Monday, October 28, 2013

Lots of great articles today

Book Recommendation: Come and Take Them by Tom Kratman
The hardcover version will be released November 5th, but the Kindle edition of this fifth installment in the "Desert of Peace" series is available now. Neither LtCol Kratman nor Duque Carrera will think much of my self discipline. When I get a new Kratman book, I usually save it until I need an adrenalin and mood boost from my non-fiction reading schedule, but I started this one the day I got it. I plead that I'm old and unwell and wanted to be sure I finished it--a Kratman novel is not to be missed. He started his writing career at "great," and like a fine craftsman, gets better with each new effort. Rather than a sequel, this book runs roughly parallel to "The Amazon Legion," no mean literary feat. Having tried my hand at a little fiction, and had trouble keeping my main character's name straight, I am awed by Kratman's ability to weave almost unlimited strands of the plot together. No one writes better military fiction depicting the horror of close combat. Even better, Kratman has as superb grasp of weapons development, training and logistics, and manages to make them integral to the story. For many military fiction writers, these things happen by magic, like the six-gun in the B-western that fires 50 shots without reloading. Kratman's novels work as adventure escapism, but are even better for people with the interest and G-2 to think about the philosophy and morality of war, why people fight, and the issues confronting our country today. If you have read "A Desert Called Peace" and the other entries in the series, you will get this book. If not, do yourself a favor and start with that.

Must Read: 60 Minutes: Benghazi
Good reporting--a year too late. ~Bob. Excerpt: Although the attack began here, the more organized assault unfolded about a mile across the city at a top secret CIA facility known as the Annex. It lasted more than seven hours and took four American lives. Contrary to the White House's public statements, which were still being made a full week later, it's now well established that the Americans were attacked by al Qaeda in a well-planned assault. (Wow, this video from the TV program leaves no doubt as to how fantastically badly everything was mishandled in Benghazi. I recommend this be sent out far & wide. All Americans should understand how miserably our "leaders" failed our people after leaving them out in a dangerous country, which both the Brits and the Red Cross had left after being attacked. There is no excuse at all for this gross incompetence that led to the deaths of four Americans, including an ambassador. And still those really in charge have not be held accountable. After all... "what does it matter?" --Del)

"You are gonna get attacked. You are gonna get attacked in Benghazi." By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: How much of an unexpected surprise was the Benghazi attack? According to the men who were there, it wasn’t a surprise at all.

"I Was All for Obamacare Until I Found Out I Was Paying For It." By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: You think that you’re getting a free lunch. Only to find out that you’re paying double. Because free is expensive as hell. Middle-income consumers face an estimated 30% rate increase, on average, in California due to several factors tied to the healthcare law

Excerpt: More than one commentator has remarked on the puzzling way the Obama presidency has dealt with online technology. When it comes to elections, the Obama campaign’s use of the Internet was state of the art — doing what had never been done before. Yet when it comes to the ObamaCare exchanges, the administration has been accused of using ten-year-old technology — producing a website with defects that are baffling to a whole generation of website designers. (David Friedman, I believe was one of the first to point out this incongruity.) The short explanation, I believe, is that Obama privatized his election campaigns, while he nationalized health reform. The Internet aspect of his election campaign was managed by folks from Google and other entrepreneurial ventures that were able to devise strategies unencumbered by bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. In health insurance exchanges, by contrast, almost everything has been managed top down from inside the Beltway (with 55 contractors separately reporting to CMS!). As we have pointed out many times at this blog, the Obama administration has been unwilling to accept any health care innovation that emerges in the private sector.

Lawmakers voice concern over problems with
Excerpt: Lawmakers from both major political parties expressed concern Sunday over the botched rollout of the federal health insurance Web site, with two Senate Democrats saying the problems are serious enough to justify delays to key provisions of the president’s health-care law. (Nonsense. Only hostage-taking, terrorist, far right, Tea Party, GOP wackobirds want to delay Obamacare. The problems are caused by too many people who love Obamacare logging on. Or a YouTube video. Or global warming. Or maybe George Bush. Everything will soon be fine. ~Bob)

The Seven Big Hurdles for Obamacare in the Next Five Months. By Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt
Excerpt: As we track the continuing problems of the Obamacare site, and the continuing promises that it will be all fixed in a jiffy, please remember that the initial explanation from the administration, that high traffic was causing the site's problems, was absolute horse puckey. And the folks running the site knew that excuse was horse puckey: ... With every promise, pledge and earnest declaration to come, remember that this administration's first response to the website's failure was to lie, to lie, to lie, and then lie some more. (Worth subscribing to. ~Bob)

Data center glitch is latest problem in 'Obamacare' rollout
Excerpt: A data center critical for allowing uninsured Americans to buy health coverage under President Barack Obama's healthcare law went down on Sunday, halting online enrollment for all 50 states in the latest problem to hit the program's troubled rollout.

How Could Be Hacked. (From those Tea Party nuts at Mother Jones!)
Excerpt: According to several online security experts,, the portal where consumers in 35 states are being directed to obtain affordable health coverage, has a coding problem that could allow hackers to deploy a technique called "clickjacking," where invisible links are planted on a legitimate web page. Using this scheme, hackers could trick users into giving up personal data as they enter it into the web site, potentially placing Americans at risk of identity theft or allowing fraudsters to file bogus health care claims. And it's not just the federal exchange that has security problems.

NPR: Obamacare ‘Right Back in the Spotlight.’ By Dan Holler 
Excerpt: The big headline from USA Today says it all: Democrats beginning to support Obamacare delays. Of course, what the article does not say is that a delay of Obamacare is exactly what conservatives have been demanding for months. The intrepid reporter also forgot to mention President Obama’s refusal to discuss even a miniscule delay caused parts of the federal government to shut down.

Policy Cancellations, higher premiums add to frustration over Obamacare. CBSThisMorning
Excerpt: "What I have right now is what I am happy with and I just want to know why I can't keep what I have. Why do I have to be forced into something else?"

CBS NEWS: Obamacare Promises "Directly At Odds" With Reality. By Guy Benson
Excerpt: CBS News -- which has been almost shockingly persistent in its critical coverage of the president's signature accomplishment since the October 1 roll-out deadline -- aired a news package this morning that examined how average people have been hurt by Obamacare:

Obamacare headaches: More than the website. Politico
Excerpt: White House officials insist all will work once the website is up, running and easy to use. But the intensity of the national focus on the website has saved them from having to answer questions about other potentially damaging issues that have arisen either outside the virtual confines of or in conjunction with troubled portal.
Mostly, those problems are a matter of pocketbooks and politics.

Don't Delay Obamacare, Let Democrats Hang Themselves. By Larry Kudlow
Excerpt: One huge political question surrounds the catastrophic launch of Obamacare: Will the cancelled insurance contracts for millions, terminated doctor-patient relationships, sticker shock from higher premiums and deductibility, damage to job hiring and economic growth and the administration's double-talk get the GOP off the shutdown hook for the 2014 midterm elections? That is the question. Donald Rumsfeld would call it a known unknown. And right now nobody knows the answer. (I have had this same thought for a while. Stop fighting it, no delays, just peaceful watchfulness as it goes on the highway and the wheels start coming off. Just leaving it along and letting it crash&burn is the simplest and smartest thing to do. With some nicely phrased commentaries when the full extent of the mess has come all the way into view. --Del)

Excerpt: Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you are aware that many policyholders are receiving cancellation notices from their insurance companies. Turns out that these policies don’t meet ObamaCare requirements. But how many people have received these notices? Let’s do a tally:

Excerpt: He predicted surprise and outrage over higher costs and lesser coverage. “We will own this problem forever,” the Democrat wrote. From that Democrat’s lips to God and the American electorate’s ears. But it’s not as if the Democrats aren’t experts in blame-shifting.

Reagan's Daughter: Why Am I Losing My Health Insurance?
Excerpt: Former President Ronald Reagan's liberal activist daughter Patti Davis is asking just what many other people across the United States want to know — why she's losing her insurance. "Could the president please explain why I and others are losing our health ins. plans? Wasn't supposed to happen!" Davis posted on Twitter Friday afternoon.

Government is Magic. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: Savages in suits, barbarians with iPads are certain that things will work because they have appeased the gods of modernity with their fonts, they have made a website that looks like a functioning website. And like the cargo culters who built fake control towers expecting planes to land, they thought that their website would work. Competence is built on the unhappy understanding that things won't work because you want them to, they won't work if you go through the motions, they will only work if you understand how a thing works and then make it work by building it, by testing it and by expecting failure every step of the way and wrestling with the problem until you get it right. [Los Angeles is full of hunter-gatherers. Kate]

Excerpt: Universities are cutting back on adjunct professors’ work hours to comply with Obamacare–an unfortunate wake up call for some liberal academics who supported the law.

Excerpt: I just had the worst dream. I was standing center stage, eager to unveil my fancy new website. I pressed the button; the website crashed, and 7 billion people started laughing at me. Do you think Obama ever had that dream? Nah, neither do I. Images like that spring from an inborn sense of accountability, a drive to make good on promises and to earn genuine respect. The last time Obama sought to earn genuine respect was when he invented "roof hits" with his pot-smoking Choom Gang.

Obamacare girl vanishes! Mysterious woman who was the face of new scheme is suddenly taken down as the hunt for her goes wild
Excerpt: One feature has always been there - the smiling photo of a mystery woman. Conservative blogger David Burge tweeted she is now the 'most despised face on planet'. This weekend her picture was taken down from the home page and replaced by a graphic explaining how to get coverage

Saturday Night Live Mocks Obamacare Website. By Christine Rousselle 
Excerpt: NBC's Saturday Night Live isn't exactly known as a vehicle for conservative propaganda. 

Watch Obama Guide You Through Obamacare Website That Works Perfectly
Too funny. ~Bob

If Obamacare was an airplane,would you get on on it?

AH, PRIORITIES: 2 Kids Found Dead in Burning House; Aunt Worried About Her FOOD STAMPS!
Excerpt: Two children are found dead in burning house; their aunt left them home alone and stated she was concerned about whether her “food stamps got burned up." (I wonder if her free Obama-phone was in her purse, too. --JB).

Great Column: Obama Loses the Middle East. By Daniel Greenfield 
Excerpt: There are things that Obama just doesn’t understand. Like math. And health care. And alliances. Alliances are as vital to foreign policy as a website that works is to online health care enrollment, but Obama has given every sign of not understanding the concept of alliances. When Hillary Clinton came to Moscow bearing her misspelled Reset button, the button was real and reset every alliance to zero.

Obama’s Military Purge. By Arnold Ahlert 
Excerpt: Is the Obama administration in the midst of a military purge? This year alone, nine senior commanding generals have been fired by the administration, and retired generals and current commanders who have spoken to TheBlaze believe that political ideology is the primary impetus behind the effort. (It's happened before. Both Stalin and Hitler purged their militaries of unreliable generals. ~Bob)

Black Mob Violence and Denial. By Colin Flaherty 
Excerpt: That is why so many cops — active and retired — send me so many stories from around the country. They want more people to know about the epic levels of racial violence happening in almost every part of the country almost every night.

Barackalypse Now: Slavery is Legal Again and Food Stamp Zombies Want All Your Candy
Excerpt: Trick or treat!! The word, according to Neil Cavuto, is that the gazillions of food stamp recipients across the land are to have their “benefits” reduced as of November 1st, and that the Department of Homeland Security is gearing up for widespread riots. (Big cities beware. --JB).

German Power-Price Swings Threaten Growth Engine: Energy Markets
Excerpt: The lack of clarity on Germany’s energy policy is creating the most volatile power prices in seven months, boosting costs for industry in Europe’s largest economy. ... Merkel has said changing the renewable-energy law will be her first priority after securing a third term. Her plan to source at least 35 percent of the nation’s power from mainly solar and wind by 2020, compared with 23 percent now, has pushed residential bills to more than twice the amount that utilities pay to deliver the electricity, as taxes and charges that subsidize the plan inflate prices, according to BDEW, a Berlin-based lobby group.

How Debt Ceilings Increase Debt
Excerpt: A debt ceiling may seem like a good way to constrain out-of-control government, by focusing attention on the federal deficit and the resulting debt increase. (For the record, the United States debt recently surpassed $17 trillion.) But that focus draws attention from the underlying problem: too much spending. Debt ceilings also provide a false sense of security. Borrowing will never get too far out of hand, the thinking goes, because the ceiling will cap it. Yet the U.S. debt hits the debt ceiling time and again because the federal government runs chronic deficits. This addiction to overspending has forced Congress to raise the debt ceiling more than 90 times during the past 70 years, and 15 times since 1993 alone.

Why Obamacare will make America less productive. By Veronique De Rugy
Excerpt: Let's look specifically at the potential impact of Obamacare on the supply and demand of labor. On the demand side, the health care law requires employers with more than 50 workers to provide health insurance to all full-time employees (defines a full-time job as 30 hours or more per week) or pay a $2,000 penalty per worker. In that sense, the law increases the cost of current and future employees. It also gives businesses an incentive to hire more part-time workers to avoid the costs of providing health insurance or paying the penalty for full-time employees.

Syrian Kurds capture border crossing with Iraq after intense fighting
Excerpt: Syrian Kurdish gunmen on Saturday seized a major border crossing withIraq from al-Qaida-linked groups following intense infighting between rebel groups that raised concerns of a spillover, activists and an Iraqi official said.

Syrian troops retake Christian town north of Damascus after pushing out al-Qaida-linked rebels
Excerpt: Syrian government forces retook a Christian town north of Damascus on Monday after a week of fierce clashes with al-Qaida-linked fighters who had recently captured key parts of it, state media said. (Good news for the Christians, bad news for Obama's jihadist allies. ~Bob.)

Kenya petition over 'grass cutting for gang-rape' tops 1m
Excerpt: More than a million people have signed an online petition demanding justice after three men accused of brutally gang-raping a girl in Kenya were ordered to cut grass as punishment. The policemen who ordered the punishment should be disciplined for failing to investigate rape charges, the petition said. The 16-year old was gang-raped and dumped in a pit latrine in Busia.

Reagan Revolution Misses Tax Fiefdoms Flourishing in U.S. By Tim Jones & John McCormick
Excerpt: Across the country, there are 38,266 special purpose districts, or government units distinct from cities, counties and schools, each with its own ability to raise money. Since President Ronald Reagan declared in his 1981 inaugural address that government “is not the solution to our problem -- government is the problem,” their numbers have jumped 32 percent.

Obama knew of NSA spying on Merkel and approved it, report says

Excerpt: The Economic Times writes the “high-ranking” NSA official spoke to Bild am Sonntag on the condition of anonymity, saying the president, “not only did not stop the operation, but he also ordered it to continue.” The Economic Times also reports the official told Bild am Sonntag that Obama did not trust Merkel, wanted to know everything about her, and thus ordered the NSA to prepare a dossier on the politician. The account could mean difficulties for the White House, given another report claiming Obama told Merkel during a telephone conversation last Wednesday he was not aware of the NSA’s spying. (I feel like I’m watching the same film clip over and over from GWTW, “I don’t know nuthin’ about birthin’ no babies, Ms. Scahlett…” Applies to Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS as political weapon to suppress votes and intimidate/extort, NSA, DHS, HHS…Barb)

AP Photo: Checkpoint Cops Point Guns at Americans’ Heads: Fallujah-style security comes to Sacramento
Excerpt: After a gang member shot and injured several law enforcement officials before going into hiding in a Sacramento suburb on Friday, police responded by setting up a checkpoint and aiming guns at innocent people’s heads, an AP photo shows.

Dear Mr/Ms. Mexican invader, While I'm not in favor of granting you amnesty in any form, I do understand your pain. You are terribly frustrated with your promised savior, Barack Obama, and are not just a little angry that he's failed to deliver the American citizenship which you aspire to. Well, let's get that issue out of the way immediately; Barack Obama has failed to deliver on any of his promises, whether it is universal gay marriage, or full employment and a robust economy, or in your case, a green card. So, let's just call Obama an equal opportunity heart-breaker, huh? Okay, I know that does nothing to quell your anger. You see, you come from a country where no laws are honored and obeyed, you come from a country so thoroughly corrupt that, to even get a telephone hookup, or your gas turned on, you've got to pay a bribe to someone. Your justice system is the best that money can buy; if you have enough you can walk away from murder and mayhem. And your country is rotten because her citizens, you, gave up on it, walked away...and even imported those same values to this country by buying entry with a pack full of marijuana or a box of kid-killing crystal meth on your back.

Sexual Predator Honored With U.S. Postage Stamp. By Matt Barber
Excerpt: What would you call a 33-year-old man who both had and axiomatically acted upon a deviant sexual appetite for underage, drug-addicted, runaway boys? (No, not Jerry Sandusky.)
What would you call a man of whom, as regards sexual preference, his own friend and biographer confessed, “Harvey always had a penchant for young waifs with substance abuse problems”?

Should Doctors Relax the ‘Dead-Donor Rule’ to Increase Organ Transplants? Should the terminally ill be allowed to end their life by donating their organs
Excerpt: There were two opposing articles in a recent edition of the New England Journal of Medicine about the ethics of transplantation. For a number of years the supply of organs for transplant has not equalled the demand, and one way of meeting it would be to relax slightly the rules governing the removal of transplantable organs from donors. At the moment the dead-donor rule (known as the DDR — an acronym that for me still brings first to mind the German Democratic Republic) prevails, according to which the donation of an organ must not kill the donor.

Excerpt: Oh, yes, the man is the biggest presidential liar of my lifetime, far bigger than Nixon and Clinton who lied out of self-protection. Obama lies, and constantly, about substance that affects the lives of the American people. He started it all by pledging during his first campaign his administration would be the most transparent in history. That was the mother of all whoppers.

The Twisted Morality of Death Panels: Breaking down Slate's rationalization for letting government pick who lives and who dies.
Excerpt Canada has death panels – and that’s a good thing. So reads a headline at Slate, where author Adam Goldenberg defends letting a government committee intervene in healthcare to decide who lives and who dies. The death panel Goldenberg refers to is Ontario’s Consent and Capacity Board, a unique institution among Canada’s jurisdictions which holds the legal authority to supersede healthcare decisions made by next of kin when a patient lays incapacitated.

Excerpt: Just when you though there wasn’t enough bad news to fill the day, Syria amid its civil war now has a suspected polio outbreak. On Oct. 19, the World Health Organization reported that it had received information about a cluster of “hot” cases of accute flaccid paralysis, some of which could be positive for polio, in Syria’s Deir Al Zour province. Now UNICEF and the World Health Organization are taking this seriously enough to announce that they plan to vaccinate millions of Syrians against polio (good luck with that…). (Israel had the outbreak first. Oh gee, wonder why? --Barb)

Excerpt: When I read Sunday evening in the Wall Street Journal that Barack Obama was “unaware” until last summer that the U. S. spied on thirty-five world leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, I was frankly stupefied. … This president and his administration have taken hands-off leadership and leading from behind to unprecedented levels… What’re we paying him for? (Clint warned us with the Empty Chair soliloquy…. Sheeple think he cares. He does not. Game plan to destroy. --Barb)

Anti-EU Alliance Takes Shape, Warns of Soviet-style Collapse. By Alex Newman
Excerpt: As European Union bosses openly claim that a “federation” ruled from Brussels is inevitable, a growing coalition of political parties across the EU is coming together in an effort to preserve national sovereignty and self-government while putting the brakes on uncontrolled immigration. Led in large part by prominent political leaders from Holland and France, the budding anti-EU alliance is already being viciously demonized in the establishment press with smears like “radical” and “far-right.” More than a few analysts have compared the developments to the rise of the U.S. Tea Party.

How Adolf Hitler Prevented ‘Subject Races’ From Possessing Arms
Excerpt: During a speech in 1942, Adolf Hitler said, "The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to posses arms." In other words, Jews and others whom Hitler wanted to wipe from the earth first had to be separated from their guns. (I think the quote is from a book on Hitler's private conversations, not a speech. ~Bob)

Woodward: ‘Secret Government’ At Root Of Problems
The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward on CBS's “Face The Nation.”

Report: NSA site down in suspected cyberattack
Excerpt: On the eve of a major anti-surveillance protest against the National Security Agency in WashingtonD.C., hacktivists are claiming to have engaged in their own digital protest against the agency. The NSA’s website,, was the target of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on Friday that took the site offline for several hours, RT reports. A DDoS attack overwhelms a website’s servers with Internet traffic in an attempt to crash the site.

Excerpt: The Obama administration’s Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) oversaw three preventable veteran deaths due to errors and negligence at a VA hospital in Memphis, according to a new VA Office of Inspector General (OIG) report and other documents obtained by The Daily Caller. The damning OIG report comes just weeks after VA admitted that six veteran deaths were linked to delayed cancer screenings at a VA facility in South Carolina and a report that appointment delays led to veterans being harmed in Augusta, Ga. VA, which spent more than $3.5 million on furniture on the last day of fiscal year 2013, also awarded a five-figure bonus to the executive who oversaw the Memphis facility, even as it acknowledged that problems were cropping up.

Excerpt: CGI Federal Inc., the mastermind behind, is assisting the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the distribution of $1.7 billion in relief for Hurricane Sandy. In a memo obtained by FreedomWorks titled, “Minutes of the 295th meeting of the members of the Housing Trust Fund Corporation held on May 9, 2013, at 8:30 a.m.,” CGI Federal is tasked with implementing the Disaster Housing Assistance Program. …Nearly a year after the devastating storm, a majority of the 24,000 families that have requested monetary assistance have yet to receive a penny from the federal aid package. (They called Bush racist for Katrina. But this dude knows nothing about nothing and it ain’t his fault or the WH Press will just say it’s not the case and that makes it true. Pravda. --Barb)

Michelle Obama and CGI Federal executive belonged to student group at Princeton that hosted pro-terrorist speaker
Excerpt First Lady Michelle Obama and her Princeton classmate whose company received the no-bid government contract to build the Obamacare website were both members of a black student organization that caused a tense scene on campus by inviting a PLO leader who advocated for terrorism. Michelle Obama ’85 and her classmate Toni Townes-Whitley ’85, a senior vice president at CGI Federal, were both students at the university when their groups the Organization of Black Unity (OBU) and the Third World Center (TWC) engaged in a confrontation with Jewish students on campus.

Brooklyn Family Of Five Butchered For "Having Too Much"
Excerpt: Saturday night, a deranged psychopath left a family of five butchered in Brooklyn. Ming Dong Chen, 25, an illegal alien from China, took it upon himself to viciously murder Qiao Zhen Li, 37, and her children: William Zhuo, 1; Kevin Zhuo, 5; Amy Zhuo, 7; and Linda Zhuo, 9. And not just murder, but hack them with a meat clever and a knife. The one year old was found decapitated. Why? They had "too much" and the killer was jealous. (Time for stricter cleaver laws? --JB)

Father started killer blaze after daughter planned to wed lover he didn't approve of
Excerpt: A father tried to wipe out his family and killed his wife after their daughter said she wanted to marry for love, a court heard. Mohammed Inayat flew into a rage when his daughter Kalsoom Bibi told him she planned to move to Dubai to marry a policeman.

What happened when anti-FGM campaigner asked people in the street to sign a petition in favour of mutilating girls
Excerpt: A Londoner who suffered female genital mutilation has warned that political correctness is hampering the fight to stamp it out after asking people to sign a fake petition in its favour. Leyla Hussein, 32, said many were scared to speak out against FGM because they were worried about criticising another culture. She decided to conduct an experiment to see “how crazy political correctness has become” but was left in tears by the end.

Excerpt: It’s known by climatologists as the ‘Little Ice Age’, a period in the 1600s when harsh winters across the UK and Europe were often severe. The severe cold went hand in hand with an exceptionally inactive sun, and was called the Maunder solar minimum. Now a leading scientist from Reading University has told me that the current rate of decline in solar activity is such that there’s a real risk of seeing a return of such conditions.

College Kicks Out Afrobeat Band SHOKAZOBA For Being "Too White." By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: America may be ready for a black man in the White House, but apparently it’s not ready for a white Afrofunk band.

Excerpt: The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee said this morning that the new evidence unveiled showing al-Qaeda plotted the Benghazi diplomatic mission attack proves the “cries for help” from Ambassador Chris Stevens “were not responded to.”… “About 30 minutes into the attack, a Quick Reaction Force from the CIA annex ignored orders to wait and raced to the compound, at times running and shooting their way through the streets just to get there,” the guard said….He noted al-Qaeda had promised to attack the Red Cross, the British and Americans in Benghazi, and had already carried out the first two before the Sept. 11 attack. (CBS 60 Minutes. --Barb)

Does Your County Have More Voters Than Residents?
Excerpt: According to J. Christian Adams, a former attorney with the Department of Justice, there are over 200 counties in the US that have more registered voters than residents. Last year, a number of states and counties tried to clean up their voter registration rolls by removing dead people, non-citizens, convicted felons and other non-eligible voters. However, the Department of Justice filed lawsuits to prevent many of the clean-ups from taking place. 

Who is to blame for the plight of Christians in the Middle East who are being attacked and driven out by Muslims? By David Bernstein
Excerpt: I know nothing of MacCulloch other than this piece, but he should consider what sort of mentality leads people to think that Jews are at the center of, and to blame for, things that have little if anything to do with them and are beyond their control.

Jews and the People Who Love Them. By Janice Fiamengo
Excerpt: It may be that my initial love of Jews, based as it was on little more than a feeling, an impression, could be said to have been as irrational and inexplicable as the Jew-hatred that many feel who have themselves known no Jews (as Solway reports is the case in Japan and South Korea, for example). On the contrary, I believe it was quite explicable and defensible, and has been abundantly confirmed as I have come to know Jews: it was a simple recognition of a brilliant, resilient, life-affirming people whom it is abundantly good to have in the world. I cannot help but feel now that Jew hatred is a perverse recognition of that fact—that Jews are indeed a source of light, and that some people hate the light.

The Launch of the Freedom Academy. By Victor Davis Hanson

Excerpt: Today launches the Freedom Academy®, a project some 18 months in the making. In the present age, we need a meeting place where people can rediscover what freedom entails and appreciate the origins and role of liberty. The majority of Americans yearn for a rebirth of these values that have sustained Western civilization, and birthed the American experiment. Such reverence for our heritage and origins is why we at PJ Media will offer a variety of ways to understand our present dilemmas through an appreciation of past ideas and events.

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