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How rage over a woman’s anti-cop Facebook post killed a Lynn coffee shop - The Boston Globe


What if the NFL were a diner? By John Kass

Murder charge for killing an unborn child

Cassie Nygren charged in connection to heroin overdose death
Excerpt: The daughter of a state representative could spend the rest of her life in prison if convicted of all charges connected to the overdose death of a pregnant woman. Cassandra Nygren, 28, was charged Thursday in Brown County Circuit Court with two counts of reckless homicide for providing the drugs that killed 31-year-old Jennifer Skeen, who was pregnant. She faces up to 46 years in prison if convicted for the death of Skeen, and 66 years in prison for the death of the unborn child. (How can she be charged with murdering an unborn child, and Planned Parenthood is not? ~Bob)

Women are to blame for rape?

Saudi preacher says women are to blame for rape because they are 'the cause of harassment and adultery'


Saudi man whipped, handcuffed and scalded his wife with hot water, cops say

Janet Jackson

If Janet Jackson had known all this, would she have married Wissam al-Mana?
Excerpt: What if someone had told Janet Jackson before she married Wissam al-Mana about Islam’s teachings about women? She probably would have denounced the truth-teller as an “Islamophobe.” Janet Jackson is now estranged from her Muslim husband Wissam Al Mana. According to insiders, Jackson began to feel “like a prisoner” in the marriage. Al Mana wanted “a traditional wife who stuck with Muslim traditions.” “Muslim traditions.” Would Jackson have married Wissam al-Mana in the first place if she had known about these Muslim traditions? A manual of Islamic law certified by Al-Azhar, the foremost authority in Sunni Islam, as “conforming to the practice and faith of the orthodox Sunni community,” stipulates: [A] woman may not leave the city without her husband or a member of her unmarriageable kin accompanying her, unless the journey is obligatory, like the hajj. It is unlawful for her to travel otherwise, and unlawful for her husband to allow her to. ( Reliance of the Traveller m10.3)

Casualty Call

Full Transcript and Video: Kelly Defends Trump’s Handling of Soldier’s Death and Call to Widow
Excerpt: A casualty officer typically goes to the home very early in the morning and waits for the first lights to come on. And then he knocks on the door; typically a mom and dad will answer, a wife. And if there is a wife, this is happening in two different places; if the parents are divorced, three different places. And the casualty officer proceeds to break the heart of a family member and stays with that family until – well, for a long, long time, even after the internment. So that’s what happens. Who are these young men and women? They are the best 1 percent this country produces. Most of you, as Americans, don’t know them. Many of you don’t know anyone who knows any one of them. But they are the very best this country produces, and they volunteer to protect our country when there’s nothing in our country anymore that seems to suggest that selfless service to the nation is not only appropriate, but required. But that’s all right . . .

Casualty Call

The doorbell rang while she was baking bread.
She glimpsed them through the window by her door,
And slid down sobbing to the foyer floor;
Until she let them in he was not dead.
Her husband came to answer it instead.
"Are you okay?" He knew. He'd been to war.
"Mother, are you okay?" he asked once more.
"I'll never be okay again," she said.
Their son was buried two weeks to the day.
The rifles fired, a bugle sounded taps.
She was clear-eyed, her husband wept. Perhaps
He knew the price that they had yet to pay.
They grieved their son for years, then cancer came,
And as he died, he called the dead boy's name.
Robert A. Hall
Former SSgt of Marines
Vietnam Veteran, Khe Sanh, 1967

Guide to PC

A Progressive's Guide to PC

Take down the cross

Federal Court Rules World War One Memorial Cross Must Be Torn Down by Todd Starnes

Liberals love tax plan

Liberals Love Trump's Tax Plan... When Told It's Bernie Sanders' Plan

Thursday, October 19, 2017



Frank Gaffney: Abandoning Kurds in Iraq Is a ‘Strategic Mistake of Epic Proportions’
Why in hell would we expect anyone to trust us if we keep walking away from the people that were allied with us in fighting things we thought very important? Re-establishing ourselves as the faithless rich guys is a really bad idea that has cost us in the past and will cost us more in the future. --Del



London cops to stop investigating shoplifting and vandalism; arrests for “offensive comments” up 53%

New NFL Team Names

Never Trump?

The Post-Election Twist on #NeverTrump by Jim Geraghty
Excerpt: There’s a lot for conservatives to like in the new administration: The sudden reduction in illegal immigration, the accelerating defeats of ISIS on the battlefield, the rollback of various regulations, a punitive strike on Syria for chemical weapons use, Education secretary Betsy DeVos rescinding Obama rules that undermined due process, Nikki Haley kicking tail and taking names at the United Nations, big changes underway at the Department of Veterans Affairs and of course, the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Robert Gorsuch and many fine judges in the lower circuits. If you have a 401(k), you’ve probably felt good for most of 2017. We might get tax cuts. But these accomplishments come at the cost of a president who generates his own daily distraction; who constantly responds to what’s said on cable television; who lashes out at his own cabinet; who is impatient and ill-informed about how his own government works; who is so unfocused he sometimes contradicts himself within a matter of hours; who is apparently unwilling to study the details of policy; and who sometimes throws a bone to the worst of America, as when he insisted “fine people” were among the Charlottesville protesters.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

From the daughter of an ARVN general

Five myths about the Vietnam War. No, Viet Cong guerrillas weren’t scrappy underdogs battling inept South Vietnamese forces. By Lan Cao
There's one typo in here, where the author says "the late 1970s" when she means the 1960s. (She is the daughter of the only 4 star VN general.) --Del

Facts ‘The Vietnam War’ left out

Facts ‘The Vietnam War’ left out: Communist barbarism that invited U.S. involvement was left on the cutting room floor

Las Vegas

Las Vegas Shooting Reminds Us That Sheepdogs Have to Keep the Wolves at Bay
By Jack Dunphy October 6, 2017

Social Engineering

The Results So Far of Social Engineering in the U.S. Military
Jude Egan is a very smart, strong, focussed woman who always makes good sense. This speech will cause some ultra-liberal heads to explode, but it's really totally on point. --Del

Justifying Betrayal of Vietnam Emerges as the Raison d’ĂȘtre of Ken Burns’ Film on the War.

Justifying Betrayal of Vietnam Emerges as the Raison d’ĂȘtre 
Of Ken Burns’ Film on the War. By PHILLIP JENNINGS…/justifying-betrayal-of-vietna…/90094/
Really, really well done. And in the credit they mention he's written other books. They neglect to mention he served as a Marine in Viet Nam, and one of his other books was The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Viet Nam War. (Highly recommended.) --Del


A War on Poverty That Would Work

A War on Poverty That Would Work
The obsession with income inequality misses the point: jobs are the answer.

Israeli Military Tech

Israeli military technology deflects sophisticated anti-tank RPG rockets,, locates the shooter and allows the tank to destroy the shooter.
It seems from the article that Gen. Mattis may have higher regard for Israel then heretofore reported. Yours truly, Larry Greenberg

Doom and Dispair

The Vietnam War Documentary: Doom And Despair by Bing West
These just keep coming, and getting better and better. Another vet asked me "what can/should we do about this?". The first answer I have is letters to the editor of all your local newspapers, carefully, clearly, and not too emotionally bringing up objections to the series and what was wrong with it. The second answer is to write your local PBS station as ask if they will support a meeting of vets to talk about this, the way they did in Atlanta. If you belong to a vet organization, get the group behind you and write as a member of the group, to get more attention. We have to try to get our own stories out there, and not allow the Burns theme to go unchallenged. The nation deserves a lot more than a polished but slanted summation of the events in SEAsia. --Del

The Bad War

The Bad War: Vietnam gets the Ken Burns treatment. By Stephen J. Morris
Now at some reasonable length, the most detailed dissection yet on the Burns series. Send it out far and wide! --Del

Vietnam vet

Atlanta Vietnam Vets set Ken Burns straight
They've made it easier to see what they said about the Burns series. If you haven't watched this already, I recommend it, and passing it on to all those you know who weren't there but watched Burns and thought it was all great stuff. --Del

Jews & guns

No Guns for Jews, Part One
Other versions follow.-


Somalia Bomb Blast: Death Toll Rises to 276, Over 300 Injured


The forgotten Christians of Nigeria -- faithful while enduring incredible persecution
Excerpt: What Nigeria’s Christians accept as normal is, for the typical Westerner—or even the typical African—extraordinary. Some accept it because they don’t know anything different. Others accept it because they have no choice. Intelligent Travel, an independent group providing risk assessment to travelers, rates Nigeria a 97 percent travel risk. Meanwhile, life expectancy in Nigeria is a mere 53 years. Regardless, God’s grace was evident in how these good people managed it. They didn’t worry about those things they could not control. They simply did the best they could and left the rest to God’s sovereign mercy. ... “Why do they think Islam is a religion of peace?” another man asked me. “These people have been killing us for decades and your media just ignores it. Now they are killing you and still your President Obama called it a peaceful religion. We see Western leaders saying that over and over again. Why?

More on Vietnam

“The Vietnam War”, A Different Point of View. By Tom Esslinger, USMC

Gun rights for women

Gun Rights Are Women's Rights

More on WWII

The Axis Was Outmatched from the Start. By Victor Davis Hanson


Kuwaiti migrant raped woman on a riverbank, court hears as judge asks for pre-sentence report on his 'attitude towards women'
Excerpt: Al-Shamary, 21, entered Britain illegally in 2015 over land. He fought to be allowed to stay and received leave to remain as little as two weeks before the savage assault in May of this year. Teesside Crown Court heard his bloodied and sobbing victim, a white British woman in her thirties, was found lying face down with her jeans and pants pulled around her ankles. Heavily intoxicated Al-Shamary was arrested nearby and refused to allow a female police officer to touch him. In police custody he was heard to yell: "Do you know Saddam Hussein? I am Saddam Hussein, I will not talk to you, you are a woman." ... Ms Stirling told the court : "As he walked away he said 'Allah is going to get you.' "


Virginia’s Democrat Nominee For Governor Deletes His Black Running Mate From Palm Cards


MS-13 members threatened to cut off teen’s fingers and burn her, prosecutors say. Then she was killed.
One MS-13 member clicked a cigar cutter open and closed with a metallic ring, while another told the 15-year-old they would cut her fingers off, the prosecutor said. Another gang member asked where the gasoline was so they could burn the girl up. Ten members and associates of MS-13 lured Damaris A. Reyes Rivas to a Springfield park in January because they wanted revenge. They blamed the Gaithersburg teen for the death of their clique’s leader, Christian Sosa Rivas, whose body had been dumped in the Potomac about a week earlier. [Prosecutor] Stott then recounted the ruthless slaying of Damaris, whose killing, along with that of Sosa Rivas and the abduction of another teen, has led to the arrests of 18 young people and highlighted the resurgence of MS-13, the region’s largest and most violent gang. Damaris’s killers were remorseless, capturing her final minutes in gruesome cellphone videos. (Just immigrants wanting a better life.,..~Bob)

Apology from the NFL?

I got a note from the owner of the NE Patriots in response to my column and the Pat's' shirt I sent them. He said the players had assured them they meant no disrespect to veterans, and that the shirt (on which I wrote "USA" and "USMC" in magic marker) would be donated to the homeless. Not good enough. Like telling someone, 'I didn't mean to run over your kid. Doesn't make it better. I'm still boycotting the NFL as I did last year. ~Bob

More on Burns & Vietnam

Burns Review
Mackubin Thomas Owens has done one hell of a job on this, and apparently is going to publish an even larger article on the whole subject. At some point a short book needs to be written on the series, combining all the observations of false claims, omissions, and clear slant to be found. --Del


A Classical War of Modern Violence. By Victor Davis Hanson

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Take a knee

Russian plot?

FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow
And  Federal agents used a confidential U.S. witness working inside theRussian nuclear industry to gather extensive financial records, make secret recordings and intercept emails as early as 2009 that showed Moscow had compromised an American uranium trucking firm with bribes and kickbacks in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, FBI and court documents show. They also obtained an eyewitness account - backed by documents - indicating Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton's charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow, sources told The Hill. The racketeering scheme was conducted "with the consent of higher level officials" in Russia who "shared the proceeds" from the kickbacks, one agent declared in an affidavit years later.  Rather than bring immediate charges in 2010, however, the Department of Justice (DOJ) continued investigating the matter for nearly four more years, essentially leaving the American public and Congress in the dark about Russian nuclear corruption on U.S. soil during a period when the Obama administration made two major decisions benefiting Putin's commercialnuclear ambitions. ...  The investigation was ultimately supervised by then-U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, an Obama appointee who now serves as President Trump's deputy attorney general, and then-Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe, now the deputy FBI director under Trump, Justice Department documents show. Both men now play a key role in the current investigation into possible, but still unproven, collusion between Russia and Donald Trump's campaign during the 2016 election cycle. McCabe is under congressional and Justice Department inspector general investigation in connection with money his wife's Virginia state Senate campaign accepted in 2015 from now-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe at a time when McAuliffe was reportedly under investigationby the FBI.  (This is breaking news that you REALLY need to read.  First, notice this is sourced from The Hill via MSN, both reliably liberal news outlets.  Show me your shocked face that there should be “a smidgeon of corruption” in high places that worked out to favor the Clintons and perhaps other, even higher ranking, US office holders.  I added emphasis within the article.  The link my not be live but the story certainly is.  Ron P.} (..... the idea that they used Pokemon to slant our election somehow is the really big news?  Sure, that makes perfect sense to me. Now just imagine if it had been Trump or one of his companies that had brokered the deal for the uranium rights.  What would be the headlines now? --Del)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

25th Anniversary Trip to Castle Lacrosse

Bonnie and I decided to give ourselves a getaway to a great bed and breakfast in Lacrosse as a present for our anniversary on September 5th. We weren't able to get away or book a room at this popular spot until October 12-15. Yes, it rained all four days, though it stopped Sunday morning for the drive home. We had a wonderful time anyway. It's about 150 miles from us by the back roads we prefer.

It's the grandest house we have ever stayed in. The hosts are delightful, full of conversation and stories. The chef was training in a French cooling school in Texas! It was built in 1891 by a timber baron who died before he could move in. His widow lived there until she sold it to the church, which used it for clergy for 50 years. We were in the Bishop's Bedroom. it opened as a B&B in May.

The house if full of antiques, decorative woodwork and decorated in exquisite taste, which even a plebeian like me could figure out.

Thursday and Friday nights we had dinner at the Waterfront Tavern and Restaurant (an anniversary gift from a friend). We sat outside on the Mississippi the first night--there were heaters. The food was excellent.

On Friday, we took a river cruise on the Lacrosse Queen, a paddle wheeler.

We saw three bald Eagles.

Saturday we went to the Historic Downtown Day, fun despite the rain. There was a chili cooikoff--no lunch needed. There was a great book shop and we enjoyed the Pearl Street Banjo Band.

And there was a lovely garden on the riverfront.

We were so full of chili we just snacked Saturday night. color was not quite peak, as they have had so much rain, but was nice both there and on the drives book ways.

We couldn't recommend the Castle Lacrosse more. we will go back.

~Bob & Bonnie

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Kneeling player cut

Gyree Durante Cut by Albright College After Kneeling During National Anthem
OK, so the college football team does a big internal debate, and decide to kneel during the coin toss as an expression of concern, but stand during the anthem. One guy decides that he's just too special, too dedicated, too socially aware/upset, and kneels during the anthem anyhow. So the school cuts him from the team. BRAVO!!! About damn time somebody said enough is enough, and this young man was incredibly arrogant and stupid. I hope this really messes up things for him in lots of ways, and maybe he figures out it wasn't a smart move. And at least others figure out that there's limits on the crap they can pull. --Del