Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Response on Government Health Care

This was a comment on the health care article I published earlier, but I thought it deserved it's own spot on the blog. ~Bob

Anyone that thinks government healthcare is a good idea needs to be a VA patient for a year or two. I suffered disc damage in my back while in the service. Predictably, over the years it has gotten worse to the point where I really can't work a full day anymore. IN addition, the pain prevents me from sleeping effectively. I average only 5-25 minutes of REM sleep a day.

My condition is surgically reversible. The VA? The VA neurosurgeon said that at my age (53) I would likely be stricken by arthritis soon and blah blah yada yada. Basically, because I was so old that the surgery would be a waste of the government's money.

Their solution is to keep me on ever increasing doses of painkillers and let the drugs and insomnia solve the problem of surgical costs for them.

Am I bitter? YOU BET. I thought I had a deal with my country when I volunteered and served. Am I the only one? Heck no. I live in a town of 3,500 people in the middle of nowhere Wyoming and there are two other older veterans here that have been treated the same way.

SO, the next time you think you need Nanny Sam providing for your every need just remember that the minute the government thinks you have outlived your usefulness they WILL make these kinds of "value" judgments and you will be left to die "comfortably."
--Mike Stebbins


  1. Amen, Why does our government think thay can just continue to do this to the men & women who have served to keep their fat a**'s in a the lap of luxury and free? We have so many men and women who do need medical attention and as you so truthfully put it "Basically, because I was so old that the surgery would be a waste of the government's money". You keep rockin on....

  2. As a veteran and a tax preparer, I am so tired of administration after administration promoting themselves on health care reform. If the President (any President) and this inept Congress want to help us with the cost of health care how about lifting the 7.5% AGI limitation on medical deductions for taxpayers! If my adjusted gross income is $100k, that means the first $7500 of medical expenses is not deductible. Since I shell out over $11k for health insurance (my own coverage) I will see some of that as deductible. But lets say, I end up in the 15% tax bracket. That means the 7.5% limitation has just added $1,125 to my tax bill!! Yeah, yeah, I know some people can deduct the premiums as "Self employed health insurance". I can't because I am an employee. The point is if they want to help the working class, get rid of the AGI limitations on medical costs!!!

  3. Two words to fix up the American health care system: Tort Reform.

    I'm Canadian. I know all about government-sponsored health care. It's great if you have a minor problem or a routine doctor's appointment, but it's crap if you're waiting (and waiting and waiting) for surgery or to see a specialist.

    The reason? When something is free, or offered at a below-market price, demand is always going to outstrip supply. The only way to compensate for this is to ration the supply of the higher-cost procedures (or higher-cost expertise, etc.). I'd have a lot more respect for the American purveyors of government-paid health care if they told the whole truth about the matter, and said there would be trade-offs like long wait times and reduced R & D. But this side of the story is never told.

  4. Amen! You've said it much better than I could ever say it! I'm married to a Jarhead. Siempre Fie!

    Catbird ..