Sunday, November 1, 2020

Help Replace Stolen Items for Active Duty Marine


A few weeks ago, we met the Marine son of a friend of ours, who is a corporal. His brother is also a Marine. On the way back to his duty station in California, driving his father’s car, he stopped at a nice motel. During the night, a slimeball broke into his car, stole the money he had there, is laptop, his seabag, and all his uniforms and civilian clothes. They also took all his military paperwork. The auto insurance company will only pay for the windows. The homeowner’s police, under State Farm (you’re in good hands?) will only pay for the contents if he has receipts. Raise your hand if you have receipts for all your clothes, uniforms, and computers.

His brother has set up a Go Fund Me page to help him out.  Bonnie and I kicked in a couple of hundred. If you can help this Marine, go to the page below. Semper Fi. ~Bob

Help Replace Stolen Items for Active Duty Marine

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