Thursday, October 10, 2013

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Went for Pre-Transplant Pulmonary Rehab today. Slapped a mask on me with 100% oxygen and I worked on the treadmill, leg press machine and did squats holding a heavy ball. Went pretty well. Nice to be able to exercise without gasping. ~Bob

Good Analysis: The Six Big Takeaways From the Government Shutdown. By Nate Silver 

Silver is a leftie, but his polling was right in 2012 when so many were wrong. ~Bob

The Nuclear Option–Both Parties Agree: Taxpayers Foot Bill for Vacationing Bureaucrats

Excerpt: Just when you thought nobody around here could agree on anything, Democrats and Republicans in Congress come together to unanimously express their unified and unwavering view of the innocent American taxpayer: SCREW YOU!

Warning: Enrolling in Obamacare allows government to link your IP address with your name …social security number, bank accounts and web surfing habits
Excerpt: We have already established that is not a functioning database application that allows people to shop for competing health plans. It is actually a government-run Trojan Horse that suckers people into creating accounts where they hand over: ((Even if you just went on the government site to inquire and gave them any information you are likely already in the database.  I love this country but unfortunately I do not believe we can trust our government.  Folks, this is not rocket science, connect some dots here -- Please!  Obamacare, IRS, NSA, NDAA, Patriot Act, CFPB, DHS, etc., etc. --MM)

Shutdown Austerity: No Money for Kids’ Cancer Treatments; PBS, NPR Still Get $445 Million

Excerpt:  I wrote the other day that I was waiting for Big Bird to make the headlines amid this government shutdown, lamenting to his young viewers that due to the Republican-led shutdown, he wouldn’t be able to be on the TV anymore. Well, he’s made headlines, but not for that reason.

The headline is that he’s still getting paid big bucks while children’s cancer treatments get halted. You can’t get more “political leverage” than kids with cancer.

President Obama Says - Can't Pay Your Mortgage? You're a Deadbeat!

Excerpt:  Hey, Middle Class America! The President of the United States of America has a warm message of comfort and greeting for you. “I say, imagine in your private life, if you decided that I’m not going to pay my mortgage for a month or two—first of all you’re not saving money by not paying your mortgage. You’re just a deadbeat. And you can anticipate that will hurt your credit. “ "If you don't pay your mortgage, you are just a deadbeat" - Thanks Obama

New Obamacare Challenge: The Origination Clause. By Randy Barnett

Excerpt: The Pacific Legal Foundation has filed a motion in its pending suit against Obamacare asking the judge (1) to rule that, when it enacted the Senate health care reform bill that includes a “tax” for not purchasing health insurance, Congress violated the Origination Clause, which says that all revenue bills must originate in the House; and (2) that their clients are under no legal obligation to purchase health insurance under the ruling of the Court.

Important: The Bizarre, Misguided Campaign to Get Rid of Single-Sex Classrooms: The “Teach Kids, Not Stereotypes” initiative thinks separating students by gender is equivalent to racial segregation. By Christina Hoff Sommers

Excerpt: When a group of researchers at Stetson University compared single-sex and coed classes in a Florida elementary school, they documented large gains for both boys and girls in the single-sex classes—but especially boys. Over the four years of the study, 55 percent of boys in coed classes scored proficient on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, compared with 85 percent of boys in the all-boys classes. (Once again, progressives are willing to sacrifice kids so they can feel good about being for the right things. ~Bob)

Health emergency: On eve of Obamacare, Britain's NHS needs political therapy

Excerpt: As the United States embarks on an overhaul of its health care system, Britain's government-run system is showing signs of age. ... In early September, Julie Bailey was settling into her new home. Weeks before, she had been chased out of her town after a succession of death threats, the desecration of her mother’s grave and the collapse of her small business. No, Bailey isn't the star witness in a mob trial. She's just an average British citizen who became a lightning rod for exposing failures of the country's vaunted National Health Service after her mother died while in its care.

Nancy Pelosi Confronted at Illegal Immigration Rally by Filmmaker

Excerpt: Megyn Kelly of Fox News interviewed filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch who captured video of Nancy Pelosi at an illegal immigration rally hosted by Democrats. Lynch questions Pelosi about why she is ‘grandstanding’ at the rally, while World War II veterans have been locked out of their privately funded, open air, 24 hour National Memorial.

How much can you save in taxes by moving to another state?

Say, California to Texas?

Park Service Abuses Spark New 'Battle of Yorktown'

Excerpt: In the same place where America fought its final battle of independence, one American businessman is refusing to bow to pressure to close up shop during the shutdown. His story is just one example of what many view as the Obama administration's widespread overreach during the government gridlock.

VIDEO: New York Times Editor: "Krugman's Column is Our Biggest Nightmare"

Excerpt: MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman, claimed today that a New York Times editor confided in him that Paul Krugman's column is "their biggest nightmare." Scarborough wouldn't reveal which Times editor told him that, and he said it was told to him "off the record." The conversation veered toward Krugman when guest Niall Ferguson went after Krugman.

Mr. Netanyahu and the end of days. By Victor Davis Hanson

Excerpt: So far Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's peace ruse is still bearing some fruit. President Obama was eager to talk with him at the United Nations -- only to be reportedly rebuffed, until Obama managed to phone him for the first conservation between heads of state of the two countries since the Iranian storming of the U.S. embassy in 1979. Rouhani has certainly wowed Western elites with his mellifluous voice, quiet demeanor and denials of wanting a bomb. The media, who ignore the circumstances of Rouhani's three-decade trajectory to power, gush that he is suddenly a "moderate" and "Western educated."

The News in Zingers. By Argus Hamilton

Excerpt: U.S. special forces captured al-Qaeda's number-two leader Abu Anas al-Libi on Sunday in Libya. They can't hurt us with a response in kind. Al-Qaeda's number-two leader is an expert in bomb-making, cyber-warfare and chess, and our number-two leader is Joe Biden.

City probes publicly-funded mural critics say promotes holy war

Excerpt: Critics charge it is a jihadist battle-cry against the West — an assertion disputed by the artist and at least two Toronto academics.

The Obama Blockade. By Daniel Greenfield 

Excerpt: The barricades around the Lincoln Memorial and the WW2 Memorial, the traffic cones blocking the view of Mt. Rushmore and the sawhorses around Old Faithful are no Berlin Blockade, but they come out of the same meanness of spirit and the same motives. The petty harassment extended to a 24-hour blockade of an inn that had tried to stay open and rangers arriving to block Old Faithful every time it erupted. There are few moments that sum up the meanness of spirit of the Obama Blockade as well as a park ranger angrily telling senior citizens to get back on the bus and stop taking photos because they are engaging in forbidden “recreating”.

Democrats to America: We Own the Government! By Ann Coulter

Excerpt: Contrary to Obama’s promises, it turns out: You can’t keep your doctor, you can’t keep your insurance — you can’t even keep your job. In other words, it’s a typical government program, but this one wrecks your health care. (I'm not always in tune with Coulter, she goes a bit extreme at times.  In this column she lays down a bunch of facts that are really important. That's three tries at making very reasonable offers in negotiation, every one of which the Democrats and Mr. Obama have turned down.  The last one is the real attention getter.  The big "concession" the GOP asked for was that everyone live under the same rules, including all of Congress, their staffs, and various big businesses (and assumably, unions) as well.  That's a "concession" that I think 9 Americans out of 10 would be very much in favor of.  And it hit the same granite wall of total refusal as everything else. You really can't say the GOP guys weren't trying, and you really can't say the Democrats were being even remotely reasonable. But the shutdown is the Republicans' fault? --Del)

Excerpt: Let's say my wife was going over last month's household budget, finds that our spending is exceeding our income and begins looking for places to cut back.  In going through the check book she finds that I've been hitting the ATM up every Friday night for a hundred bucks.  When she asks me about I tell her that my Fridays are my night out with the boys at the local strip club.  She sternly notes that the $400 dollars per month I'm spending on booze and lap dances is nearly 20% of our income.   Well, being open minded, the old girl tells me that, though she knows I really enjoy those Friday night lap dances, that I'm going to have to fore go them until our income catches up to our outgo.  I am naturally furious at this notion! 

Obamacare site hits reset button on passwords as contractors scramble

Excerpt: Amid all the attention, bugs, and work happening at in light of the Affordable Care Act, potential registrants talking to phone support today have been told that all user passwords are being reset to help address the site's login woes. And the tech supports behind will be asking more users to act in the name of fixing the site, too. According to registrants speaking with Ars, individuals whose logins never made it to the site's database will have to re-register using a different username, as their previously chosen names are now stuck in authentication limbo.
Obamacare Site Glitches Continue, Expert ‘Embarrassed’ By Programming

Excerpt: The administration has refused to release the numbers for how many have signed up and media outlets have struggled to find people who have actually signed up. ... However, CBS News reports that tech experts see major flaws, and one online programmer said he would be “ashamed” and “embarrassed” to have produced the health care website.

Must Read: Detroit's Pension Madness. By Megan McArdle 

Excerpt: Thus, I was not entirely prepared for the new revelations about the Detroit trustees’ custom of handing out annual holiday “bonuses” to workers, retirees and the City of Detroit. Between 1985 and 2008, they handed out roughly $1 billion this way. Had they been invested, one estimate says those funds would be worth almost $2 billion today -- or more than half the current shortfall in the funds.

World Health Organization: 1 in 3 Somalis are Insane. By Daniel Greenfield

Excerpt: Do we really need more Somali immigration? Aside from incidents like Westgate in which Somali terrorists kill non-Muslims, according to the World Health Organization, most of the country is insane. [Yes, I noticed that in the library at Los Angeles City College. Kate]

Shutdown delays notice of Social Security Cost-Of-Living Adjustment

Excerpt: Nearly 58 million Social Security recipients are still getting monthly benefits during the partial government shutdown. But they will have to wait to find out the size of next year's cost-of-living adjustment. Social Security was scheduled to announce the annual raise Oct. 16.

Allen West: 'People who possess no deep faith are not happy.' By Kevin Derby

Excerpt: “America has a Judeo-Christian faith heritage and promotes the free exercise of religion,” West continued. “However, it has been my experience in life that people who possess no deep faith are not happy. After all, as it says in Joshua, chapter 24, ‘As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.’

Puerto Rico may be the next Detroit. By Daniel Greenfield

Excerpt: Anyone talking statehood for Puerto Rico really needs to look at these numbers. We have some messed up states, but Puerto Rico is just Detroit on a larger scale.

VIDEO: CBS News Slams 'Disastrous' Obamacare. By Guy Benson

Excerpt: The sad reality is that if you think you've easily signed up for Obamacare, there's a very good chance that you're actually ensnared in a fraud. "Nothing short of disastrous," indeed. A new Associated Press poll shows that just seven percent (!) of Americans say the law's roll-out has "gone well."

Good News: Taliban Mocking the Shutdown. By Katie Pavlich

Excerpt: Well, who didn't see this coming. The Taliban is mocking the United States for the government shutdown. "Taliban militants fighting US troops in Afghanistan taunted Washington over the government shutdown on Wednesday, accusing US politicians of "sucking the blood of their own people."

Unreal: Harry Reid bashes house bill restoring funding for military death benefits: "It's clear this legislation is just for show..."

Excerpt: Reid feels it’s more appropriate for an outside foundation, rather than the taxpayers, to pay the families of those fallen fighting for this country. Via RCP:

Liberal Blog ThinkProgress Says LA Police Dogs Bite Only Blacks and Latinos.

Excerpt: Via ThinkProgress: A new report on the Los Angeles Sheriff Department Canine Special Detail finds that the number of minority individuals bitten by police dogs has dramatically increased between 2004 to 2012. In a department already plagued by accusations of racial targeting, 100 percent of dog bite victims in the first six months of 2013 were blacks and Latinos

Even Students at Liberal University of Colorado Boulder Acknowledge Obama is Responsible for Shutdown.

Excerpt: An encouraging sign from the leftward edge of academia: Students at the University of Colorado – Boulder (CU), a dependably liberal college town, blamed President Obama and Democrats on Tuesday for the ongoing government shutdown, which is now in its second week. “He’s [Obama] just being really stubborn, not willing to negotiate at all, not taking any ideas from anyone else, it’s either his way or the highway and apparently we got to shut down the government because of that,” one student told Campus Reform. 

Seventeen-Year-Old Faces Felony Weapons Charge Over Fishing Knife.

Excerpt: Young Cody could get as much as 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine, despite having done nothing whatsoever wrong. His hopes of serving his country by enlisting in the Air Force apparently have been dashed. But at least his school is safe from rogue fishing knives that might somehow find their way out of the tackle box, out of his car, and into the school.

Tweet from James Woods @RealJamesWoods

I don't expect to work again. I think Barack Obama is a threat to the integrity and future of the Republic. My country first.

Dick Morris: Oklahoma Suit May End Obamacare. By Lisa Barron

Excerpt: "Why didn't anyone else think of it?" Morris wrote in The Hill.  "Unlike the suit brought by 26 state attorney generals, this suit does not make a constitutional objection to the Affordable Care Act. Instead, it uses the language of the law to challenge the elaborate system of subsidies, tax credits, and individual or employer mandates and fines the act has spawned." (I think Roberts and the other four are now vested in finding Obamacare constitutional, regardless. ~Bob)

Immigration protest a slap in the face to Hispanic veterans. By Silvio Canto, Jr.

Excerpt: Over the last 28 years that I've lived in Texas, I've come to appreciate the role of Hispanics in the military, including our youngest son who is in the US Army. Let me cite two examples that came to mind when I heard about this travesty in Washington. 

SOOPERMEXICAN: Dante, T.S Eliot, Shakespeare, and Breaking Bad.

Excerpt: One of my favorite plays is T.S. Eliot’s ‘Murder in the Cathedral.’ Like the best of any artistic medium, its brilliance wasn’t perfectly manifested to me until I saw it performed, rather than simply upon my reading it. It’s an exquisitely subtle and profound meditation on free will and sin and human nature, how God’s will works despite, between, and throughout human will.

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