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Old Jarhead's Political SitRep for October 29, 2012

Old Jarhead's Political SitRep for October 29, 2012
Robert A. Hall

Worth Sharing: TokenLibertarianGirl: Your First Time Parody

Worth Reading: Liberal Des Moines Register Endorses Romney, First Republican Endorsement In 40 Years. By Tony Lee The Des Moines Register, the left-of-center and most influential newspaper in Iowa that endorsed President Barack Obama in 2008, endorsed Mitt Romney on Saturday. … The endorsement caught most in the political world -- including the Obama campaign -- by surprise. The Obama campaign's Iowa communications director Erin Seidler on Saturday had confidently and prematurely tweeted it would be "hard to imagine" the Register endorsing Romney. Four minutes after Seidler's tweet, the Register published its endorsement of Romney. 

Des Moines Register endorsed Carter twice. Mondale. Dukakis. Gore. But couldn't endorse another four years of Obama. Wow.

Worth Reading: Benghazi - Battlefield Crime Scene. By Andy Weddington
Excerpt: United States military operational forces, positioned globally - land and sea, are trained to react quickly to unexpected scenarios. It's what they do, what they train for, and one reason we have the most capable, most lethal force(s) on the planet. This Benghazi pop-up was business as usual for our military. And there's no reason why it shouldn't have been addressed aggressively.

Book Recommendation: The Lotus Eaters. By Tom Kratman
I think of Kratman's Military Science Fiction and near-future military adventure novels as a chance to escape from a focus on politics. I continue to be amazed at his attention to detail and knowledge of the training and logistics that go into a successful military operation. But they really aren't. Woven through the well-constructed plots and gripping details are thoughts on the philosophy of war and governance that far exceed what you can get at today's university for intellectually stimulation. But readers so inclined can ignore them and concentrate on the story. In "The Lotus Eaters," Kratman starts most chapters from a book that, alas, I don't think exists, because I want to read it. It is "Historia Filosofia Moral" published in 466 on Terra Nova, the world Kratman has created to refight Earth's battles. Chapter 22 starts with this quote from this book: "Neither reason nor emotion can be taken in excess. Reason, in itself and standing alone, is a totally inadequate basis for maintaining a society. This is, indeed, the great flaw of the intellectual--far more so than his obsession with sex, his arrogance, and his selfishness--and why he is as much a danger to society as an asset and an ornament. Reason cannot tell the typical voter why he should not grant himself X largesse from the fisc when the penalty will not be paid until generation Y, a century down the road. That necessary restraint comes from an emotional commitment to future generations, and to the culture, values and traditions of the society of which the voter is a part. Indeed, once the practice of robbing the fisc is well established, reason must lead the voter to "get mine, before it's all gone.".... These excerpts are alone worth the price of the book, but do yourself a favor and start with the first volume of this series, "A Desert Called Peace." ~Bob

Worth Reading: (FL) Times-Union endorsement: Romney's turnaround skills are right for America
Excerpt: What this nation needs is a turnaround expert. We need someone who knows how to deal with a balance sheet drowning in red ink. We need someone who has that American strain of pragmatism in an era of toxic partisan politics.

Breitbart: Obama Watched Benghazi Attack from Situation Room
Excerpt: Lt. Col. Tony Schafer told Fox News that sources were telling him that the President was watching the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya in real-time. Schafer told Fox that "only the President" could have ordered backup for the Americans who were under siege by terrorists so the President was most certainly informed of the situation as it was unfolding
. (When the 3 am call came from Benghazi, Obama wet the bed. ~Bob.)

VIDEO: Pat Caddell's blistering, emotional, anti-media attack
Excerpt: Last night on Jeanine Pirro's Fox News show, long time Democrat pollster and consultant, Pat Caddell, called out the American media for its willingness to help Obama sell his Benghazi fairy tales. As usual, Caddell's analysis is spot on. He went on to suggest that any President prior to this administration "would have been crucified" for such dereliction of duty. ... It's always nice to see a lifelong Democrat who has such a high level of integrity.

Has General Ham Been Fired? By Mike Johnson
Excerpt: Has General Carter F. Ham, commander of U.S. Africa Command, been fired for defying Leon Panetta on Benghazi? Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, ran a piece Saturday afternoon titled "Interesting Rumor Concerning General Carter Ham and Stand Down Order." This piece is presented as a rumor. It suggests that General Ham was told to stand down from sending aid to Benghazi, that General Ham on his own decided to proceed, and that he was then relieved of his command. Remember, all rumor at this point. (OK, just to beat it to death, this is all about UNCONFIRMED information that the general was going to go ahead to bring help to Benghazi in defiance of his orders to stand down, and that caused his being relieved of command. In a way, I hope it's true, because I hope we still have generals who will know when the time has come to defy orders and do the right thing. This is still churning, and maybe in the next week we'll find out if it's true or just made up by somebody. Ham has four years to go to retirement, he may feel that he cannot comment on this. If he can't comment, then it's more likely true that he was relieved, if he does come out and say it's nonsense, then we can believe him. --I look forward to hearing more about this. --Del)

The Mosaic of lies, deceits and state-sponsored terrorism: The hidden real truth about Benghazi, By Doug Hagmann
Excerpt: Most people know that we’ve been lied to about the attacks in Benghazi, but few realize the extent of those lies or the hidden secrets they cover. After all, the lie is different at every level. Thanks to a well placed source with extensive knowledge about the attack, the disturbing truth is slowly beginning to emerge and is lining up with information contained in my previous articles published here weeks ago (HereHere and Here). (Not published in US….but makes the pieces fit together….God help us. --Barb)

Worth Reading: The Benghazi Story Refuses To Die, And It’s Hurting The President. By Walter Russell Mead
Excerpt: We still don’t know exactly what happened between the Pentagon, the State Department, the CIA and the White House as Americans in Libya requested support for Ambassador Stevens and his team in their final hours, and we almost certainly won’t before the election. But that doesn’t do the administration much good. As various departments and officials leak to save their careers and retaliate against rivals, grenades keep getting lobbed and emails and memos keep getting leaked.

Leaks, Lies, Libya... Lack of Leadership posted to Youtube
Excerpt: Here is a link to a YouTube video prepared by a large group of assorted Special Ops retirees, with a damning indictment of the current Administration and its leader. These guys are not all dyed in the wool Republicans, but they are all deeply upset and concerned about the damage this nation has suffered under this Administration and its many flaws. They have the right and they believe the duty to stand up for what they see as danger to the nation. They deserve a good listen and a lot of consideration. --Del

North Korean army minister 'executed with mortar round'
Excerpt: A North Korean army minister was executed with a mortar round for reportedly drinking and carousing during the official mourning period after Kim Jong-il's death. On the orders of Kim Jong-un to leave "no trace of him behind, down to his hair," according to South Korean media, Kim Chol was forced to stand on a spot that had been zeroed in for a mortar round and "obliterated." (It is good to see someone is upholding the traditions of Oriental Despotism. --TH)

Worth Reading: SCANDAL COMPARISON CHART: Benghazi-gate vs. Valerie Plame
Excerpt: My suggestion for those who are confronted with charges of "politicizing" Benghazi? I don't need to be lectured by the likes of you -- who made "Valerie Plame" a household term -- when a U.S. ambassador and three other personnel are dead, when the president lied for days about how they were killed, and when we can't find out why they were refused help, because the man ostensibly in charge refuses to take serious interviews and the White House Briefing Room has been closed for more than two weeks.

Romney Sweeps Endorsements Of Iowa’s Largest Newspapers– Read Their Blistering Critiques Of The President Here
Excerpt: There appears to be immense “lost faith” between six major Iowa newspapers and President Obama in the final days before the 2012 election. On Sunday The Des Moines Register, Cedar Rapids Gazette, and Quad City Times and the Sioux City Journal all endorsed the Republican candidate.

How Obama's Tactics Repel Women. John O'Sullivan
Excerpt: In fact that has already happened in a
way that illustrates Jim Bennett’s recent insight that the new social media have changed the way that election campaigns work. A video parodying Ms. Dunham’s ad was put out yesterday and has already gone viral. It was No. 5 on one list of most-watched videos. However hip-and-edgy Obama’s campaign workers are, there will always be someone hipper and edgier out there in flyover America.

Excerpt: Hurricane Sandy isn’t the only storm approaching Washington. …. Disarray, criminality on tape, and retreat. Frankly, there hasn’t been a bigger disintegration the last few weeks of a campaign in my lifetime. The Obama campaign hasn’t been on offense since the disaster of the first presidential debate.

Pro-Obama Ad Has Children Singing About An America Where ‘Sick People Just Die’ & ‘Oil Fills The Sea
Excerpt: The founders of the ad agency behind the iconic “Got Milk?” ad campaign and some of the other most well-known advertisements in the country have a new message: re-elect President Barack Obama, or your children will live in an America where “sick people just die” and “oil fills the sea.” (Got BS sick for kids? ~Bob.)

Woes put agents at risk on the border: 'Dead spots' may have played role in shooting
Excerpt: Despite years of complaints from U.S. Border Patrol agents, the federal government has failed to eliminate radio "dead spots" where agents suddenly lose contact with each other. That loss of communication can create a dangerous situation and most often occurs in remote mountainous areas similar to the area where Agent Nicholas Ivie was killed by friendly fire this month.

Excerpt: US drones killed four al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in the first strike recorded against the terror group in northern Yemen. A local al Qaeda commander was targeted, and two Saudis are thought to be among those killed. The unmanned Predators or Reapers fired several missiles at two compounds in the Abu Jabara area of Saad.

Too Funny: Obama Supporters Slam ‘Romney’ Policies…Then Find Out They’re Actually Obama’s
Excerpt: Romney was quickly called “crazy,” “his” policies deemed “unconstitutional” and “immoral.” The crowd seemed particularly disturbed by the expansion of the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act (which allows U.S. citizens to be detained without trial), and the proposed “Kill List.” So what happened when Rudkowski had to tell the group that the policies they just eviscerated were actually being supported by their presidential pick?

A hero of Vietnam finds victory in defeat
People forget the brave Vietnamese who fought long and hard and suffered much at the end. This man's story is just one of so many. --Del

FLORIDA: Another Major Newspaper Abandons Obama; Polls Show Romney Up. By Guy Benson
Excerpt: Last weekend, it was the Orlando Sentinel reversing its 2008 course by endorsing Mitt Romney for president. Now the South Florida Sun-Sentinel is turning heads by following suit: Brush away all the rhetoric, all the vitriol, all the divisiveness from the presidential campaign. To most Americans, only one thing matters — the economy. (Will we even have newspapers four years from now? Kate)

We now have Hillary being told by Bill to resign. They have hired legal council pending fraud charge
Strikes me as doubtful rumor mongering. ~Bob. Excerpt: In what is rapidly becoming the biggest cover-up in US history, reports have surfaced that former President Clinton as well as her legal team have advised Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to resign over the recent Benghazi attacks.

Obama Cabinet Flunks Disclosure Test With 19 in 20 Ignoring Law
Excerpt: On his first full day in office, President Barack Obama ordered federal officials to “usher in a new era of open government” and “act promptly” to make information public. As Obama nears the end of his term, his administration hasn’t met those goals, failing to follow the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act, according to an analysis of open-government requests filed by Bloomberg News.

This is a Warning: North Korea Issues War Alert
Excerpt: The Pyongyang government has announced a nationwide semi-state of war alert, the second highest readiness level, just below state of war alert. (…) This is a critical warning indicator, either of a North Korean provocation or of precautions against a surprise attack by the Allies. In either case it is a high cost action that signifies the North judges it is in a crisis, real or contrived. (Given the track record of the NKs, this seems to fall into the “anybody’s guess” category. When a government is literally at the whim of one man, it can be difficult to tell exactly which whim has the upper hand at any given moment. Another reason to avoid dictators, if we needed one. Ron P.)

Kyle Smith on his lack of a second-term agenda
Excerpt: The worst-kept secret in Washington is that President Obama doesn’t have a second-term agenda. But actually that’s not quite true. He has a stated agenda, and it’s to increase partisanship, dial up the volume on the bickering and further divide us on ethnic lines.

Current Ohio Early Voting Polls May be Flawed
And if you'd like some really cheerful news... check this. Rather remarkable data analysis that points out there has been a major loss in registered Dem and Ind voters in this important county since the 08 election concurrent with a large gain in registered Rep voters, none of which is reflected in any current polling data. Suggests Romney likely to carry the state by a wide margin. The firm that runs the analysis is OH-based which would lead me to believe they are an authoritative source on statistical nuances of things like this in the state. --Del.

His lops to God's ears. ~Bob. Excerpt: Ohio Gov. John Kasich told "Meet the Press" Sunday that for the first time he is now predicting a Romney win in Ohio. Kasich said internal polls show Romney leading as independents move to the GOP.
Excerpt: Liberals have been campaigning against inequality for a century. For a time that campaign was necessary. Then, the federal government implemented preferential racial quotas for free education and employment hiring, expanded social welfare programs, established a coddling educational system that says it's okay not to study in class, or do homework, or seek a skill that might provide a living wage. Big government then altered the tax code to directly encourage irresponsible breeding. Not only are breeders supported by food stamps and welfare but are given tax deductions and child tax credits as reward for a hyper active and irresponsible sex life. 

American publishers shocked! shocked! to find hatred of Jews and Christians taught in Saudi textbooks
Excerpt: These American publishers rightly excoriate the hatred of Jews and Christians and Islamic supremacism in Saudi textbooks, but they shouldn't be surprised by it: it is simply Qur'anic Islam, although I am sure these men have been so filled with Religion of Peace nonsense by politically correct propagandists that they have no idea of that.

Indonesia Arrests 11 People Suspected Of Planning Terror Attack Against U.S. Embassy
Didn't get the memo. ~Bob. Excerpt: Indonesia’s anti-terror squad arrested 11 people suspected of planning a range of attacks on domestic and foreign targets including the U.S. and Australian embassies, police said Saturday.

Bus bomb kills Shiite pilgrims in Iraq
More Muslim victims of Allahmurder from those who didn't get the memo. ~Bob. Excerpt: Several Shiite pilgrims near Baghdad have been killed during an attack during one of Islam's most important holidays. Meanwhile, shootings in northern Iraq have cast a shadow over Eid al-Adha celebrations.

Al-Shabaab order woman stoned to death for sex offence
Excerpt: A young woman was stoned to death Thursday in Somalia after being convicted of engaging in out-of-marriage sex, reports say.

‘Democrat of the Year’ Convicted for Stealing from Blind, Wheelchair-Bound Elderly Woman…
Excerpt: The woman named “Democrat of The Year” this year by the Jefferson County Democratic Party has been convicted of felony theft by a Jefferson County jury for stealing from a developmentally disabled 71-year-old woman. “The jury did right,” said Cindy Maxwell, an advocate for the victim. On Thursday, a jury convicted 66-year-old Estelle Carson of felony identify theft and felony theft from an at risk adult for stealing checks from the woman and using them to pay her own cable, cell phone and internet bills. (Apparently she met all the pertinent criteria for the Democrat of the Year award. --MasterGuns)

Stunningly clear. Please send to everyone you know so that millions can see this before Nov. 6!!! It would help if we could get it to some of those (incomprehensibly) 'undecideds.' Hat tip to Tom. -- Dave H.

Catholic Bishops' Meeting in the Vatican Centers Around Stopping the Spread of Islam
Excerpt: “It only takes one day to become Muslim but it is impossible to renounce this religion later,” he said. By contrast, he added, it takes at least three years of study for an adult to become a Catholic, and the baptized can leave at will.

A Fundamental Threat to American Democracy and Enemies of the American People.
Excerpt: Not all Democrats are treasonous reprobates. But those who aren’t are starting to bail on a party that under Obama has degenerated into an obscenity. For example, Pat Caddell looks about ready to choke on his disgust while discussing Obama’s disgraceful bungling of the terror attack in Benghazi and the “mainstream” media’s equally disgraceful attempts to cover for him. Last night on Jeanine Pirro’s show he provided an apt description of the Obamunists running both the government and the establishment media:

Speak the truth, but leave immediately after. ~Slovenian Proverb

Is America Exceptional? By Norman Podhoretz
Excerpt: For a long time now, to speak personally, I have taken my stand with the young [Henry] Adams, to whom America was exceptionally good, against his embittered older self, to whom it had become exceptionally bad. In my own younger days, I was on the Left, and from the utopian vantage point to which leftism invariably transports its adherents, it was the flaws in American society—the radical 1960s trinity of war, racism, and poverty—that stood out most vividly. It rarely occurred to me or my fellow leftists to ask a simple question: Compared to what is America so bad?

The Innocence of Obama. Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: Mark Basseley Youssef is not the first filmmaker sent to prison by a Democrat in the White House for making the wrong kind of movie and interfering with his foreign policy. That would be Robert Goldstein who made The Spirit of '76, a movie about the American Revolution, at a time when Woodrow Wilson was trying to get Americans deeper into World War I. Wilson's Justice Department directed Chicago Police Deputy Superintendent Metellus Lucullus Cicero Funkhouser to confiscate The Spirit of '76 and Goldstein spent three years in prison and eventually died in a Nazi concentration camp.

Jay Leno's Halloween Costume Idea: Wear 'Re-Elect Obama' Pin, Be A 'Journalist'

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