Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why will President Obama have low poll numbers?

Joe Biden predicted that if Obama is elected, we will have an international crisis: "Mark my words, within the … first six months of this administration …, you're gonna face a major international challenge, because they are going to want to test him ..." Biden followed that up with, "You're not going to like what we do; you're not going to appreciate our response. Our poll numbers are probably going to be low after this happens, so please hang in there with us, 'cause it's going to be bad. It may not look like we're doing the right thing."

About two years down the road, President-to-be Obama’s poll numbers will look like the Democrat Congress’s numbers do today. An international crisis, with a Washington rookie at the helm, would certainly do it. But there are a lot of reasons Obama’s numbers will be low.

The economy: Sure, Obama will be able to blame Bush for a year or two, despite his Fannie-Looter advisers like Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson. But after two years of Democrat control of the White House and Congress, there will be no Republicans to blame. Obama is locked into increasing trade barriers for the union bosses he owes. Not even little Columbia will get a trade break. Trade barriers raise prices and cost jobs across the economy. (Look up Smoot-Hawley.)
And Obama has promised Capital Gains tax increases to help pay for the “tax credits” he’s offering people to vote for him. Capital Gains taxes drive job-creating investments out of the market, and thus actually reduce government revenue. And they will sink what’s left of millions of folk’s IRAs and 401ks. Remember high inflation, unemployment and interest rates under Jimmy Carter and his strongly-Democrat Congress? They’re coming back.

Taxes: President Obama has promised 40% of the people a “tax credit” bribe to vote for him. Though they didn’t pay any taxes, they’ll all get a check for $500 or $1,000. He’ll just take the money from the top 5% of taxpayers, people he says earn over $250,000. The IRS says the top 5% starts at $153,000 and for the top 10%, who already pay 70% of the taxes, the threshold is only $108,000. When they find out how much their taxes have to go up to pay for the Obama landslide, there’s going to be hell to pay.

Lawsuits: The trial lawyers will be riding high. They’ve invested a pile of money in Obama and the Democrats, and they expect a return on their investment, especially because every top Democrat is a lawyer: the Obamas, the Clintons, Biden, Edwards, Pelosi, and Reid. But Americans are sick of the “sue-everyone-in-sight” culture. When they see lawsuits spiking, and figure out what it costs them, they’ll notice that only Democrat lawyers are in charge.
Corruption: Obama promises to clean up Washington, but this friend of convicted political fixer Tony Rezko is a critter right from Mayor Daley’s Chicago Machine, and he counts the folks who took $150 million out of Fannie among his top advisors. Once it’s mainly Democrats getting caught with their hands in cookie jars, their poll numbers will sink faster than the stock market after a Capital Gains tax increase.

Terrorists: Democrats have other priorities than the military and defense. Obama will have little choice but to eviscerate the military, as Clinton did, to help pay for all the goodies. That, and his naïve “we’ll talk to them and they’ll behave” approach to rogue states will embolden our enemies. It will get nasty again. So Biden’s right in that way; an international crisis is likely to be part of President Obama’s depressing poll numbers. But only part. Just hang in there.

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  1. I noticed that both candidates seem to tap dance over the area of illegal immigration. Its not just the mexicans that are coming here in gaps on our borders , but many unwanteds...some from the middle east. I wish McCain would take a firmer stance on this since its our nations security at risk. I already know how Obama bin Biden will act.. Grantr citenzenship to the millions that are here in hopes that if elected his political base in 2012 will have increased.