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My complaint against the Sheriff was dismissed 4-1, not unexpectedly.
I think if a County Officer had appeared in a political ad for a conservative candidate, the roof would have fallen in. But supporting progressives places you above the law you are supposed to enforce. For those new to the blog, last March I filed an ethics complaint against the Dane  County Sheriff for using his uniform, badge, gun and Dane County vehicles in a political ad for Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley. Picture below. her TV ad with the Sheriff can be seen here. After two hearings in April, at which the Sheriff did not appear to testify under oath, the Board recessed pending finding a date when the Sheriff would be available to testify. Subsequently, the Chair resigned, creating a second vacancy, and it has taken until now to constitute a Board with five member. Unfortunately, but no unsurprisingly, finding a date when the Sheriff would appear has proven impossible. The attorney representing him Friday said as much, pointing out that under the rules the Sheriff did not have to appear. She also said that she had a letter from the County Controller says that the Sheriff was not given a uniform allowance. I had a phone call and email from a former senior officer in the Department stating that the top five officers were given uniform allowances. I still believe that the patch on the uniform, the badge and his gun were issued by the county. The attorney again pointed out that the burden of proof was on me, and indicated they would never have the Sheriff testify under oath so I could prove it. Despite anonymous posts, which I think may have come from Sheriff's Department insiders fearing retaliation, on my blog stating that it was a Dane County Vehicle, that the shoot was done in a county parking lot with the Dane County Public Safety Building in the background, they felt that absent the Sheriff's testimony, they didn't have enough evidence to do other than dismiss it. One member of the Board suggested they ask for the statute to be changed to reflect the wording in the letter of guidance (which I mistook as a reprimand) saying the Sheriff should avoid even the appearance of impropriety. While I would support that, I believe it would do little good. A weasel will always find a hole. The Sheriff has shown little regard for ethics in the past. This at most will make him more careful to cover his tracks so that he can do it again and again without fear. As one of my Wisconsin lawyer friends said, "Filing a complaint against a Dane County Liberal? You'll be lucky to get off without jail time." Below are some of the stories about past concerns with our Sheriff.

Shawn Haney, a former member of the Sheriff's Department ran against Mahoney and filed a similar complain in the past.

Mahoney's Reprimand Exposed Hanson's Supporter Points Out A Letter Of Reprimand The Detective Received Last Year.

Mahoney to reimburse county for stay at resort

I have been told that Sheriff Mahoney has used his uniform before in political ads and had agreed not to do so in the future. See:

Dane County Ethics Board to hear complaint against sheriff after long hiatus. By M. D. Kittle
Excerpt: Some seven months after a resident first filed an ethics complaint against Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney, it appears the Dane County Ethics Board finally has enough members to hear it. Dane County resident Robert Hall brought the complaint in April, alleging that Democrat Mahoney violated the county’s ethics code when he appeared in a campaign ad for liberal Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley. Perhaps the bigger story here, however, is that Dane County, which prides itself on its left-wing ethics, did not have a functional ethics board for several months. The five-member board lost two members, including attorney Melinda Gustafson Gervasi, who resigned April 13, not long after a hearing into Hall’s complaint.

Are you scared yet? Republicans are scared of widows and children? By Robert A. Hall

Coexist? At least 20 hostages dead in siege of hotel in Mali, official says
At least one American. #AllLivesMatter. ~Bob

Islamophobia? Americans more fearful of a major terror attack in the U.S., poll finds
Excerpt: Fully 83 percent of registered voters say they believe a terrorist attack in the United States resulting in large casualties is likely in the near future, rising from 73 percent in a Quinnipiac University poll earlier this month asking the same question. Forty percent say a major attack in the United States is “very likely,” up eight percentage points since last week’s attacks to match the record level of concern recorded after the 2005 subway bombings in Britain. (It's not a phobia if they really are trying to kill you. ~Bob)

Must Read: Permanent Jihad, Continued. By Philip Jenkins
Excerpt: I dearly wish I had not been right. Back in early September, I did a post at this blog about potential terrorism in France and other European countries, under the title of The Age of Permanent Jihad. I wrote that The point is not just that many younger French Muslims are increasingly radicalized, but that they potentially have increased access to really dangerous heavy weapons, including automatic rifles, missiles, and even anti-tank armaments like Milan missiles. These are flowing into Europe from nearby battlefronts – in the Balkans, Libya and elsewhere …. The [French] army has made contingency plans for the “reappropriation of national territory”, meaning to win back control of neighborhoods where the population become hostile to the security forces and where guns are easily obtainable. And “guns” in this case means Kalashnikovs, possibly backed up by missiles. At the time, the projection seemed grim, and one journal turned down a related piece I wrote on the grounds of its fantastic nature. And then we have the horrific French news from the past two days, with all those automatic weapons on the streets of Paris. And presumably, London next. (Or NYC and Washington. ~Bob)

Training kids to kill

Worth Reading: The world's determination to defeat ISIL is a myth. By Richard Spencer
Excerpt: There can never have been a policy that more governments are committed to achieving without actually trying to achieve it than the world’s so-called determination to “defeat Isil”. Everyone is now at it - fighting Isil, that is: the Syrian and Iraqi governments, obviously, parts of whose territory Isil controls; within those failed states, a smorgasbord of local and foreign Shia militias, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, two major Kurdish fighting forces and in Syria non-Isil anti-Assad rebels, including al-Qaeda.

Widows and Children? At least 3 dead, dozens of hostages held as gunmen storm Mali hotel
Excerpt: Gunmen who have taken 90 hostages after storming a hotel in Mali’s capital Friday while shouting “Allahu Akbar" reportedly are forcing their captives to recite verses from the Koran or face death.

Three Syrians arrested in St. Maarten with false Greek travel documents

Here's The (LONG) List Of Foreign-Born Islamists Charged With Or Convicted Of Terrorism
Excerpt: Here's a sampling of incidents from that list: - An immigrant brought here by his family from Kuwait at a young age, and who was later approved for U.S. citizenship, carried out the Islamist attack that recently killed 4 military personnel in Chattanooga.

America's 'enemies within': How nearly SEVENTY have been arrested in America over ISIS plots in last 18 months - including refugees who had been given safe haven but 'turned to terror'

Eight Syrians caught at Texas border in Laredo

EXCLUSIVE—6 Men from Pakistan, Afghanistan Busted Illegally Entering Arizona from Mexico
Just looking for a better life. To take. ~Bob

I know Joel from when he ran for Congress in the Chicago area. Very bright guy. Jewish writer. ~Bob

There Are Serious, Unbigoted Reasons to Be Wary of a Flood of Syrian Refugees
Excerpt: “No regrets” is a hashtag, not a policy proposal. There are serious, bigotry-free reasons to be wary of accepting Syrian refugees en masse, and historical comparisons should aim to illuminate the situation, not obscure it. 

Feds offer $5M for 'key leader' of ISIS
Bounty offered for leader of human (terrorist) smuggling arm of organization for travel to EU and US.  So, regime admits it is a goal. --Barb

Interesting: Migrant crisis sets up trap for Democrats
Excerpt:  The House is poised to approve legislation on Thursday freezing the flow of refugees from Syria, placing Senate Democrats in political jeopardy. Democrats are caught between their support for President Obama, who the White House promises will veto the legislation, and public opinion polls that show the GOP-backed measure is popular. The only question in the House is how much Democratic support the legislation will muster. One Democratic lawmaker predicted between 10 and 30 Democrats would back it. (The disassociation is scary--playing politics with national security. --Barb)

Rats fleeing sinking ship: Top Democrats are increasingly worried about Syrian refugees, too. By Amber Phillips, Washington Post
CBS, ABC, MM continue to cite "Republicans" and "GOP" against refugees; however, many Dems have come out of the regime closet as well....Barb

The American Left Hates Americans More Than They Hate ISIS
Excerpt: The President of the United States has taken the tacit of claiming it is all political. To the left, everything is political so they cannot fathom that some Americans might have looked at the events of Paris and decided we might want to be more cautious... To the political left, it is polling, politics, and racism.

U.S. Aids 12 Refugees Overseas for the Cost of Bringing One to America

Our NATO Ally: Turkish Fans Boo Moment of Silence, Chant ‘Allahu Akbar’
Excerpt: I would say this is unbelievable, but to anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of the Islamic world, the description would be inaccurate. As you watch this video of Turkey soccer fans booing during a moment of silence and chanting “Allahu Akbar,” keep in mind that your President still thinks the real enemy is Republicans  and other Americans who have a different opinion than him. Roll tape.


Gun Sales, Concealed Permit Applications Surge After Paris Attack

Palestinian arrested in stabbing murder of 2 Israelis
Excerpt: A Palestinian man is in custody after carrying out a knife attack at a Tel Aviv office building, killing two Israelis and wounding another who were engaged in mid-day prayers, reports. 

Kano blasts: Twin bombs in Nigeria market 'kill 11'
The Secret to Defeating the ISIS ‘Caliphate’ Might Just Be in Islam Itself. By Haroon Moghul Quartz
Nearly 100 years after the last Ottoman caliph was exiled, the Sunni world has yet to wholly define itself. And if good people don't step in, worse ones—like ISIS—will.


France’s No-Go Zones: Assimilation-Resistant Muslims Are the Real Refugee Problem
Excerpt: But what the French are most worried about — and what the Obama-friendly media are happy to gloss over while the president is pushing to import thousands of Middle Eastern Muslims into our country — is fifth-column activity, meaning French Islamists supportive of violent jihadists... In October 2011, a landmark 2,200-page report, “Banlieue de la République” (Suburbs of the Republic) found that Seine-Saint-Denis and other Parisian suburbs are becoming “separate Islamic societies” cut off from the French state, and where Islamic Sharia law is rapidly displacing French civil law. The report said that Muslim immigrants are increasingly rejecting French values and instead are immersing themselves in radical Islam. . . . (Transformation!  Currently going on with division of US encouraged by regime with black anarchists/separatists demanding their own land taken from others and given to them so they can "be safe."  Black separatists, like Islamic societies, want their own rules, their own laws; not white laws or Constitution.  They don't "snitch" on one another either; part of being in the community.  Something blacks seem to share with sentiments in this report; article notes that several women saw the wanted terrorists in Paris in St.-Denis but did not report it to the authorities because of social repercussions/repression by the terrorists in the community.  Police in US frequently cannot trail black criminals because they are hidden by the community and/or others do not want to or will not "rat" on a brother. --Barb)

Excerpt: The top diplomat in the United States just publicly argued that because the victims at Charlie Hebdo had spoken risqué words but the victims at the Bataclan had not, the violence against the former was more comprehensible than the violence against the latter. Has he lost his mind?... In consequence, there are only two choices here: Option 1) That John Kerry believes that killing people for speaking rudely is more understandable than killing them for being secular; or Option 2) That John Kerry doesn’t actually know what the most recent attackers used as their justification (and also doesn’t remember that at the same time as the Charlie Hebdo assassinations, associated gunmen targeted a market simply because its owners were Jews).

Boy taught to behead people by Islamic State reveals horror of children's terrorist training camp
Excerpt: A boy who escaped from an ISIS terror camp where children were taught to behead people has revealed the horrors of the training regime.  Raghab Ahmed, 14, was made to appear in Islamic State propaganda videos where youngsters as young as five were shown how to kill. The teenager said the jihadis taught him to slaughter "infidels" by saying: "Grab the head, pull it back and cut from the neck". (POTUS scoffing that 3-year-olds pose no danger.  Nazis trained children as well....GIs would offer chocolate bars in friendship and get shot. --Barb)

'Cubs of the Islamic State': ISIS boys' camps teach kids as young as 6 how to behead people, fire AK-47s  
Excerpt: It’s a Boy Scout troop for tiny terrorists. ISIS is recruiting Iraqi and Syrian children and training them to fight in a sick boys’ club called the "Cubs of the Islamic State." During the weeks-long program, boys as young as 6 learn how to behead people and shoot AK-47s, Iraqi security officials told NBC News. (Too many golf games to pay attention to news stories....from NY Daily News 11/07/14. --Barb)

ISIS-Linked Photos Purportedly Show Women Training With AK-47s
Excerpt: ISIS has apparently released photos purportedly showing niqab-wearing female jihadi fighters training with automatic weapons, analysts said Tuesday. The images were posted online by jihadi sources believed to be affiliated with ISIS in Syria, according Flashpoint Partners, a security firm and NBC News intelligence consultant. ..."This is some of the most revealing footage regarding the role of female combatants in the ranks of (ISIS)", said Flashpoint's Laith Alkhouri. (And the bomb-sniffing dog in Paris did its job and alerted to the woman wearing the explosive vest, who detonated herself, killing the dog as well. --Barb)

Desperate ISIS forms new female suicide squad to carry out bombings because the terror group is running out of children for use in the attacks 
Excerpt: The brutal jihadi group ISIS have become so desperate for suicide bombers, they have now started to train up an all-women battalion of bombers in Syria. Activists from the human rights group 'Syria is being Slaughtered Silently' claim that sources inside the ISIS held city of Raqqa learnt the jihadis have turned to women to carry out training for deadly attacks. An Egyptian woman was offered her a large amount of money and the promise to 'go to your husband in heaven' if she became a ISIS suicide bomber.

Worth Reading: Contrary to Obama claim, US has history of admitting refugees based on faith
Excerpt: Immigration experts give President Obama Pinocchios for his claim that the U.S. has never used “religious tests” to determine which refugees get passage to America. Russian and Ethiopian Jews, Armenians Christians and Catholics from Vietnam have all been moved to the front of the line in previous eras based on their faith, according to historians. And giving one religious group preference is tantamount to sending others to the back of the lines, noted immigration experts. ... But under the 1990 law known as the Lautenberg Amendment, the federal government initially granted a presumption of refugee eligibility for Jews and Christians fleeing the former Soviet Union and Southeast Asia. Nowadays, the amendment, extended last year by Obama, prioritizes the resettlement of Jews, Christians, Baha’is, and other religious minorities who flee Iran. Obama, his critics and some experts appear to have taken at least three sides in the debate. (POTUS deporting Christians. --Barb)
Mass grave in Iraq tells horror story of ISIS massacre. As Europe mourns ISIS's deadly Paris attacks, only now is the scale of another massacre the West could have prevented becoming clear.
Maybe ones that could have been avoided if the USA had started getting serious with ISIS months before our leaders decided it was time to do so.  Back when they were supposedly the "JV team".  Failure to act much sooner, and much more seriously, has had a very high cost, paid for by thousands of innocents.  This was a moral failure of major proportions. And this is a reason why ISIS must be smashed, torn to bits, eradicated, not just because of an atrocity affecting Western people in Paris, but because they are truly evil, a blot on all civilization, and nothing but their total, visible expunging is appropriate.  Not only to stop their current evil, but to blast the whole horrible idea of a "new Caliphate" that is going to grow and bring on nothing but more bloodshed and destruction. --Del

Muslim cleric in Belgium incited Paris jihad murderer to kill unbelievers. By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: What? A Muslim cleric? Inconceivable! How could Tarik Chadlioui have so drastically misunderstood the peaceful religion that he has dedicated his life to understanding properly and teaching to others?
John Kerry and Theresa May should get on this, cooperating on an effort to teach Tarik Chadlioui the true, peaceful Islam that they know so well. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which understands very well that Islam is a religion of peace and ruthlessly moves to silence all who dare to think otherwise, could get in on the effort as well.

Worth Reading: Paris attacks were not 'nihilism' but sacred strategy. By Mark Durie
Excerpt: Yet the first step in understanding a cultural system alien to one’s own, is to describe it in its own terms. ISIS does not subscribe to the Geneva Convention.  Its actions and strategies are based upon medieval Islamic laws of jihad, which make no use of the modern Western concept of ‘civilian’. They do, however, refer to the category of disbelievers (mushrik or kafir). ISIS believes that killing disbelievers is a moral act, in accordance, for example, with Sura 9:5 of the Qur’an, which states :‘Fight and kill the idolators (mushrik) wherever you find them'. (One of the most important Christian writers on Islam and the global Muslim persecution of Christians, Anglican pastor and theologian Mark Durie, weighs in on the struggle to accurately render the meta-narrative concerning the Paris Jihad Attacks. --Robert Spencer,

His life only matters if he was black: American among 3 killed in West Bank terrorist attack
Excerpt: An 18-year-old American tourist reportedly is among three people who were killed in a Palestinian terrorist attack in the West Bank -- the gunman reportedly was shot and arrested. Earlier, two other people were killed by a knife-wielding Palestinian who carried out a stabbing attack at a Tel Aviv office building. 

Worth Watching: Welcome to Belgiumistan

More for Obama's Legacy? German Economic News Infers France Will Re-Align with Russia, Abandon U.S.
Excerpt: "U.S. President Barack Obama’s continuing refusal to work together with Vladimir Putin’s offensive in Syria to slaughter all jihadists there, has driven
French President Francois Hollande to consider a fundamental re-alignment of France with Russia and away from the U.S. and NATO (the anti-Russian military club of nations). Recent news reporting in German Economic News — a news medium with an uncanny and extraordinary record of subsequently validated insights — is now suggesting that Hollande is, indeed, moving away from the United States, and toward Russia."

Worth Watching: ISIS School Teaches Children Jihad in Afghanistan
One of several FrontLine videos about ISIS.  I don't know how they get this stuff made without getting anyone killed, they must use local people who tell them they are doing this for propaganda for ISIS.  (They better pay those brave people well.) This is going on every day where ISIS controls, but in truth, it's not really a new thing at all.  The Taliban does much the same in their part of Pakistan, and the Hamas and the PLO do a lot like this in their areas.  There is a long tradition of evil people using indoctrination and the best communication methods to make new fanatics for their cause, Goebbels was a real master of exactly the same kind of thing. --Del

Book: Architects of Disaster: The Destruction of Libya.’
Former House Intelligence Chief and Shillman Senior Fellow with the Investigative Project on Terrorism Pete Hoekstra exposes Hillary Clinton’s claim that the 2011 Libyan intervention was U.S. ‘smart power at its best’ in his new book, ‘Architects of Disaster: The Destruction of Libya.’ --Jin Geraghty, Morning Jolt. (I have not yet read it. ~Bob)

Exactly what the hell has Obama been bombing for the last couple of years?
What the hell has Obama been doing for the last two years? Why wasn’t he bombing their training camps and their munitions dumps? Whose side is he on? We are being lied to, and on a huge scale. (Perhaps US has become the "Great Satan"...certainly has been tossing God out of anything and everything and persecuting Christians for practicing their faith, ridiculing them. Maybe the regime's agenda for transformation and "large gains" wasn't anything that the majority of Americans of all colors have imagined.  Recently purportedly bombed empty fuel trucks after they were leafleted to "avoid human casualties."  ISIS brags that they wear black for battle; change into civvies and disappear into the population.  With current US rules of engagement......Barb)

ISIS’s most powerful recruitment tool is Barack Obama
Excerpt: He’s lying. Obama is lying. He’s lying about everything. (Writer is a psychiatrist, Dr. John. --Barb)

Palestinian attacks in Israel and West Bank kill five

7th Grade Teacher Teaches Islam 'Fight Song'
Excerpt: On Wednesday, the Ocean View district issued a statement from Superintendent Carol Hansen, according to the Register: “It was unfortunate the lesson on Islam ended just prior to the tragic world events last week … I apologize on behalf of the district if the song used in the World History lesson may have offended anyone. It was not the intention of the teacher to incite, anger or offend.” (They have to be carefully taught.... Are there lessons on Christianity included?  Other world religions?  Or just selectively promoting Islam? --Barb)

Robust Vetting: Reporters Find TSA Misses Weapons 75% of the Time

Planned UN ‘hub’ in Washington aims to influence US counterterrorism strategy
Excerpt:  The chief United Nations human rights agency, with the Obama administration’s apparent blessing, is creating a new “regional hub” for itself in Washington, to use as a center for organizing against the death penalty, among other things, and for affecting the legal frameworks, policies, and strategies of American counterterrorism. In a management plan covering its activities through 2017, the agency, known as the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, or OHCHR, puts the U.S. in the same category for that counterterrorism “alignment” effort as countries like Iraq and Uganda. The fast-tracked human rights “hub” also has a number of more nebulous “thematic” objectives for the U.S., which include, according to an OHCHR information document, “the establishment of national participatory bodies for reporting and implementing recommendations of human rights mechanisms” and the aim of “widening the democratic space” with the aid of undefined “National Human Rights Institutions.”

Islamic State terrorists determined to build chemical weapons, officials say
Excerpt: The Islamic State group is aggressively pursuing development of chemical weapons, setting up a branch dedicated to research and experiments with the help of scientists from IraqSyria and elsewhere in the region, according to Iraqi and U.S. intelligence officials. Their quest raises an alarming scenario for the West, given the determination to strike major cities that the group showed with its bloody attack last week in Paris. (No point in citing what US regime intelligence believes about IS, since seems to be tainted, dumbed down and disinformation program....Barb)

Worth Reading: From Missouri to Paris: The left should be held accountable for the alternative moral orders it creates. By Daniel Henninger
The Day of the Warlords is coming. Pajama boy and his ilk will be fit only to be slaves. ~Bob

Obama, speaking from the ruins of his own policy. By Michael Gerson, Washington Post

BIG LIST: All these terror attacks in U.S. covered up by feds
I take WND with a grain of salt. Doesn't mean they are always wrong. ~Bob

Biofuel Madness
I was copied by a liberal friend in Massachusetts complaining to officials that the bio-fuel mandate had screwed up their furnace and was costing them money. I responded: "Biofuels were another big idea of the progressive extremists in the radical environmental movement. They do not care about jobs or costs to low or moderate income people. Just as they do not care that the oil that would have been shipped by the Keystone pipeline will now be shipped by truck or train, with more environmental damage and higher costs for working people. They had good intentions and that matters ever so much more than good results for the little people. Enjoy the Brave New World you helped create. environmentalists "don't do economics" as a liberal friend (her) once said to me. It makes their eyes glaze over. They don't care about the costs to you if they get to feel good about saving the environment." ~Bob

Progressive: College Leftists Eat Their Own: Student Activists Demand ‘Racist’ Woodrow Wilson’s Name be Stripped from Princeton
Not only was this progressive hero a racist, he opposed women's suffrage until it was clear the Republicans in congress were going to pass it, then he ran to get in front of the parade. ~Bob

Heads Start To Roll After Secret Service Leak Of Embarrassing Chaffetz Info
Highly illegal; open season with O declaring all health records electronic and NSA carte blanche; reportedly, this is how ISIS squeezes and manipulates "folks" to bend to its will. --Barb

Interesting: Why California environmentalists hate water
Excerpt: Environmentalists don’t really care about an endangered bait fish. California’s war over water is about population control. Until the 1970s, when Jerry Brown first became California’s governor, state policy makers were unflinching in their mission to build infrastructure that would meet the demands of a rapidly growing state. Building great public works projects was a source of pride. It was costly, but viewed as a small price to pay to live in this verdant paradise.

Former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle sentenced to more than 15 years in prison
Excerpt: The former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was sentenced Thursday to more than 15 years in prison for trading in child pornography and having sex with underage prostitutes. 

$3 billion over 41 years: How the Clintons methodically cultivated donors

California police officer shot and killed outside police headquarters ‘was targeted,’ officials say
Excerpt: A police officer in Los Angeles County shot and killed while sitting in his police car in his department’s parking lot appeared to be targeted, officials said Thursday.
The officer, identified by officials as Ricardo Galvez, was in his car when multiple people approached and opened fire late Wednesday night, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said. (Quick, round up the local Amish. ~Bob)

Satire: US Not Sure Who It’s Fighting In Middle East, Bombs Israel ‘Just To Be Sure’
Excerpt: Pentagon spokesperson Col. Steve Warren announced US aircraft participating in Operation Inherent Resolve, the code name for the campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), struck targets in Tel Aviv today. When asked why US warplanes would attack a long-standing ally, Warren explained, “Look, guys, this all makes perfect sense,” pointing to slide. "This was all supposed to be a campaign to topple Bashar al-Asad in Syria, starting with the Arab Spring in 2011. Which, in turn, allowed us to get back at Iran and Russia, both of whom support Syria,” said Warren. “So the CIA considered arming the rebels in Syria, which kind of backfired, and now we have ISIS, a group we thought we had already defeated back when they were al-Qaeda in Iraq.”

Satire: Syrian Refugees Relieved Not To Be Sent To Detroit

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