Friday, October 24, 2008

A metaphysical, philosophical and psychological comparison of the candidates

A metaphysical, philosophical and psychological comparison of the candidates

Describe in one word:

--McCain: Experienced

--Obama: Trendy

If his national defense policy was a martial art:

--McCain: Karate

--Obama: Tai Chi

If his administration was a meal:

--McCain: Steak, potatoes, broccoli (because it’s good for you), side of horseradish

--Obama: Tofu and bean sprouts

If his administration was a drink:

--McCain: Microbrew beer or aged whisky

--Obama: French wine or mineral water

Star who’d best portray his personality in a movie about the election:

--McCain: Clint Eastwood

--Obama: Woody Allen

Ruling value:

--McCain: Freedom

--Obama: Consensus

Most political-valuable trait:

--McCain: Determination

--Obama: Articulation

Educational knock:

--McCain: Got into Annapolis because father & grandfather were admirals.

--Obama: Got into Harvard because of affirmative action.

Most courageous moment:

--McCain: Flying fighter-bombers off aircraft carriers into combat, surviving five years of torture as a POW, and refusing early release, as it was against the POW’s code.

--Obama: Making anti-war speech to anti-war crowd in Chicago, when most national Democrats were supporting Bush on Iraq.

Ego book he wrote:

--McCain: Tribute to his family’s and his own service in the Navy and to patriotism. (Faith of My Fathers)

--Obama: Two tributes to himself (Dreams of my Father and The Audacity of Hope)

His election would most please:

--McCain: Veterans who served and love America

--Obama: Europeans and Muslims who loath America

President he’ll be most like:

--McCain: Teddy Roosevelt

--Obama: Jimmy Carter


--McCain: Keeping America safe, rebuilding the economy

--Obama: Helping the disadvantaged, the poor, the Chicago machine, the union bosses and the trial lawyers.

Person he wishes he never met:

--McCain: Charles Keating

--Obama: Three-way tie: Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, Rev. Wright

Economic philosophy

--McCain: Free enterprise and free trade

--Obama: Spread the Wealth Around

Made his political reputation:

--McCain: Opposing his own party on things like stem cell research and earmarks.

--Obama: Giving a great speech at the Democratic Convention in 2004, when he was still a state senator, and writing two books about himself.

If only one group could vote, who would the candidates chose:

--McCain: Veterans

--Obama: Welfare recipients

Position on Islamic Terrorists

--McCain: Hunt them down and kill them

--Obama: “If the political winds turn ugly, I will side with the Muslims.” (Dreams of my Father.)

Promise he can’t keep:

--McCain: Will Veto any bill with earmarks. (A Democrat controlled Congress can make every bill, for defense, education, etc. full of earmarks for favored legislators.)

--Obama: Will cut taxes for 95% of the people. (About 30% don’t pay taxes.)

Biggest irony:

--McCain: Will probably lose because Sarah Palin is viewed as unqualified, though she has more executive experience than Obama and Biden combined.

--Obama: Will probably win because the mortgage crises, led by Fannie Mae, collapsed the economy, though he supported Fannie and took the second most money in political contributions from Fannie employees/PACS, while McCain sponsored legislation in 2005, S-190, to better regulate Fannie.

If he loses, will blame:

--McCain: Himself

--Obama: Racism, the Clintons

People who know the candidate best:

--McCain: His fellow POWs

--Obama: Mayor Daley, Sen. Emil Jones, Tony Rezko and other fellow members of the Chicago political machine

In 50 years, will be remembered as:

--McCain: American patriot and hero

--Obama: Pop-culture icon

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