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Jim Geraghty has a new book that looks good too: Heavy Lifting: Grow Up, Get a Job, Raise a Family, and Other Manly Advice
But I have not yet read it. ~Bob

Our friend Dennis found this injured owl in his yard, took it to the raptor vet, got it well and let it go.

And we took a drive Tuesday to enjoy the last of the warm Autumn weather, almost 70 degrees. Passed a field full of Sand Hill Cranes. ~Bob

Worth Reading: Service Guarantees Citizenship (Part One). By Tom Kratman
Excerpt: It would probably come as a big surprise in some circles but soldiers, at least American soldiers, read a great deal – much more, I think, than the civilian population at large. What do they read? They’ll read manuals, of course, if they must. Then, again, they’ll read matchbook covers in a pinch. I can recall, too, precisely seventy-seven of us, stuck for some weeks behind barbed wire at Cairo West Egyptian Air Force Base, in 1985, passing around and reading the one book we had among us – a Matt Bolan, the Executioner, piece, with all that implies – over and over and over again. Yeah…“The horror…the horror.” Besides reading the obvious things – Playboy and Penthouse, for example, for certain values of “reading” – they’ll read pretty much anything and everything: History, science, philosophy (yes, seriously), biography, fiction…and science fiction. Indeed, one science fiction novel, Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers, published in 1959, appears on the official reading lists of three of our military services: Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force.2 What, not the Army? Fear not, nearly everyone in the Army seems to have read it. And I can only recall ever running into one soldier who didn’t approve of the political system therein wholeheartedly. Even his objections seemed more along the lines of, “Well, it wouldn’t last forever so why bother?” which isn’t a terribly strong objection, really. I’ve long been surprised that our political and bureaucratic masters haven’t put their ballet-slippered feet down and demanded that the book be removed from the reading lists, removed from the shelves of the PX and BX book sections, too, for that matter, and removed from the military’s consciousness. (Tom Kratman is a retired USA LtCol, an occasional contributor to this blog, and an outstand author of military science fiction, including the A Desert Called Peace series. Starship Troopers is one of my two favorite Heinlein books, the other being Time Enough for Love. And, yes, the movie sucked, was nothing like the book. ~Bob)

Important: The Daily 202: From coast to coast, conservatives score huge victories in off-year elections. By James Hohmann

San Francisco sheriff loses re-election bid amid 'sanctuary city' controversy

41 new sanctuary cities in just 4 months

Republican Matt Bevin elected governor of Kentucky
Excerpt: Republican Matt Bevin, a businessman and Tea Party favorite, beat Democrat Jack Conway on Tuesday to win the race for Kentucky governor -- becoming only the second GOP governor in the state in four decades.

Polls Wrong! Kentucky Governor - Bevin vs. Conway vs. Curtis
Every one of them going back to September had Conway ahead except one by a Republican firm, and that one showed a tie. Isn’t it long past time for a national conversation on polls? Or a “beer summit”? And if the polls are so wildly off in assessing who’s actually ahead . . . why are we relying on them to determine who gets into which primary debate? --Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt.

Racist Tea Party Strikes Again! Kentucky’s New GOP Lt. Gov. Is Black Tea-Party Activist

PA: Reschenthaler defeats Arnet for state Senate seat
Excerpt: Iraq veteran Guy Reschenthaler defeated women’s advocate Heather Arnet for the state Senate’s open 37th District seat after a high-spending race that was as much about political labels as local issues. ... The victory gives the GOP a 31-19 majority in the Senate. 

Carson Tops Clinton By 10 Points In General Election


Under President Obama, Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats. That's some legacy.

Slow moving collapse: Debt ceiling lifted, and the same day, debt jumps $339B
The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
All royalties go to a charity to help wounded veterans.

Oscar Mayer plant in Madison will close; headquarters to move to Chicago
A few years ago, the anti-business progressive Madison council considered a bill to outlaw advertising trucks, like the Weiner Mobile. It didn't pass, but no0w it will be gone anyway, making them happy I suppose. ~Bob

Trump campaign to negotiate directly with TV networks on debate formats
Excerpt: Trump will reject a joint letter to television network hosts regarding upcoming primary debates drafted Sunday at a private gathering of operatives from at least 11 presidential campaigns, the Republicans said. The move by Trump, coming just hours after a group of Republican strategists huddled in the Washington suburbs to craft a list of possible demands, thwarts an effort by the campaigns and the letter’s drafter, longtime GOP attorney Ben Ginsberg, to find consensus and work collectively to negotiate terms.

Sen. Fred Thompson. Rest in peace thou good and faithful servant.

Nice little company you got here. Shame if you didn't pay for protection and something happened to it. ~Bob

Here Are The 7 (Non-Benghazi) Lies The Press Refuses To Take Hillary To Task For
Hillary's Lies--Partly Different List

Black Spring Valley Students Protest “Racist” Cop’s Firing… 

Black Veteran Gets Death Wishes After Praising Police on Facebook

UPDATE: Marlin Police Chief in critical condition after being shot in the head
Black chief, black suspect, no legs to the story, no White House response needed. Prayers for the chief. ~Bob

Muslim Religious Leader says Saying Merry Christmas is Worse than Murder (VIDEO)
Liberals love to use words like tolerance, multiculturalism and the ever-popular "coexist." Name one Muslim-majority society where these are practiced. ~Bob

The usual: Rohnert Park, Cotati schools rethink grading scale
Excerpt: A new grading scale that redefines what constitutes an “A” or an “F” is causing strife and confusion in the Cotati-Rohnert Park school district. Some teachers and officials say it lowers the bar for student success, while others say it encourages students to succeed. The new system is called the equal interval scale. Essentially, it makes it harder to get a failing grade. It departs from the traditional A to F scale in which students receive F’s for scores below 59 percent. Instead, the scale awards F’s only for scores below 20 percent. (OK, this is a mindblower for me.  Look over this new grading system and see what kind of sense it makes to you.  In my view they can play all the games they want so that maybe more kids will stay in school and graduate, but then graduating high school with anything below a B average won't mean anything about how much the kid has mastered any kind of learning.  Even a B means you scored as low as 60% on your tests, which sure isn't a wonderful level of achievement and doesn't tell the prospective employer if you really can read or do any math well, or know any history or much of anything else.  No matter what some education bureaucrat says, this IS lowering the bar.  It's total PC idiocy and phoniness. --Del. Progressive education. If you can't teach the kids, lower the standards for success. High school friend of mine, liberal Democrat, was a chemist. Late in life he got a teaching certificate; was teaching chemistry in an inner-city school in Philadelphia. The majority of his class did no work, flunked all the tests. So he failed them. The parents complained of racism and he was fired. Those kids and these will find that life doesn't lower the standards for you. ~Bob)

Obama And Allies Defend Black Lives Matter, Attack FBI Chief over Ferguson Effect
Excerpt: When I saw the articles about the FBI Director's speech and even went to the FBI website to read it, I had two reactions.  1- the guy had made an excellent speech, very reasonable, very much concerned with the safety of all Americans, and 2- it would bring down the wrath of Obama and others. Well, here we are, and yep, they all jumped on him, and that wonderful, professional, unbiased source, the NYTimes ran the fully expected Op-ed article about what he'd said. They are SO predictable!  Hopefully Director Comey will continue to do the job as it needs to be done for all Americans, without fear or favor. --Del

Worth Reading: Obama's Corrupt and Immoral Abuse of the Military. By Jonathan Keiler
Excerpt: Barack Obama's decision to send American special forces to Syria is not only hypocritical, but also a corrupt and immoral abuse of his powers as commander-in-chief.
This is not a comment on his circumvention of Congress, which is something that most modern American presidents have done at one time or another with respect to military engagements abroad.  Rather, in Obama's case – uniquely in American history – we have a president who puts Americans in harm's way for no evident reason other than personal political calculations. (Once again I owe the great guys at SOS for bringing this excellent article to my attention. One more move of pawns on the political chessboard that Obama sees as the way he plays President.  Moving the pieces on the board for the sake of all the observers, not in order to really win anything for this nation, only so as to keep presenting himself as the Grand Master. I can't imagine, really, what it must be like to be a motivated American serving in our military now.  I have to believe that cynicism, frustration, and anger must be common among them, especially those who really wanted to make a career there.  The only happy ones would be the pure political animals whose real priority is their own career, since they can see clearly what is needed to protect and advance careers now.  And it doesn't mean taking part in any battles with the enemy, it just means sucking up to the PC ideas and practice and instantly accepting whatever pronouncements come out of the White House about anything. --Del. Don't feel bad, Del. Since the 1960s, the liberal elites cannot imagine what it would be like for them, or their kids, to serve in the military. That's for the little people like us, not our betters. ~Bob )

Worth Reading: Chinese Lawyer Casts Skeptical Eye on Family-Planning Changes
Excerpt: The data showed that in 2012, the authorities collected more than 20 billion renminbi, about $3.18 billion, in fines, called “social support payments,” from parents. None of the governments have been able to fully account for how the money was spent.
There are also bureaucratic interests at stake. About half a million people work on family planning for the National Health and Family Planning Commission, according to Chinese news media estimates. “I don’t think these departments will lay off people,” Mr. Wu said. “Those workers are very good at finding things to do even when there is nothing to do.” (When the far left gets total power, this is what Planned Parenthood will look like. ~Bob)

The State Department Turns Its Back on Syrian Christians and Other Non-Muslim Refugees
Obama said that "If the political winds turn ugly, I will stand with the Muslims." He didn't mention that in a great many places, the ugly political winds are created by Muslims. ~Bob

The sound of silence: No safe haven will be granted in the United States for the Assyrian Christians. By Mindy Belz
Excerpt: When a civilization falls in the fog of war, and no one pays attention, does it make a sound?  In August when ISIS militants destroyed the fifth-century Mar Elian monastery in Syria, the destruction of yet another landmark for the ancient Assyrian Church of the East was barely noted. 

Askew: What Jim Webb says about us

Excerpt: “I’ve been called a traitor” for speaking out against illegal immigration, grieved mother and Latina woman Angie Morfin, as she enlightened those gathered at one of many events across the country for the National Remembrance Day for those killed by illegal aliens. Sabine Durden can be seen in the photo above clutching a small jar containing the ashes of her son Dominic. A twice convicted drunk driver and foreign national illegally present in the United States struck and killed the young 9-1-1 operator on July 12, 2012.

Changing the “Macho” Male Culture of the US Military. By Anonymous
I remember hearing in 2010 from a buddy at the Pentagon that the combat exclusion policy for women in combat arms would be overturned no matter what “about a year from the President’s last year.” At the time I thought he was crazy, but the next year I heard the same from another friend. His take was even more troubling: “There is a loosely connected group of advocates that have found huge traction with the current civilian leadership here and they have a pretty well-thought out campaign plan to get women into combat arms,” he told me. “Some of the groups simply want equality, others talk about more women generals, and there’s one group that is linking this to changing American male culture.” Looking back, many of the things I am seeing now make sense when remembering my friends’ comments. (We have seen a lot about this topic, including some nicely detailed discussions of how the two women were helped to pass the Ranger training regimen, and the Marine experiment on male vs mixed unit performance that the SecNav arrogantly, stupidly dismissed out of hand. As the saying goes, it looks like "The Fix is In" on this.  The long term result of women in front line combat units will be measured in blood and death, but right now none of those in power will hear a word against this.  It's PC to the max and Katy bar the door.  I am praying that in January 2017 there will be someone in charge who will start reversing the damage done to our military, and this really bad, stupid, and dangerous PC crap will be overturned. --Del)

Death Rates Rising for Middle-Aged White Americans, Study Finds
White lives matter? Not so much. Another sign of cultural collapse. Glad I'm no longer middle aged. ~Bob

Worth Reading: Hillary’s Demagoguery. By John C. Goodman 
Excerpt: If an employer could hire a woman to do the same job as a man for one-fourth less pay, who do you think the employer is going to hire? The woman or the man? That’s a no brainer. Or, a least it’s a no brainer if employers care anything about making a profit.
But if you listen to Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, we are being asked to believe that is exactly what is happening. And it’s not just one employer. In order for there to be persistent differences in what men and women are paid for the same work, entire industries have to be discriminating. Every employer has to be voluntarily choosing to have higher labor costs because …. well …. maybe it’s because all these firms are managed by misogynists who hate the idea of wage equality so much that they don’t care what their profit margin is.

Hardly News: New study confirms economy was destroyed by Democrat policies
Excerpt: A new study from the widely respected National Bureau of Economic Research released this week has confirmed beyond question that the left's race-baiting attacks on the housing market (the Community Reinvestment Act--enacted under Carter, made shockingly more aggressive under Clinton) is directly responsible for imploding the housing market and destroying the economy.

Rubio's numbers skyrocket in NH

Will they each hang a gay or stone a rape victim for adultery to prove it? ~Bob

Yup: The coming middle-class tax increase. Robert J. Samuelson
Excerpt: Taxes will surely continue to play a big role in the presidential campaign. The Republicans contend that cutting rates will do the trick; the pickup in economic growth will generate additional tax revenues. Democrats retort that raising taxes on the rich will provide needed revenues to expand progressive government. Both parties are likely to be disappointed. That’s significant, because these partisan beliefs — though dramatically different — have something in common. They obviate the need for middle-class tax increases to pay for government. This sounds self-serving and too good to be true, because it is — as studies by two Washington think tanks make clear.

WaPo Fact Checker: Hillary Clinton’s misleading claim that ‘numerous surveys’ show veterans are satisfied with VA medical care
Excerpt: While she says numerous surveys show veterans’ satisfaction, the examples her claim is based on are either funded by the VA or a non-scientific survey of veteran attitudes. Independent, scientific surveys show veteran attitudes toward medical care at the VA are mixed. And the Gallup poll that most directly relates to the issues unearthed by the scandal found that 55 percent of veterans found it somewhat difficult or very difficult to access VA care. It’s misleading to make a sweeping generalization about veterans' attitudes on this topic and attribute it to “numerous surveys.” (I've been very happy with my care at the Madison VA, but everyone considers it one of the best VAs in the country. ~Bob)

Coming soon to a community near you: German town of 100 forced to take 750 migrants
They'll be singing the Horst Wessel Song in short order. ~Bob
Video: “Islam is coming to take over Germany whether you want it or not.” By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: “Islam is coming to take over Germany whether you want it or not…not through war but by the fact that Germans don’t reproduce and Muslims have 7-8 children each…but not only that, your daughters will marry bearded Muslims and wear the hijab, their sons will wear a beard! The Muslims will have four wives and 27 children and what does the German man have? One child and maybe a little pet dog! The German has taken advantage of the Muslim for too long, just so he can drive his Mercedes…now Islam is coming and your daughters will wear the hijab! Ha! I can see the look of hate in your eyes!”

Islamic State school in Afghanistan: “We must implement God’s religion over all people”

Christian leader invites Islamic State leaders to dinner, they respond, “We’ll chop your head off”

How the Pentagon spent $43 million on a single gas station

Concealed gun permit holder fatally shoots suspected robber during Chicago stickup
Excerpt: On Saturday evening, a man wearing a mask walked into a South Side Chicago bodega, pulled out a gun and announced a robbery. As the robber pointed his gun at the store’s employees, however, a customer pulled out his own gun. The robber’s gun, it turns out, was fake. The customer’s was not.

Pennsylvania Employees Fight Back; Shoot and Kill Armed Burglars


Excerpt: Antarctica is growing not shrinking, according to study from NASA. Furthermore, instead of contributing to rising sea levels, the still-very-much-frozen southern continent is actually reducing them by 0.23 mm per year. The study – by an organization not hitherto noted for playing down environmental scares – will come as a major blow climate alarmists. (Bet Obama and the True Believers come down hard on NASA. ~Bob)

USS Rafael Peralta christened after Marine who gave life for comrades in Iraq

The blind: France, Paradise Lost
So when hundreds of thousands of migrants began arriving in Europe, I assumed that France would be welcoming. It wasn’t. President François Hollande said in September that France would take in an additional 24,000 refugees over the next two years. In a national poll afterward, 70 percent of respondents said 24,000 was “sufficient” or “very sufficient,” and half said they would refuse to accept refugees in their own city. (This writer can't understand why French government doesn't want to let in any more Moslems. Has she been living on Mars? --PM. If Hitler arose today, he could conquer all Europe by sending his troops in unarmed and calling them migrants. ~Bob)

BLEEDING HEART. By Col. Andy Weddington, USMC (Ret)

It's unfair to all good students who want an education not to expel the thugs. ~Bob

Hard to Believe: Obama unveils anti-crime plan: Cops drive ice cream trucks in black neighborhoods
Excerpt: According to a number of police officials contacted by Conservative Base, the guide appears to have been written by a person or group that has never worked on the streets of Chicago or New York or Baltimore or any other city as a law enforcement officer. "This ridiculous propaganda piece must have been written by a cop working in Mayberry RFD with his one bullet in his shirt pocket like Barney Fife, the incompetent boob on the Andy Griffith Show in the early 1960's. Or it was written by university faculty members in their ivory towers," said former NYPD detective and hospital security director Ronald Ginsburg. "In other words, it's a joke. (I asked for a job as tail gunner on a good humor truck. Bob)

WaPo Fact Checker: Sanders’s evolving and ‘wishy-washy’ stance on same-sex marriage
Excerpt: Sanders can certainly have bragging rights for having opposed DOMA when it was not a popular step. But his position on same-sex marriage was more nuanced and obscure, and he appears to have evolved on the issue until it was more politically feasible. We can find little evidence he was an “outspoken proponent” of or ahead of the crowd on either Vermont’s 2000 civil-union law or the 2009 gay-marriage law, though we would welcome more evidence concerning his contemporaneous statements and can adjust this rating if more emerges. Two Pinocchios

Worth Hearing: John Cleese - You can’t make jokes about Muslims because they will kill you

Obama’s ‘Ban the Box’ Order to Move Criminal History to End of Federal Hiring Process
Embattled FAMU president just held a press conference on starting this at FAMU. --Barb


Excerpt: ...."The Navajo Nation is used to historical mistreatment by agencies of the federal government, but the inadequate and delayed response to the contamination of our rivers and the utter lack of accountability takes that sentiment to a whole new level. When that threat became reality, they waited nearly two days to inform the Nation that a spill had occurred, then waited six full days to take responsibility and apologize. The EPA’s eventual “response” was to provide our communities with tanks of impure water for our livestock and crops. And now, FEMA is denying our request for a declared state of emergency. (A minority, but a small voting bloc, mostly in red states. ~Bob)

The White House is preparing for catastrophic solar flares
As if Iran, N Korea, Russia and the Wrath of God aren't enough to worry about....  Some claim geoengineering has enlarged the ozone hole so that now entire N American continent exposed.....  China reportedly has several EMP weapons. --Barb

Excerpt: But as numerous advocates for open government have argued, Obama has failed to meet that transparency pledge. Besides the increase in secretive meetings, watchdogs have pointed to federal agencies’ failures under Obama to meet their statutory requirements under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)....The White House added to the secrecy when it announced last week that emails between Obama and Clinton would be withheld due to executive privilege.

Land of The Freebies, Home of the Enslaved

Free Speech: A World Of Their Own. A Paradise, a Fool's Paradise. By Richard Fernandez  
Excerpt: The New York Times has a series of articles examining the causes of why an entire generation “has become less tolerant of free speech” noting the growing list of subjects or persons that are now banned on campuses to prevent people from freaking out. ... These threats to free speech peaked this week at Wesleyan University, a top-flight school in Middletown, Conn., where the student government voted to cut funding for the 150-year-old campus newspaper after it published a conservative op-ed. In defense of this trend, a recent graduate from Brown explained that certain points of view were intolerable to people and they saw no reason to endure it.  Therefore, a rising generation that simply wanted a “more inclusive and just world” has decided to exclude certain people and topics the way filters block unwanted signals. This is a sad commentary on something that has been written about several times in the last few months.  Students who decide that although Free Speech is a basic right of all, there are of course some kinds of speech that just cannot be tolerated.  The ones they don't like, and it's not enough that they don't have to go to the presentation they don't like, that presentation simply cannot be allowed to take place.  Because, you see, it's just WRONG. Someone once said the real test of special intelligence is the capacity to hold two contradictory ideas in the mind at the same time and not experience any confusion.  Clearly these students, and I would have to guess some of those who have been teaching them, qualify.  It's only the right Free Speech that is protected.  And they get to define what is right. If anyone still thinks our colleges are doing a wonderful job educating the upcoming generation, they are wearing some really deep rose-colored glasses. --Del)

Ban Knives. And Clubs. And Fists. And... 5 students stabbed, suspect killed on California campus
Excerpt: Five students were stabbed inside a building on the University of California Merced's campus Wednesday morning, prompting the school to go on a brief lockdown and cancel classes for the remainder of the day. The suspect was killed, authorities said. (Gun free zone. Again. ~Bob)

Ban Knives? Mohammed Asad's Photos
Excerpt: A Palestinian man display manikin wearing national clothes to show solidarity with the al-Aqsa mosque compound and Palestinians in the West Bank, at his shop, in Gaza city, on Nov. 01, 2015.

Congress Considers the Carrier 'Gap'
Excerpt: here is no US carrier operating today in the Middle East, a situation that is the product of several years of high-tempo operations and the need to catch up on major maintenance put off to sustain that pace. Carriers have been absent from Central Command's operating area before — the last time was in 2007 — but this particular gap has caught a lot of people's attention, even more so as the Navy has warned that another gap will occur in 2016 in the Pacific operating area. The US Navy is also unable to meet its commitment to field two carrier strike groups, with another three able to surge and deploy should the need arise. 

Shari'a Law: Afghan woman stoned to death for 'adultery'

UN: Iran’s human rights record worse under Rouhani than Ahmadinejad. By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: Rouhani, you’ll remember, is a “moderate” according to the international media. He is supposed to represent a departure from Ahmadinejad, Iran’s coming in from the cold. Reality, as always, is different.

Coexist: Spain: Muslims break into church, spray “Allah” on wall, destroy crucifix

Muslim screaming “Allahu Akbar” tries to murder Israeli on international flight

Sharia Punishment: Islamic State in West Africa amputates hands of two thieves

Fracking Is Good for the Economy
The combining of horizontal drilling and hydrofracturing unleashed a boom in oil and natural gas production in the United States. This technological shift interacts with local geology to create an exogenous shock to county income and employment. Measuring the effects of these shocks within the county where production occurs and tracking their geographic propagation: Every million dollars of oil and gas extracted produces $66,000 in wage income, $61,000 in royalty payments and 0.78 jobs within the county.
Outside the immediate county but within the region, the economic impacts are over three times larger. Within 100 miles of the new production, $1 million generates $243,000 in wages, $117,000 in royalties and 2.49 jobs. Thus, over a third of the fracking revenue stays within the regional economy.

Important: How the Syrian conflict could get even bigger and bloodier
Excerpt: President Obama says he doesn’t want to turn the Syria conflict into a proxy war. Unfortunately, that’s already happening, as combatants join the battle against the Islamic State with radically differing agendas that could collide. Let’s look at the confusing order of battle: The United States has decided that its strongest partner against the Islamic State is a Syrian Kurdish force known as the YPG. But Turkey, nominally our NATO ally, says the YPG has links with what it claims is a Kurdish terrorist group. How’s that going to work out? No answers yet. Russia, meanwhile, contends that it is fighting the Islamic State, alongside forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. But Russian warplanes have been bombing Islamist rebel groups that are covertly supported by the United States, Turkey and Jordan — and these brigades are fighting back hard. 

Excerpt: Last week, during Hillary Clinton's testimony on Benghazi, she screwed up and laughed when asked about the night four brave Americans died.  She was asked where she was that night and, somehow thought it was funny.  Then, last Friday, on an interview at MSNBC, Hillary Clinton said the VA Scandal was overblown, even in the face of all those vet deaths because they couldn't get an appointment to see a doctor. I'm not surprised by this...the Clintons have always hated the military.  Their hate developed early as Hillary and Slick Willie demonstrated against the Vietnam War on their Ivy League campus.  Bill was there because he had managed to escape the draft, first by signing up for the Arkansas National Guard, then withdrawing his papers when his draft number didn't come up.

Satire: Drones In Syria ‘Serving Strictly In An Advisory Role’
Excerpt: “Let me be clear: our brave drones are serving in a non-combat role,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said. “Sure they might deliver sweet justice to our jihadi friends, but that’s just ‘leading by example.’” A Predator drone operating in Syria who uses the pseudonym “Vengeance of Lindsay Graham,” spoke to Duffel Blog last week. “We’re not doing combat. Well, sort of. (Sounds too much like the Administration to be funny. ~Bob)

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