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Lots of breaking news, so I decided to post again today to get it out to you.

Tuesday, Bonnie was out, and the phone rang. Guy asked for her. Then he said they had legal papers to serve on her, would someone be home for the next 30 minutes? Gulp. "Yes," I said, calculating the time to lock and load. He also gave me a phone number and a docket number that she needed to call immediately. The server never showed up. When Bonnie got home a few hours later, she called and gave them her name and the number. "I don't know a Kevin Hall," she then said. "My husband is Robert. All his Hall relatives live on the east coast (forgetting cousin Bruce in Vegas), and none is named Kevin." Apparently a Kevin Hall said that a Bonnie Hall could sign for legal papers for him, and they assumed it was her.

My FEV numbers were up Monday and Tuesday, but down today (Wednesday). The lung had a lot of mucus I couldn't get out. Cut my time on the treadmill from 24 to 20 minutes. The PT thought with my heart rate up and my O2 running about 90% instead of the usual treadmill level of 93%, 20 was enough. I didn't put up a fight, though I did do the other four exercises. Coughing a lot today--so it goes. Except to be up tomorrow. ~Bob

The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
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General News and Comment

In a Nasty Fight for Senate Control, Democrats Hold Lead in Negative Vibes
Excerpt: A good gauge of the overall tenor of campaigns is the television advertising aired either by or on behalf of the candidates. Analyses of Senate ads over most of September by the Wesleyan Media Project show that negative ads are far outweighing positive ads, and airing at a higher rate than in recent elections. And Democratic groups, fighting to defend more Senate seats and keep control of the chamber, have been more negative than their Republican counterparts, that independent analysis shows.

Absurd Reasons Why Liberals Hate Conservatives
Excerpt: It’s not hard to find people who are ignorant about other people’s beliefs. All you have to do is watch man-in-the street interviews. A good portion of the population is ignorant on a whole host of topics. Even students at some very prestigious universities are more familiar with the latest Kardashian event than with what’s happening with ISIS, or is it ISIL or just IS? I doubt that a majority of them would know the distinctions. (A great many students can't find Iraq on a map, tell you which party controls Congress or explain the law of supply and demand. ~Bob)

Interesting: Liberal grass roots gather to find a challenger for Hillary Clinton. By Kevin Cirilli
Excerpt: Liberal groups are building a grassroots army in Iowa and New Hampshire in hopes of stopping a Hillary Clinton coronation in 2016. While the progressive groups don’t have a candidate, they are hiring organizers and opening offices as if one will emerge. At a minimum, the groups hope their efforts will push Clinton to the left. And if the political winds blow just right, the activists hope Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) will take the plunge — and turn their organizing work into the foundation for her candidacy. (Looking for someone to the left of Clinton--shame that Harry Pollit is dead. "Harry Pollit was a worker; one of Lenin's lads. He was foully murdered by those counter revolutionary cads." ~Bob)

How Operation Choke Point Hurt My Ammo Business. By Kat O’Connor
Excerpt: My business is a victim of Operation Choke Point—a government program run by the U.S. Department of Justice—which shuts down businesses it doesn’t like by cutting off their access to banks and payment processors. In my case, that’s TomKat Ammunition, which sells ammunition in Maryland. (So a conservative administration could do the same to abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood, right? ~Bob)

Obama to designate chunk of San Gabriel Mountains a national monument
President Obama plans to announce Friday that he will set aside roughly half of the San Gabriel Mountains as a national monument, bringing stronger federal protections to the range to shield it from crowding and pollution. Obama will designate about 350,000 acres of public land in the Angeles National Forest as the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, officials said. It will be the 11th time Obama has used his executive powers to establish or expand a national monument without congressional approval. (Per article, LA gets 35% of its water and 70% of open space from the region. --Barb)

Police: Man shot in front of family during home invasion
Excerpt: Police said two masked men kicked in the back door of the 28-year-old man’s home Monday night on Sandbar Lane. The homeowner tried to fight off the men but was shot in front of his wife, mother and three children. (Needed a gun. ~Bob)

Will Obama and the Democrats Repeal the First Amendment?
Excerpt: Obama Democrats Double Down on “Fundamental Change” by Proposing to Repeal the First Amendment. “All these people talk so eloquently about getting back to good old-fashioned values. Well, as an old poop I can remember back to when we had those old-fashioned values, and I say let's get back to the good old-fashioned First Amendment of the good old-fashioned Constitution of the United States—and to hell with the censors! Give me knowledge or give me death!” —Kurt Vonnegut.

Famous Presidential Lie

Labor Force. From The Patriot Post
Economist Stephen Moore: "[T]he labor force is 7.4 million smaller than it otherwise would have been had people either not stopped looking for work or, particularly with the case of younger Americans, simply failed to start looking for work. In effect, nearly as many Americans have either left the work force -- or never entered -- in this recovery than have found a job. ... Here’s another trouble spot: the jobs that the economy is creating now aren’t the same caliber jobs that were lose during the recession of 2008 and 2009. Workers who got laid off are increasingly having to settle for lower wage jobs in retail, food services, or leisure and hospitality. This may explain why President Obama and his allies on the left are able to point to McDonald’s workers who are the head of a household. If it’s true that mothers and fathers are having to work as burger flippers, that’s not an argument for raising the minimum wage. It’s a sad indictment of this recovery."

Worth Reading: Teacher Indoctrination. By Walter E. Williams
Excerpt: The average parent and taxpayer has little idea of what is being taught to our youngsters. In February 2006, I wrote a column titled “Indoctrination of Our Youth,” followed in March with “Youth Indoctrination Update.” Both columns focused on rants that a student secretly had recorded of a geography teacher at another Colorado school – Overland High School in Aurora. The teacher was Jay Bennish. He told his students that President George W. Bush’s State of the Union address sounded “a lot like the things that Adolf Hitler used to say.” He continued, “Bush is threatening the whole planet.” He then asked his students, “Who is probably the single most violent nation on planet Earth?” He shouted the answer, “The United States!” During this class session, Bennish peppered his 10th-grade class with other ridiculous statements, saying the U.S. has engaged in “7,000 terrorist attacks against Cuba” and telling his students capitalism “is at odds with humanity, at odds with caring and compassion … (and) at odds with human rights.”

Nebraska School Tells Teachers To Avoid ‘Gendered Expressions.’ By Tristyn Bloom
Excerpt: Nebraska Watchdog has uncovered training documents given to middle school teachers in Lincoln, Neb., telling them not to use “gendered expressions” and to call out “binary models of gender” when they see them. “Avoid asking kids to line up as boys or girls or separating them by gender,” begins a document called “12 easy steps on the way to gender inclusiveness. “Instead, use things like ‘odd and even birth date,’ or ‘Which would you choose: skateboards or bikes/milk or juice/dogs or cats/summer or winter/talking or listening.’ … Always ask yourself, ’Will this configuration create a gendered space?’”( Here is another nice example of super PC thinking in action in the Education system. We can't just refer to "boys and girls" any more, because after all, we all know that gender is a complicated thing, and apparently we need to get kids ready in their early years for their eventual discovery that there are transgender human beings in our society. And that people can decide to change gender when it suits them, it's no big deal. OK, yes as adults we have to recognize that there are individuals who have great difficulty with finding their identities, and sometimes this confusion extends to their gender, and there are people who totally believe they were born in the wrong body. (I have known at least two such individuals, and both of them lead very difficult, unhappy lives. From other reports it seems that a number of people who have done gender shifts have not found happiness by so doing, but certainly some people do find it helpful. I won't begin to pretend any real understanding of such problems, and can only have sympathy for those with such personal dilemmas.) But doing this over-the-top stuff in school with small kids is just silly, or at least that is how it seems to me. And you are not going to make little boys act like little girls, or think like little girls, and it's really unfair to them to try to push such social agendas on them. Yeah, don't let anyone bully anyone, but we know that the worst nasties in the world are teenage girls to each other, not boys. How are the PC ideologues going to "fix" that? Let's all be enlightened and kind and understanding, great, but let's let little kids be little kids. They will get into the complexities of the adult world soon enough. --Del. After the Coming Collapse, there will be a great cleansing, as people like this have few survival skills. Of course, old, sick people like me don't either. ~Bob)

UN says hundreds killed during Ukraine cease-fire
Excerpt: At least 331 deaths have been reported in eastern Ukraine since last month’s cease-fire deal between Russian-backed separatists and government troops, the United Nations said Wednesday.

8 detained in China before Hong Kong poetry event
Excerpt: Chinese police detained a well-known poet and seven other people ahead of a poetry reading planned in Beijing to support pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, relatives of the detained said Wednesday.

Kansas Senate Race. By Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt
In Kansas, the outlook is darkening for Senator Pat Roberts. Greg Orman is almost a parody of weather-vane politicians, pledging to caucus with whichever party has the majority at first, but adding he could switch parties later. Good luck rolling the dice, Kansas voters! Eh, who are we kidding. The guy’s a Democrat, running as an independent because he would lose the election if he said he was a Democrat. Kansans appear ready to fall for it. (If you doubt this conclusion, ask yourself, why would the Democratic candidate withdraw if they didn’t feel confident he would not align with the Republicans? Why would they concede the race against an incumbent as vulnerable as Roberts? (Kansas voters need to put this sign on their bathroom mirrors: "Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder." ~Bob)

Obama slams GOP as party of billionaires, then huddles with wealthy Dem donors
Excerpt: By Dave Boyer - The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 7, 2014
President Obama raised money Tuesday from wealthy Democrats who have benefited from his policies and warned supporters in an email that if Republicans win both houses of Congress in the midterm elections, “the interests of billionaires will come before the needs of the middle class.”

What If The Conspiracy Theories Are True? Exclusive: Morgan Brittany asks if feds have orchestrated 'crises' to enable martial law
Excerpt: My fear is that this has all been orchestrated from the very beginning....Maybe the current administration needs this to happen so martial law can be declared, guns can be seized and the populace can be controlled. Once that happens … game over. (To support this view that martial law is imminent, when I took my mother to lunch today and used I-10 for several miles, I was shocked to see the "surveillance poles" that had been on the on/off ramps (tall grey poles with a cluster of 4 round housings for cameras? GPS locators? and a round, UFO-ish dish on the top with an antenna) were NOW PLACED EVERY 100 ft or so. Crikey! What is the $$ cost for this need to spy/control on John Q. Public and who is behind it and what budget does it come from? (Probably the 2/3rds they can't document....).. --Barb. I don't believe it. But then I didn't believe Fast and Furious when the first reports broke...~Bob)

Worth Reading: President Obama’s remarkable dispassion. By Kathleen Parker
Excerpt: Words have a way of seeping into our vocabulary and, through overuse or distortion, soon beginning to lose their meaning. Who could have imagined that the word “beheading” would become commonplace, as though we were discussing a sport or a new product? “Another American was beheaded yesterday,” the newscaster explains. And then, “On a brighter note, a lost little kitten found her way home in a shocking way. We’ll tell you about that . . . right after this.”

No surprise: Guess which states donate the most and least to charity. By T. Becket Adams 
Excerpt: The spots in the U.S. where Americans gave the most to charity are located mostly in the South.... The wealthy in America gave less to charity in 2012 than they did in 2006, while those with lower incomes gave more, according to a new report from *the Chronicle of Philanthropy. And there’s more: Not only did poor Americans give more in 2012 than they did before the Great Recession, but the bulk of donations in the U.S. came from states that voted for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Meanwhile, the seven worst states for charitable donations voted to re-elect President Obama. (An old story. Most liberals prefer to be charitable with other people's money, not their own. ~Bob)

The Disaster of ‘Gender Norming’ Ground Combat. By Arnold Ahlert
Excerpt: The Center for Military Readiness (CMR) has released a 64-page report analyzing ongoing research by the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) about the effectiveness of integrating women into direct ground combat (DGC) units. The Interim CMR Special Report pokes a giant hole in the Obama administration’s assertions that standards of effectiveness can be maintained irrespective of the biological differences between men and women. (You can bet the Obama girls will never serve. ~Bob)

Rise of the Barbarians. By Ben Shapiro

Excerpt: On Friday night, a Huntington Beach man, 43, was walking back to his car after the Los Angeles Angels played the Kansas City Royals in the American League Division Series. Three men accosted him, and then proceeded to beat him senseless. He is currently in critical condition at a local hospital after police found him unconscious. I didn’t find the story particularly shocking, given that I took my father and two younger sisters to the Angels-Royals game on Thursday night.

Ebola News

Texas sheriff's deputy rushed to hospital with Ebola symptoms after attending apartment of 'patient zero' who died today

Excerpt: Dallas County sheriff's deputy has been hospitalized today with Ebola symptoms, a week after he went unprotected into the apartment of first patient Thomas Duncan. Sgt Michael Monnig went on Wednesday to an urgent-care facility in Frisco, Texas with his wife, after complaining of stomach problems....Sgt Monnig was at the home to deliver a quarantine order to family members. (Sent to deliver quarantine order with no protective clothing or mask; did not have DIRECT CONTACT with Mr. Duncan. So figure the fomite (i.e., door handle) or airborne? --Barb)

Feds issue rules for burying Ebola patients in the U.S.: Liberian native Thomas Eric Duncan dies from Ebola virus in Dallas; health officials face new challenge in handling body that could stay contagious for days
Excerpt: The first patient to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States died from the disease Wednesday and now Dallas health officials are facing a situation they have not before experienced: how to handle a body that could remain highly contagious for several days. ... “The CDC has developed detailed instructions for handling a body infected with Ebola,” the health department said in a written statement. “The guidelines recommend careful preparation of the body before movement, including enclosing it in two bags and disinfecting the bags. After this process, the body can be transported without the need for protective gear for a driver or others who are near the body but don't handle the remains.”

How Firestone Shut Ebola Down: In model response, tiremaker stopped the virus at its first patient in Liberia
Excerpt: You know all the gnashing of teeth about how terrible the global response to the Ebola outbreak has been? Maybe someone should check with Firestone. As NPR reports, the tiremaker runs a rubber plantation and basically the entire town of Harbel, outside Monrovia, Liberia. And when an employee's wife turned up with the virus on March 30, Firestone Liberia's managing director says they "went into crisis mode": Upon discovering that there was nowhere to treat her, the company turned to the Internet for help in treating Ebola itself. (And from one of those rotten, nasty, exploitative US companies. Who knows, maybe people who actually are out there working and trying to be decent to their workforce have brains and common sense and can get things done. Maybe we should be recruiting congresspeople from these corporate positions. --Del)

HOPE & HORSE-CRAP: Hiding The Truth About ISIS & EBOLA
Excerpt: The Ebola virus is not a threat, but the Islamic State is. That’s what some of our leaders tell us. Should we believe them? Do they have a track record for truth-telling that would lend them credibility? The Islamic State, also called ISIS, hasn’t (yet) invaded America, but Ebola has. We are bombing the Islamic State in Syria, but treating Ebola here as an interloper that can be controlled. There is nothing to worry about. No need to panic. Pay no attention to the disease behind the curtain. Experts are in charge, and we must always trust our experts. Do you? I sure don’t.

Some Ebola experts worry virus may spread more easily than assumed
Excerpt: Yet some scientists who have long studied Ebola say such assurances are premature — and they are concerned about what is not known about the strain now on the loose. It is an Ebola outbreak like none seen before, jumping from the bush to urban areas, giving the virus more opportunities to evolve as it passes through multiple human hosts. Dr. C.J. Peters, who battled a 1989 outbreak of the virus among research monkeys housed in Virginia and who later led the CDC's most far-reaching study of Ebola's transmissibility in humans, said he would not rule out the possibility that it spreads through the air in tight quarters.

Not Ebola: Deadly Virus Confirmed In 44 States And DC, Spreading Fast
Excerpt: With the chaos surrounding the first imported case of Ebola in the United States, many have missed the fact that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated their website with yet another state listed as having at least one lab confirmed case of the deadly EV-D68 (aka EV-68, official name Enterovirus D68), bringing the total to 44 states and Washington DC.

US military personnel on Ebola mission to handle blood samples
Excerpt: The U.S. military mission to combat Ebola in West Africa is facing questions about the serious health risks American troops will encounter in heading to the epicenter of the deadly outbreak. According to officials, a small group of trained military medical technicians on the ground will not be required to make direct contact with patients infected with the Ebola virus. However, they will have to handle infected blood samples, which Pentagon officials acknowledged Tuesday could be just as dangerous, if not more. 

Dr. Manny: What a dog in Spain is teaching us about Ebola
Excerpt: As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continue to update protocols for preventing the spread of Ebola here in America, they are forgetting to include one key factor -- it seems that pets, can get it too. On the heels of the news that a Spanish nursing assistant contracted Ebola in Madrid, becoming the first person known to have caught the disease outside the outbreak zone in West Africa, the local government announced plans to euthanize her beloved dog, a mixed-breed named Excalibur....Officials have quarantined three people Romero had possible contact with, including her husband Javier Limon, who has so far been unsuccessful in his campaign to prevent the government from killing the family dog.

Officials to take temperature of travelers from Ebola-stricken countries at 5 US airports
Excerpt: Travelers arriving from Ebola-stricken countries in West Africa will start to have their temperatures taken upon arrival at five U.S. airports as part of extra screening measures being implemented in the coming days, officials said Wednesday. 

Excerpt: Is someone covering up for a crony billionaire Obama donor and her controversy-plagued, taxpayer-subsidized electronic medical records company? Last week, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital revealed in a statement that a procedural flaw in its online health records system led to potentially deadly miscommunication between nurses and doctors. The facility sent Ebola victim Thomas Duncan home despite showing signs of the disease—only to admit him with worse symptoms three days later. ... Here’s what I can tell you for sure: Texas Health contracts with Epic Systems for its electronic medical records system—and the Dallas hospital isn’t the only client that has complained about its costly information-sharing flaws and interoperability failures.

Race Card News

Court declares Virginia’s congressional map unconstitutional
Excerpt: A panel of federal judges on Tuesday declared Virginia’s congressional maps unconstitutional because they concentrate African American voters into a single district at the expense of their influence elsewhere. (Gee, I remember when it was racist NOT to concentrate black voters so they could elect a black congressman. We created a majority black senate seat when I was a senator, which of course, meant that a sitting senator had to go in the next election. I voted for it. I wish they'd make up their minds. ~Bob)

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

A New Study Shows that Obamacare Will Cut Employment by more than 3%!
Excerpt: Employment disincentives contained in Obamacare will likely reduce the nationwide weekly employment rate by at least 3 percent, according to a study released by the Mercatus Center on Tuesday. The study, authored by University of Chicago economics professor Casey Mulligan, examines the potential consequences of several explicit and implicit Obamacare tax increases on weekly work hours and overall employment.

The GOP’s post-election Obamacare strategy. By Jennifer Rubin 
Excerpt: Gallup reports that in the short term, most Americans think Obamacare has hurt more than helped: “Americans overall are both more positive and more negative about the law’s effect on themselves and their families. Since the start of this year, the percentage saying the law has helped them has increased from 10% to 16%, while the percentage saying it has hurt them has also gone up, and by a similar amount, from 19% to 27%.” The long-term effects get a similar response: “Forty-six percent say the law will make things worse in the long run, while 36% say it will make things better and 15% say it will not make much difference.”

How Walmart is showing that Obamacare is working. By Paul Waldman
Excerpt: Walmart announced today that as of the beginning of next year it will be dropping health insurance for 30,000 employees who work less than 30 hours per week. Many liberals will react to the news by saying that it’s just a profit-hungry corporation once again screwing over its employees. Conservatives are likely to say that this just shows what a mess Obamacare has created and why it should be repealed (and replaced with the Republican alternative, which by now should be known as GodotCare, since people keep talking about it and it never shows up). (All corporations are "profit-hungry"-would you invest in one that wasn't? A corporation has one job: to make money for the owners, be they rich one-percenters like John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, or retired folks like me living on meager investments in mutual funds. ~Bob)

Liberals: Fine, Obamacare is Forcing People Off of Their Plans, and That's Great News. By Guy Benson 
Excerpt: Kliff is often a solid reporter on healthcare issues, but she's also an Obamacare-supporting liberal who now works for Vox, so of course she's trying to explain why tens of thousands of people losing their existing plans is actually a 'great deal.' There's a strong policy argument to be made the decoupling healthcare from the workplace is a positive development, if done properly, for reasons of continuity and portability. But that's not what we were promised. (If you wanted to keep your plan and your doctor, and couldn't, why would you want to keep your Democrat senator or Congress-Critter? ~Bob)

New director takes over Hawaii’s troubled Obamacare exchange. By Malia Zimmerman
Excerpt: Hawaii’s troubled Obamacare exchange has a new executive director, and he’ll have a mess to sort out to earn his $150,000 annual salary. Jeffrey Kissel, president and chief executive officer of HawaiiGAS, replaces Connector Interim Executive Director Tom Matsuda. He will be the third leader of the state insurance exchange in less than a year. ... The state received $204 million from the federal government to establish the Connector and build a web portal, but that funding largely expires at the end of 2014.

Religion of Peace News

Battle of Tours
Friday, October 10, is the anniversary of the Battle of Tours in 732, when the ever-aggressive Muslims, having conquered Spain, set out to conquer all of Europe and destroy Christianity--that "polytheist" religion--for all time, by invading France. (Other attempts would follow. They were twice turned back at Vienna, and also by Don John of Austria at the great navel ballet of Lepanto, when 30,000 Christian Galley slaves were freed.) At Tours, Charles Martel (Supposedly an ancestor of mine) and his brave but outnumbered warriors, soundly defeated the Muslims. We need Charles of Don John today. But I'd settle for Vlad the Impaler. ~Bob

Excerpt: How do we defeat ISIL? The traditional forms of war we resorted to in Iraq and Afghanistan did almost as much harm to us as they did to our enemies. They busted our budgets and left the nations we’d invaded worse off — and more susceptible than ever to jihadism. So tens of thousands of boots on the ground is the wrong way to go. We cannot eradicate ISIL’s ideology — jihadism. It is part of the legacy of Mohammed’s life. Remember, Mohammed commanded 65 military campaigns, fought in 27 of them, and called himself nabiyyu ‘l-malhamah, “the prophet of war.” According to the Universal Sunnah Foundation in Pakistan, the Prophet conquered an average of 317 square miles of territory a day for eight years straight. That’s a difficult role model to overcome. But we can deliver the jihadists a steady string of defeats. 

Pentagon: Kobane and other towns will probably fall to ISIS 
Excerpt: “We should all be steeling ourselves for reality,” he said, for the likelihood that ISIS will take the strategic border town of Kobane (among, ominously, other unnamed cities in Iraq and Syria). Despite days of coalition air strikes on ISIS positions around the Syrian town on the Turkish border, the siege of Kobane has not been broken. In fact, ISIS forces are continually advancing on the town.

Excerpt: Yet consider the man Panetta wants to lead the United States into a war to restore America’s credibility. The president’s “most conspicuous weakness” is “a frustrating reticence to engage his opponents and rally support for his cause,” says Panetta. Too often, he “relies on the logic of a law professor rather than the passion of a leader.” He “avoids the battle, complains, and misses opportunities.” But with Hamlet as your commander in chief, why would you start a war? And consider our allies in this new war.

How to Defeat ISIL from the Air. By Charles F. Wald
Excerpt: week before Sept. 11, 2001, I happened to be in the Khyber Pass, on a mission related to U.S. sanctions against Pakistan. I remember thinking when I came back from that rugged, mountainous place: “I’m sure glad we don’t have to fight over there.” After all, neither the Soviets nor the British had succeeded militarily in Afghanistan – in fact, no nation ever had. Then, suddenly, we suffered the devastating attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and less than a month later we Americans found ourselves fighting in that very place I had just left. Not only that—now I was placed in command of the air campaign against the Taliban.

Obama’s limited war against the Islamic State is faltering. By Jennifer Rubin
Excerpt: There is bad news for President Obama, for the purveyors of the falsehood that we can defeat the Islamic State only from the air, for the Kurds, for Iraq, for Turkey and most of all for the United States and the West more generally. It is, however, very good news for Iran and the Islamic State. In short, we are facing a catastrophic defeat in the war Obama launched with caveats, restrictions and self-defeating limitations. (When Carter, of all people, tells you that you have waited too long and “let the Islamic State build up its money, capability and strength and weapons while it was still in Syria,” it might be time to reconsider your war strategy.)

Turkish Inaction on ISIS Advance Dismays the U.S.
Excerpt: As fighters with the Islamic State bore down Tuesday on the Syrian town of Kobani on the Turkish border, President Obama’s plan to fight the militant group without being drawn deeper into the Syrian civil war was coming under acute strain. While Turkish troops watched the fighting in Kobani through a chicken-wire fence, Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said that the town was about to fall and Kurdish fighters warned of an impending blood bath if they were not reinforced — fears the United States shares. But Mr. Erdogan said Tuesday that Turkey would not get more deeply involved in the conflict with the Islamic State unless the United States agreed to give greater support to rebels trying to unseat the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad.

Telling the Truth About the War. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: Biden, who insulted plenty of people over the years, has been forced to apologize, making private phone calls to the Islamist thug ruling Turkey and to a UAE prince. It’s a humiliating performance for a man who is only a heartbeat away from becoming the President of the United States to be forced to apologize to some tinpot despots for telling the truth about them.

Canadian Parliament authorizes air strikes in Iraq
Excerpt: Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party introduced the motion last week and it was debated this week. Harper has a majority of seats in Parliament so the vote was all but assured. The motion passed 157-134. (Whip. Our President doesn't need to ask the legislative branch for authority to bomb. or anything else. ~Bob)

Excerpt: Local security officials in the central Yemeni city of Baydah reported a series of attack carried out by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) early this morning. AQAP fighters attacked several military targets in the city, including a Special Forces headquarters, a police station, and two military checkpoints. While initial reports from the main hospital in the city claimed that at least 10 police officers were killed in the attacks, security officials later claimed that 11 soldiers were killed in addition to 12 AQAP fighters.

Congressman: ‘At least 10 ISIS fighters’ caught trying to cross into US
Excerpt: A Republican congressman claimed Tuesday that "at least 10" Islamic State "fighters" have been caught trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border into Texas, though an administration official denied it. Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., said he learned the information from the Border Patrol, warning that the alleged attempts to cross into the U.S. raise serious security concerns. "ISIS is coming across the southern border," he told Fox News. (Hunter is a Marine vet of Iraq, a solid guy, and son of another Congressman. ~Bob)

Report: 4 Islamic Terrorists Found In Texas In Last 36 Hours. Judicial Watch sources say arrests made by state, federal authorities
Excerpt: A noted Washington watchdog organization on Wednesday said four “Islamic terrorists” have been caught in Texas after coming into the U.S. across the Mexican border in just the last 36 hours. Judicial Watch announced its sources within the Department of Homeland Security say the arrests were made by federal authorities and the Texas Department of Public Safety in McAllen and Pharr. “If they catch five or 10 of them, we know there are dozens more that did not get caught.”

Hunger Growls in Egypt. By Daniel Pipes
Excerpt: Egypt, famed for millennia as the "breadbasket of the Mediterranean," now faces alarming food shortages. A startlingly candid report in Cairo's Al-Ahram newspaper by Gihan Shahine, entitled "Food for Stability" makes clear the extent of the crisis. ... These children are not unusual: according to the UN's World Food Programme (WFP), malnutrition stunts 31 percent of Egyptian children between six months and five years of age, one of the highest rates in the world. WFP also found in 2009 that malnutrition reduced Egypt's GDP by about 2 percent. 

AndrĂ© Carson, Islamists’ Choice for the House of Representatives: Leading Islamist groups are contributing more to Democrats than to Republicans by a ratio of 17 to 1. By Daniel Pipes
Excerpt: In the 2013 and 2014 federal campaigns, Islamists gave Democrats $57,408 and only $3,326 to Republicans.

Arrests 'may have foiled terror attack planning in UK'
Excerpt: The four men, aged 20 and 21, were arrested on suspicion of being involved in the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism.

Surprise: ‘Disarmed’ Assad regime has been hiding chemical weapons facilities
Excerpt: A quick update on the largely forgotten half of President Obama’s shambolic Syria policy. You’ll recall, of course, the blown chemical weapons “red line” and the subsequent, humiliating Putin/Assad plan that accidentally became US policy after John Kerry blundered into it. Kerry has since admitted that the entire proposition has collapsed, forcing the White House to publicly disagree with its own Secretary of State.

Nigeria: Boko Haram Torch 185 Churches in Captured Towns of Borno and Adamawa

Excerpt: Reverend Gideon Obasogie, the director of Catholic Social Communication of Maiduguri Diocese in Borno State, said the group's seizure of territory in both states has seen 185 churches torched and over 190,000 people displaced by their insurgency.

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