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Castile Settlement

Mother of Philando Castile, who was shot and killed by Minnesota police officer last year with the aftermath streamed on Facebook, has reached settlement of nearly $3 million to avoid federal wrongful death lawsuit, according to lawyers and city of St. Anthony.

Court ruling

Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Missouri, wins First Amendment appeal at the Supreme Court, with a 7-2 majority saying the state may not deny public money to religious institutions competing for grants along with private secular groups.

Travel Ban

After the Supreme Court reinstated most of his controversial travel ban, President Trump issues a statement calling the decision a 'clear victory for our national security.'

Feel the Bern?

Donald Trump is Not Under an FBI Investigation. Bernie Sanders Is. By Erick Erickson
Excerpt: The irony here is rich. Democrats have rallied to Bernie Sanders as the leader of the opposition against Donald Trump. He attracts huge crowds across the nation. One of his acolytes tried to assassinate members of Congress. And Bernie Sanders is under investigation by the FBI, unlike the President. In fact, Sanders and his wife are both under investigation stemming from a bank loan. The FBI is investigating whether Sanders used his position to pressure the bank to give a college in Vermont a loan. His wife is the president of the college and signed the paperwork.



Sweden on the Brink of CIVIL WAR, National Police Chief: “HELP US, HELP US!”
Excerpt: Sweden is being torn to pieces by Muslim immigrants and refugees. Law enforcement is crying out for help, and it is only a question of time before the country will need military intervention from abroad in order to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe. A leaked report concludes that the number of lawless areas (commonly referred to as “no-go zones”) in Sweden now totals 61. That is up from 55 in just one year’s time. This increase includes not only the total number, but also the geographical size of these areas. Sweden’s National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson, spoke on national television and pleaded for assistance: “Help us, help us!,” he said, while warning that Swedish police forces no longer can uphold the law and therefore must ask all good powers in the country to support them

Another fake hate crime

Muslima arrested for setting Iowa mosque on fire
Excerpt: Another Muslim hoax in what is now an epidemic of faked hated crimes. More interesting is the enemedia’s silence on the faux hate crime wave designed to indict, smear and defame the intended victims of jihadi wars. Will this Muslima face 40 years in prison, as did this Texas man for the same “hate crime,” or are we forced to treat this sacred cow differently? Faked hate crimesters should suffer as egregious a penalty as real hate crime perpetrators. These faked anti-Muslim hate crimes, which far outnumber actual anti-Muslim hate crimes, do enormous damage. They defame and libel good people. They give Muslim terror-tied groups such as unindicted co-conspirator CAIR weapons to club elected officials into some legislative action.


Unveiling clock showing 8,411 days left for Israel, Iranians rage against Jewish state

Killing Kids

Terror suspect says children killed in Manchester bombing ‘got what they deserved’

The New Wall

The debt

Conversations about raising the debt limit are a waste of time; the money is already spent or committed.
It’s not August yet, but soon will be, and the members of Congress don’t seem to have made much progress on the fiscal problem (or anything else for that matter). This week’s entry offers three pointed suggestions. What do you readers think?

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Suicide bomber blows himself up as Saudis foil Mecca plot
Excerpt: A suicide bomber blew himself up near the Grand Mosque in Mecca as police disrupted a plot to target the holiest site in Islam just as the fasting month of Ramadan ends, Saudi security forces said Saturday. The Interior Ministry said it launched a raid around Jiddah, as well as two areas in Mecca itself, including the Ajyad Al-Masafi neighborhood, located near the Grand Mosque. There, police said they engaged in a shootout at a three-story house with a suicide bomber, who blew himself up and caused the building to collapse. He was killed, while the blast wounded six foreigners and five members of security forces, according to the Interior Ministry's statement. Five others were arrested, including a woman, it said. Saudi state television aired footage after the raid Friday near the Grand Mosque, showing police and rescue personnel running through the neighborhood's narrow streets. The blast demolished the building, its walls crushing a parked car. Nearby structures appeared to be peppered with shrapnel and bullet holes. (There will never be peace with the "Religion of Peace." If they kill or force conversion on all Christians, Jews and other infidels, they will still go on slaughtering each other. ~Bob)

Russia Meddling?

Trump and Democrats blame Obama over Russia meddling
Excerpt: President Donald Trump and senior Democrats joined in blaming Barack Obama for not doing more to stop Russia interfering with the 2016 presidential election.
In an early morning tweet, Trump appeared to acknowledge that Russia had meddled in the election. He has previously decried multiple investigations into alleged collusion between his officials and Russia as a “witch hunt.” Special Counsel Robert Mueller, as well as House and Senate committees, are investigating Russia's interference in the election and the alleged complicity of Trump officials. The president encouraged greater scrutiny of the Obama administration, tweeting Thursday: "By the way, if Russia was working so hard on the 2016 Election, it all took place during the Obama Admin. Why didn't they stop them?" Trump’s Democrat rivals also criticized the former president on Friday, after the Washington Post reported that U.S. intelligence briefed Obama in August that Russian President Vladimir Putin had personally ordered a campaign of interference to help elect Trump.


Maritime Mystery: Why a U.S. Destroyer Failed to Dodge a Cargo Ship. By SCOTT SHANE
Excerpt: There should have been lookouts on watch on the port, starboard and stern of the destroyer Fitzgerald — sailors scanning the horizon with binoculars and reporting by headsets to the destroyer’s bridge. At 1:30 a.m. last Saturday, off the coast of Japan south of Tokyo, they could hardly have failed to see the 730-foot freighter ACX Crystal, stacked with more than 1,000 containers, as it closed in. Radar officers working both on the bridge and in the combat information center below it should have spotted the freighter’s image on their screens, drawing steadily closer. And under standard protocol, the Fitzgerald’s captain, Cmdr. Bryce Benson, should have been awakened and summoned to the bridge to assure a safe passage long before the ships could come near each other. But none of that happened. The Fitzgerald’s routine cruise in good weather through familiar, if crowded, seas ended in the most lethal Navy accident in years. Seven sailors lost their lives. (We can only wait to see what comes out of this.  Best bet is that the cargo ship was on autopilot, with no lights on, a huge violation of the rules.  But all the questions of how in hell nobody on the destroyer could see it coming remain unanswered.  Best bet is.... someone, or in fact a bunch of someones, really screwed the pooch bigtime.  One would guess a bunch of careers will come to a crashing halt in the end. --Del)

Pakistan Fireball

'Trapped in the fireball': Overturned oil tanker explodes in Pakistan, killing more than 145

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Friday, June 23, 2017

Invisible women

They Brushed Off Kamala Harris. Then She Brushed Us Off..By AYAAN HIRSI ALI and ASRA Q. NOMANI
Excerpt: The Democrats on the panel, including Senator Harris and three other Democratic female senators — North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp, New Hampshire’s Maggie Hassan and Missouri’s Claire McCaskill — did not ask either of us a single question. This wasn’t a case of benign neglect. At one point, Senator McCaskill said that she took issue with the theme of the hearing itself. “Anyone who twists or distorts religion to a place of evil is an exception to the rule,” she said. “We should not focus on religion,” she said, adding that she was “worried” that the hearing, organized by Senator Ron Johnson, a Republican from Wisconsin, would “underline that.” In the end, the only questions asked of us about Islamist ideologies came from Senator Johnson and his Republican colleague, Senator Steve Daines from Montana. Just as we are invisible to the mullahs at the mosque, we were invisible to the Democratic women in the Senate.


Canadian elite special forces sniper makes record-breaking kill shot in Iraq
Excerpt: A sniper with Canada’s elite special forces in Iraq has shattered the world record for the longest confirmed kill shot in military history at a staggering distance of 3,540 metres. The Canadian Armed Forces confirmed Thursday that a member of Joint Task Force 2 made the record-breaking shot, killing an Islamic State insurgent during an operation in Iraq within the last month. (2.1 miles!? ~Bob)

The Qur'an

Home Health Care Aide Accused of Trying to Help Terror Group
Excerpt: The complaint said Raishani expressed regret that he had not gone to Syria at the same time as his friend and had quit his job and paid off debts in preparation for his trip. It also said he told the confidential source that he had asked his wife if she would go with him to the Islamic State and, based on her reaction, he decided he would not ask her again because he worried she would report him to law enforcement. "Raishani also indicated his desire to wage jihad and his belief that the Quran can be read to justify the violence, including beheadings," according to the complaint, which said he told the confidential source: "May God grant us martyrdom."


Indiana: Muslim threatens Goodwill store customers to convert to Islam, attacks police


Ossoff Spends Six Times More Than Opponent, Complains About ‘Money In Politics’

See the difference

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Political Violence

Morning Jolt

Morning Jolt by Jim Geraghty: ‘They Are Never Talking about Issues Like Russia’

Worth Reading - Excerpt: Latasha Harlins and Philando Castile You may recall me raving last year about the ESPN five-part documentary, O.J.: Made in America. One of the things that made it great was how much it was willing to dive into topics that might seem peripheral to O.J. Simpson’s life story but in fact provided enormous context and background, and a better understanding of why events played out the way they did. The producers clearly decided early on that you couldn’t discuss the racial divide in Los Angeles, and the distrust of the LAPD during Simpson’s trial, without explaining the L.A. riots of a few years earlier, and you couldn’t really understand what triggered the L.A. riots without discussing the 1991 killing of Latasha Harlins. Latasha Harlins was a 15-year-old African-American girl who got into a dispute with 51-year-old female Korean-American store owner Soon Ja Du. As seen on the store’s security tape, Du accused Harlins of shoplifting. Hu grabbed Harlins’s sleeve; Harlins punched Hu. They continue to exchange words, then Harlins turned away, and Du pulled out a gun and shot Harlins in the back of the head from a distance of three feet. The video can be seen here and is . . . grim viewing. Between the videotape and the witnesses in the store contradicting Du’s claim it was an attempted holdup, this was an open-and-shut case. The jury found Du guilty of voluntary manslaughter, an offense that carries a maximum prison sentence of 16 years. But trial judge Joyce Karlin sentenced Du to five years of probation, 400 hours of community service, and a $500 fine. No jail time. Shocked and enraged protesters scuffled with police outside the courthouse, a precursor to the riots that would arrive less than a year later. Rioting is wrong, but it’s not hard to understand the seething outrage of African Americans in Los Angeles at that moment. If a person casually executes someone who looks like you, and the system treats it like a minor crime, do you feel like your rights are being protected? Do you feel like the justice system cares about you? Do you feel like society at large believes your life matters? Fast forward to 2016, and think of the traffic stop that cost Philando Castile his life. Once again, we have videotape and this time, audio of what led to the shooting. Our David French lays out all the facts succinctly and clearly. As far as anyone can see and hear, Castile did exactly as he was told, and exactly what he was supposed to do. Officer Jeronimo Yanez asked for his driver’s license and proof of insurance, Castile handed over his car-insurance information card. Then he calmly informed officer Yanez that he had a gun; the officer responds, “don’t reach for it.” In a span of about 20 seconds, Yanez instructed Castile to hand over his driver’s license and to not reach for his gun. Give me something that is in your pocket, but do not look like you are reaching for something by your waist. Within seven seconds, Yanez has interpreted Castile reaching to get out his driver’s license, as instructed, as reaching for a weapon, and shoots at Castile seven times. Is there a legal consequence for fatally shooting someone over a misunderstanding? In the courtroom, no. The jury found Yanez not guilty on all counts — second-degree manslaughter in as well as two counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm. After the verdict, the police department fired him: “The City of St. Anthony has concluded that the public will be best served if Officer Yanez is no longer a police officer in our city. The city intends to offer Officer Yanez a voluntary separation agreement to help him transition to another career other than being a St. Anthony officer.”

Kill Them

The Left Has One More Argument: Kill Them!


ISIS Just Destroyed One of Iraq's Most Iconic Mosques
Tearing down their Confederate monuments. ~Bob


Crash Coming: Canada Has World’s Fastest-Growing Private Debt: Report

Fake news


Democrats Seethe After Georgia, But Still Don’t Get It. By Peter Heck
Excerpt: The New York Times ran a typically tone-deaf, if not revealing assessment of the state of their own Democrat Party following the special election loss in the Georgia runoff recently. As is typical in the New York Times, the Democrats writing the piece embedded with half-truths like attributing Jon Ossoff’s fundraising to “small donations” but not mentioning that he set a record for out-of-state dollars with only 3.5% of his money coming from within the district. Nor do they mention that Ossoff was careful to never directly attack Trump, instead running as a moderate Republican to try to win the seat. That would seem to be an important point when trying to make the case that an Ossoff victory would have been an “emphatic statement about the weakness of the Republican Party under President Trump.” But aside from the typical Times shenanigans that you just have to expect when you try sifting through their coverage, the article did touch on the “seething” dissent that is being experienced within the Democrat Party. More than one Democrat lawmaker expressed desire for new leadership, meaning they want to give Nancy Pelosi the boot:


“I’m gonna kill you all. Allah. Bomb.” Man charged, accused of making threats at U.S. Courthouse
Excerpt: MILWAUKEE — Charges have been filed against a man accused of making threats at the U.S. Courthouse near Jefferson and Wisconsin on Thursday, June 15th. The incident led to a traffic mess in downtown Milwaukee as several streets near the courthouse were shut down, and the courthouse itself, along with other businesses in the area, were evacuated. The accused is 32-year-old Mohamad Hamdan of Milwaukee. He faces one felony count of “terrorist threats” and two misdemeanor counts of bail jumping.

FBI on shooting

The FBI’s Briefing On The GOP Baseball Shooting Couldn’t Have Been More Bizarre


Almost 40 Years Ago, Christopher Lasch Diagnosed The Rise Of Trump And Anti-Trump As Narcissism. The historian and social critic knew that the political and cultural movements of the Sixties would have long-lasting consequences for American democracy.
Excerpt: In his best-known book, “The Culture of Narcissism,” historian and social critic Christopher Lasch (1932-1994) outlined an emergent personality and style that have since taken control of elite and mass political culture. Appalled by the exploding therapeutic sensibility that promised freedom, creativity, and mental health, he argued prophetically in 1979 that self-expression and radical individualism could yield disastrous social results. Lasch was surveying “a way of life that is dying—the culture of competitive individualism, which in its decadence has carried the logic of individualism to the extreme of a war of all against all, the pursuit of happiness to the dead end of a narcissistic preoccupation with the self.” Twenty-five years later, in his collection of essays, “The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy,” he discerned the “venomous hatred” of sophisticates toward yeoman America. But only since his death has their revulsion toward “clingers” and “deplorables” become relentless and undisguised. Furthermore, despite all its blessings, the internet has changed the game, as it enables self-absorption and retreat from nature in ways that we still barely understand.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Radicalized in Mideast, Maute brothers razed their Christian school
Philippine Daily Inquirer / 02:14 AM June 19, 2017
MARAWI CITY — Twenty years after obtaining Christian education, Muslim brothers Omarkhayam and Abdullah Maute returned to this Central Mindanao city with the black flags of the Islamic State (IS) group and set fire to their alma mater.


Obama sets up shadow government organization to destroy Trump and the US
I found this in a New Zealand conservative site, but written by an American, probably appears elsewhere on the Net too. But it's a very telling explanation of what Obama and the Left have set up, and I personally have to agree this is dangerous to the whole nation. Whether Trump is a perfect President or not, a focused, concentrated, wellfunded effort to undercut the entire Administration is a bad thing to do for everyone in the long run. Hillary used to talk about the "vast Right Wing conspiracy", but here we are seeing, truly, a vast Left Wing conspiracy, triply dangerous since the media and academia are fully in step with it. Trump, his staff, and the GOP leadership need to figure out very soon how to stop making mistakes that add fuel to the fire, and how to counter these subversives and show to the nation that they are the real danger to the republic. --Del

GOP Wins

You’ve Earned a Little Victory Dance This Morning, GOP! By Jim Geraghty

North Korea

Comprehending evil: That's become a weak spot, a failure, in much of prosperous Western societies, the difficulty, even inability, to recognize the existence of serious, conscious evil in the world. Certainly not everyone living in North Korea is evil, anymore than every German living under Hitler was evil, but the overall system is truly evil, heartless, inhuman. And after nearly 80 years, five generations of people ruled by a totalitarian regime using control and oppression at at a level that makes the word "brutal" very inadequate, how could anyone expect any of those not in power to have one atom of influence on the ruling regime? The description of that regime and just some of its terrible activities below is very good. I really can't imagine why anyone in their right mind would spend money to take a tour there. Except of course, they don't begin to understand the reality of the place they would be visiting. Too many people are far, far too innocent and ignorant of the reality of evil. Del
North Korea Would Not Hesitate to Kill You. The scariest thing about the death of Otto Warmbier is that the Kim regime doesn’t feel even an ounce of remorse.
Their communists. What do you expect? ~Bob


Vietnam: End Attacks on Activists and Bloggers. Pattern of Thuggish Assaults Against Rights Campaigners Across Country
Excerpt: Vietnamese bloggers and rights activists are being beaten, threatened, and intimidated with impunity, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The Vietnamese government should order an end to all attacks and hold those responsible accountable. Donor governments should tell the Vietnamese authorities to end the crackdown, and that repressing internet freedom, peaceful speech, and activism will carry consequences. (This is appalling of course, but it's good that a light is being shined on the atrocious behavior of the repressive government in Hanoi. I hope it gets attention all over. (Feel free to disseminate.) --Del. They're communists. this is what you expect of states based on socialism. A few years ago, Bernie sanders and other "Progressives" were lauding Venezuela, where human rights are nbow being crushed. Coming here. ~Bob)

Georgia on my mind

Ten Things to Keep In Mind in GA06: Democrats Just Spent $30 Million for Another Moral Victory

The Russians Again!

From the Chair of the Republican Party of Dane County Wisconsin.

What we are fight for: As many of you know, my earlier days in political action revolved around an effort called Reach Out Wisconsin. Reach Out Wisconsin (ROW) is a non-partisan organization I helped create to encourage civil discourse on political issues. Although I turned the reins of the ROW over to others when I became Chair, I remain committed to the founding principles of that organization. 

While I still believe in the mission of ROW, I can't ignore the reality of where we are as a nation. Last week we had a gunman target Republicans practicing to play a baseball game for charity. You would think this would be an opportunity for a nation to come together but unfortunately it hasn't.  Too many on liberals continue to cling to some equivalent of "Republicans asked for it" in the aftermath. 

I didn't get into politics to drive a hard line. I absolutely believe in live and let live as a personal philosophy - somewhat libertarian frankly. Yet more and more I find that's not good enough for the liberals in our country and especially here in Dane County.  

I can't simply accept how an adult chooses to express their sexual identity.  Unless I embrace it, encourage my children to embrace it, and rearrange society to embrace it, I'm the bigot. 

I can't believe in an individual's right to bear arms.  Unless I recognize that Republicans asked for it when a gunman starts shooting then I'm a hypocrite.  

I can't believe that climate change is more complex than blaming it on the industrial revolution.  Unless I recognize the infallibility of Al Gore then I'm a 'science denier'.  

It goes on and on but the bottom line is that there is no middle ground.

Furthermore, what we see on the national level today is nothing short of John Doe III. We lived through the John Doe and John Doe II investigations here in Wisconsin as liberals went after Governor Walker.  It was a witch hunt then and it's a witch hunt now.  

This is the logical application by liberals of a "John Doe" investigation on the national level as they go after President Trump now.  Russian collusion, obstruction of justice, we just need to keep investigating until we find something!  In a nutshell, as it was in Wisconsin, it's an investigation in search of a crime. They will not stop unless we beat them back as we did five years ago, first here in Wisconsin.

This is the reality we face today. We should continue to encourage civil dialogue but we can't stop fighting at the same time. We need to support the President's agenda, we need to support the President, and we need to keep fighting right here in Wisconsin for our beliefs.  We need to not lose focus of what we have gained here and what we need to do to not lose ground in Wisconsin in the coming year. 

We all have a role to play in this fight.  Our role is right here in Dane County; right here on the front line of liberal extremism.  


Scott Grabins, Chair


India and the Fight Against Islamic State by Natalie Tecimer
Muslims make up about 14% of the population of India, Hindus are just short of 80%, and the other roughly 7% are Christians, Sikh, and a few other denominations. The Hindu-Muslim tensions go back many centuries, and just simmer below the surface in many places. A few years ago, when I was working in India, I heard about one of the radical attacks where some Muslims blew up a train with Hindu pilgrims on it at a medium size city whose name I can't recall. Within a few days there were no Muslims left in the city, it wasn't a massacre, it was the general population rising up and driving them all out. If push really comes to shove in India, it will not be settled in a nice way. But this is also a sign of the virulence of what we might call the "jihadist virus", which just continues to spread among a fraction of Muslims across the world. It remains a very dangerous thing for everyone, and we need to hope that some kind of countermovement starts in Muslim countries and among Islamic scholars. The best way for this to die off is for Muslim societies to reject and discourage it. If that doesn't happen, the long term scenarios are very grim. --Del. Only a fraction of the Germans were Nazis...~Bob

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

John Birch Society

The Inside Story of William F. Buckley Jr.’s Crusade against the John Birch Society

Civilization Collapse?

Article from April, 2017: How Western Civilization Could Collapse

The West and the Tyranny of Public Debt
Excerpt: The history of public debt is the very history of national power: how it has been won and how it has been lost. Dreams and impatience have always driven men in power to draw on the resources of others—be it slaves, the inhabitants of occupied lands, or their own children yet to be born—in order to carry out their schemes, to consolidate power, to grow their own fortunes. But never, outside periods of total war, has the debt of the world’s most powerful states grown so immense. Never has it so heavily threatened their political systems and standards of living. Public debt cannot keep growing without unleashing terrible catastrophes. Anyone saying this today is accused of pessimism. The first signs of economic recovery, harbingers of a supposedly falling debt, are held up to contradict him. Yet we wouldn’t be the first to think ourselves uniquely able to escape the fate of other states felled by their debt, such as the Republic of Venice, Renaissance Genoa, or the Empire of Spain.

The Coming Collapse of the American Republic: And what you can do to prevent it. By Robert A. Hall

All royalties go to a charity to help wounded veterans. For a free PDF of this 80-page book you can read on your computer, write me at: tartanmarine(at) ~Bob 

The Left

Ignoring The Radical Left Is Worse Than Ignoring Alex Jones
Charlie Sykes argues that it’s dangerous for the Right to ignore fringe figures like Alex Jones. But the Left has a much worse track record.
Excerpt: In a weekend essay for The New York Times, conservative commentator Charlie Sykes argues that the Right can no longer disregard marginal figures like the conspiracy-mongering Alex Jones. “We can’t keep ignoring the fringe,” writes Sykes. “We have to expose it.” It’s an odd piece from the usually insightful Sykes, considering the Left’s manifest failure to confront its own fringe, a member of which tried to assassinate Republican members of Congress just days before Sykes’ article ran. Given all that’s happened in recent weeks, and the long history of left-wing political violence in America, is the Right’s failure to confront Jones really a more pressing problem than the Left’s refusal to renounce their own radicals?

Perfect Man

Black or Hispanic

The Dignity of Being Black or Hispanic in America. By Erick Erickson
Excerpt: I am writing here about something I know nothing about and, given the demographics of this website, most of you know nothing about. I have witnessed it, but I have not experienced it. Maybe you have too — the non-white friend who is handed the luggage while standing in front of a hotel; the non-white friend who cannot hail a cab; the non-white friend who gets pulled over by the police while driving the speed limit. These things happen and I have been thinking of them more after the Philando Castile verdict, which I, like David French, think was a miscarriage of justice. Mr. Castile was an innocent man gunned down for no cause by an overly tense police officer giving Mr. Castile conflicting orders. Mr. Castile did his best to comply with conflicting orders and was killed for doing so. That’s not right.


Since when do government documents belong to Obama to hold for 5 years? --Barb


India girl, 16, 'brutally gang raped' and thrown from moving train

Nazi Artifacts

Hidden trove of suspected Nazi artifacts found in Argentina