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Old Jarhead's Political SitRep for October 17, 2012

Old Jarhead's Political SitRep for October 17, 2012
Robert A. Hall

Still getting caught up on e-mails tonight. So some items may be a week old. Still a long SitRep today, but a ton of great links. And I had to delete a lot I would have read and perhaps used, but no time. Sorry. I will post this before the debate starts, hopefully carry comment on it the next day. There are some debate comments in the links below. ~Bob.

Obama’s Debate Strategy

Obama "UH" Counter in Presidential Debate. 
We should have a pool on Obama use of “uh.” ~Bob.

Information on my books

Worth Reading: There's Room For One More Under The Bus. By Andy Weddington
Excerpt: Nonetheless, under the bus space rightfully belongs to President Obama, and he should have claimed it more than a month ago. How quick he was to take credit for killing Osama bin Laden. Could there be a more stark contrast to unmask personality?

Worth Reading: Random Thoughts. By Thomas Sowell 
Excerpt: Not since the days of slavery have there been so many people who feel entitled to what other people have produced as there are in the modern welfare state, whether in Western Europe or on this side of the Atlantic. Economist Edward Lazear has cut through all of Barack Obama's claims about "creating jobs" with one plain and inescapable fact -- "there hasn't been one day during the entire Obama presidency when as many Americans were working as on the day President Bush left office." Whatever number of jobs were created during the Obama administration, more have been lost.

Excerpt: I just read that some of Obama's campaign strategists, for the next debate, are urging him to repeat the "angry candidate" portrayal that Mad Joe Biden displayed this past week. God, I hope so. While most of us know Joe Biden is a bit senile and very, very wacky, we are accustomed to his melodramatics, his brash rudeness and his arrogance brought on by spending his entire life as a pampered politician, so it wasn't a shock to us. Conversely, except when Obama is addressing an all Black audience in "ebonics", he tries to come across as "reasonable". Apparently, he still has half of America fooled into believing he's not the left wing Black radical who promotes race and class warfare, this despite his Trayvon Martin speech and his adulation of the Reverend "God Damn America" Wright (until it was unpopular to do so). However, if he goes "Black Militant" on us, and allows us to see the "real Obama" I'll cheer and smile all evening. 

Could the Media Turn on Obama? Steven Hayward
Excerpt: The entire Power Line team
has noted here before (several times, in fact) the similarities (and differences) between the 1980 election and this year, especially how Ronald Reagan blew open a close race in part because of a strong debate performance. There’s one other parallel that might take shape over the next few days, especially if Obama has another weak debate performance tonight: the media might start to turn on him. This happened in 1980, when the media turned on Jimmy Carter for his campaign mis-steps, especially his “meanness,” that is, Carter’s nasty side that had been known to everyone in Georgia who had seen beneath the smile. [How can Obama NOT have another bad night? The guy can barely talk. --Kate]

Daily Kos/SEIU Poll: Romney Beats Obama 50-46
Excerpt: The left-leaning Public Policy Polling does regular weekly polling for the extreme left-leaning Daily Kos and SEIU, and the numbers this morning have probably stopped the hearts of leftists everywhere. Nationally, the poll shows Romney up four, 50-46%. In the swing states, the news is just as bad with Romney up three, 50-47%. (The only poll that means anything is on November 6. ~Bob.)

Breaking: Obama Preparing Military Strike Against Benghazi Terrorists
Excerpt: The Associated Press is now reporting that the Obama administration has given the order to prepare for strikes against terrorist forces in Libya. The timing of this announcement is very suspicious given the potential political implications. 

Excerpt: People are massively under-estimating the political significance of the VP debate. I have four reasons for this. I will say that it had no possible way of being as significant as the Presidential debates, and particularly what Romney did to Obama (as well as what Obama did to Obama) the week prior. However, it is my political opinion that what happened in the VP debate Thursday was much larger than people think for the following reasons:

Excerpt: ….Tex “Red Tipped Arrow” Hall, chairman of the Three Affiliated Tribes, told the Senate Indian Affairs Committee in July that the federal government needs to “stop treating Indian lands as public lands” — like when it comes to lengthy permitting reviews. Hall also noted that in his quest for the refinery approval, he was “shocked” to learn that many of the people at the Bureau of Land Management, holding sway over the fate of such projects, had actually never witnessed a hydrofracking operation. “…. The state has no jurisdiction there — needs to be treated the same and give us that ability, give us that right and the Black Feet Nation in Montana has its own hydrofracking rule,” Hall testified. (Glad to see cousin Red Tip is still in the fight! ~Bob "Golden Whisky" Hall.)

Excerpt: A new policy by Florida educators to set student goals in math and reading based on their race is an “ill-advised” plan that is destined to fail, education analysts told FoxNews.com.
By 2018, Florida’s Department of Education wants 90 percent of its Asian students to be reading at or above grade level, compared to 88 percent of white students, 81 percent of Hispanic pupils and 74 percent of African-American children.

Convicted terrorist scheduled to speak Tuesday night before presidential debate. By Matthew Boyle
Equal time for Romney supporter? ~Bob. Excerpt: A convicted terrorist released from federal prison in December 2008 is scheduled to speak in Hofstra University’s “public area” outside Tuesday’s presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, The Daily Caller has learned. Andrew Stepanian, a felon who went to prison for animal enterprise terrorism, appears on Hofstra University’s published schedule at 8:00 p.m., during the hour before the debate begins. Stepanian runs The Sparrow Project, a left-wing PR project whose website indicates connections with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

AFL-CIO, FL Democratic Party Coordinate Voter Intimidation Efforts. By Brandon Darby 
Excerpt: The letter’s author, Alma R. Gonzales, is listed as Special Counsel to AFSCME Florida Council 79 and the Florida AFL-CIO’s Director of Voter Protection. In addition, she serves as the Treasurer for the Florida Democratic Party and is a voting member of the Democratic National Committee. While it is unfortunate to witness national labor unions and interest groups using member dues and tax-deductible donations to intimidate citizens from engaging in the democratic process, election integrity efforts continue to grow.

State Dept. pushed back on White House’s Libya claims. By Neil Munro
Excerpt: The Department of State is pushing back against top White House aides who have tried to blame it for not doing enough to defend the facility in BenghaziLibya, prior to the Sept. 11 jihad attack. On Friday, the department released an Oct. 9 background press briefing, during which a State Department official contradicted the White House’s claim about the video. The move is unusual, because the transcripts of most background briefings are not released — especially if they involve a direct disagreement between the department and the White House.

Ryan: Obama has U.S. on the ‘path’ to a European-like ‘debt crisis.’ By Nicholas Ballasy
Excerpt: Ryan said the debt per U.S. citizen has increased 45 percent since President Obama took office. “Every man, woman and child’s share of the national debt was $36,000 when President Obama came into office. Now, four years of failed leadership, of empty promises, it’s gone up 45 percent. It’s $51,000,” Ryan said.

State Dept: Al Qaeda Could Have Full List of Yemenis Working with US
Excerpt: This is a stunning admission by the State Department. By refusing to say whether al Qaeda has a list of Yemenis working with the US embassy in Yemen, she tacitly admits that they could – and that puts all of their lives in danger. In Libya, our failure to secure our Benghazi consulate resulted in the loss of crucial national security intelligence, supposedly including lists of Libyans working with us in the country. Now it appears that a second list may have found its way to al Qaeda in Yemen.

WH Employee with Knowledge of Fast & Furious Returns from Iraq After IG Clears Holder. By Mary Chastain
Excerpt: Kevin O’Reilly, the link between the White House and Operation Fast and Furious, is back in America. O’Reilly abruptly left his post as director of North American Affairs for the White House National Security Staff in August 2011 when emails were found showing his knowledge of Fast and Furious…..Mr. O’Reilly refused to cooperate with the House Oversight Committee and the DOJ’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Meet My New Hero: Triple Amputee Todd Love. By Beth Dreher
Excerpt: If you’re like me and you need the occasional shot of pure inspiration, say hello to Marine Cpl. Todd Love. Todd says he was “just doing his job” when he stepped on a mine in Afghanistan in 2010. The explosion left him alive, but gravely injured—he lost both legs and his left arm in the blast. 

Rep. Allen West Delivers ‘Land of Dreams’ Speech 

Biden’s Smirk Doesn’t Charm Debate Watchers
A lot of quotes from the Left. ~Bob. Excerpt: CNN’s Gloria Borger: “It was condescending at times, to Paul Ryan and I think I could’ve done with a lot less eye rolling and chuckling on the part of Joe Biden.” (CNN’s “Inside The Spin Room,” 10/11/12)

Fact Check: Top Ten Worst Lies By Joe Biden In VP Debate
Excerpt: Once again, Joe Biden lied his way through a Vice Presidential debate--just as he did in his contest with Sarah Palin in 2008. This time, the media caught a few of Biden's worst "malarkey" moments--as did his opponent, Paul Ryan, when he could get a word in edgewise.

Chevy Volts For War-Torn Vienna, Nothing For Benghazi
Excerpt: While our consulate in Benghazi was guarded by unarmed Libyan contractors making $4 an hour, our embassy in Vienna received an expensive charging station for its new electric cars to help fight climate change. Even MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell says Vice President Joe Biden lied during Thursday's debate when he said twice that no one in the Obama administration knew that requests for extra security had been made by our Libyan ambassador, Christopher Stevens, and other members of our consulate in Benghazi. 

Oh, and Spain was downgraded to near junk by S&P
Excerpt: Yes, I know. What's new? I had forgotten to include this little fact in my commentary yesterday about how little the EU deserves the peace prize. I strongly suspect that the prize givers are doing this as part of a desperate measure to rally the troops around Barroso and the gang at the terminally ill EU. Even though Norway never joined the EU, it has a cheering section there. Need I mention that once Spain falls, there will be no way anyone can prop it up. Greece was more than they could handle. --Don Hank

Excerpt: I've come to believe that the distinct difference between conservatives and liberal Democrats is that one "grew up" and the other one failed to do so. To me "growing up" meant that government cannot create wealth and cannot "take care of you" without creating a system of support that generates massive fraud, waste and abuse. "Growing up" also means standing on your own two feet, supporting yourself and your family, standing by your convictions and living a life that champions the individual while also understanding that you have responsibilities as a citizen, to your family, community and your country.

Toronto mother’s throat slit for letting children adopt Canadian culture, court hears in alleged honour killing trial
Didn't get the "Islam is a Religion of Peace" memo. ~Bob. Excerpt: Randjida Khairi was stabbed five times in her chest and back. She had her throat cut, a wound so ugly and deep that it sliced through her neck muscles, voicebox and windpipe — stopping only at her spine. She was stabbed with two different knives. She drowned in her own blood; a process a pathologist would later determine took between five and 10 minutes.

Pakistan Christian Congress condemn arrest of 16 years Christian boy under blasphemy
Didn't get the memo. ~Bob. Excerpt: When Muslim mob not found Ryan and her mother at home they broke in apartment and set on fire furniture chanting slogans “Death to Blasphemer” “Kill Christian Infidels”. The mob marched to other Christian home in vicinity that fled after news spread that Muslims have set on fire home of a Christian on defiling name of Prophet Mohammad.
The Secret Mission of Ambassador Stevens
Excerpt: Recent documents unearth in Benghazi tell a story of an even greater sin committed by the Obama administration than incompetence. These newly discovered documents suggest that Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi on a mission to track and confiscate weapons that the administration had put in the hands of Al Queda when they thought they were arming the Libyan rebels. If it was discovered that the Obama administration had armed Al Queda, it would have been a double whammy for the White House.

Freedom To Succeed. Hungarian-born billionaire makes anti-socialism case in TV adhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnX7TNFIELg&feature=plcp
Excerpt: Thomas Peterffy grew up in socialist Hungary. Despite the fact that he could not speak English when he immigrated to the United States in 1956, Thomas fulfilled the American dream. With hard work and dedication, he started a business that today employs thousands of people.

No Laughing Matter: Joe Biden confirmed Obama’s anti-market tendencies.

Excerpt: Much of the commentary after Thursday’s veepstakes debate has focused on Vice President Joe Biden’s laughter. But during the spirited sit-down battle, Biden said deadly serious things about the economy, each of which deserves some attention. On housing, equity markets, and Big Finance, U.S. Representative Paul Ryan, running on the GOP ticket, could have used Biden’s seemingly offhand comments to remind the public that the Obama administration is indifferent, at best, to free-market solutions to our economic woes.

Worth Sharing: RNC Web Ad: "Laughing at the Issues" (Official Version)
Joe Biden, a 40 year Senator and VP, supposedly a 'nice guy,' has been wrong about most major issues. In his debate he was snide, mocking, condescending to and even contemptuous of Paul Ryan. It is representative of the Dems' attitude: 'We are the party of government that knows what is best for you. If you don't agree you are a reactionary, unworthy of a conversation. Organized dissent is more than laughable, it is a punishable thought crime."

Worth Sharing: Top 5 Reasons

EU wins Peace Prize
Good news! The EU just won the Nobel Peace prize. Sort of the way Obama won it last time. Apparently they are hoping the EU will at least not cause a civil war. European Commission President Barroso accepted the prize saying with a serious face that he was "proud." He apparently thinks the EU actually deserves the prize and not a swift kick for its miscreant policies that led to the current euro crisis. --Don Hank

Al-Marayati's Dangerous "Diplomatic" Ideas
Excerpt: The State Department is vociferously defending its decision to send Muslim Public Affairs Council boss Salam al-Marayati to represent the United States at a recent 10-day human rights conference in Poland. He "has been involved in U.S. government initiatives for almost 10 years and has been a valued and highly credible interlocutor on issues affecting Muslim communities," a State Department spokesman told the Washington Free Beacon, adding that al-Marayati was invited to participate in the meeting "as a reflection of the wide diversity of backgrounds of the American people."

Damage Control: Obama Campaign Tries to Spin Biden's Bizarre Debate Behavior. By Joel Pollak
Excerpt: The Obama campaign is struggling to respond to mounting criticism of Vice President Joe Biden's bizarre behavior during last night's debate with Rep. Paul Ryan. Biden not only interrupted Ryan frequently--82 times, according to Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus--but frequently laughed, smirked, and snorted at serious moments, showing contempt for his opponent and disturbing even friendly observers.

Prince Harry 'operating like Spitfire pilot' as he destroys multiple Taliban targets in Afghanistan. Telegraph UK
Excerpt: "He's genuinely risking his life in a war zone because he loves the Army and his country." The dangers the Prince is facing were brought into sharp focus last month when the Taliban launched a rocket attack on Camp Bastion, where the Prince is living, and killed two US Marines. The Taliban later said the Prince had been the intended target.

Historic Mosque Burned In Ancient Syrian City
Excerpt: A landmark mosque in Aleppo was burned, scarred by bullets and trashed - the latest casualty of Syria's civil war - and President Bashar Assad on Monday ordered immediate repairs to try to stem Muslim outrage at the desecration of the 12th century site.

Excerpt: Biden needed to do something to elevate an otherwise peripheral vice-presidential debate into a force to stop the insidiously growing Romney momentum. He did not. To raise the old canard about reactions to debates on radio vs. television, if there were no visuals, then Biden by sheer audacity and aggressiveness might have won a tie against the methodical Ryan.

Excerpt: The America of 2012 is not the America of 2008. If Barack Obama wins this election, the America of 2016 will resemble the beaten and bankrupt countries of Western Europe more than it will the America we grew up in. This isn’t Chicken Little speaking. Take a hard look at the trends, and then drop everything else you had in mind for the next four weeks, and make sure everyone you know votes for Romney-Ryan. We have one last chance to save the republic.

The Cook Report: There's No Question, Romney Changed the Game
Excerpt: Before the first presidential debate, this column repeatedly pointed out that Mitt Romney needed something to happen—an event or development that would change the trajectory of this race—or he would lose. As Jay Leno remarked, the only people who thought President Obama won the debate were the NFL replacement referees. Unquestionably, the Denver debate changed the course of the race enormously. (An interesting and realistic look at the recent polling data by an acknowledged expert in the field. The last few paragraphs also explain why some polls are more accurate than others. --Ron P.)

Ryan won vice presidential debate, Biden succeeded, say polls and pundits
Excerpt: Most polls and media talking heads gave the advantage in the vice presidential debate to GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, but said that Vice President  Joe Biden also won by reviving Democratic morale following the disastrous Oct. 3 presidential debate. A quick CNN poll of registered voters said 48 percent thought Ryan was the winner, while 44 percent thought Biden claimed the title. Sixty percent of CNN’s respondents said Ryan was presidential, and 53 percent said he was more likable.

Now This Was an MSNBC Debate. By 
Dan McLaughlin 
Excerpt: Chris Matthews, in his epic post-debate meltdown after the Romney-Obama debate, had the most telling line: “this was not an MSNBC debate.” Matthews and other liberals were particularly upset that Mitt Romney had managed to actually speak uninterrupted, occasionally running over his time and requesting opportunities to respond to things Obama said (although the final tally showed Obama spoke for 4 more minutes than Romney, owing largely to his “umms.”). Tonight was a different animal. Joe Biden came in with one game plan: don’t let voters hear a word Paul Ryan said. The post-debate count circulated by the RNC showed Biden interrupting Ryan 82 times.

Crisis in the ETS comes to a head
Excerpt from editor’s blurb in the email accompanying the link to this story: “And please don't think (we have said this before) that this is a 'technical' issue which affects only those who are involved in the carbon trading business. The ETS is (was?) intended to form the backbone of the EU's entire climate policy, in as far as the energy and manufacturing sectors are concerned. The way that the ETS crisis will be resolved, will therefore be decisive for the future of the EU's entire climate and energy policy.” (ETS is the European “Emissions Trading Scheme.” There appears to be no agreement in the EU Parliament on how to deal with these developments. One of the reasons I get odd publications like European Energy Review is that no one outside their industry and region is really watching what occurs there. We Americans tend to ignore what happens in Europe until the events are unfolding on the evening TV news reports—by which time, it’s too late to do much about them. This may have an impact on the prices of energy, materials, and transport. Ron P.)

Video: Unions Fine Members Who Don't Show Support for Elizabeth Warren
Excerpt: A GOP source sends along this video, shot by a Republican tracker, of a union member supporting Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren outside of a debate Wednesday night in Springfield, Massachusetts. The cameraman asks the union member if he was at an earlier debate between Warren and her Republican opponent, Senator Scott Brown.

The Unintended Consequences Of Spiking The Football: Obama’s Chickens Coming Home To Roost
Excerpt: Although al-Qaeda has not claimed the assassination of Mr. Aklan, they have claimed responsibility for the decapitation of three security soldiers found on Thursday near their security checkpoint near Mareb, a city east of Yemen. ….Perhaps the president was premature in declaring the defeat of al-Qaeda and implying that they are on the run to bolster his campaign or maybe al-Qaeda didn’t get the message, but maybe they did get the message. This pathetic video supposedly inflamed the Middle East, but our president seems to be just as dangerous with his habit of spiking the football after his successful assassinations.

Excerpt: “Look, the administration made up its mind what the reality was whether it was engaged in a cover up, whether it was ideology that dominated the view, whether it was incompetence – at this point we don’t know the answer to that but we know one thing unmistakably….. Bolton goes on to say that he wishes for the sake of the country that this were just a cover up because that would at least indicate that this administration understood reality. 

Democrats Learn to Love the Super PAC
Excerpt: His campaign has outspent Romney’s in the battleground states $306 million to $133 million, according to our Hotline ad tracker. When outside groups are factored in, the margin is much closer, with Romney and allies holding a $396.7 million to $363.2 million edge. If the goal of campaign finance reform is to encourage spending parity between the two sides, super PACs have pulled off the trick. (This interesting look at the mechanics of political democracy in action is instructive. It also points out that while benefitting the national Republican ticket, it has helped Democrats at the state (House and Senate) level by putting seats in play that no one expected to be up for grabs. Of course, since it seems to be working, look for both parties to try to change it to their advantage in the next session. --Ron P.)

German renewable surcharge to rise by 47 percent: source
Excerpt: Germany's surcharge for renewable energy will rise by almost half next year, a government source told Reuters on Wednesday, intensifying the burden for consumers from the country's shift away from nuclear power. (There, as here the poor and working classes pay for the wealthy liberals green dreams. ~Bob.)

Corporate Taxes, the Myths and Facts
Excerpt: In the midst of a heated presidential campaign, both candidates have decided to agree on one thing: the corporate tax rate needs to be reduced. The United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Indeed, it stands a full 14 percentage points above the average rate among major advanced economies, says John Engler, president of the Business Roundtable. (But no one can figure out why jobs keep going overseas. ~Bob.)

Note to the media
In matters of truth the fact that you don't want to publish something is, nine times out of ten, a proof that you ought to publish it. --Gilbert K. Chesterton

Didn’t get the memo. ~Bob. Excerpt: A teenaged girl received 60 lashes in Timbuktu after Islamist extremists convicted her of speaking to men on the street.
The girl, about 15 years old, was allegedly caught standing alongside men by the Islamists of Ansar Dine who now run Timbuktu.

Rebel Arms Flow Is Said to Benefit Jihadists in Syria
If I could figure this out months ago, you’d think the state department could. ~Bob. Excerpt: Most of the arms shipped at the behest of Saudi Arabia and Qatar to supply Syrian rebel groups fighting the government of Bashar al-Assad are going to hard-line Islamic jihadists, and not the more secular opposition groups that the West wants to bolster, according to American officials and Middle Eastern diplomats.
Egypt: Islamic supremacist member of Constituent Assembly objects to constitutional clause prohibiting sex trafficking, violence against women
Excerpt: "Righteous women are therefore obedient, guarding the secret for God's guarding. And those you fear may be rebellious admonish; banish them to their couches, and beat them." (Qur'an 4:34)

Poll: Romney Has Large Lead In Rural Swing Counties--NPR Radio
Bitter clingers. ~Bob. Excerpt: As Mitt Romney and President Obama get ready for their second debate, a new bipartisan survey shows a surge for Romney in a key voter group following their first debate Oct. 3. The random cellphone and land line poll of 600 likely rural voters in nine battleground states Oct. 9-11 has Romney at 59 percent among the survey's respondents. Obama's support is now down to 37 percent among rural battleground voters, a plunge of 10 points from the actual rural vote in those states four years ago.

Iraq Buys Russian Weapons. By Bob Nichols
Excerpt: The Premier of Iraq journeyed many miles to the United States’s enemy, Russia, to sign on the dotted line for Russian weapons worth US$4.2 Billion Dollars, the Russian news agency RIA NOVOSTI released October 9, 2012 in Moscow. (With your tax dollars. ~Bob.)

Clinton: I’m responsible for diplomats’ security
Excerpt: The Obama administration has been heavily criticized after Vice President Joe Biden said during last week's vice presidential debate that the White House did not know of requests to enhance security at Benghazi, contradicting testimony by State Department employees that requests had been made and rejected. After the debate, the White House said the vice president did not know of the requests because they were handled, as is the practice, by the State Department.

Hillary Clinton shields Obama from Benghazi scandal. By Neil Munro
Excerpt: “What I want to avoid is some kind of political gotcha or blame game.” Clinton told CNN … “Clinton appeared to be trying to inoculate President Obama from criticism as he prepared for Tuesday’s [campaign] debate,” The New York Times wrote after the comments.

No, Hillary. Benghazi Will Not Go Away
Excerpt: On the deepest level, Barack Obama did not want to be found out. He had something even bigger than Benghazi to cover up – his worldview. Our president really believes — or more precisely really wants to believe — that the Islamist threat is relatively small and can be met with what John Kerry (his debate coach) used to call “police actions.” (I guess my question is “why did Hillary take the hit for this?” The media loves her and would’ve turned any attempt by the Obamanauts to make her look bad right back on them. She has already let it be known she’ll leave the administration after the election. She can’t possibly believe that looking incompetent would help her in any future campaign for high office. So, why? --Ron P.)

Hillary Clinton Prepares to See Underside of Obama Bus. By Erick Erickson 
Excerpt: I do hear that President Obama will let Hillary Clinton tour a tire factory this week so she can at least match a dress to the tire tread, but one way or the other, Hillary Clinton is now going under the Obama bus. Joe Biden began the effort to throw Hillary under the bus in the debate Thursday night. He said the White House never knew about additional security requests. With a town hall style Presidential debate tomorrow night, Barack Obama needed plausible deniability. Hillary Clinton gave it to him on CNN.

Military Families are Outing Obama. By Karin McQuillan
Excerpt: American military and State Department families that have lost their sons in the war against Islamic jihadis are outing President Obama for playing politics with the lives (and deaths) of their sons. Speaking out in some of the most painful interviews ever shown on television, they directly blame the president for the loss of their sons' lives. Their accusations speak directly to Obama's competence in defending our national security.

Los Angeles looking at 'City Service Card' for undocumented immigrants
Excerpt: With the support of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a proposal to create a "City Service Card" that could be used as a limited form of identification by undocumented immigrants gets its first review Tuesday.

Worth Reading: Drought! Famine! Global…Cooling? By John Ransom 
Excerpt: Climate experts from United Kingdom’s National Weather Service told the world that while is was not unusual for pauses in global warming that last for a decade to occur once every eighty years or so, there was no way that one could last for 15 years or more according to their climate model. Oops. Their mistake, I guess. Maybe that’s why when the United Kingdom’s National Weather Service updated their data and it showed that global warming has been paused for the last 16 years, they remained mum.

Hamas MP: "The Jews are behind each and every catastrophe on the face of the Earth. This is not open to debate."
Excerpt: Well, that covers it. Every catastrophe. No need for silly, elaborate conspiracy theories to explain each one. You can just know it's the Jews. Earthquakes, fires, famines, wars, invasions, riots? Jews!

Battery maker A123 files for bankruptcy protection
 Excerpt: Short of cash and hurting from weak sales of electric cars, battery maker A123 Systems Inc. filed for bankruptcy protection on Tuesday and quickly sold its automotive assets. The moves came one day after the company warned it likely would miss debt payments and could be headed for restructuring under Chapter 11. Auto parts maker Johnson Controls Inc. will buy the company's automotive business for $125 million. (Is Yahoo deliberately trying to make the administration look bad by reporting this? I mean, what does it matter anyway? Just because this is one of over a half-dozen green companies that went bankrupt after spending billions in tax payer cash to prop them up, they are getting all sensitive about this trifling news of another State-owned bankruptcy. After all, working American, it's only your hard-earned money down the drain, and instead of raising taxes, the Fed will just print more money out of thin air and stoke inflation, further reducing your buying power, so just chill! --Don Hank. PS: Obama is only doing what ex Spanish prime minister Zapatero did in Spain. It cost Zapatero his job and the jobs of 25% of working Spanish, but didn't stop our intrepid president from following in his footsteps. The new Spanish president can't fix the mess. Humpty Dumpty is broken--and broke.)

Operation Infinite Spin. By Bryan Preston
Excerpt: Instead of getting justice against the terrorists, the Obama administration launched what amounts to a disinformation campaign, an Operation Infinite Spin, against the American people. Operation Infinite Spin is an attack on common sense and on Americans’ free speech rights. The Obama administration’s instincts were to blame America first and, apparently, to give the terrorists ample time to get away.

Another Attack: U.S. Embassy Security Official Killed in Yemen. By Joel B. Pollak 
Excerpt: Masked gunmen have attacked and killed a security official at the U.S. embassy in Sanaa, Yemen, Reuters reported early this morning. The official, Qassem Aqlan, was a Yemeni who led a security team at the U.S. diplomatic mission. He was attacked in his car by assassins on a motorcycle in the city center. (Heard one report that stated security office native who had worked for US for 20 years….Barb.)

Missing: Regulatory transparency. By Wayne Crews and Ryan Young
Excerpt: The problem is that it’s now October, and neither the spring nor the fall 2012 editions of the Unified Agenda have been published. The most recent edition we have is that of fall 2011, and even that was published late. This is an important story, and yet it has received little or no press coverage. …These delays matter because regulatory uncertainty is a real phenomenon that keeps real businessmen up at night.

DNC fires Obama campaign staffer for assisting voter fraud attempt. By Matthew Boyle
Excerpt; The DNC and Obama campaign hadn’t commented on the matter at all on Wednesday and Caballero wasn’t fired until Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Lamar Smith called on the Obama campaign and DNC to fire all paid staffers involved in such voter fraud. This video appears to be only the first in a series. It ends by cutting to a montage of different clips of Obama campaign volunteers and staffers all over the country helping O’Keefe’s Project Veritas activists get set up to vote twice, a sign there’s likely more to come. (The crime was getting caught, not the fraud. ~Bob.)

Jobless Claims Number Doesn't Include California. By Mike Flynn 
Excerpt: Except, um, it turns out that number wasn't right. They forgot to include CALIFORNIA, the most populous and economically depressed state in the country. A source at the Labor Department brushed aside the omission by saying that, sometimes, if a state office is under-manned they don't complete all the jobless claims in time to report them to BLS. In other words, the dog ate their homework. 

So This Is What "God D*mn America" Looks Like. By Stella Paul
Excerpt: Four years ago, our media overlords assured us that President Empty Chair was really Candidate Empty Pew -- a parishioner who sat for 20 years in Reverend Jeremiah Wright's nutty, hate-mongering church and never heard a single word.

Excerpt: Why does Al Gore hate America’s green-tech industry and love China and Bain Capital?

Conservative group’s ad calls out Obama’s ‘Chinese Motors’ auto bailout. By Jennifer White
Excerpt: The 60-second ad, however, slams Obama for bailing out multinational giant General Motors and appointing Dan Akerson to GM’s board, who says in the ad that seven out of ten of GM vehicles were made outside the United States. The ad also references a Forbes headline, which states that almost two thirds of GM’s jobs are in other countries. “Chinese Motors” is part of a $7 million online campaign launched Monday in the key swing states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Documents: Despite Obama’s 2008 claims, political relationship with Rev. Wright began as early as 1987. By Matthew Boyle
Excerpt: Letters signed by Barack Obama 25 years ago and obtained by The Daily Caller, show the future president approaching Chicago’s then-mayor Harold Washington in 1987 about a community organizing project whose advisory board would include his pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright; the controversial leftist Catholic priest Father Michael Pfleger; and the brother of Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers. When Obama later ran for president, he sought to distance himself from Rev. Wright, although the letters obtained by TheDC indicate a working relationship between the two men on a political level when the future president was just 26 years old.

Bernanke and the Fed Repeal Einstein: Near-zero interest rates, which are expected to last through mid-2015, make a mockery of thrift. By Robert L. Pollock
Excerpt: Albert Einstein reportedly called compound interest "the most powerful force in the universe." He didn't live long enough to experience Ben Bernanke. Last week the Federal Reserve chairman told the world that U.S. savers should expect the new normal of near-zero interest rates to last through mid-2015. So compound interest is a concept with which today's early to mid 20-somethings will remain essentially unfamiliar. (The Dems try to scare the Boomer generation with the image of Granny being pushed over the cliff. For Boomers, isn't the issue of non-existent interest and the devaluation of the dollar the far greater threat to those no longer earning income from work? Aren't these policies in essence stealing from those who have saved for their future? Doesn't this incent younger people to buy, buy, buy instead of save? And won't these younger folks need to save for their retirement? The argument that businesses will invest in equipment and hire workers with the cost of money very low surely has not worked. Banks are loath to loan to small businesses. Businesses that have surplus cash are content to earn nothing rather than incur the risks of Obamacare, the fiscal cliff as well as new and onerous regulations. In return for this failed stimulus, individuals get no return on their savings. Why isn't this a political issue? Cordially, Larry Greenberg.)

While Biden Smirked At VP Debate, Obama Admin Was Arming Islamic Jihadists In Syria
Excerpt: Recent reports reveal that Biden's claim was simply not true. And the truth is that at least one of the countries Biden said the U.S. is working with -- Saudi Arabia -- is actually sending weapons to "hard line Islamic jihadists" fighting against Assad. A U.S. official speaking on anonymously says, "The opposition groups receiving the most lethal aid are exactly the groups we don't want to have it."

Obama: ‘We Got Back Every Dime’ of Bailout; CBO: Bailout Will Lose $24 Billion
Excerpt: President Barack Obama said on Thursday that “we got back every dime we used to rescue the financial system." According to the Congressional Budget Office, however, the government will lose about $24 billion on the bailout. (...) In fact, CBO reported that as of now $65 billion in TARP funds remain outstanding. (No doubt both are using the same figures, but in different time-frames and with different interpretations. Ho-hum, this is just normal political spin—that’s being ignored by the Obama supporting media. I wonder if the media would’ve been as kind to a President McCain? Yeah, right. --Ron P.)

Worth Reading: The Real Lesson of Benghazi: The fantasies shaping the Washington establishment’s views on Islam do more than make bad policy. They also kill. By Robert Spencer
Excerpt: The Obama administration is approaching full meltdown over the steady stream of revelations concerning its inaction and lies over the massacre of Ambassador Chris Stevens and other U.S. personnel in Libya. Obama and Biden are lining up against Hillary Clinton and the State Department, claiming that they weren’t told about Stevens’ requests for additional security. Meanwhile, administration officials are denying that they ever linked the attack on the consulate to the Muhammad video that has been blamed for worldwide Muslim riots, despite abundant evidence to the contrary. One fact, however, is as clear as it is little noted: the entire incident demonstrates the abject failure of the Obama administration’s Middle East policy, and its analysis of the jihad threat in general.

Excerpt: Behind the scenes — in Langley, Fort Meade, Anacostia, and elsewhere in the Intelligence Community — spooks and analysts are sharpening their knives for the Obama administration, which, having chosen to pick a fight both with the IC and the Clintons, apparently has some sort of death wish. The national media’s still doing its level best to keep Benghazi off the front pages, but its effort is doomed to failure. 

Israel Alone
Excerpt: Even Israel will regard a unilateral strike on Iran as a dreadful option. It would likely set off a chain reaction of unwanted and unpredictable consequences. But if Israel is alone, no one can expect it to wait for a new holocaust. (Germany occupied the Rhineland in 1936 and was not appeased with the Sudetenland in 1938, when England and France had the power to stop them. Not having the will, the cost was infinitely greater from 1939-45. The cost of destroying the Bushehr enrichment plant will surely be much lower than a nuclear armed Iran. Cordially, Larry Greenberg)

Excerpt: The Supreme Court said Tuesday that early voting can proceed in Ohio — a major win for President Obama. In a one-sentence order with no explanation, the court rejected Ohio Republicans' efforts to block early voting three days before Election Day. The court left in place a lower-court ruling that said early voting had to be available to all Ohioans — not just military personnel. (Why should the military get special voting rights, just because they are overseas defending the country? Isn’t it enough they get special burial rights? ~Bob.)

Excerpt: Those of us who may have had doubts about the health reform law were comforted by President Obama’s repeated assurances that, “If you like your health plan…you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period.” But, by dismantling and recasting the separate health insurance marketplaces that serve small employer groups and individuals in the District, D.C. policymakers would take away the option of keeping the health plan that they now have. … The letter was sent by a huge number of organizations including The Brady Campaign and Brady Center To Prevent Gun Violence, Aids United, and The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.
Appeals court reverses bin Laden driver's conviction
Excerpt: A U.S. appeals court on Tuesday overturned a military commission's conviction of Osama bin Laden's former driver, Salim Hamdan, on charges of providing material support for terrorism. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit concluded that supporting terrorism was not a war crime at the time of Hamdan's alleged conduct from 1996 to 2001 and therefore could not support a conviction. (Something for the Jihadists to sneer at. ~Bob.)

Yeh! Yeh! Yeh! Romney Wins in a Landslide - Las Vegas oddsmaker doubles down on prediction 
Excerpt: I am a Las Vegas oddsmaker (and former Libertarian vice presidential candidate) and here's why I am so boldly predicting a Romney landslide. In November of 2004, only days before the presidential election, I went on CNBC and predicted a Bush victory by 3 points and 30 electoral votes. Every poll at the time showed Kerry in the lead. [I predicted this long ago but did anybody listen? --Cassandra aka Kate. Don’t celebrate—work! ~Bob.] 

I contacted the owner at his dealership e-mail address, and he verified that this was 100% true, but asked me not to use his name or the dealership’s name, as he is getting swamped with e-mail as it goes around the net:
“I'll try to make this as short and to the point as I can. One of my salesmen here had a woman in his office yesterday wanting to lease a brand new Focus. As he was reviewing her credit app with her, he noticed she was on social security disability. He said to her you don't look like you're disabled and unable to work. She said, " well I'm really not, I could work if I wanted to but I make more now than I did when I was working and got hurt (non-disabling injury)." She said the government sends her $1500.00 a month in one check, she gets $700.00 a month on an EBT card (food stamps, aka SNAP), and $800.00 a month for rent. Oh yeah and 250 minutes free on her phone. That is just south of $3500.00 a month. (TAX FREE) When she was working she was taking home about $330.00 per week. Do the math and then ask yourself why the hell should she go back to work. If you multiply that by millions of people, you start to realize the scope of the problem we face as a country. Once the socialists have 51% of the population in that same scenario we are finished. The question is when do we cross that threshold if we haven't already? She didn't lease the Focus here because the dealer down the road beat our deal by $10.00/month. Glad to know she is so frugal with her (our) hard earned money."

Humor. Well. Sort of. ~Bob. Excerpt: Who are these Obama voters? They can’t all have head injuries, have been in a coma for the past 4 years, or own stock in an electric car battery company. Besides having “stupid” stamped on their forehead, here’s a handy guide identifying these clueless creatures. 

Scathing New Tea Party Ad Features…The ‘Obama Phone Lady’?
Excerpt: A scathing new ad released by the Tea Party Victory Fund Super PAC enlists the “Obama phone lady” to slam President Barack Obama’s economic record.
“Have Barack Obama’s policies empowered or enslaved Americans?” the ad begins.

The Coming Collapse: Authoritarians in China and Russia Face Endgame. World Affairs
Excerpt: In the next decade, it is likely that one or both of these global powers will undergo an economic crisis and a dramatic political transformation. When and how it will happen is the most important “known unknown” that Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will face during the next US presidential term. The predictions that systemic change is inevitable, and that it might be tumultuous, are coming not just from lonely dissidents or hostile Western observers but from stalwarts of the establishments in Moscow and Beijing. (Russia or China? Hell, I think we are very likely to collapse. ~Bob.)

Insider attack by Afghan intelligence employee kills 6 in Kandahar
Excerpt: In the first fatal green-on-blue, or insider, attack by an employee of Afghanistan's intelligence service this year, a uniformed member of the National Directorate of Security detonated a suicide vest at a district office in Kandahar province on Saturday, killing an American soldier and a former US military officer as well as four Afghans.

'Moderate' Islamist leader in Tunisia strategizes with al Qaeda-linked Salafists. By Bill Roggio
Excerpt: The leader of the supposedly moderate Ennahda political party in Tunisia has been caught on tape strategizing with Salafists to gain control of the country. In the video, he also acknowledged contacts with leaders of al Qaeda-linked groups, including one that attacked the US embassy on Sept. 14 and another that supports the establishment of a global Caliphate.

Turkish jihadists eulogize slain German al Qaeda leader. By Bill Roggio
Excerpt: A Turkish jihadist magazine eulogized a German who served as both a senior member of al Qaeda's external operations branch and as a leader in the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan before his death in an assault on a US air base in Afghanistan in 2010.

Muslim Brotherhood's Lies Reach Ridiculous New Depth
Excerpt: A senior Muslim Brotherhood official is denying the group's leader called for "holy jihad" against Israel in a newspaper article last week, even though strikingly similar language remains on the Brotherhood's Arabic website. The denial follows a call from the Simon Wiesenthal Center for President Obama to condemn the comments by Muslim Brotherhood General Guide Mohammed Badie, and for the United States to cut off all interaction with the Brotherhood until they are withdrawn.

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