Saturday, November 7, 2020

My take on the election


My take on the election.


I have waited until it was called to comment. Baring surprises, Biden and Harris will be sworn in on January 21.


Hunter Biden has to be the most relieved person in America. Anything the DOJ does now will be pictured as a witch hunt by the media. And after January 21, it will all go quietly away.


There was no blue Wave or Red Wave as folks, including some experts, were predicting.


I do not expect the recounts and court challenges to change the outcome. Of course there was vote fraud in the Democratic cities. That is an old story. Read Lords of the Levee about Chicago c. 1900. Was it enough to change the election, as it may have done in 1960? We will never know.


It was a close election. Donald Trump was outspent and fighting heavy headwinds. First, the Democrats and the media hung COVID around his neck, despite the errors of Democrat politicians that killed people. They blamed the economic decline on him, forgetting it was a decline from an economy he built. Second, the media was 95% biased against him from day one. Third, the universities have educated a generation to believe that America is the source of all troubles in this world. Lastly were Trump’s manifest flaws, including an inability to stay silent when silence would have better served him.


Still he outperformed his poll numbers. With a few exceptions, the pollsters should get in another line of work. And he increased his vote among young black males, Hispanics and Jews.


The good news is that the Republicans only have to win one of the two senate runoffs in Georgia to control the senate. They are likely to win both. A Republican senate will stop Democrats from packing the Supreme Court with progressive justices loyal to the Democrat agenda, not the constitution. This is huge for freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. It should stop some of the excesses coming out of the US House and the Biden White House. Let’s hear it for gridlock.


Those of you always on RINO hunts should be glad that Susan Collins and Mitch McConnell won. Otherwise, your constitutional rights would be in the hands of Chuck Schumer. I am sorry that John James, an excellent black candidate, was edged out in the Michigan senate race. Democrats are apparently not for affirmative action all the time.


There is more good news. Republicans gained seats in the House. The GOP picked up another governorship and another state legislature. Here in Wisconsin, Julian Bradley, a very bright black guy we have met, won a state senate seat. In Arizona, my e-mail friend Quang Nguyen, a Vietnamese refugee, won a senate seat. Both are Republicans.


If history is a guide, the GOP has an excellent chance to take the US House in 2022, and increase control of the Senate. This will be especially true when the people see the kind of executive orders coming from a Biden white house and the legislation pushed by the House Democrats.


What about 2024? I had a dream ticket in mind, but my friend Del got in there first. Ted Cruz and Nikki Haley. An all ethnic ticket. Give them diversity good and hard.


I know die-hards are saying Trump should run again. I don’t think so. He will be 78. (Me too, if I’m spared.) It’s doubtful he could campaign then like he did this year. He will still have all the negatives and will doubtless add to them. After being battered mercilessly for four year, he has to be tired. We need new faces to face down the socialists.

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