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Random Thoughts for April and May

Random Thoughts for April and May, 2017.
By Robert A. Hall

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I had to combine the April and May Random Thoughts as I didn't have enough material for just April. I'm working 20+ hours a week, which added to my medical routine and other stuff, really eats up my time. Sorry.

The New York Times new motto: "All the news that fits our agenda, we print."

Trump should handle allegations of scandal as Obama did. Appoint an internal committee from his administration to investigate itself. Claim that not a smidgen of evidence of wrong doing was found. Then do something that distracts attention. Of course, he won't have the media reporting everything he says as Gospel truth.

Despite the talk of shrinking bird populations, the Ruffled Victim Bird is thriving in North America. They come in several colors: black, brown, reddish brown, yellowish tan and white. The more numerous white ones are sometimes called "Snowflakes." you can identify them by their distinctive cry, "Poor-ME, Poor-ME!"

We're into the "Little Free Library" movement and keep ours stocked with books. But I draw the line at the "Little Free Outhouse" movement.

Some family functions are to be enjoyed. Others endured.

Fame is fleeting, but infamy lingers.

I wouldn't be surprised if the liberals start claiming that Trump shouldn't be president because he was born in Russia.

Long time readers of my blog will recall that back in Obama's first term I was saying the birther movement was going nowhere and was a waste of time and effort because the SCOTUS would never overturn an election. I also said that all the talk of impeachment for Obama was crazy because they would never get 14 Democrat senators to vote for it. Impeachment turned Clinton from a despised president into a wealthy and admired elder statesman. Some of my predictions are too easy. Tomorrow, the sun will rise in the East.

From a liberal friend: How can anyone expect people to assimilate into a society where they believe the women are whores who deserve rape or death for appearing in public with no head scarves (much less the bikinis I am seeing along the beach here in San Diego where we are staying this week to commemorate my birthday)? A society where they believe that we men (fathers, brothers, husbands) are scum beneath contempt for allowing our women to dress and behave this way without punishing them. A society whose laws protect women's freedom and equality rather than their modesty, subservience and virginity. Either the Muslims in our midst must stay very small in numbers (not likely, despite Trump) or they must become more modern and Western and tolerant (even less likely) or we must accept Sharia Law (that'll be the day) or there will eventually be blood in our streets. (I'm betting, alas, on blood. ~Bob)

You don't know how strong you are if you don't try.

There was a Prius going slow in front of me recently. I wanted to yell, "Step on the electric!"

Good thing the media didn't go after Obama like they are after Trump. That would have been racist.

If you ask a sales associate in a store if they have X, and he says, "You might try....," you can forget it.

If today's media was around in the 1940s: "Germans fear backlash after it was revealed that a few extremists were running death camps for Jews.  "Nothing to do with Germany" says Herr Hitler, "National Socialism is a philosophy of peace.'"

Overheard in an office: "The guy in the cube next to me is creepy. He clips his nails at his desk." Friend: "That's annoying, but a lot of people do it." First person: "Their toenails?"

The essence of freedom is making government your servant, not your master. The liberals who wish to make government all powerful to do the things they believe are good for people may find someone else using government in ways they don't like at all.

From Mirza on Facebook: "When you repeat a mistake, it's not a mistake is a decision."

If you are by nature an unhappy, negative and/or complaining individual, I suggest you become a liberal. They always seem to have something to whine about.

I notice a sad trend that unreasonable people get catered to in order to avoid unpleasantness, while reasonable people get abused.

Because you call something a reform, doesn't mean it's good.

Don't buy skinny jeans until after the diet is successful.

Meditation is prayer without God.

"To," "Too," and "Two." "There," "Their," and "They're." Learn to use them correctly to avoid having people on Facebook think you're (not "your") an idiot.

People tell me I live in the past. I say it was nicer then.

If you do not support the right of people to say things that deeply offend you, to say things that you loath, you do not support free speech.

So the first Obamacare repeal failed after all the promises. Too bad we didn't have a good negotiator in the White House. You know, some one known for making deals.

Working PT as a security guard now, I work with a lot of young guys. When I say I was in Vietnam, many say, "So was my Grandpa!" Hurrump

Given the rabid partisan split in the senate and country, no Supreme Court appointee could now get 60 votes.

The way I saw it, If HC had won, Garland would have been voted onto the Court immediately after the election - and BY the Repubs. Why? Because they knew that HC  would have nominated a far more was a great strategy  to not give him a hearing at all, as that would have required/forced a vote, and they would have had to vote "No" - which would have knocked him off altogether... Rather, the  Repubs wanted to keep his nomination alive, just in case, because he is sort of a centrist, and MUCH more acceptable than any HC nominee would have been...PS I'm glad (so far) that Neal Gorsuch is a justice. He'll do great.  I knew the Gorsuches well. Neal's mom, Anne, was a State Legislator, and EPA director under Reagan. She was beautiful, a smart lawyer, and nuts. --From my friend Dorothy, a former Colorado Legislator.

I once asked a four year old what the secret of life was. “Feed the kitties,” she said. “Feed the kitties.” --Ellis Felker

You only have to read the writing of many of today's High School and College graduates to understand why they no longer call the early years "Grammar School."

Pacifists are always at the mercy of the ruthless. Who have no mercy.

If you wish to avoid being late, plan to be early.

Tolerance of the intolerable is not a virtue. I like to think that I'm tolerant. But I'm very intolerant of those whose intolerance of other's views leads them to try to impose their own views by violence. This would include Nazis, Communists, Jihadists and groups of pseudo-Americans who will riot, destroy, intimidate, physically attack and violate the rights of others because they believe their "perfect" ideology gives them the right to do so.

The much-bemoaned "cultural appropriation"--taking ideas, food, styles and better ways of doing things from other cultures, is the essence of what makes diversity of great value to humans.

Politicians lie because the voters want things that are impossible, like more spending and less taxes. So only those who promise what they can't deliver can get elected.

Media Rule: If a Muslim is the victim of a crime, "Muslim" appears in the headline. If a Muslim commits a crime, "Muslim" appears no where in the story. The same applies to immigrant.

You will regret the times when you were not generous, not the times when you were.

You know how tired and achy your legs feel after you run ten miles? At 71, that's how they feel when you get up.

The killer planning mistake: assuming everything will go according to the plan.

You have a boat designed to carry ten people. With luck you might cram twenty into it before it founders and everyone aboard drowns. You are in a sea where a large ship has sunk due to corruption, mismanagement and poor maintenance, leaving over a thousand people struggling in the water. Beside you is a yacht belonging to rich Hollywood stars. They are demanding you take everyone in the water on board, but you don't see them pulling anyone up. This is this situation our country is in with immigrants today.

I hear lots of people say, "I don't need the aggravation." Putting aside the misuse of aggravate (to make worse), who does need more irritations in their life?

When someone says, "That's Islamophobic" to you, the correct answer is, "The truth usually is."

The progressives' slogan should be, "Haters Against Hate."

Doing things at the last minute is the secret of doing things poorly.

Remember when college students were on a relentless quest for truth and knowledge instead of a desperate search to find something new to be offended by?

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