Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama Loves Me

Obama Loves Me
Tune: Jesus Loves Me
(To be sung in all Churches, Synagogues and Mosques the weekend before the election)

Obama loves me, this I know,
For the media tell me so,
All our lives to him belong—
He’s The One who’s never wrong!

Chorus: Yes, Obama loves me,
Yes Obama loves me,
Yes, Obama loves me,
The media tell me so.

Obama is the only one
Who knows just what must now be done.
He will give us free health care,
So “Hope and Change” is now our prayer!

Reverend Wright he never heard
Damning America, we have his word,
Rezko and Raines are now no shows,
And William Ayers he hardly knows!

He’ll tax the rich ‘til they are poor,
So we won’t have to work no more.
Obama makes all Europe rave,
For he will make terrorists behave.

Do not question, do not ask,
Do not peek behind the mask,
Change will come Election Day,
For Daley’s with him all the way.

Obama loves me, this I know,
Hollywood fat cats tell me so,
He’s handsome, wise and not too old,
So we must vote just as we’re told!

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  1. Brilliant!! Thanks for letting me use your letter to the editor. We have to spread the word!! Beverly