Thursday, April 27, 2017


I was booked by Priceline on Frontier Airlines for a flight from
Cleveland to Raleigh. Price was comparatively inexpensive, $131. When I went to check in, it turns out this is the queen of "gotcha" airlines. Every single seat comes with a price, the lowest is $6, and they warn you all the cheap seats have limited legroom, so you really should pay $25 for one of the nice seats. It gets better. You can carry on a purse or laptop by itself for free. After that, every kind of bag at all costs you, the least cost is $25 if you buy a small carry on ahead of time on line (the kind that would normally fit under your seat). If you use an agent to buy it, it goes up $5 more, if you wait until the airport to buy it, it goes up double. Bigger bags cost you a lot more. To carry on a small bag the lowest you get away with is $30, plus the $6 for the small seat. Check two big bags and get a nicer seat and you will be out $100 if you do it on line, and double that if you wait until the airport. Try to call their office and it turns out you cannot get to a human being, at least I couldn't find a way to do it in 15 minutes of trying. This is the most simple and clear kind of "we're here to rip you off any way we can" that I have seen in a long time. If I had any way to get out of this reservation, even paying more to another airline, I would do it, but I'm stuck with it. As you might guess I will never use them again, and probably never use Priceline again. Be warned, and please pass this on far and wide, maybe a nice Facebook post. --Del

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