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They are still looking for Kevin Hall
In my last post, I reported: Tuesday, Bonnie was out, and the phone rang. Guy asked for her. Then he said they had legal papers to serve on her, would someone be home for the next 30 minutes? Gulp. "Yes," I said, calculating the time to lock and load. He also gave me a phone number and a docket number that she needed to call immediately. The server never showed up. When Bonnie got home a few hours later, she called and gave them her name and the number. "I don't know a Kevin Hall," she said. "My husband is Robert. All his Hall relatives live on the east coast (forgetting Cousin Bruce in Vegas), and none is named Kevin." Apparently a Kevin Hall said that a Bonnie Hall could sign for legal papers for him, and they assumed it was her.

On Thursday morning the phone rang. "Mr. Hall?" "Yes." A process company drone assured me that a server was on the way with legal papers to serve me. "I think you've got the wrong guy." "This is Kevin Hall, right?" "No, I'm Robert Hall. There is no Kevin here. No Kevin Hall has ever lived here. There is no Kevin Hall in my family, going back to my 8th Great Grandfather, John Hall, who immigrated to Massachusetts in 1623." "Is there a Bonnie Hall there?" "Yes, my wife." "Well, the papers are for her brother, Kevin Hall." "My wife doesn't have a brother. if anyone in your office had the brains of a feeble-minded turnip, you would figure out that if she had a brother, he would be named Beinart, not her married name of Hall." "Well, the server will deliver the papers to you." "Fine, I'll throw them out." "That will affect Kevin." At this point, I lost the sweet disposition and mild temperament for which I'm justly renowned nationwide, and suggested that, since I didn't know Kevin, he could go perform an anatomically difficult act. If they show up, I'm going to tell them that that Kevin knew too much, so I shot the SOB last week and buried him in the basement. But don't tell anyone. ~Bob

General News and Comment

Worth Reading: Obama’s Ideal RevolutionAmerica’s current revolutionary inspiration seems to derive more from Robespierre than Madison. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: A quite different French version sought equality of result. French firebrands saw laws less as absolute, but instead as useful to the degree that they contributed to supposed social justice and coerced redistribution. They ended up not with a Bill of Rights and separation of powers, but instead with mass executions and Napoleonic tyranny. Unfortunately, the Obama administration is following more the French model than the American. (Hanson, a classical historian, is always worth reading. ~Bob)

Very Funny: Speaking Up for Poultry: If eating eggs is just like infanticide, why leap over the whole actual infanticide part of modern society? By James Lileks
Excerpt: You don’t want to criticize anyone who gets emotionally distraught by the sight of scrambled eggs. It would seem to be its own punishment. It you are compelled to interrupt strangers’ meals and cry literally over spilled milk, life is hard in a way most of us will never understand. Misery and evil are everywhere, and it’s all you can do to keep from chaining yourself to the cooler where the eggs are stored and hissing “How would you like it if someone ate your eggs?” at every woman who tried to get a dozen jumbos. You could say the speaker has father issues, but only if her dad was Foghorn Leghorn.

Please share: President Obama Slams Republican ‘Party Of Billionaires’ While At Billionaire’s House. By Emily Zanotti 
Excerpt: Last night, after two fundraisers in New York, Barack Obama settled down for a quiet, up-to-$32,000-per-plate dinner at the home of (I am not making this up) a billionaire property tycoon named (still not making this up) Rich Richman, but only after he sent a massive fundraising email to potential Democratic donors, labeling the Republicans as the "party of billionaires."

China angered after FBI head says Chinese hacking costs billions
Excerpt: China accused the United States on Thursday of faking facts, after the head of the FBI said that Chinese hacking likely cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars every year. Charges over hacking and internet spying have increased tension between the two countries. (what they actually said was, "If you like your websites un-hacked, you can keep them un-hacked. Period. ~Bob)

Embattled House Democrats Turn Against Nancy Pelosi
Excerpt: House Republicans have surprising new company in attacking Nancy Pelosi: her fellow House Democrats. Three Democrats running in GOP-leaning House districts have used late-stage television ads in a bid to distance themselves from the liberal leader of Democrats' House caucus—the same caucus they're fighting to join in 2015. (But if elected will vote for her for Speaker. Bet on it. ~Bob)

Four-Year-Old Girl Hands Out Packets Of ‘Candy’ To Daycare Mates. There Was Just One Problem.
Excerpt: A 4-year-old Delaware girl found packets of “candy” in her mom’s backpack and thought it would be a great idea to take them to day care and share them with her friends. There was just one problem: The “candy” was heroin.

Aides knew of possible White House link to Cartagena, Colombia, prostitution scandal. By Carol D. Leonnig and David Nakamura
Excerpt: As nearly two dozen Secret Service agents and members of the military were punished or fired following a 2012 prostitution scandal in Colombia, Obama administration officials repeatedly denied that anyone from the White House was involved.
But new details drawn from government documents and interviews show that senior White House aides were given information at the time suggesting that a prostitute was an overnight guest in the hotel room of a presidential advance-team member — yet that information was never thoroughly investigated or publicly acknowledged.

Journalists Appalled, Shocked Obama White House Would Lie to Them. By Katie Pavlich
Excerpt: When the scandal broke two years ago, the White House denied involvement or knowing about the details of what happened. The Post story proves otherwise and provides evidence a White House volunteer officially checked a prostitute into his hotel room in Cartagena, Colombia. The report also details threats made against the Inspector General, who was asked to delay the release of embarrassing and damaging information about the connection between the White House and the scandal until after the 2012 presidential election. 

Harry Reid’s Bodyguard Physically Attacks “Crapitalism” Author Jason Mattera
Excerpt: One of Harry Reid’s bodyguards accosted a conservative journalist for asking a few basic questions about the Senate Majority Leader’s wealth.

The White House is making up entire generations now
If you like your generation, you can keep your generation. ~Bob

Labor Force Continues to Shrink
Excerpt: The September jobs report indicated the creation of 248,000 new jobs, a positive sign for our struggling economy. But Stephen Moore, chief economist at the Heritage Foundation, offers a stunning figure that wasn't touted in the recent jobs report: a net 100,000 workers dropped out of the labor force entirely last month. The percentage of working-age Americans in the U.S. labor force (the labor force is defined as those currently working or who are looking for work) is 3 percentage points lower today than it was in January 2009. The 62.7 percent labor force participation rate is the lowest rate the United States has seen since 1978. What this means is that the labor force has 7.4 million fewer workers than it would otherwise have had. America's 5.9 percent unemployment rate, Moore explains, is largely a product of its shrinking labor force, as many who would typically be counted as "unemployed" have instead given up on finding work (and are, therefore, no longer part of the unemployment rate calculation).

Supreme Court Greenlights North Carolina Election Integrity Laws
Excerpt: Late today, the United States Supreme Court dissolved a stay against North Carolina election integrity laws, allowing those laws to go into effect for November’s election. The vote was 7-2. North Carolina enacted laws to revise expensive early voting procedures and eliminated fraud-ridden same day voter registration. Another new law required voters to actually vote in the precinct where they live. Left wing groups challenged the new laws, advancing novel new arguments that no change in voting could have any disparate statistical impact on blacks. That has never been the law under the Voting Rights Act. Late today the Supreme Court dealt a blow to these radical new legal theories about the Voting Rights Act. (Note the 7-2 vote on this, it was not a split on political leanings. Only the two most liberal Justices voted against the NC laws, and that's fairly telling. And NC still does not have the most restrictive voting laws, even though it seems like the opponents of it kept trying to say so. Now that Eric Holder has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars and forced NC to waste a lot of time and money in court as well, finally it's over and we can proceed to just have voting go on with some very reasonable requirements for registration and identification. --Del)

GOP candidate in Massachusetts gubernatorial race takes biggest lead yet
Excerpt: Republican businessman and Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker has managed to pull ahead of his Democratic opponent, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, leading her in the polls 45-39, according to a new Emerson College/WGBH poll. This marks Baker's largest lead in any poll this year.

The Leftist Jihad Has Nothing To Do with Liberalism. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: “We’re liberals! We’re liberals. We’re not crazy tea-baggers,” Bill Maher protested after his televised argument with Ben Affleck about Islam. ... But despite Maher’s protests, the majority of liberals would agree with Affleck that criticizing Islam is racist. Liberals claim that the Islamic State is Un-Islamic. It would be more accurate to state that liberals are illiberal. Liberalism, even the form that was in common usage not too long ago, is as dead as Lenin. (Note the use of "teabaggers," a gay sexual practice as a slur against people protesting debt and the undermining of the Constitution. Thought the left was gay-friendly? ~Bob)

The Leaking Against Obama Picks Up Steam. By Erick Erickson 
Excerpt: Earlier today, I told you the Democrats needed to throw Barack Obama under the bus to help Hillary 2016. Later in the day came the counter-offensive from one of the Obama Administration Inspectors General. The IG released a report that Hillary Clinton badly mismanaged the State Department. Remember, starting in 2009, the Obama Administration  systematically began replacing indecent independent (I blame my spell checker, which has gotten very aggressive under OS X Yosemite) inspectors general with partisan appointees. It appears the administration is now using them. But now a new shot is being fired toward the Administration.

Follow the Money: Susan G. Komen. By Chris Walker 
Excerpt: An in-depth examination of Komen shows disbursements and support for causes that should concern many conservatives, particularly its long-standing relationships with organizations that promote and perform abortions. In 2012, the organization faced a steady stream of criticism for their connections to Planned Parenthood. In response, Komen announced the cessation of funding grants to Planned Parenthood, and the wrath of abortion advocates such as NARAL was overwhelming. Unfortunately, Komen bowed to the pressure of the abortion provider just days later and continued to allow its affiliates to fund Planned Parenthood programs through grants. (Breast cancer is expected to kill 39,000 to 40,000 people a year, but gets 80 times as much research funding as pulmonary fibrosis, which is believed to kill 40,000 to 45,000 people a year. the statistics are not good. PF patients often suffer heart failure due to lack of oxygen, and that gets listed as the cause. If, like me, they are among the lucky few to get a lung transplant, they often die from the effects of the immune suppressant drugs, which allow pneumonia or tumors to grow, and infection or cancer gets listed as the cause, though death was really caused by the PF. ~Bob)

The gender card in 2016. By Jennifer Rubin 
Excerpt: When you get right down to it, Hillary Clinton would not be the inevitable Democratic nominee, let alone the pre-coronated next president, if not for her gender. Consider a hypothetical: The Republicans run a woman with no foreign policy messes on her record, no history of gross mismanagement and a clear separation between herself from the failed foreign policy of the Obama years. Maybe she even has some executive experience of her own. There are such people of course (e.g. Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, Condoleeza Rice, any of the four female current GOP governors like New Mexico’s Susana Martinez). What then would be the unique argument for electing Hillary Clinton?

Excerpt: According to records obtained by Judicial Watch through FOIA requests and lawsuits, the Obamas and Bidens have spent more than $40 million taxpayer dollars on trips since 2009 up through the president’s most recent Palm Springs and Key Largo golf outings, which cost the taxpayers $2,952,278 in flight expenses. The most lavish expenditure on record was for the Obamas’ 2013 Africa trip and Honolulu vacation, which cost taxpayers $15,885,585.30 in flight expenses alone. (More than $40 million used from US taxpayers for their own pleasure. We are subjected to disease from illegals, our borders are unprotected, our laws are ignored and in shreds with DOJ head telling AGs to "ignore them," banks bilked for a slush fund, voter fraud, racial division encouraged and inflamed, our enemies succored and allowed to grow at our expense while what remains of our missile defense supplies are wasted as they laugh. What a legacy. Job well down. Total transformation. --Barb)

Ebola News

Ebola Doesn't Convince Kerry to Secure the Borders. From The Patriot Post
The Left's aversion to securing the nation's borders is because the influx of illegal immigrants assures the growth of a critical Democrat constituency. Secretary of State John Kerry said that while Ebola is dire and the efforts to stop it need to be increased, the disease is no reason to close American borders. "We need airlines to continue to operate in West Africa and we need borders to remain open," Kerry insisted. Meanwhile, Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly noted that 1.4 million people may be infected with Ebola worldwide if the current third-world trends continue. If the disease reaches countries like Haiti, Guatemala or Honduras, Kelly said, "It's literally, 'Katie bar the door,' and there will be mass migration into the United States. They will run away from Ebola, or if they suspect they are infected, they will try to get to the United States for treatment." Of all the reasons to secure the border, Ebola is certainly a good one. However, we note regarding pandemic concerns that the media hype about Ebola in the U.S. is highly sensationalized. While Americans should be concerned, let's put Ebola into perspective: In the latest year of record for CDC epidemiology reports, there were 53,826 deaths from influenza and pneumonia. Currently, the Enterovirus D68 is in 42 states and is killing elementary age school children now.

Obamacare/Government Healthcare News

Excerpt: A new study by Drs. Rena M. Conti and Peter B. Bach makes a valuable contribution to the growing pile of evidence of the harm being done by a federal program that Congress designed to increase poor people’s access to prescription drugs, but which has been perverted by hospitals to pad their bottom line. The 340B program was legislated in 1992. It gives the federal government the power to force drug-makers to offer deep discounts on medicines dispensed to outpatients. 340B was supposed to be a win for both poor people and taxpayers: By forcing drug-makers to discount prices, it would reduce poor people’s costs, and, therefore, reduce the demand for federal subsidies to safety-net facilities in those areas. In August, I discussed evidence that the number of hospitals and other facilities taking advantage of 340B had doubled in ten years. The new study by Conti and Bach explain how, where, and why this is happening. The key is that, although hospitals get the discounts, there is no effective way to ensure that the discounts are passed on to poor people. Once the discounted drugs are inside the hospital system, they are just added to the rest of the inventory. (You can subscribe to Dr. Graham's blog and also to the NCPA's Daily Digest at for free. Always worth reading. The NCPA does good work, so support them if you can. ~Bob)

How Obamacare Begets Gender Inequality. By Casey Mulligan
Excerpt: These gains in gender equality are threatened by two provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) ironically advertised as benefitting American workers. Taken together, these policies could drive the percentage of women working only part time back to what it was 40 years ago.

Excerpt: The case targets the individual mandate payments, which already were declared by the U.S. Supreme Court to be a “tax.” It argues the legislation creating the payments started in the Senate, not the House, as required by Article 1, Section 7, of the Constitution. "Because the issues in this case are so important for all Americans, PLF has a responsibility to seek review by the full D.C. Circuit, and, ultimately, by the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary,” said PLF Principal Attorney Paul J. Beard II. “Not only is everyone affected by Obamacare and its tax and regulatory burden, but we all have a stake in the integrity of the Constitution and its procedural protections for taxpayers.”

The Most Transparent Administration Puts a Gag Order on Testing
Excerpt: But apparently, the administration is pretty worried about what could happen. According to this morning's Wall Street Journal the administration has emailed insurers that it will require "all testers to acknowledge the confidentiality of this process to access the testing environment." 

Undocumented Democrat News

Why Yes, Obama Delayed Immigration Action Because of the Election. From The Patriot Post
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest has a confession: The White House is playing politics with immigration. "The fact is -- or I guess, the concern is -- that had the president moved forward with his [plan] prior to Election Day, you would have seen Republican candidates do more to make the immigration issue central to their campaign," Earnest said. "And in the event that they were successful in their campaign, the concern would be that they would cite their opposition to immigration reform as a reason for their success. That is not a storyline that the president, or that anybody here, wanted to contribute to." Not that this delay has stopped Obama from making a promise to do something a central part of his own campaign, but Democrats don't want voters making informed decisions based on actions taken by the president.

Study says 20 percent of the U.S. population doesn’t speak English at home
Excerpt: The study said the number of non-English speakers rose by 2.2 million from 2010 to 2013, mostly due to an increase of Spanish, Chinese and Arabic speakers....While the Obama administration is considering steps to create a legal status for millions of illegal immigrants, CIS said its study, based on Census data, raise questions about whether the U.S. is already allowing too much legal immigration. “Allowing in over one million new legal immigrants a year and to a lesser extent tolerating illegal immigration has important implication[s] for preserving a common language,” said Steven Camarota, who co-authored the report.

U.S. Immigrant Population Hits Record High: One in Six Adults is Foreign-Born

Excerpt: CIS said that’s the highest percentage seen in 93 years — in 1980, only about 6.2 percent of the population was born outside the United States.....Immigrants also account for 16 percent of the adult population, which means about one out of every six adults living in the U.S. was born outside the country....“The new data makes clear that while Latin American and the Caribbean are still a significant source of immigration, the growth is being driven in large part by immigration from Asia, the Middle East and Africa,” said Steven Camarota, CIS’s director of research. (Bolding mine. Story from 09/25/14. I had heard about Little Somalia around Detroit; thanks to the Ebola outbreak, learned on a scrawl on Fox News that "There are 10,000 Liberians in North Texas." Who knew??? Such transformation. Let in all these foreigners, quit teaching anything related to the culture, founding religions and traditions, history and laws of the country, and then import more (Reportedly, US has indicated to UN they'll take 75,000 Syrians)...and voila! Transformation. Especially if the populace is, uh, no longer there for, uh, various reasons, like civil unrest like, uh, ISIS, well, you know, Ferguson is just the same....Imagine some folks in the community gonna be unhappy when the free stuff for restitution runs out.....and no disability check to buy the weed and beer. Guarantee part of the Plan. --Barb)

Excerpt: Don’t think this is related to Obama’s Illegal Immigrants? Fortunately 4 months ago we began to assemble the locations of the UAC’s. Overlay the maps and you’ll find the connection. Kansas City Missouri and Chicago Illinois were the first outbreaks identified! (Interactive map very interesting. FL had first case announced confirmed today, 10-year-old girl in Polk County. Media Matters is starting a blitz saying that "conservatives are blaming illegal children for Enterovirus 68." Soros at work. Atkinson is doing some serious investigative reporting. --Barb)

Polio-Like Outbreak Claims Fifth Life in U.S.
Excerpt: Without that answer, some question whether the disease is being spread by the presence of tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children from Central America admitted to the U.S. in the past year. ...The origin could be entirely unrelated....Though the U.S. government is keeping secret the locations of the illegal immigrant children, there are significant numbers of them in both cities in which the current outbreak was first identified, Kansas City, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois, according to local advocates and press reports.

2 Escaped Illegal Immigrants Go On Multi-State Crime Spree; Elderly Veteran among Victims
On Wednesday morning two illegal immigrant teenagers from Guatemala escaped from a secure detention facility in Des Plaines, Illinois where they were being held pending their immigration hearings. A short time later the pair committed a carjacking in Des Plaines. By noon the pair had traveled across the state and where at a Wal-Mart in Moline, Illinois where they committed another carjacking this time of a 91 year old veteran who was unharmed. ... Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, President Barack Obama’s former chief-of-staff, has openly offered to have the city of Chicago host up to 1,000 more illegal immigrants like the two that escaped Wednesday. (No more hearings; no more expense. No more free food or shelter. Boot their butts back where they came from. Persona non grata. --Barb)

"You're Greener than Gore" News

‘Doing an IRS’? EPA can’t find top official’s text messages
Excerpt: The EPA is poised to “do an IRS” — similar to what the tax agency had to do with dismissed top official Lois G. Lerner — and officially notify the National Archives that it may have lost key electronic class="itxtrst itxtrstimg itxthookicon" v:shapes="itxthook0icon">  records, according to a think tank that’s suing to get text messages under an open-records request.

Keystone Be Darned: Canada Finds Oil Route Around Obama. By Rebecca Penty, Hugo Miller, Andrew Mayeda and Edward Greenspon
Excerpt: So you’re the Canadian oil industry and you do what you think is a great thing by developing a mother lode of heavy crude beneath the forests and muskeg of northern Alberta. The plan is to send it clear to refineries on the U.S. Gulf Coast via a pipeline called Keystone XL. Just a few years back, America desperately wanted that oil.
Then one day the politics get sticky. 

Keystone Pipeline: From Alberta to...Bombay?
Excerpt: When Transcanada and Conoco Phillips first drew up the blueprints for the Keystone XL pipeline they foresaw the potential for environmental activism. So they developed virtual fool proof 30 inch diameter pipe, interspersed with automated pumping systems that would shut down at the first hint of a pipeline link. Further, they proposed that the pipeline be layered beneath at least four feet of earth along the entire length. While the entire pipeline itself was to be 2,195 miles long, much of the pipeline has already been laid within the U.S., with just a thousand miles more added to bring that oil down to Port Arthur, Texas for refining. As part of the agreement Canada would sell all of those hundreds of millions of barrels of Alberta oil for $43 dollars a barrel, less than half the cost we are paying Saudi Arabia to ship it to us now, and two thirds cheaper every time OPEC gets a hair up their ass and wants to punish us.

3 to 4.3 Billion Barrels of Technically Recoverable Oil Assessed in North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken Formation—25 Times More Than 1995 Estimate—
Excerpt: North Dakota and Montana have an estimated 3.0 to 4.3 billion barrels of undiscovered, technically recoverable oil in an area known as the Bakken Formation.
A U.S. Geological Survey assessment, released April 10, shows a 25-fold increase in the amount of oil that can be recovered compared to the agency's 1995 estimate of 151 million barrels of oil. (But if we developed it, the poor and working classes would pay less for gas, home heating and good that depend on energy to make or ship. Obama can't allow that. ~Bob)

Religion of Peace News

Must Read: ‘Ehr Daw’ —- They’re Here. By Rabbi Shalom Lewis
Excerpt: This is not a time for delicacy. For tiptoeing. It is not a time to parse words nor worry about offending someone with unfiltered vocabulary. Time is no longer a luxury we possess. Distance no longer provides protection. We are being threatened like no time before, by an enemy obsessed with an apocalyptic endgame that will bring only disaster. An enemy that worships savagery. An enemy that celebrates depravity. An enemy that glorifies the death of the young. (Brave, true words. I covered some of this in my book, The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. Another view of the future can be found in this short novel: The Hand of the Prophet: A Novel of Islamic America, 2053. ~Bob)

Worth Reading: How Not to Run a War Coalition: The Administration blames Turkey for the catastrophe in Syria.
If you hit a pay-wall, Google te title. ~Bob. Excerpt: The Turkey of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a popular but authoritarian neo-Islamist, has conflicting interests. As much as the Sunni Muslim extremists in ISIS pose a threat, the government in Ankara also wants to topple the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad, an Alawite Muslim allied with Shiite Iran. The U.S. once also wanted to depose Assad but has dropped this as a goal of the anti-ISIS campaign—to Turkey’s and the Gulf Arabs’ annoyance. Syrian Kurds once sided with Assad and are close to Turkey’s Kurdish terrorist group, the PKK, which also explains Ankara’s reluctance to help. 

Worth Reading: The Obama Administration, Turkey, and Syria’s Kurds. By Henri J. Barkey and Eric S. Edelman
Excerpt: If Kobani were to fall to IS in the face of U.S. declarations that it is waging a war against IS militants, history would, in a sense, be repeating itself. The United States stood by idly and watched Saddam Hussein massacre Kurdish and Shi‘a populations at the conclusion of the Gulf War, with long-term deleterious consequences for U.S. credibility in the region. This is in addition to the U.S. abandonment in 1975, and again in 1988, when Kurdish civilians were subjected to chemical attacks by Saddam’s forces.

Excerpt: Turning back the siege of Kobani should primarily be the responsibility of our purported NATO “ally” Turkey, and Obama seems to be trying to ratchet up the pressure on Erdogan’s Islamist regime to act. Erdogan, however, is playing his usual double games: Claiming he can’t act in the absence of a broader Syria strategy that targets the Assad regime . . . while simultaneously warming relations with Assad’s sponsors in Tehran; rhetorically condemning Sunni terrorism . . . while continuing to support the anti-Assad jihadists who collude with al-Qaeda. 

ISIS Cuts Off Water Supplies; U.S. Not Stopping Them
Excerpt: As the non-war war on ISIS/ISIL/IS/Wizard of OZ is getting warmed up, things are happening just as critics of the Obama Administration have predicted. The bombing runs carried out by the “coalition” — mostly the U.S. — have made some spectacular fireballs in the desert but appear to have done little to slow down the purported enemy. Since bombing started, ISIS has advanced toward Turkey, secured its hold on larger chunks of the Syrian border and moved within spitting range of Baghdad.

U.S. Boots in the Air Not Enough to Stop ISIL Gains
Excerpt: In September, Obama promised the U.S. military would “degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIL. How’s that going? Despite a U.S. bombing campaign to assist Kurdish fighters, ISIL has nearly overrun Kobani, a largely Kurdish city on Syria’s border with Turkey.

Western Fear of Angering Turkey Leaves Besieged Kurdish Town at Mercy of Islamic State. by Jonathan Spyer, The Jerusalem Post
Excerpt: The fate of the Kurdish enclave in Kobani appears to be sealed. The greater part of the formerly Kurdish-ruled area has already fallen to the forces of Islamic State. Some 9,000 Islamic State fighters are positioned close to the last remaining redoubt – Kobani city itself. The black flag of the Sunni Islamists is already flying in three neighborhoods of the city. On Monday, the Kurdish authorities ordered the evacuation of all remaining civilians from the city. 

Pentagon sees Baghdad at risk of Islamic State takeover, expects Kobani to fall. Calls increase for U.S. ground troops in Iraq, Syria as airstrikes fail to stop terrorists
Excerpt: The Pentagon on Wednesday made the sobering prediction that more towns in Syria and Iraq will fall to the Islamic State in the coming weeks, and that air power alone is not going to be enough to prevent the fall of the Syrian city of Kobani near the Turkish border. It also raised the prospect of Islamic State terrorists marching on Baghdad, a fear that lawmakers and former top military officials say can only be addressed by ground forces.

Thank You, ISIS: The beheadings have achieved what all the warnings from conservatives never could. By David Horowitz
Excerpt: Their gruesome images have entered the living rooms and consciousness of ordinary Americans and waked them up. The barbarity of the Islamic movement for world domination has actually been evident for decades: in the suicide bombing of the Marine compound in Lebanon in 1982, in the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, in the suicide attacks on Jews — men, women, and children — during the second Palestinian Intifada in 2000, in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001, and in the beheadings perpetrated in Iraq by al-Qaeda’s Abu al-Zarqawi and the Salafist group known as Ansar al-Islam during the Iraq War. (Some multiculturalist won't get it until they or their families are under the knife. ~Bob)

The U.S. Veteran and Wisconsin Boy Who Went to Fight ISIS in Syria. By Jacob Siegel
Excerpt: As American warplanes began airstrikes in Syria, a 28-year-old Army veteran from Wisconsin told friends he had traveled to the country to join a Kurdish militia in the fight against ISIS.

Suicide bombings in Yemen kill 67 after premier quits. By Mohammed Ghobari
Excerpt: Suicide bombers targeting Yemen's powerful Shi'ite Houthi group and an army camp killed at least 67 people in two separate attacks on Thursday, hours after a political crisis forced the new prime minister to step down. At least 47 people were killed, including four children, when a suicide bomber detonated a belt packed with explosives at a Houthi checkpoint in the centre of the capital Sanaa where Houthi supporters were preparing to hold a rally. (As always, the vast majority of the victims of Allah-murder are other Muslims. ~Bob)

Biden Gaffe Fingers Obama For Arming Jihadists? VP may have opened larger can of worms than realized
Excerpt: Biden further implied Turkey, the UAE and other Arab countries were supplying weapons to al-Qaida and its offshoots in Syria, including the al-Nusra front.... While Biden fingered Turkey and the UAE, the vice president may have forgotten recent history, including how the Obama administration reportedly aided Turkey, the UAE and other Arab countries in the procurement of weapons to be shipped to the Syrian rebels....The Times reported that from offices at “secret locations,” American intelligence officers “helped the Arab governments shop for weapons … and have vetted rebel commanders and groups to determine who should receive the weapons as they arrive.” (If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck....Barb)

Satellite Evidence Proves Explosion in Iran's Parchin Took Place
Excerpt: Satellite evidence has been received that refutes the denials of the Iranian government regarding this week’s mysterious explosion at the military compound in Parchin, Israel Defense reported on Wednesday. Satellite images of the area, to the east of Tehran, prove that the explosion reported by the Iranian media had, indeed, occurred inside the military compound in Parchin, where, according to western intelligence agencies, trials are being conducted on nuclear missile fuzes. Satellite images obtained by the Israel Defense website and analyzed by specialist Ronen Solomon clearly show damage consistent with an attack against bunkers in a central locality within the military research complex at the Parchin military compound.

Iran refused to let in U.S. member of U.N. nuclear team: sources
Excerpt: A United Nations atomic agency official recently denied entry into Iran as part of a team investigating suspected bomb research is believed to be an American nuclear weapons expert, diplomatic sources said. The International Atomic Energy Agency last month said Iran denied a visa for one member of an IAEA delegation that visited Tehran on Aug. 31 to try to advance a long-running inquiry into what the U.N. agency calls the possible military dimensions of the country's nuclear program.

Nine killed as al-Qaeda attacks south Yemen town
Excerpt: At least nine people have been killed in an attack by al-Qaeda militants on security and government buildings in the south of Yemen, officials say. The official Saba news agency said car bombs were used in the dawn assault on the town of Bayda, which was repelled.

State Department Endorses Handbook Calling Jihad ‘Noble.’ Handbook so controversial Canadian cops rejected it
Excerpt: “From letting members of designated terrorist groups into the White House, backing the Muslim Brotherhood in the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, responding to demands of Islamic groups to purge counter-terror training materials, to endorsing extremist Islamic clerics like Sheikh Bin Bayyah only then to have to apologize, and now this,” he said. “To describe it as a series of missteps is a gross understatement. This is a coordinated campaign of counter-terror catastrophe.”

Fort Bliss increases security
Excerpt: ABC-7 asked Fort Bliss spokesperson Lt. Col. Lee Peters if this was related to the alleged Islamic State threat in Juarez. (Guarding against "Noble Jihad." ~Bob)

British Watchdog Freezes Galloway's Hamas-Supporting Charity
Excerpt: Britain's Charity Commission announced Thursday that it froze bank accounts for Viva Palestina, an aid group which has delivered cash and supplies to Hamas officials in Gaza. In addition, the Commission, responsible for regulating charities in England and Wales, also replaced the group's trustees with an interim manager

Dramatic moment anti-terror police arrested medical student dubbed The Surgeon over alleged ISIS-plot to attack Britain – in a flat just yards from scene of raid on 21/7 bombers
Excerpt: A British medical student suspected of plotting with Islamic State announced ‘I smell war’ just hours before he was arrested. Tarik Hassane, 21, known to friends as ‘The Surgeon’, was being questioned last night over allegations he wanted to bring terror to the streets of Britain. He was Tasered by armed police who stormed a relative’s flat where he was sleeping after flying into the country.

Can Liberalism Be Saved From Itself? By Sam Harris
Excerpt: The most controversial thing I said was: “We have to be able to criticize bad ideas, and Islam is the Mother lode of bad ideas.” This statement has been met with countless charges of “bigotry” and “racism” online and in the media. But imagine that the year is 1970, and I said: “Communism is the Mother lode of bad ideas.” How reasonable would it be to attack me as a “racist” or as someone who harbors an irrational hatred of Russians, Ukrainians, Chinese, etc. This is precisely the situation I am in. My criticism of Islam is a criticism of beliefs and their consequences—but my fellow liberals reflexively view it as an expression of intolerance toward people. (Welcome to our world, Sam--liberals ALWAYS impugn the motives of those who disagree with them, rather than address the issues. ~Bob)

Pro-ISIS radicals with machetes, knives attack Kurds in Germany (VIDEO)

Extremists burn a Coptic church in Germany. By-Nader Mohammed 
Excerpt: The mayor of Berlin condemned attacking and burning St. Athanasius and St. Shenouda Coptic Orthodox Church in Berlin by extremists describing it as a crime against peaceful coexistence.

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