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Old Jarhead's Political SitRep for October 20, 2012

Old Jarhead's Political SitRep for October 20, 2012
Robert A. Hall
Your one-stop-shop for political news and opinion. Please forward to friends who need to be informed. This SitRep (Military for “Situation Report”) is created by many readers who send me items for inclusion, which I would have likely missed or skipped. And I can only spend at most three hours a night pulling stuff, plus the healthcare or economic stuff that crosses my desk at work. As always, I—and you—owe them thanks and appreciation. I post articles because I think they are of interest and will stimulate thought and discussion. Doing so doesn’t mean that I necessarily agree (or disagree) with every—or any—opinion in the posted article, or that I was able to verify the information presented, which is the responsibility of the author. I try not to post things that are false, or too far a stretch, regardless of the view point, but I don’t always succeed. As always on the Net, or in the legacy media, you must read critically and with skepticism. Especially as we are very close to the election!

Advice for my Granddaughter: For When I'm Gone by Robert A. Hall
All royalties go to the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation.

Worth Reading: The Jury's Decision. by Andy Weddington
Excerpt: And so sorting through word and deed (in articles, TV and radio ads, commentary, debates, etc.), some if not much misleading, to reach logical inferences as to the truth and who is best qualified to serve Americans as president, is no easy task. In its purist sense, the juror's (voters) job calls for setting aside bias and emotional snap decisions, thinking - more abstract than not - about all of the material, and then each citizen reaching a decision that provides an inner sense of peace as to fairness and having done what is right.

Obama on Benghazi attack: 'When four Americans get killed, it's not optimal'
Excerpt: President Obama vowed Thursday to fix any problems that contributed to the deaths of four American foreign service personnel during last month's attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, saying that "when four Americans get killed, it's not optimal." (Not optimal for his campaign, he means. Come on, guys, try to keep your heads down until November 7. Then you can resume optimal dying. ~Bob.)

'If four Americans get killed, it's not OPTIMAL': Obama's extraordinary response to Comedy Central question about shifting story after Benghazi attack. By Toby Harnden
Excerpt: President Barack Obama, during an interview to be shown on Comedy Central, has responded to a question about his administration's confused communication after the Benghazi attack, by saying: 'If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal.' (Tweet from Paulsy ‏@Paulsy01 What is truly not optimal is a second term.)

Twitter Explodes With Criticism Of Obama After He Called Four Dead Americans In Benghazi ‘Not Optimal’
Excerpt: Almost immediately after pool reports indicated that President Barack Obama called the deaths of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi “not optimal” during the taping of “The Daily Show,” social media exploded with outrage over the president’s remarks. The backlash was almost instantaneous — and it was brutal. The clumsy phrase from Obama gave birth to the #NotOptimal hashtag on Twitter, which was trending nationwide as of 7:30 p.m. ET. (Reminds me of Jimmy Carter calling the hostage rescue mission that failed, with many dead Americans, an “incomplete success.” ~Bob.)

'My son is NOT very optimal... he is very dead': Mother of U.S. diplomat killed in Libya attack slams 'insensitive' Obama's comment about security fiasco 
Excerpt: The mother of an American diplomat killed during a terrorist raid on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi has hit out at Barack Obama for describing the attack as 'not optimal', saying: 'My son is not very optimal - he is also very dead.'

Obama Knew Terrorists Ran Benghazi, Hired Local Security Anyway. By Ben Shapiro 
 Excerpt: There is a reason that local forces helped out terrorists: the town was controlled by terrorists. And the press had been reporting that for well over a year. Yet the Obama administration not only turned down additional security in Benghazi, it recruited from the local population – a population either in league with Abu Obeida or threatened by it.

CIA found militant links a day after Libya attack
Excerpt: The CIA station chief in Libya reported to Washington within 24 hours of last month's deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate that there was evidence it was carried out by militants, not a spontaneous mob upset about an American-made video ridiculing Islam's Prophet Muhammad, U.S. officials have told The Associated Press.

Libya Attack Documents Sought by Joe Lieberman, Susan Collins
Excerpt: The leaders of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee requested a slew of documents from the Obama administration today as part of the panel’s investigation into last month’s attack on Americans in Benghazi, Libya. (No sweat. Will be delivered on November 7th, 2012. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: The attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi may have been part of a broader campaign to drive the U.S. and western presence -- and particularly a growing CIA contingent -- out of eastern Libya, two military sources told Fox News. The Sept. 11 attack was preceded by hundreds of security incidents in Libya over the past year. Several of them involved western targets in the Benghazi area, which could indicate a pattern. (Herein lies the rub, per those with military experience: “Those militants are also capitalizing on the proliferation of weapons, including portable surface-to-air missiles called MANPADS, since the fall of the Qaddafi regime.”-- They have MANDPADS and are dispensing them to Al-Qaeda groups across Libya, possibly Syria and reportedly in N Africa….And other weapons (possibly WMD) were not secured. It does not take a missile, Mr. Biden. It takes a briefcase or a backpack on a suicide bomber….per a post on another blog. –Barb.)

Excerpt: In the months leading up to the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, the U.S. Embassy in Libya was seeking to hire two bodyguards with “limited” English language skills at salaries of about $13,000 per year. Job descriptions for these openings that the U.S. Embassy in Libya posted online said the State Department would give preference in filling them to qualified U.S. citizens who were family members of U.S. government employees.

Excerpt: The problem, for blacks in Chicago, is that the Obamas have actually ruined that white guilt for “the rest of us”, as the Think Squad put it last night at an impromptu after-church-programs dinner I enjoyed with some of the more outspoken “Thinkers” in a little Mexican restaurant near the south side. I try to go to as many of these events as I’m invited to because I always learn something new about how much many blacks actually detest Barack Obama, despite the fact that 95% of black voters are still going to cast their ballots for him in November. (I live in the NW Burbs of Chicago, but I wouldn’t go to the South Side without a Marine rifle company, and “shoot first” ROE, so I have no idea if this is true, or completely made up. ~Bob.)

Welfare Spending Shattering All-Time Highs
Excerpt: Given the recent history following the financial crisis, the United States is confronted with the harsh realities of making more parsimonious decisions to rein in spending while maintaining its fundamental responsibilities to its citizens. Welfare is a central topic in this dialogue, says Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation. A new investigation by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) exposes the pressing reality of the "growing welfare state." Welfare expenditure is fast approaching the $1 trillion mark.

Complex, but Worth Reading: How to Think about QE3. By Arnold Kling
Excerpt: When it comes to QE3, while there is no solid professional consensus on which to draw, I can boil the issue down to two questions. First, will QE3 raise inflation? That is, will inflation be higher than it would have been without QE3? Second, will the inflation-unemployment tradeoff be favorable? That is, will we get a large gain in employment with relatively little pain in terms of higher inflation? Or will we get a lot of pain for little or no gain?

Show me your shocked face! ~Bob. Calif. official whose agency under-reported unemployment stats was Obama campaign donor. By Gregg Re
Excerpt: Marty Morgenstern, the secretary of the California agency that substantially under-reported unemployment claims last week, contributed to President Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential election campaign, The Daily Caller has learned. On Oct. 11, the federal government reported that weekly jobless claims were down significantly, suggesting a dramatic national increase in economic growth. But within hours, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that one major state had failed to fully document jobless claims.

Oops! Mammogram Machines Require Licenses: Obama claim on behalf of Planned Parenthood hits up against reality. By Dave Tombers
Excerpt: That department, headed by Obama appointee Kathleen Sebelius, issued a letter in June that contradicts the president’s claims about Planned Parenthood providing mammograms to millions of women. At least according to her they are not licensed to perform mammograms anyway. (This wasn't an "oops." It was a deliberate, cynical lie. Obama knew that millions watching the debate would hear and believe the lie and the truth would never catch up to them. ~Bob.)

Ann Romney - The View - Military Service (Video)
Excerpt: Ann Romney appeared on The View this morning. Needless to say, The View's liberal cabal didn't go easy on Mrs. Romney. From FOX News: Whoopi Goldberg barely let Ann Romney settle into her seat on ABC's "The View" before pouncing on the first lady hopeful, asking why Mitt Romney didn't serve in Vietnam and if the couple is prepared to console families of fallen soldiers if voted into the White House. Unlike a recent joint appearance on the show by President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama during which questioning ranged from how romantic is the president to the couple's anniversary, the show's five hosts skipped the softball questions and got right into red meat — including military service, abortion and the Romneys' Mormon faith.

The Candy Crowley Tipping Point. By Jeffrey Lord
Excerpt: Candy Crowley may finally have done something else as well: so visibly tipping the scales of media bias that the end result makes Mitt Romney the next president. Taken all together, CNN's Candy Crowley, in her zeal to intrude on the presidential debate and save President Obama from himself, may just have provided the televised moment that finally sparks a revolt against the four years of fawning coverage of President Obama.

Lee Iacocca endorses Mitt Romney as man of experience. By Todd Spangler
Excerpt: Former Chrysler Corp. chairman and CEO Lee Iacocca is once again endorsing a presidential nominee – and once again, it’s the challenger he’s picking. Iacocca put out a statement Thursday endorsing Republican Mitt Romney, saying the former investment fund head and Massachusetts governor has “dozens of years of experience in the public and private sectors” and a plan that “will enable a stronger America.” (He endorsed Kerry in 2004. ~Bob.)

Arms Flow to Syria May Be Behind Benghazi Cover-Up. By Clare M. Lopez
Excerpt: During the 2011 Libyan revolt against Muammar Qaddafi, reckless U.S. policy flung American forces and money into the conflict on the side of the rebels, who were known at the time to include Al Qaeda elements. Previously the number two official at the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, Christopher Stevens was named as the official U.S. liaison to the Libyan opposition in March, 2011.

Use the link below to get to the story of how the WBC tried again to disturb a bereaved family, and were stopped cold by vigilant patriots from the town and far away. If you want a feel-good moment, this will give it to you. And hurray for our guys! And Sgt Donna Johnson, may you be in the place of comfort, light, and peace. --Del

Worth Sharing: Biden vs. Biden
Excerpt: US drones conducted their first strike against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in southern Yemen in two weeks, killing nine members, including one described by the Yemeni military as a "dangerous leader." The unmanned Predators or Reapers attacked a farmhouse at dawn today outside of Jaar in Abyan province, killing nine AQAP operatives, local residents told Reuters. The drones struck the farmhouse three times, according to news service.

Romney all but erases Obama's polling lead on foreign policy
Not Optimal, huh Obama? ~Bob. Excerpt: Mitt Romney has all but erased President Obama's lead on foreign policy issues in the aftermath of the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya, according to a Thursday. Obama’s lead on foreign policy has plummeted by 11 points since the outbreak of violence in the Middle East that culminated with the death of four Americans in Libya on Sept. 11, according to Pew. 

Why Does Obama's White House Pay Women Less?
Excerpt: The president touts equal pay for equal work but hasn't practiced what he preaches with the women he has employed — including a well-known staffer who complained of a hostile work environment. It remains a mystery as to why equal pay for women was one of the questions elected by unofficial Team Obama debate coach Candy Crowley of CNN during the second presidential debate. / Granny Commercial
Funny ObamaCare ad.

US Weekly headline blares cost of Ann Romney's dress -- though first lady's cost twice that
Excerpt: Readers of US Weekly might have had some sticker shock when they saw a headline yesterday breaking the news that Ann Romney's debate-night dress retails for $1,690. But it turns out Michelle Obama's debate ensemble cost twice as much. (Biased media scum--or is that redundant? ~Bob.)

O sent 25 secret service agents to protect daughter Malia's Mexico vacation but no protection for Ambassador in Libya

Excerpt: Christians are massively leaving post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina amid mounting discrimination and Islamization, according to a new report released Friday, October 12. (Thank you, Bill Clinton. ~Bob.)

Why Benghazi Matters
Excerpt: It is now known that on the evening of September 11, 2012, Ambassador Christopher Stevens conducted a scheduled meeting with a Turkish diplomat. At approximately 8:30 PM, the ambassador saw his visitor out the gate. There were no protesters in front of the consulate then, nor did any of the survivors of the attack report the presence of demonstrators prior to the initial assault.

The Hand of the Prophet: A Novel of Islamic America, 2053
By the year 2053, large parts of the United States have fallen under the rule of fanatical, home-grown Sunni Muslims, who have established the Islamic Republic of America, an Islamic theocracy under Shari’a religious law. Now, the Christians are the terrorists.

Please move the deer crossing
Hard to believe she is not kidding. ~Bob.

Excerpt: And what’s got people all worked up? The possibility that they might have to work instead of simply suck off other people’s labor. (I personally know college "educated" people (libbies) who blow their tops when someone sends them forwards like this by economists like Karl Denninger who are simply doing the simple math for them and trying to save them a lot of grief by urging them to get out of the stock market while they still can. They have been receiving these forwards for over a year. I suppose they're mad because they didn't figure it out themselves. So shouldn't they be mad at themselves? Yet recently, one admitted that his broker sent him to a seminar where a rep of the Deutsche Bank told him we had 10% inflation last year. No kidding? Well, who'd have thought that (except a reader of FedUpUSA or any number of sites like it that still indulge in math)? And another said his broker recommended to sell all holdings and stay in cash. The warnings were there for years but they only believe it years later when a broker finally is forced to admit the market is too volatile to be safe--a little late, wouldn't you say? I won't start a war by asking them how it is possible that the economy could be so awful under his able command. But it does seem a bit racist of them to be selling their stocks now. After all, won't Obama get reelected and fix everything? Where is their confidence in the far left's ability to create jobs with green energy and reams of regulations? You know, just like Zapatero in Spain. Oh, I forgot, after his green experiment, Spain was left with 25% unemployment and a need for an EU bailout for its banks and now for the government. Ok, maybe I was thinking about Zimbabwe and Argentina and how they succeeded fabulously in those experiments with injections of cash from thin air that Bernanke is imitating, with Obama's blessing. Succeeding in causing uncontrollable inflation that ruined their economies that is. Ah, never mind. --Don Hank)

Muslim Terrorist From Bangladesh On Student Visa Tries To Blow Up The Federal Reserve Building
Some of the most dangerous words in the English language: We are a nation of immigrants. No one is illegal. It's the right thing to do. They only want a better way of life. --Don Hank.

New ad from the Campaign to Defeat Obama
We are about to air one of the most provocative ads of the 2012 Election Cycle, an ad that has initiated some of the strongest responses from our focus group testing. It says things that people have been thinking, but no one has the guts to say. We think you'll love this ad - so, without any further ado, please take a look at the new ad that will begin running in key battleground states this weekend:

Congressman Gave Binder Of Muslims To Obama? By Awr Hawkins 
Excerpt: Some pundits on the left have claimed the "binder" comment reflects a condescending or patronizing view towards women. But how might they react to a reported binder of Muslim Americans that was handed to the Obama White House in an effort to secure jobs within the admin? According to blog site Boker tov, Boulder!, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) passed on a collection of 45 Muslim potential hires to President Obama. The effort to match these 45 individuals with jobs inside the administration was moving slowly and quietly until White House officials recently sped the process up.

Mitt Romney's surprisingly hilarious speech at the Al Smith dinner

Alleged Maker of "Muslims" Movie Speaks From Safe House: Former writer for Michael Moore, now a "counter-Jihad filmmaker," speaks from an undisclosed location following death threats.
Excerpt: “I was making a documentary to expose Islamophobia in America," said Bell. He specifically wanted to discredit the opposition to a mega-mosque being build in a small town in suburban America. …. "I ended up writing about some of my revelations and was banned from the Daily Kos for Islamophobia." Bell says he is now committed to raising awareness about the threat of radical beliefs. (You have Freedom of Speech, but if you offend Muslims, you can be murdered for it. Why the media slams Jews and Christians, but tiptoes around Muslims. No use taking risks. ~Bob.)

12-year-old Oklahoma girl shoots intruder: Man has been charged with first-degree burglary
Excerpt: The Calera girl, who wants to remain anonymous, said she grabbed a gun when she heard someone breaking into her home. She said she hid in a bathroom closet and fired a shot through the door when the man turned the doorknob.
Has global warming stopped?
Excerpt: While recent scientific studies have been warning people that the Arctic is melting at record-breaking speed, a new report by the UK Met office dampens the predictions of environmental doom by claiming that global warming, in fact, stopped 16 years ago. The report, which bases its findings on scientific computer models, asserts that since the beginning of 1997 until August 2012, there was actually no discernable increase in aggregate global temperatures. (More on global warming. It may not exist. The Antarctic ice has risen to record levels even as the Arctic ice is reportedly melting. I had a productive exchange with a group of former class mates on global warming. One of them was a fervent Obama supporter. Can you guess which side he was on? He tried sparring with me a bit on this, and mentioned that according to Al Gore, global warming actually leads to global cooling. I guess he thought I had never heard of this cover-all-the-bases theory that gives the warmists the winning argument no matter what happens. I reminded him that there was an intense global warming period from 800 to about 1200 AD when the Vikings actually farmed in Greenland and that the Vikings didn't drive big cars or have large smoke-spewing factories. He reminded me that this was followed by the Little Ice Age (which he referred to as the "Mini" Ice Age). I then pointed out that this Little Ice Age started in 1350 (lasting until 1850), 150 years after the warming period, which didn't seem to support a correlation. His response? "Please don't send me any more emails." he made sure he sent this to the rest of the group, hoping he could influence them I guess. I just love debating with liberal Democrats. I can't figure out why they don't like debating with me. --Don Hank. May not exist, but it made Al Gore $100 million! ~Bob.)

Whistle-blower audio: Sen. Claire McCaskill’s husband cut business deals in Senate Dining Room
Excerpt: Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill’s husband used the U.S. Senate Dining Room to cut business deals selling tax credits tied to stimulus money, a whistle-blowing executive inside his company alleged on an audio recording exclusively obtained by The Daily Caller. (Yeah, but he’s a Democrat, so perfectly okay. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: A medical doctor in the crucial swing state of Ohio is publishing a 2,000-word letter slamming President Barack Obama’s health care law as full-page ads in local newspapers ahead of the presidential election. (Good. We need Ohio. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: Have you ever pondered the fact that everyone being endowed with equal rights by our creator works out so naturally while the equality of outcome that our Progressive would-b-masters seek to impose is impossible to achieve without treating people differently? Have you ever noticed that whenever the government wishes to give anyone anything they have to first take it from someone else?

Obama's Green Energy Handouts Costing Billions: 'Extent of its failure has been largely ignored by the press'
Excerpt: “The truth is that the problem is widespread. The government’s picking winners and losers in the energy market has cost taxpayers billions of dollars, and the rate of failure, cronyism, and corruption at the companies receiving the subsidies is substantial. The fact that some companies are not under financial duress does not make the policy a success. It simply means that our taxpayer dollars subsidized companies that would’ve found the financial support in the private market,” the report said.

NatGeo's bin Laden film timing sparks controversy. By Stephen Tschida 
Excerpt: National Geographic will air a film about the killing of Osama bin Laden next month. …A spokesperson for National Geographic says there is no specific threat and that she believes security is adequate, but some people question the airing of the film and its timing. …Some believe NatGeo is playing favorites and the film could lure some voters to the Obama campaign.

National Geographic Channel 'bombarded with TERROR threats from Muslim extremists' over Bin Laden raid movie
Excerpt: The National Geographic Channel's Washington, DC headquarters has increased security after being inundated with terror threats over the upcoming release of the film Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden, according to a source.

Excerpt: The National Geographic Channel is planning to run a movie about the US military mission that killed Osama bin Laden, on November 4. Two days before election day. …There are no politics or spiked footballs to see here, even though the film was financed by Obama mega-supporter Harvey Weinstein. The bin Laden raid movie just could not wait until Nov 7 to air. It must launch on Nov 4. (Comment: Curious we’ve got three movies about getting Bin Laden, but none about the loss of a highly sensitive UAV over Iranian airspace. In the latter case, the very limited reporting tells how Obama rejected every option to retrieve or destroy that UAV before Iran got their hands on it. Days later he issued a public appeal to Iran to “pretty please” return his UAV. Iranian fundamentalists have a lousy sense of humor, but I bet they went into fits of laughter over that request. I wonder if any of those movies will describe the aftermath of the Bin Laden hit – how an Administration doing a victory dance exposed sensitive operational details that landed a Pakistani a jail sentence for helping us, put members of the Seal Teams at risk and likely played a part in getting many of them killed months later. -- Raymond in DC)

And now: the Jihad Watch cartoon!

Excerpt: President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney had a heated exchange about energy in the most recent debate. The President repeated his refrain that oil and gas production is the highest it has been in eight years, but Romney was right to point out that this was driven by production on private and state lands. The vast majority of America’s new oil and gas production is happening on private lands in states like North Dakota, Alaska and Texas. The environmental review and permitting process on federal lands, however, is burdensome and keeps resources untapped.

From Morning Jolt. By Jim Geraghty
But the single biggest metaphorical crotch-kick of the night came from great-grandson Al Smith IV, who told President Obama, "We recognize that you have some challenges this year. It's never good when your opponent has produced more sons than you have jobs."

The Possibility of a Popular, Electoral Vote Split is Very Real
Excerpt: President Obama won the second debate, but not by nearly enough to make up for his devastating loss in the first one. Obama was on the verge of putting the race away heading into the first debate, but his weak performance and Mitt Romney’s commanding effort effectively changed the race’s trajectory. Although Obama’s poll numbers are no longer dropping, he is locked in a tight contest: He trails Romney by 1 to 4 percentage points in national polling, yet he still holds a fragile lead in the Electoral College. (Still another ugly possibility. --Ron P.)

Bomb kills 19 Afghan wedding partygoers
Didn’t get the “Islam is a Religion of Peace” memo. ~Bob. Excerpt: A roadside bomb killed at least 19 people, mostly women and children, who were on their way to a wedding in Afghanistan's north on Friday, local police officials said.

Comment on education from a blog reader and retired Marine
Following retirement from the military, while waiting for the job I really wanted to materialize, I took up substitute teaching in a Northern Virginia school district. What I saw (and experienced) appalled me. I often was physically threatened by students, as well verbally abused by school staff who insisted I should not stand up to threats. I was lectured that some of the students were poor—which meant (I assumed) their disrespectful ways should be ignored. I was even banned from one school’s English department because I gave (in lieu of no class plan) a lecture on Shakespeare and the art of communications. It was a pretty sad state of affairs. I put most of the blame on leadership of the various schools I supported. There was one school (middle school), however, that was different. The kids walked quietly to their respective classes at the bells. The teachers seemed happy, the staff seemed happy, and the students seemed happy. One day, while monitoring lunch, I asked one of the boys eating near me what he liked about the school. He looked at me with a smile (from behind thick black frame glasses) and exclaimed “The principle!” At that moment I knew LEADERSHIP was the difference. Not money, facilities, etc. The principle had moved from another school that once had a great reputation. After he left the school fell into disarray. At the new school, everything ran fine. I could go on with numerous horror stories about what I encountered, but you get the point. It was clear to me at that I needed to move away from the area for the sake of my kids, and luck was with me. My oldest was just starting kindergarten at the time. We moved and things went well in the educational effort my children enjoyed. I later had occasion to talk to some of my college friends and classmates who went on to teacherhood. I noted that when I went into the military the education system seemed to be intact, whereas the military was a mess (end of Vietnam period). I stated, to their chagrin, that when I left they military we probably had the finest force anyone had ever seen (not to imply I had anything to do with that), whereas the education system was a mess. “What the hell did you guys do?” I asked. No one I asked would look me in the eyes to answer. Anyway, it is clear throwing money at education doesn’t work. It is academic excellence, focus and LEADERSHIP that makes the difference. My comments are not an indictment on all school systems. I was fortunate enough to find a place where I could pursue a good second career and excellent school system for my kids. –Greg. Actually, I think it was officers and NCOs like Greg who fixed the military. We could fix education too—if progressives would let us. ~Bob.)

Trial Lawyers and Elections
Excerpt: Lately, the news has been full of reports about unscrupulous trial lawyers. In September, a trial lawyer was disbarred for illegally demanding $2 million from a client. Two weeks ago, Scott Johnson, who is responsible for thousands of ADA lawsuits across California, was accused of crimes (that we won’t mention here). But these scandals have not decreased the political influence of trial lawyers. They continue to donate huge sums of money to candidates in attempts to influence judges and discourage them from enacting legal reform.

October Surprise? From The Patriot Post
There are still two weeks for a diversionary "October Surprise." That could be a "rice-paper" (easily dissolvable) gesture from Iranian mad man Mahmoud Ahmadinejad promising to slow down their uranium enrichment plans. It could be a kinetic interaction between U.S. forces and Iran's navy. Alternatively, Obama promised in the last debate, "We are going to find out who [attacked our Libyan embassy] and we're going to hunt them down, because one of the things that I've said throughout my presidency is when folks mess with Americans, we go after them." Thus, expect BO to drop a few 500 pounders on some peasant villages in Libya and claim direct hits against those who attacked our embassy -- since the diversionary 500 pounder they dropped on that anti-Islamic web video maker did not suffice.

Oh no! We can’t let Romney win, he’ll let lobbyists in the White House!!! By Timothy P. Carney
Excerpt: If Romney wins, will lobbyists defile the White House that Obama has kept so clean and so pure? That’s what Politico suggests with this piece today headlined “Lobbyists ready for a comeback under Romney.” (Good piece, lists 55 lobbyists in the Obama Administration. ~Bob.)

Medicaid and Medicare Enrollees Now Outnumber Full-Time Private Sector Workers. By Terence P. Jeffrey
Excerpt: The combined number of people enrolled in Medicaid and Medicare--the government health-care programs for the poor, disabled and elderly--now exceeds the number of full-time private sector workers in the United States. (Tell me again why we are NOT headed for fiscal collapse. ~Bob.)

Progressive Orlando Sentinel Endorses Romney
Excerpt: On the heels of Wednesday's endorsement of Mitt Romney by the traditionally liberal Nashville Tennessean, another longtime left-leaning newspaper-- the Orlando Sentinel -- has also endorsed President Barack Obama's Republican challenger. The Sentinel's endorsement will have a greater impact, since it comes from one of the largest newspapers in the key swing state of Florida.

Excerpt: Arlen Specter, long time Senator from Pennsylvania, died this week. In this same week we learned that former Senator and 1972 Presidential Candidate George McGovern has entered hospice care and is in his last days. I couldn't help but contrast the lives, and life choices these two men made for themselves. While Arlen Specter became addicted to the pomp and circumstance, and the lush life style of the U.S. Senate, and abandoned his core principles and even changed political parties to ride the wind of change, just to stay a Senator, George McGovern walked away from the political arena and spent the rest of his life "living among us". He and his wife opened a bed and breakfast inn, only to see it fail.

Dem U.S. Senate Candidate Tried to Block Funding for Body Armor
Excerpt: As a congresswoman, Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) backed legislation to block funding for body armor and medical supplies for U.S. troops. The current Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate co-sponsored legislation in every session of Congress from 2003 until 2009 to allow taxpayers opposed to the military, Department of Defense, and various intelligence agencies to withhold their tax dollars from being spent in support of those entities.

Excerpt: A top liberal commentator called for Eva Longoria's resignation from President Obama's reelection campaign following her retweet of a vulgar message aimed at Mitt Romney.

Issa to issue subpoena over ObamaCare documents
Excerpt: Republican Rep. Darrell Issa plans to press ahead with a subpoena for health department documents on a program he claims is being used to "buy" the election by hiding the effects of ObamaCare. The Department of Health and Human Services handed over reams of material just minutes before a 5 p.m. ET deadline Thursday in response to Issa's demand 24 hours earlier. However, Issa's office called the cache "embarrassing," insufficient and not responsive to the congressman's request. 

USDA/Mexico food stamp partnership, non-citizen participation in welfare. By Caroline May 
Excerpt: Just hours after the Senate Budget Committee revealed that spending on federal welfare programs constituted the single largest expenditure in the 2011 budget, the Department of Agriculture failed to meet a congressional deadline to further explain its food stamp partnership with the Mexican government. According to the Congressional Research Service, food assistance programs expanded the most of any welfare category in the previous four years — with a percentage increase largely fueled by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or food stamps, which recently reached an all-time high enrollment of nearly 47 million participants. Non-citizen participation in SNAP has quadrupled since 2001 and doubled since 2008.

Top Lebanese official among at least 8 killed in Beirut blast
Excerpt: A top Lebanese security official closely allied to Sunni leader Saad Hariri was killed in a massive car bombing in a densely populated neighborhood of Beirut on Friday, bringing the violence threatening to engulf the region to the heart of Lebanon’s capital after years of relative calm.

Iranian Agent Admits Plot to Kill Saudi Ambassador in Washington, D.C.
Excerpt: This operation should once again remind American leaders that the Tehran regime is not just a problem because of the nuclear weapons project, but because it is a determined foe of the United States on every issue. A major priority for U.S. policy should be to battle Tehran’s influence everywhere, notably in Lebanon, Syria, and Bahrain. (…) Those supposedly friendly governments helping Iran — with Turkey and Venezuela at the top of that list — should not be treated as allies.

Excerpt: Mitt Romney completely outclassed Barack Obama in the first debate and changed the course of the campaign. In the vice-presidential debate, Joe Biden’s rudeness and uncivil demeanor — and strange smile for the spotlight — threw away any slight bullied advantage that his bluster gained against Ryan’s matter-of-fact truth telling. In the second presidential debate, Romney did well enough to fend off an animated Obama, a partisan moderator, and a pseudo-town-hall format that was stacked against him.

Ahmadinejad: U.S. Debt Will Destroy America. By Tony Lee 
Excerpt: President Barack Obama has racked up such a huge debt that Americans have been forced to concede that even Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was right when he warned that America could potentially collapse due to its mounting debt. Iran's official news agency, IRNA, reported on Thursday Ahmadinejad said America's impending debt would lead to the downfall of the "U.S. empire." “How long can a government with a $16 trillion foreign debt remain a world power?” Ahmadinejad asked at a press conference with Kuwaiti media personnel, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Twilight of the Sort-Of Gods
Excerpt: The Founders considered the Constitution a structure necessary to preserve freedom; the Progressives considered it an 18th century contraption ill-equipped to deal with 20th century problems. Wilson thought checks and balances created a “fatal” warfare among the branches; he considered the state the “‘Family’ writ large” that should have the power to do “whatever experience permits or the times demand” (emphasis by Wilson). His view of government went far beyond what the Founders contemplated: “Every means, therefore, by which society may be perfected through the instrumentality of government … ought certainly to be diligently sought.” (Beware of Plato’s, and liberalism's, philosopher-kings; not only will they oppress and kill you, they’ll be able to explain exactly why they feel justified in doing it. Ron P.)

Obama: To Russia, With Love. By Joel B. Pollak 
Excerpt: One of the Obama administration’s worst foreign policy gaffes occurred when Secretary of State presented her Russian counterpart with the gift of a red button that was meant to say “reset.” The international press enjoyed a laugh at President Barack Obama’s expense at the Russian foreign minister’s observation that the button actually said “overcharge.” For all the good it did the U.S., it ought merely to have said “surrender.”

Crowley debate flap broadens into potential scandal
Excerpt: In the aftermath of what many political observers say was the worst presidential debate in U.S. history, more evidence has emerged today that the flap over Candy Crowley's performance as moderator is becoming a full blown scandal as more Americans review the video and the transcripts from the debate. 

It’s Not Just Obama’s Lies — It’s the Premise of Obama’s Lies
Excerpt: Focus on the administration’s serial lies has left unrefuted the obnoxious premise of these lies. It is as though we have conceded that if the movie had actually triggered protests that led to violence (as Islamist protests are wont to do), responsibility for that violence would lie with the filmmakers. The culprit would be our culture of liberty and reason, not the anti-democratic culture of the Muslim Middle East. That is dangerous nonsense. (This important column has a supplementary companion piece by Roger Kimball linked below. I urge reading both. Ron P.

Chicago Figures Out Cause of Homicides: Untaxed Bullets
Excerpt: Chicago residents worried about the city’s soaring homicide rate can rest easy. After painstaking consideration during what was no doubt many rounds of double martinis, officials are at last ready with an answer.

Excerpt: It is the internet phenomenon that has broken records for the huge number of hits and 'likes' it has generated on YouTube. And it has inspired thousands of copycat efforts from its legion of fans, but none, one suspects, quite like this. Pupils at prestigious Eton College have taken the catchy Korean Gangnam Style pop song and made it their own, adapting the lyrics and filming across the grounds of their hallowed institution.

Lawrence O’Donnell Challenges Mitt Romney’s Son To A Fist Fight On MSNBC: ‘Anytime, Anywhere”
EXCERPT: MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell seemed to think he was trying out for a part in Martin Scorsese’s Boston-based crime flick “The Departed” during his show on Thursday night. (Another example of "civil discourse" from the mean spirited, hate mongers on MSNBC. --Jerry)

The True Radicals in America
Excerpt: A recent article written by Kevin D. Williamson for National Review makes a very bold assertion. In his first sentence, Williamson states that there is only one “authentically radical social movement of any real significance in the United States,” and that this radical movement is homeschooling. Williamson well understands the cultural and social significance of homeschooling, and that it runs much deeper than simply being about education.

From a Marine running for Congress
My opponent, Keith Ellison, is vehemently anti-America and he's said and done some terrible things while in office. But yesterday, he reached a new low. But before I tell you what Keith Ellison said during last night's debate, let me tell you a little about myself. I retired from the United States Marine Corps a little over a year ago as a Major, having served honorably for 21 years including two tours in Iraq. I'm running for Congress because I believe that Keith Ellison is the epitome of what's wrong in Washington and I fear the direction he's leading the nation I love. But I'm not your average Republican candidate. I grew up in the South Bronx with a teenage mom and I got to where I am today through hard work and perseverance. Last night during a debate, Keith Ellison called me a "low-life scumbag" and a "gutter dweller." Throughout this campaign, Ellison has also referred to me as a "liar" and "stupid", and even went as far as to refer to the GOP as a "bigoted party." Fellow patriot, I urgently need your help to fight back against these abhorrent attacks. Will you help us take new TV and radio ads live immediately by making an emergency contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more right away? (
Congressman Ellison represents the status quo in Washington. Instead of engaging in a civil discourse that is meaningful he chooses to spit out poll tested talking points. And when that fails he demonizes and vilifies political opponents. We're seeing this in races across the country this fall, and it's downright offensive and un-American. As a Marine, I was trained to fight! But unlike Ellison and his progressive cronies who want to fight liberty and values, my fight is for the Americans people who deserve better from their elected officials. I've been standing up to a corrupt political culture since I retired from the Marine Corps and I won't stop until I get to Washington to FIGHT the distasteful partisan games. Semper Fi, Chris Fields, Major, United States Marine Corps - Retired
Democrats Flock to Meet Romney at Alfred E. Smith Dinner in NYC

Let America Be America Again
Brown vs. Warren for US Senate Massachusetts
(My opine: Warren is a Marxist that we must oppose every time she raises her head. She has founded the CFPB, the most dangerous anti-American bureaucracy seen in my lifetime. Officially the agency is called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It should be called the Communist Financial Political Bureau. MM)

So Dumb: MSNBC's Chris Hayes Compares Climate Change to Civil War, Untapped Oil Reserves to Slaves.
Excerpt: Note to Chris Hayes: The reason there’s zero interest in global warming this election cycle is because most people now see it as a bunch of bullshit.

More good news this morning: (AP) LONDON -- Doctors say 14-year-old Pakistani shooting victim Malala Yousufzai is able to stand with help.

How Did BO Know Crowley Had The Rose Garden Transcript, & Why Did She Have It? Collusion!

UAE Calls for Anti-Muslim Brotherhood Coalition. By Ryan Mauro
Excerpt: The United Arab Emirates may be hard to spot on a map and it may only have a population of 8 million, but its government is flexing its muscles when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran. It is proposing the formation of a coalition against the Brotherhood and is threatening to send saboteurs into Iran. (good for them. ~Bob.)

Jan Poller’s Thoughts On The Debate That Was And The Debate That’s Coming
Excerpt: Jan Poller: Why did Candy Crowley have the transcript of a President Obama speech? How did Obama know that she had it? (Sher Zieve seized upon this all important tipping point yesterday, and so did Jeffrey Lord at American Spectator. Now Jan Poller has given it more focus. This should continue to spread all over the Net, Facebook, Twitter and all of your other social sites. The bottom line is that this wanna be king of the world couldn't possibly have known that Crowley just happened to have that specific transcript out of 100s of transcripts of his majesty's endless remarks and speeches over the 33 days since the Rose Garden statement............UNLESS THE W.H. gave it to her! Isn't that obvious?! That's why B. Hussein smirked at Romney's question about 'terror or terrorism' and said - TWICE - "Proceed............please proceed, governor......" He wasn't the least bit disturbed because he knew that Crowley had his lifeline in her hands, and when he said, 'Get the transcript,' she held it up and triumphantly waved it around. "I've got it, boss! See? I haven't let you down!" Every American should be utterly infuriated at this blatant media hack/White House collusion! PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY! THANKS! – CB)

Chicagoland: Pack of Armed Teenage Girls Rob Couple, Pistol-Whip Man
Safe for them. Honest citizens not allowed to carry guns. ~Bob. Excerpt: Maybe when the Obamas have all that spare time on their hands come January they can go back to Chicago and lecture the young ones about how to behave in civilized society. Fall back on those mad community-organizing skillz, yo. Maybe these charming young ladies can get involved in the Let’s Move(!) campaign and learn how to tend their own gardens.

Sen. McCaskill's spouse received $40 million in government subsidies
Excerpt: Businesses affiliated with the husband of Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill have received almost $40 million in federal subsidies for low-income housing developments during her first five years in office, though it appears only fraction of that has made it to the family's bank accounts, according to an Associated Press analysis.

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