reform plans? Am I crazy for being angry?

    My position at the rally was that we need a new third party and we need to put an end to career politicians (term limits). The current Republican and Democratic parties will never change and they have ceased serving our needs. Both parties have put this country in serious debt. How good is your Chinese?

    Barbara had a great idea. All across the nation we should work to get Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi out of office. We should contribute to the election campaigns of their competitors in 2010. It’s just an idea to circulate.