Thursday, April 27, 2017


State penalizes man who found problem with red-light cameras. File this one under “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.” Beaverton, Oregon, resident Mats Järlström – a Swedish-born electronics engineer by training and previous work experience – is $500 poorer after being fined by an Oregon agency following his attempt to point out a problem in the state’s traffic lights that “puts the public at risk.” Specifically, Järlström – after spending a year investigating the timing of yellow lights and red-light camera statistics – found people were being electronically captured running yellow lights because of misapplication of a timing formula developed in 1959 and still used internationally. (This is just a wonderful story, the most beautiful example to come along in a while of how insanely petty bureaucrats can get and how they can abuse their powers. Hopefully the lawsuit and a lot of publicity will bring on so much ridicule that the fatuous idiots who did this will be very publicly embarassed, with consequences to their careers. --Del)

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