Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts not long enough for a column

I just started this blog. Have been arranging political stuff I wrote over the last month, so I'm sorry if things have jumped around (if anyone is reading). It should settle down. I have some pieces about other matters I’ll post after the election.

Local TV station just suggested that if BO is elected President, Congressman Jessie Jackson Jr. will be appointed to his senate seat. Dear God, is there no end to the trouble you are sending this Republic?

My friend Margaret from Mensa sent me a suggestion that Congress Critters be required to wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers, with the logo of their corporate sponsor on it. That works for me.

My sailing buddy George, from two trips on the Maine Windjammer Lewis R. French, sent me the next great bumper sticker, for the coming Obama administration: O-Bummer! I think he can make some dollars on e-bay. "Another Taxpayer Mugged by Obama" will also sell well--next year.

Polls show that Congress’s approval rating is about 12%--and that the public is going to vote strongly Democrat, to strengthen the leadership of the current Congress, so they get more of the same. I think it was H. L. Mencken who said something like, “Democracy is the theory that the public knows what it wants, and deserves to get it good and hard.”

I think it will be Obama by 315+ electoral votes, at least 54-46 in the popular vote. But McCain may have one more Hail Mary in him. Maybe he’ll announce his cabinet this week, as I’ve been hoping. Or maybe a tape of Obama talking to Rezko, or Raines, or Ayers or Rev. Wright will emerge.

All the people who didn’t pay taxes, which I read is about 40%, have been promised a (bribe)“tax rebate check" if they’ll vote for Obama. That should put him well over the top. I wonder how long they will have to wait for their payment for their vote?

If a miracle should happen, and McCain wins, I’m immediately going to put a new sticker over my McCain sticker. I’m living in Cook County, home of the Daley-Obama machine. I bet the riots will be worse here than elsewhere.

I expect if Obama wins, there will be some inner city parties that will get out of hand anyway, not to mention wild celebrations in the Muslin world. I’m sure President-elect Obama will deplore the deaths and promise in Bill Clinton fashion to “bring the perpetrators to justice.” Unfortunately, all this will be after the election.

Here's a well-done, funny video abut the news after President Obama takes office. We have to keep our sense of humor.

Who do the special interests like? And what ROI do they expect from the guy who comes from the Chicago Machine to clean up Washington? “More than 600 donors contributed $25,000 or more to (Obama) in September alone, roughly 3 times the number who did the same for McCain.” Source: New York Times, 10/20/08

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