Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Reading List

What the second most powerful man in China is reading this summer. By Niall Ferguson

Political Violence

Here is Why the Violence is Going to Escalate, And Escalate Quickly

Social Justice


North Korea

Perspectives on the North Korea Crisis by George Friedman

Confederate Statues

Mothball the Confederate Monuments by Rich Lowry
Excerpt: Robert E. Lee wasn’t a Nazi, and surely would have had no sympathy for the white-supremacist goons who made his statue a rallying point in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend. That doesn’t change the fact that his statue is now associated with a campaign of racist violence against the picturesque town where Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia. The statue of Lee was already slated for removal by the city, but the Battle of Charlottesville should be an inflection point in the broader debate over Confederate statuary. The monuments should go. Some of them simply should be trashed; others transmitted to museums, battlefields, and cemeteries. The heroism and losses of Confederate soldiers should be commemorated, but not in everyday public spaces where the monuments are flashpoints in poisonous racial contention, with white nationalists often mustering in their defense.

Conservative Foreign Policy?

Is There Still a Conservative Foreign Policy? By Victor Davis Hanson

Rape Culture

Racist rapists handed lower sentences because their victims were WHITE

Kill the mentally disabled

Tando Adam man with intellectual disability killed on accusation of blasphemy

Yet again

Suspected jihadists kill 18 in attack on Burkina Faso restaurant


MSNBC falsely claims “right-wing extremists” responsible for “three times more deaths” than jihadis

Economics 101

Free On-Line Course: "Economics 101: The Principles of Free Market Economics."

Monday, August 14, 2017

Genocide sometimes morally required...

California State Univ-LA Muslim professor says genocide (of whites) sometimes “morally required”
Excerpt: Professor Mohammed Abed is a man with a message: Genocide has gotten a bum rap. Sure, genocide can be bad, but in a pinch, genocide might just be your best friend…especially if you’re a “person of color.” Indeed, Abed reasons, it’s sometimes “morally required” to commit genocide, and he hasn’t been shy about advancing that argument in a series of lectures and essays that have somehow managed to stay under the radar of the media (especially the right-leaning media) over the past few years. Abed, a tenure-track professor of ethics, social & political philosophy, and classical Islamic philosophy, believes that, in large part due to the overbearing historical presence of the Holocaust, the definition of genocide has become unnecessarily narrow. When someone cries “genocide” these days, folks expect to see gas chambers, crematoria, and Nazis stuffing Jewish children into trains. This “Holocaust standard” for genocide, Abed claims, betrays the vision of the fellow who invented the term, Raphael Lemkin. Lemkin, Abed argues, always intended for his gift to the lexicon to have a more open-ended, fluid definition. There are lots of ways to make a people, a culture, or a society disappear, and more often than not, there won’t be gas chambers, ovens, or manically emoting Hitlers. (Forgive us if we retaliate in kind. ~Bob)

Women in Combat

At boot camp, 3 out of 4 women fail to meet combat standards
No surprise. The liberal solution will be to lower the standards. this will make them feel good, and after all it won't be them or their kids who die. They don't serve. ~Bob

Protecting White Supremacists

Don’t Ever Forget This Single Image from Charlottesville

Voter Rolls

Initiated under Obama, a Plan for Cleaning Voter Rolls Is Now ‘Radical’

White Supremacists

Condemn the White Supremacists, Mr. President

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Child Marriage

Iran: Muslim clerics oppose raising girls’ age of marriage eligibility from nine

Flint Terrorist

Flint airport attacker's 'sole purpose' was to kill police officers
Excerpt: The document was filed in response to a motion by attorneys for Amor Ftouhi. They are asking the court for the contact information of people interviewed as possible witnesses in the case. In their response to the motion, prosecutors write that after Ftouhi was taken into custody he said in an interview that "he had entered the United State with the sole purpose of killing armed U.S. government employees." (Muslim immigrant. ~Bob)

Vote Fraud?

Report: 3.5 Million ‘Americans’ are registered to vote, but they don’t exist
Excerpt: According to a new report from The National Review and Judicial Watch, around 3.5 million more people are registered to vote in the U.S. than are alive among America’s adult citizens, prompting major speculation into high end voter fraud. Judicial Watch’s Election Integrity Project, a Washington-based legal-watchdog group, analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2011–2015 American Community Survey, as well as last month’s statistics from the federal Election Assistance Commission, which analyzed data from 38 states. According to Judicial Watch, eleven of those states gave the EAC insufficient, inaccurate or illegitimate information. For example, Pennsylvania’s legitimate numbers place it just below the over-registration threshold.

VA violence

The white supremacist violence in Virginia has accomplished one thing. They have guaranteed the removal of all Confederate monuments, because the mass of people who didn't give a damn will now support removal. Congratulations, assholes.

Lung Transplant?

This Goebbels-like anti-Semite wants to jump the transplant queue. I say OK only if he agrees to have Am Yisrael Chai tattooed in Hebrew, Arabic and English on his chest and back, and especially on his forehead as part of the operation. --Larry Greenberg

Saturday, August 12, 2017

transgender soldier speeks

I Was a Transgender Soldier. Gender Dysphoria Poses Real Problems for the Military.

Civil War vets?

Editorial/Think Piece: Are Confederate Veterans United States Veterans?

State Police Killed

Virginia State Police confirmed that two of their troopers died in a helicopter crash while helping law enforcement officers monitor Saturday's white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.

Lock & Load. Sort of.

Less Than Half Of Air Force Bombers Prepared To ‘Lock And Load’

My Life, My Story program - My new job

My readers know I'm working Part Time at the Madison, VA as a writer-editor in the My Life, My Story program. This video tells about the story. Thor is my boss. ~Bob


The Battle for Trump's Foreign Policy
Excerpt: The ongoing purge of people loyal to U.S. President Donald J. Trump at the National Security Council, the main organization used by the president to develop national security policy, is part of a power struggle over the future direction of American foreign policy. Trump campaigned on a promise radically to shift American foreign policy away from the "globalism" pursued by his predecessors to one of a "nationalism" which puts "America first." He also vowed to: "defeat" Islamic extremism; "tear up" the nuclear deal with Iran; "reset" bilateral relations with Israel by moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem "on Day One" of his administration; and "direct the Secretary of the Treasury to label China a currency manipulator." Trump's election has set in motion a bitter power struggle between two main factions: those led by White House strategist Steve Bannon — who are devoted to implementing the president's foreign policy agenda, and those led by National Security Advisor Herbert Raymond "H.R." McMaster — who appear committed to perpetuating policies established by the Obama administration. Since becoming national security advisor in February, McMaster has clashed with Trump and Bannon on policy relating to Afghanistan, China, Cuba, Islam, Israel, Iran, Mexico, NATO, North Korea, Russia and Syria, among others. McMaster has also been accused of trying to undermine the president's foreign policy agenda by removing from the National Security Council key Trump loyalists — K.T. McFarland, Adam Lovinger, David Cattler, Tera Dahl, Rich Higgins, Derek Harvey, and Ezra Cohen-Watnick— and replacing them with individuals committed to maintaining the status quo. An analysis of the foreign policy views of McMaster and some of his senior staff at the National Security Council shows them to be overwhelmingly at odds with what Trump promised during the campaign.

War with North Korea?

On Preventing War with North Korea
Excerpt: Begin with the assumption that we do not want to fight a war on the Korean peninsula. If we want to avoid that, we need to deter North Korea from taking any other actions that will be so provocative, they will require retaliation. If North Korea were to hit Guam, sink a U.S. naval vessel, or fire artillery at American troops in South Korea, failure to retaliate would be to declare a form of surrender; it would demonstrate we and our allies fear war so intensely that we are willing to accept loss of life to avoid it. Of course, this effectively gives the green light to more acts of military aggression.


Obama administration knew about North Korea's miniaturized nukes
Except of course it never really made the news 4 years ago when the Intel people figured it out. To let that info go really public while Obama was playing his "lead from behind" game in international relations would not have played well for the President and his Administration and his Secretary of State. And keeping Obama and his team presented as the good and great leaders was the mission of not only the Democrats but of most of the media. So we, the public, were not served well at all by this cover-up. Now it's four years later and we're worse off. So much for the "transparent" Administration and our guardians in the media. --Del


Racism: White Males Barred From College's Social Justice Journalism Grant
Discriminating by the color of one's skin..... I can't believe he people at the college are this damn stupid. As if no White man has ever worked hard for social justice, as if there were no White men fighting racism starting over two centuries ago? I can't wait to see the lawsuit come forth on this one. --Del

DNC Hack

A New Report Raises Big Questions About Last Year’s DNC Hack. Former NSA experts say it wasn’t a hack at all, but a leak—an inside job by someone with access to the DNC’s system.
This not a Right Wing source, and the writer is no kind of Right Winger either. (Note his referring to Ho Chi Minh being a Russian puppet as a known myth. Ho's adult life after founding the communist party in France was entirely about communism, ignoring that tells you a lot about the writer.) I love the "Editor's note", what a shock that the DNC would instantly take exception to this article and try to pass it off as another crazy conspiracy theory. But it's too well written, too factual, too technically founded to dismiss. And it screws up everything for the fanatical push to somehow make Trump a traitor who works with Moscow. No wonder the DNC hates it. --Del

North Korea

Nork Agonistes. By Jonah Goldberg
Excerpt: While I don’t agree with everything President Trump has done with regard to North Korea, this is one of those areas where he actually has solid grounds to blame his predecessors. Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama all deserve their share of the blame, though I put most of it on Clinton because the best opportunity for thwarting North Korea’s nuclear program was on his watch. Our relative power and status in the world was higher in 1994 — and North Korea’s vulnerability was greater — than at any time since. Still, while presidents have an obligation to make the hard calls as commander in chief, it’d be wrong to put all of the blame on any of them. There was little-to-no will in Congress nor was there the appetite among the American people — never mind the media — to make the hard decisions when they should have been made. So, we just kicked the can and called it “strategic patience” or some other euphemism for “let the next guy handle this flaming turd of a problem.”


What is the most badass thing anyone has ever done?
Has all the elements of a great story...a Scotsman, terrorism, and a kick to the balls. --George


London model Chloe Ayling was “kidnapped to order” by gang for Muslim men
Excerpt: The seizure of Infidel girls and their use as sex slaves is sanctioned in the Qur’an. According to Islamic law, Muslim men can take “captives of the right hand” (Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 33:50). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom thy right hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given thee as spoils of war” (33:50). 4:3 and 4:24 extend this privilege to Muslim men in general. The Qur’an says that a man may have sex with his wives and with these slave girls: “The believers must (eventually) win through, those who humble themselves in their prayers; who avoid vain talk; who are active in deeds of charity; who abstain from sex, except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess, for (in their case) they are free from blame.” (Qur’an 23:1-6) The rape of captive women is also sanctioned in Islamic tradition:


In Indonesia, Chinese Deity Is Covered in Sheet After Muslims Protest
Excerpt: Statues deemed un-Islamic have been destroyed or vandalized around Indonesia in recent years, and several Chinese temples have been set on fire. Covering the statue with a large white tarp was a stopgap measure proposed by the temple’s officials after a governmental religious body pushed them to find a solution. ... Didik Muadi, a Muslim who organized the protests against the statue, said Muslims would destroy the figure themselves if the government did not intervene. “Actually, we can allow them to build the statue, just not as high as it was and it should be in the temple, not outside,” Mr. Didik told the news site Tempo. “We are tolerant.”


Gunmen perched on mosque open fire as Marawi burns


Women of ISIS

Why Are the Media Sympathetic toward the Women of ISIS?
Excerpt: young blonde girl of 18 once joined a legion of women fighting for a cause, listing among her motivations the need for the “feminine ideal of nurturance.” Over the course of the next four years, she and her fellow female devotees to the cause would marry leaders of the cause, immerse themselves in its ideology, and engage in acts of depravity themselves. Some of them turned their own friends and families in for noncompliance, some fed their prisoners to guard dogs, and the most brutal of them all made a lampshade with the skin of babies. When Irma Grese and Maria Mandl were hanged for their crimes as Nazi guards, they didn’t show much emotion. In fact, Jenny-Wanda Barkmann, the notorious officer of a prison camp, declared, “Life is full of pleasures, but pleasures are usually short.” Seventy years on, revisionism abounds as ISIS wives and families claim to be victims. But these depraved women, just like other fascists before them, are no victims. Rather, they are a sign of the degradation of postmodern culture and a warning for the West to heed before it’s too late.

Who pays?

Taxpayers on the hook for Madison Women’s March


Suffering veterans are not ‘broken’
by Lamar Winslow
Why Are the Media Sympathetic toward the Women of ISIS?

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/450422/isis-women-islam-extremism-media-sympathetic-coverage-disgusting?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NR%20Daily%20Saturday%202017-08-12&utm_term=NR5PM%20Actives

The future is here

Carl Sagan wrote in 1995 what he feared the future would look like, and it’s seemingly come true

From the left on Trump

From the left: My meeting with Donald Trump: A damaged, pathetic personality — whose obvious impairment has only gotten worse

Friday, August 11, 2017


US Territory Guam's newspaper highlights the 14 minutes it would take for a North Korean missile to get there.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

N. Korea

North Korea now making missile-ready nuclear weapons, U.S. analysts say
If you weren't concerned before about North Korea, this should help get you into some serious apprehension. --Del


Spare Me Your Insecurity-Induced Dunkirk Envy
If watching soldiers do their thing makes you feel unmanly, take that up with your conscience and local recruiter. Please stop projecting your insecurities onto the rest of us
Didn't make me feel bad. i'm a marine who volunteered for Vietnam. ~Bob



North Korea

North Korea’s Recent History of Random, Sudden, Violent Provocations by Jim geraghty

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Global Warming


Diversity from Jim Geraghty
A point worth noting in the Google controversy: Starting in 2014, Google spent at least $264 million to improve diversity in the company; 29 percent of the company’s employees are women, 5 percent are Latino, and 2 percent are black – all largely unchanged from when the diversity initiative began. So where’s all the money going, and what are they doing with it?

Democrats & Trump's Issues--from the left

Democrats, Start Aiming for the Gut by Thomas L. Friedman
Excerpt: Trump connects with these gut issues and takes them in a destructive direction. It’s vital for Democrats to connect with them and take them in a constructive direction. What issues? Here’s my list: We can’t take in every immigrant who wants to come here; we need, metaphorically speaking, a high wall that assures Americans we can control our border with a big gate that lets as many people in legally as we can effectively absorb as citizens. - The Muslim world does have a problem with pluralism – gender pluralism, religious pluralism and intellectual pluralism – and suggesting that terrorism has nothing to do with that fact is na├»ve; countering violent extremism means constructively engaging with Muslim leaders on this issue. - Americans want a president focused on growing the economic pie, not just redistributing it. We do have a trade problem with China, which has reformed and closed instead of reformed and opened. We have an even bigger problem with automation wiping out middle-skilled work and we need to generate more blue-collar jobs to anchor communities. - Political correctness on college campuses has run ridiculously riot. Americans want leaders to be comfortable expressing patriotism and love of country when globalization is erasing national identities. America is not perfect, but it is, more often than not, a force for good in the world.

Mueller's Raid

Mueller’s Raid on Manafort’s Home
Excerpt: Here’s the thing to bear in mind about the Washington Post’s report that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had the FBI execute a search warrant against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort in late July: Prosecutors don’t do pre-dawn raids on the home of a cooperating witness...There are two possible rationales for a search warrant under the circumstances. First, the legitimate rationale: Investigators in good faith believed Manafort, who is either a subject of or witness in their investigation, was likely to destroy rather than surrender relevant evidence. Second, the brass-knuckles rationale: The prosecutor is attempting to intimidate the witness or subject — to say nothing of others who are similarly situated — into volunteering everything he may know of an incriminating nature about people the prosecutor is targeting.