Monday, October 27, 2008

Imagine if Sarah Palin was a Democrat

Imagine if Sarah Palin was a liberal Democrat, pro-choice, anti-gun, supported the total Democrat agenda, and had been tapped to be the VP on the Democrat ticket.

Imagine Republicans are attacking her as completely inexperienced. Democrats and the media are pointing out that as a governor, she has more executive experience than John McCain does, who was CO (i.e. CEO) of a Navy Squadron, with far fewer assets and employees than Alaska. They are noting that she’s running for VP, while McCain with less executive experience is running for President.

Imagine Republicans are attacking her for trying to get her trooper brother-in-law fired. Democrats and the Media are blasting Republicans for defending rogue cops, being in favor of cops tasering ten-year-olds, and keeping cops on the force when they drive drunk, threaten people and hunt without a license, as he did.

Imagine Republicans are sending around phony transcripts of her high school grades to try to make her look dumb, circulating a fake list of adult books thy claim she wanted grade school kids to read (instead of ban) some of which were not even published when she was mayor, and even sliming her young daughter by e-mailing a fake photo-shopped picture of Piper Palin flipping off a kid. The Media and Democrats are condemning this slime on page one daily. It would be THE story of the election.

Imagine Republicans have photo-shopped Palin’s head onto nude photos on the Internet, circulated photos of themselves wearing “Sarah Palin is a c_nt” tee shirts, circulated fake claims that she isn’t the mother of Trig, or claimed she should have aborted him. Imagine Republicans write on blogs that they hope Palin gets raped and murdered, and hold “Sarah Palin Stripper Look Alike Contests.” Imagine they are making a porno-movie in California with a Sarah Palin look-alike running for VP. Imagine Republican talk show hosts compliment her on “being hot.” Imagine Republicans are saying she should stay home with the kids. Imagine Republican operatives are swarming Wasilla, dumpster-diving for any piece of dirt. Imagine Republicans are trying to make liberal Democrat Sarah Palin's family, wardrobe and sex appeal the major issues of the campaign.

The Media, Democrats and every woman’s organization in the country would be claiming, front page, that this showed the Republican Party hates women, and treats women with contempt as sex objects. Editorials would be braying about the “politics of personal destruction” and saying that these Republican tactics mean no woman will dare run for national office again in our lifetimes.

Liberal Sarah would be the darling of Hollywood and the Media, and her future would be guaranteed, as a victim of those evil, right-wing Republicans, who will stoop to anything to get power and destroy a person. Her book advance alone would set her up for life.

Imagine I had the choice of voting for Palin or Obama for President. I’d vote for Palin. She has more executive experience, equal foreign policy experience, a rationalist world view, and a lack of Obama’s hubris, so she’d be trying to put the best people around her. Does the public know she refused calls to make abortion a legislative issue in Alaska, and vetoed a bill banning same sex partner benefits as unconstitutional? Probably not—it's not front page news that she has governed as a centrist. Her wardrobe, children, sex-appeal and does she make the verbal mistakes the media gives Obama and Biden a pass on--those are the key issues!

So why isn't the fair and balanced Media reacting as they would if Palin was a liberal Democrat, and Republicans were doing this stuff? Couldn't be bias?

And if Piper flipped off the Media, who could blame the kid?

Update: Just after I put this piece up to be posted, a friend sent me this:

Imagine if Palin was a Democrat and a Republican did this!

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