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Random Thoughts for November, 2014.

Random Thoughts for November, 2014
By Robert A. Hall

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 is election day. If you don't think that your state and our country need more debt, more taxes, bigger government, Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader blocking every House-passed bill, including the bi-partisan ones and Eric Holder on the Supreme Court, then for the sake of future generations, get out and vote. And get every sensible, conservative voter you know out as well. Especially if there is a US Senate election in your state. Do it for the children, as the liberals say.

The penalty for refusing to vote for "the lesser of two evils"(or refusing to vote at all), is to be governed by the "greater of two evils."

When you go to vote, reach for your wallet. When they hastily say, "We don't need an ID," reply, "Oh, this isn't for you--I wrote down the name I'm using today and I think I put it in my wallet."

Anyone convicted of voter fraud should not only serve time, two years mandatory as a minimum, but permanently forfeit their right to vote. Of course, you can count on liberal opposition, even though they say vote fraud is very rare, because these would be 99% Democrat voters.

Tip: Emails with the subject line, "This isn't good," always ask for money.

Here it is the end of October, and we only have our Christmas shopping a little over half done. Where does the time go? (What you just said about me was not very nice!)

If Obama says Ebola is, "The JV team of diseases," I'll get really worried.

If God said that Obama was not perfect, liberals and the media would attack the Almighty as a racist.

I'd like to see a truth in advertising law for Universities. Be refreshing to read: "Old Progressive University. Why be educated when you can be indoctrinated? Learning to think is hard, but being told what to think is easy to absorb. We can give you a comforting certainty in your political and social opinions along with your degree in Peace Studies or whatever unmarketable area you major in. Believe it or not, there are still schools that put students through the discomfort and cognitive dissonance of learning to think for themselves and use their judgment. OPU will never abuse you that way. You'll make life-long friends among OPU faculty and the other students, because they will all see the world exactly as you do. And while our tuition fees have gone up at twice the rate of inflation, you can borrow the money from the government, and be assured that a progressive administration will forgive the loan!"

OPU has a nice ring. But thanks to the Democrats, you can be indoctrinated at almost any university on OPM--Other People's Money. Especially if you belong to a target demographic for the Democrat party. It's why they can charge such high fees and reward themselves so lavishly.

They say every man has a weakness, a weakness for women, a weakness for power, a weakness for sweets, a weakness for whisky. I think Obama's weakness is for weakness.

For liberals, if you are color blind in hiring, in college admissions, in news reports or in job promotions, you are a racist.

The last truly Conservative Republican President was Calvin Coolidge. The last truly Conservative Democrat President was Grover Cleveland.

If people tell you they are going to a Hurricane Party to "ride it out," you know they are too stupid to live.

Beheadings have nothing to do with Islam we are told by our betters. Doubtless there are large numbers of Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Secular Humanists running round chopping off people's heads, just not reported by the media.

Cutting government spending is politically popular in the abstract, abhorrent in the particular. Everyone is mildly in favor of cutting spending that doesn't affect them, but vehemently opposed to cutting spending that does. Thus we stagger toward insolvency and fiscal collapse.

All those people who hate capitalism need to answer a couple of questions. 1. Name one non-capitalist country where average people live as well and as long as they do in capitalist countries. 2. If you can name one, why don't you live there?

As a Marine, I took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, "Against all enemies, foreign and domestic." Like most vets, I find the oath still binding. Nothing in it said, "As long as the odds are in your favor." It's binding even if the defense is hopeless. So I go on doing what I can to fulfill my oath. In the end, there is only duty.

After a certain age--different for everyone--there is no such thing as a "pain-free" day.

Imagine what the press would be demanding if it was the Romney Administration that lost IRS emails targeting liberal groups due to a serious of fortuitous crashed hard drives or wiped Blackberries, or had missing text messages at the EPA.

A couple of years ago, my granddaughter, now 14, moved to a small, rural Wisconsin town about 30 miles from Madison. She's now into country music, cowboy boots and Mossy Oak woodland camouflage. I consider this a good thing of course.

Un-Islamic? If you follow the news--or history--there is nothing more Islamic than Muslims slaughtering other Muslims, starting around AD661. Good thing, too, they'd have had time to slaughter even more of us Kuffer.

I didn't get the Nobel Peace Prize again this year. Must be my support for concealed carry and the death penalty. Couldn't be that I favor bombing ISIS more than prize winner Obama...

Things might be better...but they can always be worse.

Anyone who thinks there is little difference between cats and dogs never harnessed 8 cats to a sled and hollered, "Mush!"

Liberal logic: The military for years was kept off liberal campuses, supposedly because of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," an order they were bound to obey from President Bill Clinton...who was always welcome on campus.

If an email subject line says, "Don't Delete This," you can safely delete it unopened.

The big downside to life is that it's so damn time consuming.

Let's have someone burn a Bible, a Torah and a Qur'an on network TV. Then we'll find out which are "religions of peace."

I have voted for Democrats in the past, but now I vote straight Republican, because the Republicans are ruining the country--but at a slower rate than the Democrats.

When someone says, "As a matter of fact," half the time they give you an opinion, not fact.

If you spend all your time worrying about tomorrow, you will be miserable today. But if you don't worry about tomorrow at all, when it comes, as it will, you will be miserable in the new today.

On average, women live about seven years longer than men. If men lived longer than women, it would be a national scandal, in the papers every week, there would be expensive government programs to fix the inequality, regardless of cost or results, and liberals would blame it on the Republicans' "War on Women."

In Madison, WI, the bike is a revered object in the secular leftist pantheon of gods, so I wasn't surprised when I had to edge past a biker pedaling along while talking on his cell phone.

Here's a tip for Muslims. If you don't want your children to become "Westernized," don't live in a western country. No need to kill your kids for the family's "honor." Just move to a Muslim majority country before they are about six. There are many where some version of Shari'a Law and their views of "True Islam" are written into law--and enforced without mercy. Find one you like.

For some people, it's not a good day unless they are in a bad mood.

In my family, we have one person, who, if she's not late, you know she's not coming. I suppose every family does.

Life will send you may small enemies. Deal with them and move on. If they aren't worth killing, they aren't worth fretting about.

America with a "free market" is a great place to do business. Unless you charge more than your competitors, because people will go to them and you'll go out of business. And unless you charge the same as your competitors, in which case you risk being charged with anti-trust price fixing by the government. And heaven forbid you should charge less, as you'll be accused of trying to get an anti-competitive monopoly, as Amazon and Walmart are often attacked for, and the media will excoriate you for not charging more to give your employees higher wages and benefits. But as long as you remember not to do these three things, you'll be fine.

From my friend George: "I vote liberal because I believe mediocrity is the strongest force in the universe.  You can't really go against that now, can you?"

Some people are like computers. They're great when they work well. If you can get them to work well.

If you don't believe in miracles, look in the mirror.

I don't dress up for Halloween anymore. I'm scary enough in my natural state.

If your goal is to "get through the day," rather than enjoy the day, there is a problem in your life. I don't know what. Might be health. Might be circumstances. But it also might be attitude.

Small transgressions are crimes. Large ones are politics.

If I was going to carry a gun, I'd get one of those pink ones they make for the ladies. I figure I could shoot the bad guy three times before he stopped laughing.

Struggle like Gulliver though we might, every year we are bound tighter by the small, silken tyrannies of bureaucrats and their rules. All with the best intentions for our own good. So it will be until the collapse, followed by the rule of force. Then, maybe the survivors get to start over. Maybe not.

Wisconsin discriminates against blacks and Hispanics in issuing concealed carry gun licenses. They require a driver's license or state ID, which liberals tell us minorities are too incompetent to get.

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