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The Islamic Jihad War on Civilization and other political news

The Dane County Ethics Board is finally up to strength and will again hear my complaint on Friday. Been six months. But I'm preparing my presentation, while keeping up with rehab and my other health stuff. I'm also preparing for a presentation on pulmonary fibrosis and lung transplants for Thursday and a talk on Islam and Shari'a law scheduled for December 1. So I had to delete a lot of email unread. Sorry. ~Bob

La Marseillaise - Casablanca
The best scene in Casablanca. Seems appropriate today as the French prepare to respond to a force just as evil as were these Nazis. --Tim Donovan

Paris attacks were carried out by three groups tied to Islamic State, official says

The Paris Attacks: What We Know
Excerpt: The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the coordinated attacks that killed at least 132 people. French President Francois Hollande has vowed a “merciless” response. (Good update on what's going on over there. --Del)

Update on Paris massacres
The reaction in France is still forming, but I think it will get pretty aggressive now, and all the police agencies will be looking hard for anyone who has been identified as an activist, whether born in France or recent refugee.  What they will do when they find them is the question.  If any are armed and fight, the answer will be simple, but those who are just located may be arrested, questioned, and held indefinitely under some kind of emergency powers.  Possibly the more radical ones will be expelled from France.  Any who can be tied to these attacks will certainly be prosecuted and given long jail terms. Public feelings about Muslims have to be changing in France, with less sympathy and more anger developing.  The Right Wing parties will jump on this and are likely to get more power. In terms of French support for the fight against ISIS, I would guess they will not back off, and may actually increase their support.  Maybe this will be the start of European nations deciding to form a coalition with the USA and some Arab nations to really get serious about smashing ISIS.  We can hope. Meanwhile, everyone has to remember that attacks like this can be done ANYWHERE.  Do not be shocked if one day a bunch of guys with AK rifles walk into a big US mall on a heavy shopping day and starting shooting everyone they can.  But just maybe it'll be a little different since in some places there will be Americans there with carry permits.  We can hope. --Del. Je suis Charles Martel. --Mike

What pitiless war would look like. Worth Reading: Dear France. By Tom Kratman
Excerpt: Before we get to your current problems and recent events, a couple of questions: How does someone repay one’s mother for the gift of life and the burden of bearing? How does someone repay the midwife who unwrapped the umbilical from one’s infant neck, thereby saving one’s life? Those are the questions I think upon whenever I hear one of my fellow Americans verbally crapping on France, those, and that we owe you a debt we can’t ever really repay in full. Oh, sure, you went to war at least partly because it was to England’s disadvantage. Not too dissimilarly, we liberated you in 1944 because you were the path to Germany, which we wanted crushed. So what? Purity of aims, as much as a foolish consistency, is a hobgoblin of small minds. The history remains that we did liberate you. The history remains that you did help us to throw off foreign chains long ere that. The history, too, is that there was no particular shortage of Frenchmen and women who wanted to save us, in 1778, for our sakes and liberty’s, and not just for France.1 Neither was there any particular shortage of Americans, in 1918 or 1944, who fought with the goal of liberty for France, as of mankind in general, somewhere well-placed in their hearts. Speaking of fighting, wherever did this nonsense of French military incompetence and cowardice come from, anyway? I’ve even heard it from an expatriate Frenchwoman. It would have been news to Washington, I think, as to the Prussians at Jena or the Austrians at Marengo or the Russians at Borodino. One suspects the average German at Verdun would have been most surprised by the claim. Yes, you lost an important battle in 1940, but you lost,2 more than for any other reason, precisely because of your patriotism and courage from 1914 to 1918, and because, bled out by that, you let a certain kind of person take control of your country and discourse between the wars. (Tom Kratman is a retired USA LtCol, an occasional contributor to this blog, and an outstand author of military science fiction, including the A Desert Called Peace series. ~Bob)

Excerpt: ISIS and radical Islam have declared war on anyone who believes in the cause of freedom. This is World War III. ISIS knows it. Does President Obama? Does Prime Minister Cameron? Does Chancellor Merkel? Does President Hollande?
As ISIS attacks Paris, Obama wants to ship in 100,000 Syrians who can’t be vetted and Merkel speaks of tolerance. Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Merkel: the names don’t exactly denote fortitude do they? Hollande just hit ISIS with 20 bombs and is sending an aircraft carrier to the region. It’s a good start. It’s a jab, a pin prick of what needs to be done. What Hollande should do is invoke Article V of the NATO Charter, which states, “The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them 

Worth Reading: There is No Correct Ideological Approach to Dealing With ISIS
Excerpt: In the midst of our emotion, however, it’s important to remember what the entire world is dealing with in a group like ISIS. These terrorists are a scourge on all of humanity, period. Say what you want about Middle Eastern refugees and what the West’s policy should be toward them, but there’s a reason so many exist, even if there may be militants hidden among them. ISIS has demonstrated, time and again, that they are just as willing to kill their fellow Muslims as they are Westerners, insofar as they don’t subscribe to the group’s extreme viewpoints. This is doubly true if the Muslims in question are on the opposite side of a conflict, as has been the case in Lebanon. Like clockwork, the morning after the Paris siege, ISIS suicide bombers killed 43 people in Beirut. So it goes. It’s easy to look at this endlessly bloody situation and feel helpless. The only thing I’m sure of is that ISIS is evil in its purest form. Their militants deserve to be killed, be it by drone, airstrike or the bare hands of a just avenger. Yet in my view, libertarians, of which I am one, are as ideologically blinded as the neoconservatives we criticize if we think full disengagement is a reasonable solution in the face of this unspeakable evil.


Rubio: 'I don't understand' Clinton's refusal to say 'radical Islam'
Excerpt: "I don't understand it," the Florida senator told "This Week" host George Stephanopoulos on Sunday. "That would be like saying we weren't at war with Nazis because we were afraid to offend some Germans who may have been members of the Nazi party, but weren't violent themselves."

Interesting: What ISIS really wants! 
The whole American political apparatus - both parties, the press - have totally and completely misunderstood the phenomenon of ISIS. After Paris, and before the next one, this piece from the Atlantic is an essential read, and worth reading all the way through. --Mike B.

The EU has open borders: This is How AK-47s Get to Paris
Excerpt: France outlaws most gun ownership and it’s almost impossible to legally acquire a high-powered rifle such as an AK-47, so where did the weapons in the Nov. 13 terror attack—not to mention the bloody January assault by Islamic terrorists on the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo magazine and the 2012 shootings by a militant in Toulouse—come from? The answer: Eastern Europe, most likely, where the trafficking of deadly small arms is big, shady business. And where local authorities find it difficult to intervene.


French Air Force conducts airstrikes on ISIS-held Syrian city of Raqaa
Excerpt: French jets struck the heart of ISIS-controlled territory in Syria on Sunday in the first direct retaliation for Friday’s deadly terror attacks that killed 129 in Paris, the Associated Press reports, citing a statement from the French Defense Ministry. 

Response to: French Jewish Council Calls for 'World War' Against "Jihadist Fanatacism'
Will have to get in line behind global warming as the most important issue of our day. No word on celebrations in Gaza.  Makes me wonder: have they learned to control their enthusiasm, or is the MSM keeping it quiet? Title of my next song: Kristalnacht in the Banlieu.  It's a lullaby. --George

Video: Graphic footage of Paris jihad attacks

Dr. Sebastian Gorka on ISIS Attack in Paris: Not Sure Why Anyone Is Shocked By This!

One of the most surprising aspects of the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night is how "deeply shocked" members of the European political establishment appeared to be.
 Angela Merkel, David Cameron and the Pope all expressed their condolences -- and "deep shock" -- at the well-coordinated, citywide terror attacks in six different places across Paris, which as of this writing have claimed at least 128 lives and more than 200 wounded. (The article is dead on target.  All this was totally predictable, as that there will be more attacks of various kinds in Western countries remains predictable.  It's just questions of when, where, how many involved, how bad will it be? And by bringing in thousands of "refugees" whom we cannot properly check out, we guarantee that we are bringing in some very dangerous enemies.  The blood of those who die here next because of some immigrants like the Tsarnev brothers will be all over the hands of our "leaders" of today. --Del)

Sen. Durbin: 'I Call on the Administration to Accept 100,000 Syrian Refugees
To live in Chicago....~Bob

Hillary Clinton Believes The U.S. Should Accept 65,000 Migrants From Syria
The Muslim invasion of Europe and America reminds me of the story of the Trojan Horse--except we built the horse for them. ~Bob

Blumenthal announces plan to bring Syrian refugees to U.S. much quicker

72 House Democrats ask Obama to take in 100,000 Syrian refugees

You must watch this video, it's kind of long but it's like a train wreck, you won't be able to take your eyes off it. The person that sent this to me lives in Wisconsin and claims Madison, Milwaukee and Sheboygan are three cities designated in her state to get refugees plus a few more. She also said New Orleans has already gotten the first wave, with Phoenix, Tucson and California cities to follow. These are not doctored or created video's for the movies, these are real life happenings right now. Something you probably won't see on the evening news. I found it very difficult to watch but felt I needed to. Please watch this...Original sender, no name. (This is why Trump, egotistical, ignorant blowhard that he is, is doing so well. ~Bob)

Vos: In time of terror, close Wisconsin’s borders to Syrian refugees

Last Night the Other Shoe Dropped at the Bataclan
Excerpt: It turns out that the Bataclan is owned by a Jew or Jews, and had in the past, according to the mujahideen, held charitable fundraising events to benefit the IDF. The management was told in no uncertain terms that if they did not cancel all such future events, the consequences would be dire indeed.

Worth Reading: The Barbarians Are Inside, And There Are No Gates. By Mark Steyn
Excerpt: Twenty-four hours ago, I said on the radio apropos the latest campus "safe space" nonsense: This is what we're going to be talking about when the mullahs nuke us.
Almost. When the Allahu Akbar boys opened fire, Paris was talking about the climate-change conference due to start later this month, when the world's leaders will fly in to "solve" a "problem" that doesn't exist rather than to address the one that does. But don't worry: we already have a hashtag (#PrayForParis) and doubtless there'll be another candlelight vigil of weepy tilty-headed wankers. Because as long as we all advertise how sad and sorrowful we are, who needs to do anything? ...  Because if M Hollande isn't prepared to end mass Muslim immigration to France and Europe, then his "pitiless war" isn't serious. And, if they're still willing to tolerate Mutti Merkel's mad plan to reverse Germany's demographic death spiral through fast-track Islamization, then Europeans aren't serious. In the end, the decadence of Merkel, Hollande, Cameron and the rest of the fin de civilisation western leadership will cost you your world and everything you love.

The U.S. must send ground forces to eliminate the Islamic State
Excerpt: The horrific Paris attacks , following a likely Islamic State bombing of a Russian airliner in the Sinai and coming in the midst of the crises emanating from the linked conflicts in Iraq and Syria, demand an answer to this question: When will the United States realize that it urgently needs to use real military force to defeat the Islamic State threat? After almost 18 months of the Obama administration’s half-measures, it’s obvious that defeat of the Islamic State is not going to happen absent a first-class, mobile ground force being launched to mate with overwhelming air power. (People keep talking about Obama using half measures against ISIS. Personally, I don't think what he has done so far rises to the level of half measures. ~Bob)

Worth Reading: PARIS ATTACKS - FIRST-HAND ACCOUNT. By Col. Andy Weddington, USMC (Ret)

French jets bomb Syria in the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa
Excerpt: The targets in Sunday’s airstrikes included a command center, a recruitment center, an ammunition storage base and a training camp for the terror group, said Mickael Soria, press adviser for France’s defense minister. (...leaving us to wonder why the command center, a recruitment center, an ammunition storage base and a training camp were still standing in Raqqa after a year of anti-ISIS coalition airstrikes. --Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt. I noted that today the French, reacting to the massacre, staged "huge" airstrikes against ISIS.  Here are the details- Ten, that is 10, planes, dropped twenty, that is 20, bombs on ISIS bases. They're kidding, right?  20 ****ing bombs is a slap, not a serious slam.  When you drop maybe 100 bombs and reduce most of the area to smoking craters and anyone still alive is deaf and dopey from the concussions, and everybody not ISIS knows that just being anywhere near them is extremely dangerous, that is real war. I guess it's better than flying by and just waving in a friendly manner, or dropping greeting cards suggesting they try to be nice.  But I would have hoped for something a lot more impressive than 20 bombs.  How about one bomb for every person killed in the attacks?  OK, call me bloodthirsty, but the only way to really impress this enemy is to go after them with real pitiless war. --Del. Isn't it odd that the French and Russians are bombing known ISIS strongholds, known ISIS training camps, known ISIS fuel depots, known ISIS headquarters. USA has been bombing sand dunes for two years. Why do you suppose that is? Do you think that ISIS would have been capable of going on a murder rampage for over a year had they not been aided and abetted by President Obama and his minions in the White House. It's an irrefutable fact that the Russians soon discovered and now the French that USA intentionally mislead the world that they were prosecuting an effort against ISIS. Do you suppose that the Russians supplied the French with targeting data. A federal grand jury should be convened as soon as this man leaves office to begin investigative proceedings. --Tom C.)

House Intel Chairman: ‘First Rule of War’ for Obama Is No Collateral Damage, and ‘That’s Not War’
The final statement of this article is spot on.  Fighting the animals who deliberately hide among the people means you either accept collateral damage (the blame of which falls on them, not on us) or you go home.  There simply is no other remotely effective way to go at such enemies.  Yes, it's tragic, but war and tragedy go together like identical twins do.  The worst tragedy is to not fight an evil enemy and let them go on expanding their evil. --Del

We Need To Care Less. By Derek Hunter 
Excerpt: It’s hard to look at the terrorist attack in Paris and not feel awful. It’s also hard to not feel rage. In fact, unless you’re a progressive (seriously, look at how they complained they weren’t getting enough attention for their fraud crusade while people were being slaughtered), revenge is a natural human emotion. We don’t act on it as a society anymore, but we should. (We have to admit we’re in a war. Regardless of whether you want to be in a war, if you’re getting attacked repeatedly, you’re in a war.  --Steve)

You Can't Understand ISIS If You Don't Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia

ISIS releases 'Kill List'; Seven Texas cities included


FBI: Break-in at Army facility in Worcester, weapons missing

Gruesome afghan Rape Marathon in Swedish refugee camp, Socialist: "It's racism to expel them"

Beirut, Also the Site of Deadly Attacks, Feels Forgotten
Excerpt: “When my people died, no country bothered to light up its landmarks in the colors of their flag,” Elie Fares, a Lebanese doctor, wrote on his blog. “When my people died, they did not send the world into mourning. Their death was but an irrelevant fleck along the international news cycle, something that happens in those parts of the world.”

The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State

A suggestion for the Islamic State book club. Barbarian history buffs should read about their own origin. By Clifford May  
Excerpt: After a long week of slitting throats, smashing antiquities, and raping infidel slave girls, how do the Islamic State’s barbarians unwind? Some, apparently, discuss the finer points of history. An Islamic State billboard I recently came across (on the Internet—not driving down the road to Raqqah, the Islamic State capital in what used to be Syria) shows a rifle affixed to a compass (the kind used for drawing arcs and measuring distances on maps), along with the inscription: “We are the ones who determine our borders, not Sykes-Picot.” (Studying history has always fascinated me, especially when there are so many parts of it that are critical to understanding the present, and some of those are really not well known.  Which means many people have false ideas of history.  (E.g, the Crusades were all terrible invasions of peaceful Muslim lands by brutal Europeans for no good reason.) This bit of history is one of those critical ones, since the end of WW1 brought the end of the Ottoman Empire that had ruled so much territory for several centuries, and in fact had mounted so many invasions of Europe in earlier times.  (Last one was in 1571, the battle of LePanto)  The borders of the Middle East were drawn up at that time, which some believe has caused many of the problems of the region.  But how those borders were drawn is worth understanding. --Del)

Obama arrives late for ‘moment of silence’ for Paris attacks
Excerpt: President Obama walked in late Sunday on a moment of silence being held by world leaders in Turkey to honor the victims of Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris. Reporters traveling with the president said Mr. Obama had not yet arrived when other world leaders at the G-20 conference in Turkey began their silent observance around a large conference table.

Iraq Warned Of Imminent Attack One Day Before Paris Massacre
Excerpt:  Six senior Iraqi officials confirmed the information in the dispatch, a copy of which was obtained by the AP, and four of these intelligence officials said they also warned France specifically of a potential attack. Two officials told the AP that France was warned beforehand of details that French authorities have yet to make public. “We have recovered information from our direct sources in the Islamic State terrorist organization about the orders issued by terrorist ‘Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’ directing all members of the organization to implement an international attack that includes all coalition countries, in addition to Iran and the Russian Federation, through bombings or assassinations or hostage taking in the coming days. 

Rep. King: Obama Admin. Wrong, ‘Robust Vetting Of Refugees Is Untrue’
Excerpt: “I was listening to Ben Rhodes, and what he just said about the robust vetting of refugees is untrue,” King, who’s chairman of House Subcommittee on Terrorism, told host Chris Wallace. “There’s virtually no vetting. There are no databases in Syria. There are no government records.”

Clinton and the other Democratic presidential candidates in debate decline to use term 'radical Islam'
Excerpt: Hillary Clinton and the other Democratic presidential candidates are being criticized for declining to use the words “radical Islam” during Saturday night's debate, following the deadly terror attacks in Paris. Clinton, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley declined to use the words after being asked during the CBS debate whether they would agree with GOP presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio saying, “We are at war with radical Islam.” The front-running Clinton said using the term “radical Islam” would be “painting with too broad a brush.” (Hillary's gal-pal related to Muslim Sisterhood, remember?  Egypt has outlawed the MB as a terrorist organization, but much loved by US regime. --Barb)

Pentagon says five Guantanamo detainees transferred to United Arab Emirates
As Obama bemoans a "black day" he adds more fighters to the fight instead of putting them IN Gitmo. --Barb

Excerpt: Belgium’s home affairs minister said that the government does not “have control of the situation in Molenbeek,” a working-class neighborhood of Brussels that has been linked to several terrorism plots in recent years. (I thought no-go areas were a figment of right-wing Islamophobes? ~Bob)

Two of the Paris jihad murderers came into Europe as refugees

Worth Reading: Destroy the ISIS Caliphate. We can either fight ISIS in our cities or in their cities. By Daniel Greenfield
I'll give Greenfield the last word on this subject.  I am with him 100%.  Too bad that none of this will happen before January 2017. --Del

Excerpt: Earlier this year, France was one of eight countries that supported a Palestinian resolution at the United Nations Security Council, calling for a full Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 lines by the end of 2017. This vote means that France supports the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, likely to be ruled by the same type of people who on Friday carried out the most grisly terror attacks in France since World War II.

Worth Reading: Economists and the public oppose $15 minimum wage. By Michael Saltsman
Excerpt: A new survey released last week asking economists about their reaction to a $15 minimum wage throws even more water on the dying embers. The survey of 166 mostly labor economists — conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center for my organization — finds that 72 percent of United States-based economists oppose a $15 federal minimum wage. That includes a majority of economists who identify as Democrats. This finding bolsters anecdotal reports of high-profile left-of-center economists from the Obama and Clinton administrations opposing such a wage mandate. The survey also asked several additional questions that can help shed light on this top-line finding. Five out of six respondents said a $15 minimum wage would have harmful effects on youth employment levels.

Worth Reading: On American campuses, freedom from speech. By George F. Will
Excerpt: What kind of parenting produces children who, living in the lap of Ivy League luxury, revel in their emotional fragility? One answer is: Parents who themselves are arrested-development adolescents, with all the anxieties and insecurities of that developmental stage. They see themselves in their darlings.

From Marquette to Mizzou, free speech is under politically correct assault. by M. D. Kettle

Worth Reading: The Goldberg File: You Stupid Schmucks, Look at You Now. By Jonah Goldberg

The Left Has No One to Blame but Itself for Madness on Campus. By Jonah Goldberg

Proof That Donald Trump Is a Liberal!

Yale Activists Spit on Conservatives At Meeting on Free Speech
Inside every progressives is a Nazi screaming to get out and take charge of the world. ~Bob

REAL RACISM: Asian-Americans Denied College Admissions for Being Too Smart?!

Johnson to hold hearing on Obama’s climate change ‘power grab.’ By M. D. Kettle

Wounded Warrior Project: Padding Their Own Pockets or Helping Vets? By Brandi Kay
There has been controversy about WWP for the last couple of years, and my own analysis of how much money actually ever got delivered to crippled vets indicated it was pretty low as a percentage of their really huge income.  Other analyses said it wasn't so bad, but I decided to keep my giving to charities that are clearly well rated for delivering help to vets. Now another critical article has come out, see below.  Others argue that this kind of pay level for the people running big charities is not unusual, and that is at least partially true.  Personally, that argument goes nowhere with me, you should be able to run a big charity and pull in decent but not huge pay, maybe $200K at the most.  Either you believe in the charity and it's worth your time, or you're just another businessman raking in as much as possible and the cause you serve is really only yourself. --Del


Missouri University in Chaos as PC Police Crackdown!

'Safe spaces' on college campuses run at odds with First Amendment, say law experts
Excerpt: "The idea that people have the right to absolute emotional comfort at all times is very troubling," she said...."This is destructive to the university as a place for debate and the pursuit of truth," added Volokh. "If we allow this to happen -- as citizens, as alumni -- the results will be very bad for higher education and for the country." (I know someone who attended college for 12 years before finally graduating.  Spoke with her the other day and she said she had decided on a "noncontroversial Halloween costume."  It never occurred to me to think in such a way, but then I am not PC.  For us, Halloween was for your fantasies and fun to be whatever or whoever you wanted to be, admired, enjoyed.  We put on pointed ears and Star Trek makeup and walked through the local mall--No one noticed!  (And this was before PC was a term or the Clintons.)  These people want "safe spaces" to control OTHERS, not themselves and to continue their agendas of chip-on-the-shoulder behavior.  They need to look at Paris today and wake up and quit whining.  We are in the End Times.  One Parisian reporter used to covering violent stories was on a news feed saying he heard the explosions at the soccer match and knew what they were.  He also said his first thought was, "SHIT!  I don't have my gun!" because the stadium was a "safe space" where guns were not allowed.  So, "safe spaces" might not just affect the Thought Police and 1st Amendment but also the 2nd Amendment.....Barb)

The Coming Storm - Trailer – YouTube

Interesting: Winners and losers from the second Democratic presidential debate. By Chris Cillizza, Washington Post
Excerpt: Losers: Hillary Clinton: No, the former secretary of state wasn't bad. In fact, she was quite good for much of the debate. The problem was that Clinton made a few verbal and/or policy mistakes that will likely haunt her in the days to come. The biggest was her attempt to downplay the number of donations she receives from Wall Street by citing the work she did to help rebuild the financial sector of New York City following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. That's, um, not a very good response — and Democrats blasted her for it. And, in a less-serious but not less-impactful moment, Clinton let loose this gem: "I come from the sixties." The TV ad, particularly if Republicans nominate someone like Marco Rubio, who is 45 years old (Clinton is 68), practically writes itself.

USMC Combined Action Program
I was TDY with a Radio Relay Team to the CAP unit in Khe Sanh Ville in August/Early September 1967.

Non-American Citizen Faces Jail Time For Voting 5 TIMES In Texas

Satire: Bernie Sanders Promises To End Military Ban On Marijuana
Or maybe not satire? ~Bob

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