Monday, April 24, 2017

Kennedy Family Murder

Michael Skakel Was Convicted of Murdering Martha Moxley, So Why Is He Free?
Excerpt: An elite, dysfunctional family, the influence of wealth, the incompetence of police, the failure of the local newspaper, a poorly functioning judiciary, the targeting of three innocent individuals, and the sway of the Kennedys—all these elements form the tableau surrounding the murder of Moxley. Despite the conviction of Michael Skakel in 2002, he has been out on $1.2 million bail for the past four years. And some closest to the case remain divided as to who the actual killer is. What we can say with 100 percent certainty is that Michael and/or his older brother Tommy, with the possible assistance of their cousin Jimmy Terrien—all of them nephews of Ethel Kennedy—murdered Moxley.    

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