Friday, November 20, 2015

Republicans are scared of widows and children?

Like Disney fans who kept Tinkerbelle the fairy alive by believing in her as hard as they could, liberals think if they believe something hard enough, it becomes fact. Case in point: Obama saying that concerns expressed over the Syrian refugees were because Republicans were scared of "widows and children." His having said it, liberals and the media will now believe it as hard as they can, never mind that many Democrats have also expressed concern. Never mind that the pictures of the Muslim refugees show a large preponderance of military-age adult males. Never mind that the Muslim refugees who killed three and injured hundreds with the Boston Marathon Bombing were not "widows and children." Never mind that the Muslim refugee who killed four Marines and a sailor in Tennessee was not a widow or child. Never mind that at least one of the Muslim murderers in France was a refugee, and another bomber was a woman. Never mind that ISIS has formed a female suicide squad and that several Muslim terror groups have a history of using female and child suicide bombers and training children to murder the kaffur. Never mind that Syrian men with fake passports have been caught trying to enter the US. Obama says that those concerned about Muslim immigrants are afraid of "widows and children," so the liberals and media will believe it as hard as they can to try to make it fact.

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'Cubs of the Islamic State': ISIS boys' camps teach kids as young as 6 how to behead people, fire AK-47s  

ISIS-Linked Photos Purportedly Show Women Training With AK-47s

Desperate ISIS forms new female suicide squad to carry out bombings because the terror group is running out of children for use in the attacks 

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