Sunday, October 5, 2014

Reedsburg Farm Art Tour

With winter closing in, we decided to get out of the house on Saturday, October 4, despite clouds, temps in the 40s and blustery winds. We drove to Reedsburg, about 50 miles NW of Madison, for their Farm Art Tour. The art is on a loop west of the town, at about 40 farms. It was a bit funky and funny, but the countryside is lovely, and the fall colors, though not at peak, were pretty good, despite the limited sunshine.

Some pictures below.


  1. Great pics of the farm house and the scenery, too! Looks
    like it was a nice scenic and relaxing drive, as well. I'd bet that y'all stopped at a really nice and picturesque restaurant for lunch on the way back home, too.

    1. Those pictures made me long for up north; though the weather is beginning to change already down here, last night was in the 50's. Hope we have a good cold winter this year.

  2. Great pics and scenery, too. I'd bet that y'all stopped at a nice picturesque restaurant on the way back home, as well.

  3. Great scenery and pics, too. Thanks,