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And then there were three: My coughing is getting worse on the treadmill. I think I'm no longer top of the list. Met a black Marine from Louisiana, John (and his wife Donna), who is waiting for a lung for pulmonary fibrosis as well, 66, also typo O blood. Just checked in. He is in a wheelchair, doing less rehab exercise than I am, so I think he's in worse shape. Of course, we might both get a lung from the same donor--no way to predict. They are stuck in the hotel, don't have a car or even winter coats. So we will try to get them out to eat sometimes, maybe to stores as needed. and maybe lend them coats, about the same size. heard there's another guy waiting a lung, but he doesn't come in as he lives about two hours away, in range. No idea of his blood type, of course. I don't obsess about where I am on the list (Bonnie does a bit). In God's hands now, just try to do my part.

Throw the Rascals Out? By Thomas Sowell
Excerpt: Polls indicate that the public is so disgusted with Washington politicians of both parties that a surprisingly large proportion of the people would like to get rid of the whole lot of them. It is certainly understandable that the voters would like to "throw the rascals out." But there is no point in throwing the rascals out, if we are just going to get a new set of rascals to replace them.
In other words, we need to think about what there is about current political practices that repeatedly bring to power such a counterproductive set of people. 

Pro-Obamacare Congressional Staffer Shocked as It Triples her Premium. By Daniel Greenfield 
Excerpt: Welcome to ObamaCare. If you like your plan, you’ll probably lose it. If you hate your plan, you’ll probably learn to miss it because what you end up with will be much worse

The Great Medicaid Swindle. By Nick Gillespie 
Excerpt: On Monday, the same day President Obama gave a poorly received speech defending the glitchy Obamacare rollout, there was another unfortunate development in health-care reform: Ohio expanded Medicaid. ... This is bad news. Medicaid, the nation’s health care program for low-income citizens and those with certain disabilities, is expensive. States are not required to participate in the program, but all do, though eligibility requirements differ from state to state. In 2011, states devoted nearly 24 percent (PDF) of total spending to Medicaid—the single largest state expense—despite the fact that there’s little evidence that it actually improves the health outcomes of its beneficiaries.

Excerpt: On Nov. 1, the health law’s malfunctioning enrollment system is supposed to send reams of data to states so they can begin placing thousands of people into Medicaid. But state officials say that transfer system has barely been tested and could be vulnerable to technical failures like those that have crippled the broader Obamacare sign-up process.

The White House Made Sure Millions Would Lose Their Insurance While They Lied About It
Excerpt: Last night I had the exquisite pleasure of listening to NPR explain that the people who were losing the insurance they wanted to keep and who would be forced to pay more for less, were only a few million of the insured. It was taken for granted, by NPR, that a few million robbed of their insurance and extra money every month was no big deal. Who cares about them, right? They’re just the eggs that we break to make the Obamacare omelet.

Obama admin. knew millions could not keep their health insurance. By Lisa Myers and Hannah Rappleye, NBC News
Excerpt: President Obama repeatedly assured Americans that after the Affordable Care Act became law, people who liked their health insurance would be able to keep it. But millions of Americans are getting or are about to get cancellation letters for their health insurance under Obamacare, say experts, and the Obama administration has known that for at least three years.

Dear Health-Insurance Companies. By Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt
Excerpt: You had better be ready to fund a massive advertising campaign laying out how you're only following the law on dropping people's existing coverage. Because trust me when I say that the Democrats will scapegoat you morning, noon, and night for the next year over the problems with Obamacare. It doesn't matter that the problems of Obamacare aren't actually your fault. Control of the House and Senate are at stake. The Democratic party's image could take a crippling blow. They could become known as the party that took away your old coverage that you were okay with, jacked up your premiums, forced you into a plan with a huge deductible, forced you away from the doctor you liked, and told you all along that they were helping you. You are already an old reliable villain in Democratic party advertising, and liberals are desperately hunting for a new scapegoat.

Policy cancellations, higher premiums add to frustration over Obamacare. CBS
Excerpt: That includes 56-year-old Dianne Barrette. Last month, she received a letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield informing her as of January 2014, she would lose her current plan. Barrette pays $54 a month. The new plan she's being offered would run $591 a month -- 10 times more than what she currently pays. Barrette said, "What I have right now is what I am happy with and I just want to know why I can't keep what I have. Why do I have to be forced into something else?"

This Looks REALLY Bad! Insurance Companies Say an Obamacare Delay Due To Website Problems Could Cause Rates To Skyrocket
Excerpt: The problem, according to the industry, is that an extended enrollment period could skew their calculations for 2015 premiums. Here’s why. Right now, insurers need to submit 2015 rates to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services between April 1 and April 30, 2014. If the enrollment period ends in March, as currently scheduled, insurers will know exactly what their customer base looks like as they make projections about their 2015 rates.

Valerie Jarrett: Obamacare doesn’t force you off your plan; your insurance company does, by complying with Obamacare!
Excerpt: It was a lie and an obvious one, but the administration, much of the media, and Obamacare supporters happily acted as if it were true and happily smeared those who suggested otherwise. Tonight, the president’s right-hand woman tries the lie again, even as it’s demonstrably unraveling before the nation’s eyes.

Obama administration warned about health care website
Excerpt: The Obama administration was given stark warnings just one month before that the federal healthcare site was not ready to go live, according to a confidential report obtained by CNN. The caution, from the main contractor CGI, warned of a number of open risks and issues for the HealthCare.gov web site even as company executives were testifying publicly that the project had achieved key milestones. (Tweet from @allahpundit: So this drops just 14 hours or so before Sebelius appears on the Hill, huh?)

Good Analysis: Here's why Obama said people could keep their insurance. By Philip Klein 
Excerpt: When Obama took office and made health care his top priority, he understood that one of his main tasks was to convince Americans that he had a plan that could improve the health care system for those who it wasn’t currently working well for (such as those with pre-existing conditions) while leaving it untouched for those who were satisfied. ... “And that means that no matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what,” Obama said. Obama knew that a lot of people would lose their coverage. .... A Congressional Budget Office report issued on March 20, 2010 (three days before Obama signed the health care bill into law) predicted that 8 million would lose employer or individual market coverage.

In other words, Ds knew that in order to pass HC, they had to lie about how it would affect current coverage.

ObamaCare’s Liberal Greed. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: Oliver Stone made Gordon Gekko and his famous quote “Greed is Good” into everything that was wrong with capitalism. A quarter of a century later, liberal politicians like Obama and Bill de Blasio are still running against Gordon Gekko while pocketing his contributions and doing special favors for him. Their class warfare is as nakedly greedy as Gordon Gekko shouting into a brick of a cell phone. 

Obamacare Horror Stories. By Daniel Horowitz 
Excerpt: I am a 62 year old woman who has an individual policy with BCBS of North Carolina. My premiums are $249.50 per month. I bought the policy when I retired and moved to NC to be closer to my aging parents. The policy is a high deductible one with a $2700 deductible, $5000 out of pocket maximum. BCBS has told me my plan is no longer offered due to Obamacare and that my new plan will cost $600.55 per month and has a required an out of pocket maximum of $6350. I have been trying for three weeks to see what Obamacare offers without success.

Some health insurance gets pricier as Obamacare rolls out
Excerpt: Thousands of Californians are discovering what Obamacare will cost them — and many don't like what they see. ... Although recent criticism of the healthcare law has focused on website glitches and early enrollment snags, experts say sharp price increases for individual policies have the greatest potential to erode public support for President Obama's signature legislation.

Obama's Promise Updated

The News in Zingers. By Argus Hamilton
Excerpt: Forbes named Michael Jackson as the highest earning dead celebrity last year. Elvis was second again. The list didn't include the ObamaCare website designer, who made six hundred million last year, because he won't be dead until the president tracks him down.

Good Column: Is Obama Still President? His cadences soar on, through scandal after fiasco after disaster.­ By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: We are currently learning whether the United States really needs a president. Barack Obama has become a mere figurehead, who gives speeches few listen to any more, issues threats that scare fewer, and makes promises that almost no one believes he will keep. Yet America continues on, despite the fact that the foreign and domestic policies of Barack Obama are unraveling, in a manner unusual even for star-crossed presidential second terms.

Historic End Game “A Collapse To End All Collapses”
Excerpt: With the world continuing to face great uncertainty, today a man who has been involved in the financial markets for 50 years, and whose business partner is billionaire Eric Sprott, told King World News that “we are now in a historic end game.” He also spoke warned about the West experiencing “a collapse to end all collapses,” and also discussed what this all means for key markets such as gold and silver. Below is what John Embry had to say in this powerful interview.

House tries blocking ‘illegal’ IRS checks; Harry Reid says system working ‘fine’
Excerpt: The House of Representatives repeatedly has passed an IRSbill that could save U.S. taxpayers up to $24.4 billion over the next 10 years — but Harry Reid’s Democratic Senate will not hear it. (Reid is still there because the Tea Party nominated the most unelectable candidate. Congratulations. ~Bob)

Hatred – The Mothers Milk of the Left
Excerpt: In the wake of all of these outrages which honest evaluation places totally at their feet, liberals have used them as an opportunity to get “on stage” and parrot the attack de jour on conservatives or merely make one up. It’s anything for a shot of “ink.”

Whites not racially organizing while everyone else does (NAACP, La Raza, 80-20 Initiative, USINPAC) is like coming to a gun fight w/ a knife. -- "Between 1976 and 2005, blacks averaged 13 percent of the US population but committed 59 percent of felony homicides." Source: DOJ

New Data Shows Carbon Emissions Falling As Shale Gas Debate Is Rising
Excerpt: By all accounts, the level of carbon dioxide emissions is declining in the United States, namely because of the transition from coal to natural gas used for electric generation as well as the fact that economic output here has suffered since the Great Recession of 2008. Meantime, warmer winters have also helped. 

Polio outbreak in northeast Syria risks spreading, WHO says
Excerpt: Twenty-two children in Deir al-Zor province bordering Iraq became paralyzed on October 17 and WHO's regional laboratory in Tunis has isolated the wild polio virus in samples taken from 10 victims. Results on the other 12 are expected within days.

Libya robbery: Sirte gunmen snatch $54m from bank van
Excerpt: Ten men stopped the van as it entered the city of Sirte from the airport. The cash delivery had been flown 300 miles (500km) from the capital, Tripoli. "The robbery is a catastrophe for the whole of Libya," Abdel-Fattah Mohammed, head of Sirte council, told Reuters. (More fruit of Obama's unauthorized, lead-from-behind war. ~Bob.)

Barack Obama: Giving Our Military the Finger Since ’08
Excerpt: In my estimation, there has never been a Commander in Chief in all of American history who has demonstrated such utter and blatant disdain for our military as Barack Hussein Obama. His hyper-condescension and gross disregard for our nation’s fighting forces (and their rich and time honored traditions) is beyond appalling.

Federal agents' pre-dawn raid on reporter's home raises questions
Excerpt: The Washington Times said Friday it is preparing legal action to fight what it called an unwarranted intrusion on the First Amendment. “While we appreciate law enforcement’s right to investigate legitimate concerns, there is no reason for agents to use an unrelated gun case to seize the First Amendment protected materials of a reporter,” Times Editor John Solomon said…. It’s about the federal government trying to intimidate an American journalist.

Good Column: Oh, Buck Up!
Excerpt: At any rate, as I said, the “collapse” Ferfal describes is exactly the same I experienced, only harder and faster. Like me, he’s bemused by Americans who think when the economy collapses we go back to either the stone age or frontier days. That’s not what either of us has experienced. Things just get dirtier, shabbier, and more unreliable. The niceties of civilization peel away. But we are not suddenly living in a Mad Max world. We’re just living in our old houses with bars in the windows, three different kind of alarms and a way of shutting out doors so that burglars have to break in through three levels which gives you time to get the gun from the closet.

Senate intelligence chair says she is 'totally opposed' to spying on friendly nations, as Obama finds himself staring down his own party in Congress. By David Martosko, U.s. Political Editor
Excerpt: The U.S. Senate's top foreign intelligence official said Monday in a scathing statement that she is 'totally opposed' to spying of the sort that has gotten the Obama administration into hot water this week. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat who chairs the powerful Senate Intelligence Committee, seemed miffed at the idea that she and her colleagues were out of the loop when the president's men conducted surveillance on foreign leaders in Europe and Latin America. (For Zero, it's durned if you do and durned if you don't. He claims he didn't know NSA was wiretapping his allies, but Bild am Sonntag says they have clear evidence he knew. Now if he tries to dig himself out of that hole, he still has to face an angry Dianne Feinstein, a fellow Democrat and, get this, Intelligence Chair in the Senate, who may actually have some principles when it comes to dealing with allies. Or could it have something to do with upcoming elections and a primeval fear of being caught supporting a lame rat--er, duck caught with his webbed foot in the cookie jar? Or perhaps Dianne is running interference for her friend Hillary's candidacy. Either way, you lose, Zero! It couldn't be happening to a nicer guy. --Don Hank)

Military Kids Show Their Respect For Marine Corps & The Flag On Playground
Excerpt: One of the great traditions I miss from living on a military installation was hearing the bugle playing “Colors” over the post PA system at the end of the day, normally around 1700 hours (5pm). We taught our daughters, Aubrey and Austen, that when the music came on to show respect and stop. If you’ve ever been on a military installation you know that traffic stops, the entire base comes to a standstill. It’s the right thing to do to pay respect as the flag is lowered. There’s something about tradition that progressive socialists do not like, whether it’s regard, respect or honor. I wish we could teach all our children — and adults for that matter — this level of respect for our unique symbol known worldwide as the embodiment of liberty and freedom, the American Flag.

The NFL Sees Green in Pink. By Rick Jensen
Excerpt: Most of us expect about 90 percent of our charitable contributions to go toward funding any charitable cause to which we give. How do you feel about the NFL donating only 8 percent of Pink gear sales toward cancer research? (Pulmonary Fibrosis kills more people than breast cancer, but breast cancer gets 80 times as much in research funding. ~Bob)

Good Column: It's not arrogance, just stupidity. By Wesley Pruden
Excerpt: The Germans are in a frenzy over the disclosure that the National Security Agency (NSA) tapped Angela Merkel's private telephone, along with the telephones of three dozen other world leaders. It's an embarrassment of the second magnitude, but all Barack Obama knows about it is what he reads in the newspapers. ... President Obama wants no grown-ups around him, only the adulation of groupies. (Well, he doesn't speak Austrian. ~Bob)

Excerpt: As you all might recall, former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died a couple of years ago, having succumbed to an otherwise treatable form of testicular cancer, but not if you choose to undergo treatment from socialized medicine in Cuba. You remember Hugo; he's the one that suckered Barack Obama into a full lip kiss at Obama's initial appearance at an Organization of American States meeting back in 2009. Well, before Chavez died he hand picked his successor, Nicolas Meduro. Sadly, Meduro's brand of communism/socialism isn't doing any better than when Chavez was running the country. The country continues to be plagued with commodity shortages, utility outages, crumbling infrastructure and starving people, this despite huge oil reserves that would seemingly finance a healthy and productive society. 

Al-Qaeda fighters imprison 60 Syrians, take over court and bribe people with free food and petrol as they try to turn the country into an Islamic state
Excerpt: ISIS also picks fights with rival rebel groups, attacking them then ruthlessly taking control of their territories. Another activist Mohannad, who spoke in Turkey after leaving Syria the previous day told the Times: 'If ISIS have a problem with you, they say you are a kaffir [infidel] and they kill you. None of the other brigades would do this.' 

Beleaguered Syrian Christians fear future, increasingly targeted by jihadis
Excerpt: “When you bring a Christian and make him choose between Assad and the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, the answer is clear,” said Hilal Khashan, a political scientist professor at the American University of Beirut, referring to the al-Qaida branch fighting alongside the rebels. “It doesn’t need much thinking.” The rebels have targeted other Syrian minorities, particularly Alawites, the Shiite offshoot sect to which Assad belongs and which is his main support base.

Black Man Goes on Shooting Spree Targeting Only White People
Excerpt: Here’s another story that won’t make national headlines anywhere. And it probably won’t be investigated as a “hate crime,” even though race had everything do with the attack. Lakim Faust is a black man who went on a shooting spree, armed with 100 rounds of ammo. He only went after the white folk according to a local CBS affiliate:

Excerpt: If the races were reversed, this would be a major national news story. Two black gangbangers, aged only 13 and 14, nearly killed a white man in another random hate crime mob attack in the Detroit area. The local media is censoring the race of the perpetrators.

"The problem with Robin Hood robbing the rich in Sherwood Forest is that pretty soon the rich stop riding through the forest." Arthur Laffer

The Civilized Savage. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: The civilized man is bound by interdependent social compacts that control his survival. The savage does not depend on a social compact for his survival. He depends on himself. Even when his survival derives from the same system as that of the civilized man, he feels no sense of obligation toward that system. He exploits it, the way that he would exploit a honeycomb in the forest or kill the last mammoth without worrying what will happen when it is gone.

Bare Naked Islam Readers: Please help impede terror-linked CAIR'S efforts to get out best counter-terrorism trainers from a seminar for law enforcement officers:
ACTION REQUESTED: Send a POLITE email to CLEET Executive Director Steve Emmons requesting CLEET to ignore Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR’s demand that the above counter-terrorism trainers be dropped. Here is a good link you can use to provide information about CAIR in your email: CAIR profile Email: steve.emmons@cleet.state.ok.us If you want to piss off CAIR, please include the following in the cc line: asoltani@cair.com, info@ok.cair.com

Shocking Video – CNN Anchor Reveals Obama Administration Officials Threaten Journalists Who Make Obama Look Bad
Excerpt: During last night’s CNN broadcast, Mrs. Costello admitted Barack Obama’s media team has immense influence with mainstream news agencies. She says if you make Obama look bad, you could lose your job.

Blood-Libel Anti-Semitism in Hungary, Past and Present. By Michael Curtis
Excerpt: Recent surveys have shown that anti-Semitism in Hungary has increased to such an extent that it is almost at the highest level of any European country. The country appears to have forgotten that 565,000 Hungarian Jews, over half of the Jewish population, were deported by Hungarian police in only an eight-week period and then murdered in the death camps in the Holocaust. The Hungarians acted in this way when only about 150 Nazis, under Adolf Eichmann, were present in the country. 

Has Kasich Stumbled on a Winning GOP Strategy? By Walter Russell Mead
Excerpt: Don’t look now, but the Republican governor of an electorally important state is making a name for himself with a vocal defense of the poor and the safety net they depend on.

Muslim rapists try and bury 13-year old victim alive in Pakistan
Excerpt: A teenage girl dug herself out of shallow grave after she was raped by two men and buried alive. The 13-year-old was snatched while walking to Koran lessons from her local village in Punjab and raped by the men in an isolated area.

Being a conservative means accepting sometimes two of your friends will, without warning, just start slapping the snot out of each other.

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