Sunday, November 22, 2020

BLM Co-Founder Calls on Biden to Back a Crazy Progressive 'Civil Rights' Bill

 Read over what this BLM leader (and proud Marxist) really believes in and wants to make happen.  Check out the details of removing from law enforcement every single tool other than (oddly) firearms and batons, and even body cameras.  (Why in hell would you NOT want body cameras to document exactly what went on?)  She really believes in the perfection of human beings, so there will be no need for police or jails, and no jail will exist within 10 years.

One has to wonder what she thinks will happen in places like Chicago, where many hundreds of Black people die every year from Black-on-Black violence, if there are no police and no jails.  One has to wonder how she can walk and talk like an intelligent person and believe so passionately in utter fantasy.  And she is demanding a meeting with Biden and Harris to collect on the "debt" they owe to BLM for getting them elected.  (Allegedly, that is- personally I don't believe that BLM somehow convinced huge numbers of Black people to vote for Biden who otherwise would have either voted for Trump or not voted at all.  The Black vote has gone 95% to Democrats from before she was born, and in this election more Blacks voted GOP than ever before.)
I can hardly wait to hear about the meeting she is demanding and what Biden and Harris will promise her.

BLM Co-Founder Calls on Biden to Back a Crazy Progressive 'Civil Rights' Bill

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  1. She says no more jails in 10 years?? If she is so adamant,"Why not RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!????"