Sunday, November 29, 2020

Letter to the Wisconsin State journal:

 Socialism always leads to coercion -- Robert Hall

Letter to the Wisconsin State journal:
I read with amusement Sunday's letter to the editor, "Americans should embrace socialism." Clearly the letter writer has lived and enjoyed the fruits of free markets in a capitalist country and never lived in a truly socialist country. Socialism always starts with golden promises and ends with bloody coercion. See Venezuela, praised by Bernie Sanders a few years ago as a place where the American dream was being worked out. People point to the Scandinavian countries, but they are not really socialist. They are free-market democracies with large social welfare programs, paid for by individual taxes. High business taxes would drive jobs out of the county. Under socialism and communism, people have to be coerced to do things the leaders think is good for them.
Robert Hall, Madison

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