Thursday, October 23, 2008

Three Reasons to Support McCain

Three Reasons to Support McCain
Robert A. Hall


If Islamic Terrorists obtain the materials and knowhow, they will set off an atomic bomb in Washington, DC, murdering millions, triggering the worst depression in history, and guaranteeing the suspension of constitutional liberties to gain security.

They believe Allah commands them to establish Islam as a unified political-religious system controlling the world, where women are chattel and freedom of speech and religion no longer exist.

John McCain has the experience, leadership and demonstrated courage to protect us from creeping accommodation with the tyranny of Shari’a law, and a Jihad that includes nuclear genocide.


The implosion of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac over bad mortgages is driving the economic turmoil. In 2005, a serious Fannie and Freddie reform bill, S-190, was passed by the Senate Banking Committee. The bill to give regulators new powers would have required the companies eliminate investments in risky assets. John McCain was one of three sponsors of the bill. It was blocked by Senate Democrats, including Chris Dodd and Barack Obama, who were the leading recipients of political contributions from employees and PACs of Fannie and Freddie over the years.

Obama has attacked free trade through NAFTA and promised to “soak the rich” by raising capital gains taxes. Hopefully he’s just pandering to economically-ignorant voters. His advisors must know raising trade barriers locked in the great depression, and that increasing the CG tax has always reduced government revenue, by driving job-creating investments out of the market. But can we take the chance he’s lying?
A naïve President Obama backed by a solidly Democratic congress will give us the situation of the late 1970s, when a naïve President Carter, backed by a strongly Democratic congress produced interest rates over 20%, and a “misery index” (inflation and unemployment combined) that hit 22%. Brace yourself.


If choosing an airline pilot, a heart surgeon or a carpenter, you’d choose one with over 20 year’s experience before one with under four. Sen. Obama doesn’t have four year’s experience at the national level, to McCain’s 20+ years. As Commander-in-Chief, McCain has over 20 years in the military, Obama zero.

Obama’s assertion that Iraq was soaking up translators needed in Afghanistan (they speak different languages) and that we should ask the UN Security Council to condemn Russia’s invasion of Georgia (Russia has a Council veto) betray a minimal understanding of world affairs that no rock-star speech in Germany can remedy.

These are the best reasons to back McCain. But if you need more, Obama, like most Democrat leaders, is an attorney, deeply committed to the trial lawyers, whose lawsuits drive up the cost of health care and everything else. He’s deeply committed to teachers’ unions, thus opposed to parental choice of schools and fixing our crumbling system. He’s deeply committed to labor bosses, thus supports taking the secret union ballot away from working people. Despite recent pandering, he’s deeply opposed to developing America’s energy sources—think $10-a-gallon gas in four years.

And he’s probably going to be our next president. But don’t blame me. I’m voting for McCain.

Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts senate.

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