Thursday, April 20, 2017

Jihad in London

Islam and the Jihad in London by Andrew McCarthy
This is a nicely done, fairly concise and eminently reasonable explanation of the problem. Again, the parallel is that it wasn't all Germans who were the problem in 1932, it was the fraction who were fanatic Nazis and who bought into the ideology of Hitler, but in the end, their domination of events caused all the horrors. It is not by any stretch all Muslims who are the problem today, but the fundamentalists who have become a very significant fraction of them and who believe totally in the full depth of Islam, that is controlling both spiritual and physical life completely and the requirement to take over the world, they have become an enormous problem. One which has been ignored and excused for decades now in the name of Western tolerance, a concept which they themselves reject for others. The kind of conditioning that goes on in many (but not all) mosques where Saudi trained imams and other leaders preach incessantly about how Islam must rule, Sharia must dominate, and that assimilation is NOT what real Muslims do, brings on increasing levels of people who are by our standards radicalized. Lack of strong reaction to these problems and the de facto acceptance of "special zones", violent protests, mass prayer in public streets, car burnings, etc, and the police holding back from the kind of direct and forceful response that is needed to discourage such behavior, only assures a continual descent into ever greater difficulties. I don't know how all of this will work out, but it's hard to envision any positive solutions, and easy to conceive of any number of very negative things coming to pass sooner or later. Hopefully we in the USA will learn enough to avoid such here. -Del

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